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Our drama category is for fans of stories filled with feeling, focusing on strong dialogue and well-rounded character development. Tragedy is a common theme, with gritty, realistic emotions driving the story. Readers are given clear insight into characters' thoughts and taken on a deep and sometimes courageous journey. Please send in your dramatic fiction or take a look at one of the emotive entries below.


We Are Not Poetry: A Sorrow Song

...And I almost became your poem.

You speak to me in beautiful words. You are so well read. That is two of the things I love about you. Those are just two things pulled from thousands. You are like poetry to me. Sometimes when you speak, even I feel like a poem. It is an easy trap, covered by music and the heady scent of our favorite flowers—of us. However, I have seen your cracks. I have seen your jagged edges. I have...Read On


Beverly on the Bayou

Beverly arrives at the township of Timothy.

The small town of Timothy was quite different than Beverly Arceneaux expected. On her way down from Baton Rouge, the Acadian communities were dirty and absent of business or population. In Timothy, by contrast, the main street was active and tidy. The small town hall had a landscaped front lawn and down the road was a nice family park. There was even a new diner that had apparently opened...Read On


Future Fairy Tales: Rapunzel and the Rumpled Snakeskin Jacket

The vengeance of a princess scorned is more than any troll can handle...

Once upon a time to come, there lived a princess named Rapunzel. And she was renowned for her beauty, as well as her heart and purity. In all the land, and in all the pages of the celebrity magazines and blogs and all over the world, her people loved her. Women admired her. Men desired her. And little girls who would be princesses looked up to her, and dreamed that one day they too could be...Read On



That everlasting tug game our desires play

Today I want to talk to you about this thing I have, this little game I play, a little game and I’ve played it since I was as well very little. I was born a real realist you see and I knew people aren't meant to have all the things they desire, I also knew that it wouldn’t be wise from my side if while growing I kept succumbing to all the things I might covet. And that’s because if you have...Read On


Chances 4

Be sweet. Be true. Be kind. Because with things like that, you can change a life. -Naomi

6/13/2005  Hope stood with her tiny suitcase filled with the few pieces of clothing she owned. In her hand, she held her favorite teddy bear. She was ready to go with Sam. One of the men took her suitcase, which appeared dwarfed in his hand. The other man attempted to grab Hope's hand. She quickly pulled it away and held it close to her tiny body. Sam led the group down to her car. One...Read On


Out Of The Woods

It's all my fault. No matter how much I blame the GPS it was still my mistake. Trusting technology over common sense got us into this situation. Damn! I can call it a situation, but it's more serious than that would ever convey. We're lost. Stranded and freezing. We could soon die, if we don't do something. If I don't do something. It's all my fault. The sandy surface of the California...Read On


Keeping Her Safe- Family greetings

“Here we are,” Miles said stopping in front of an apartment building. I was still taping as I got out. “You can help unload if you put that thing down,” Miles said sounding like a dad. “You wish, I can still help,” I said as I reached into the back of the car to pull bags out one by one. “There I helped,” I said once I had all of the bags out. I turned around in a circle taping the sky...Read On


Finn's Obsession - Chapter 5

The end.

With Daniel and Vincent gone and the ballet season over, at least for the summer, I finally got her to myself. We settled into a routine, seeing each other almost every day, and the hours always seemed to pass so much faster when I was with her. I soaked up every moment of it, living for the small things, like sharing coffee, and holding her hand and waiting outside when she went shopping...Read On


Finn's Obsession - Chapter 4

I ran the knife rapidly through the potato, cutting it into perfect, thin slices. Alessandra watched, impressed. “I can’t use chopping boards,” she said wistfully. “I only ever cut vegetables against my thumb. You know, holding them.” “Doesn’t that hurt?” I frowned. “Sometimes. But I don’t cook that often.” “Huh.I guess you don’t have time.” She shrugged. “Right.” I...Read On


My Final Valentine

My Final Valentine A lot of people love Valentine’s Day. A lot of people hate it. I’m with the latter of the two. I often believe it is the more cynical people who don’t like this holiday, but those who are most cynical were not born in such a mindset, but pushed into it. This is the story of how Valentine’s Day shoved me into cynicism. I cannot remember the exact year, it must have...Read On


Finn's Obsession - Chapter 3

Day two dawned. Winter sunlight came through the bare, dirty windows. The space beside me was occupied for the first time in ages. I could have sat there and watched Alessandra sleep for hours but whatever woke me must have woken her too, for half a minute later she stirred and her eyes flicked open. She looked lost for a millisecond and then everything apparently came back to her and she...Read On


Finn's Obsession - Chapter 2

Finn makes his move.

