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Our drama category is for fans of stories filled with feeling, focusing on strong dialogue and well-rounded character development. Tragedy is a common theme, with gritty, realistic emotions driving the story. Readers are given clear insight into characters' thoughts and taken on a deep and sometimes courageous journey. Please send in your dramatic fiction or take a look at one of the emotive entries below.


Going Away - Part Eight

More shocks and unheaval - plus a new venture for Louisa...

“In closing, my love, I just want to say that I look forward to holding you in my arms again and to sharing your bed once more. My love grows stronger the longer we are parted this way. I know that once we are together again, all this loneliness and hurting will disappear like a puff of smoke. It is almost – not quite, but almost – worth the wait. Until I am home with you, darling Adeline,...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 13.

Katarina leaves for the airport. The beginning of her new life.

Berlin. June 8th, 1940 “This is all you are taking?” Magda Langsdorf stood beside her daughter, looking into the open suitcase she had placed on the bed.  "Yes, Mama, I am afraid so.” Katarina smiled. She had thought carefully about what to take and when the time had come to leave, she had decided that it was better to carry as little as she could so she had packed plenty of...Read On


The Englishman

A young woman learns about discrimination.

"I'm eighteen years old and should be able to make up my own mind." Margaret stood in front of her mirror speaking out loud to herself. "If I knew what I wanted I might be able to do just that."  The reflection gazing back at her was that of a young woman. She could accent or neutralize the Indian blood richly flowing through her veins simply by the make-up she wore. Her eyes were her...Read On


50% Off Love

Chapter V - POV Switch - “Did you hear? The head of the Serizawa Company is interested in a commoner!” The voices gossiped in every nook and cranny of the mansion that Sashen inhabited. She strolled purposely through the halls and attempted to ignore the talk of the maids and butlers, but to no avail. Whirling around, she shrieked, “SHUT UP AND GET BACK TO WORK!” She listened as...Read On


Going Away - Part Seven

Happiness, further tragedy and shocks in store for Louisa...

Part Seven: 1946 – 50 The wedding in July nineteen forty-seven was a small affair, attended by the few close friends and colleagues Louisa and Stuart had chosen to invite to the ceremony. Louisa’s former workmates from Deschamps du Paris, Marilyn Penney and her husband Bernard plus her three children and the now-elderly