My pulse was normal. I could feel the little bump as it went up and down in my wrist and I counted it unwaveringly. I was alive. I was living my life. And Alessandra didn’t even know I existed. All that was about to change though. The email had come in the morning, straight into the account I’d created for Finn Donoghue, the name I worked under at the LBC. I hadn’t really had a choice but...Read On


Arriving in New York

“We’re going shopping and by my parents today,” Tara said coming to the table the next morning. I looked up from my food and dropped my fork but grabbed it before anyone could tell how scared I was by the thought of leaving the house. “I don’t feel good,” I lied as I picked at my pancakes with my head down. “Fine, you don’t need to those then,” Miles said taking my plate and headed to...Read On


Finn's Obsession - Chapter 1

Finn's obsession begins.

I never really seemed to connect with women on a proper level, the way other men did. I would watch them with their girlfriends, talking in low voices and it looked so alien. I guess it had something to do with the way I grew up. My parents were rich, in the wealthy sense of the word. They also hated each other. I never once saw them being openly affectionate unless it was at a party, just...Read On


Keeping Her Safe- Holy Mother of Crap

“Nicole, where are you?” Tara called out as I heard her come through the front door. I didn’t move as I watched  Supernatural  on the outside TV on the back porch. Cass was kicking some butts when Tara said behind me, “What is that smell?” “Maybe the bowl of cereal from last night,” I said as Cass killed a demon. “What are you here for?” I asked as I reached for some chocolate covered...Read On


Keeping Her Safe- Worse wake up call

I shot up in bed to hearing screaming in the hallway. I looked at my phone to see that it was 3 in the morning and I had only been asleep for two hours. Suddenly I heard the door to the room next to mine being kicked in and the girls screaming before I heard gun shots. I grabbed my phone and jumped out of bed. I couldn’t run out of my room without being seen so I jumped into my closet just...Read On


Chances 3

Even in the the blackest black there is light to happiness -Naomi

6/12/2005  As the morning sun began to seep through the soft pink curtains, Hope slept soundlessly in her bed. It was almost six months, since she received the phone call from her father. She was greatly worried about all of it. Was it going to be the last time she heard from him? When the thoughts and concerns began in her head, she stirred in her sheets not wanting to get up. ...Read On


Chances 2

We have so many chances in life but we aren't willing to take them because of our fear. -Naomi

12/28/2004 Hope breathed softly, as she looked through the window covered in snow. It was three days after Christmas and her parents were still not home. Since her last beating four months ago, her father and stepmother left on vacation. They left her with a sex hungry cousin. She did not mind being away from her parents this long. It meant no more physical abuse. As the first month went...Read On



We don't get judged by what we did on earth. We get judged on how we affected others' souls -Naomi

"You said it was a mistake but you... You are a damn lair. If you were sorry, why didn't you kill yourself? Why didn't you repent your dirty sins?" The woman spat out as she pushed the gun deeper into the chest of a girl in her mid-twenties. "Answer the question!" The woman screamed at the top of her lungs.    The girl looked up slowly. Her eyes showed nothing, no remorse or guilt. "There...Read On


The Death of Thunder

in the midst of a heavy roleplaying session a husband accepts that their marriage is over.

"Because Linda, I'm not a leopard" he said, without trying to hide the anger in his voice. "What's Wrong Tim? You used to always love being a leopard for me." she said as she removed her turtle mask and sat on the bed next to him, placing the whip between her thighs.  "I just don't feel like a leopard anymore." his voice cracked as he spoke and he felt gross and wrong inside like someone...Read On


Marble Christmas

Christmas time has come around once more. People were flooding stores buying up whatever gifts they could before time ran out. Houses were decked in lights and all sorts of inflatable Santas, snowmen, and animatronic reindeer. Here and there chimney smoke clouded the otherwise clear skies. And through it all, one could feel the holiday spirit descending upon the town. "What can I get for...Read On


First Christmas

But, she had never celebrated Christmas before.

“Mommy,” his small voice was shaky as he stood in the doorway of his mother’s room. As she did most nights, Simone had fallen asleep sitting up with her back against the wall, surrounded by a sea of open text books and study notes. She heard the call but it was lost in the midst of a dream and the beautiful cries of violins. The dress she wore swayed as she danced. The tall, dark...Read On


The Body

The Body There’s a body over there, on the Common, lying there, unmoving. I wonder why it’s laying so still? Not my problem, is it? All I wanted to do was to walk Lucy, my sweet little Westie, the same as I have nearly every morning these past three years since Elsie went. I still miss her. Fifty-three years wed and barely a cross word between us. She was a woman in a million was my Elsie. ...Read On


Boss: Finally Home

This is one kinda from Boss' POV when she first got home from the war... Iraq/Afgan, fyi

(All of the "If You're Reading This"s comes from the song titled "If You're Reading This" by Tim McGraw. The letter was inspired by that song and "Letters From Home" by John Michael Montgomery as well as "I'm Already There" by Lonestar and "A Soldier's Memoir" by Joe Bachman). The plane touches down and Jennifer stands when the other passengers do. Within this plane, at least, she seemed to...Read On


Philena: Nobody Cares

"Every day is one more inch of a slow blade sinking in. Vision fading, suffocating inside my own skin... And I'm fighting the stranger in my eyes, and I know that only one of us will survive. If I can't save us, I've got to save myself. I can't stay here in this place... I'm slowly freaking out, I'm slowly freaking out and out and out again." - Skylar Grey, Slowly Freaking Out. Eight...Read On


The Moment He Saved Me Again- Last Chapter

Well, little brother, I don't know how to sum up the past couple days. Actually, I don't even feel like writing them down. I think I'm getting lazy here. Forgive me. Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about family lately. The first thing that pops into my head is how lucky I've been to have dad. I hope you can meet him someday. I hope I can meet you. And see mom again. Maybe we will in the...Read On


The Moment He Saved Me Again- Chapter 12

The visions of her flash through my mind. The way her pretty blond hair swings back and forth while she skips. Her eyes bright, her smile wide. She's happy. I shut my eyes to get rid of the rest of the memory. She was happy and that's what I want to remember. Holding the blue bracelet to my chest, I try to slow my heartbeat. Every part of me seems to still hurt but I can tell it will...Read On


The Moment He Saved Me Again- Chapter 11

If Kayden hadn't stopped me, I would have made it to him in time. I watch the elevator doors close and I see Mason's blond hair disappear behind it. At the last second he turned around and saw me. I watch him move quickly to the center of the elevator, trying to make sure it was really me, that I was really following him. I turn back to Kayden and let out a huge sigh of annoyance. ...Read On


Lending Fate a Hand

Such a beautiful smile for such a sad girl, I'm sorry this happened to you.

Where was he? Nothing looked familiar to him. He was in a white room and it was empty. People were yelling around him but he didn't see anyone. Someone was running past him and felt air rush by his face. Reaching up, he touched his face and pulled his hand back when he felt something wet. Looking down, he was blood. He touched his face again to find more blood. Pulling off his shirt,...Read On


The Moment He Saved Me Again- Chapter 10

"What made you realize it was me?" I finally ask with a shaky voice and still not meeting his eyes. I hadn't told Mads about any of this yet, but I was going to eventually. "Your dad." Just as I look up at him, he looks away. "When I saw him with you after the shooting...It was like...everything I was hoping wasn't true... was." My head spins for a moment. "Wait, did my dad know who you...Read On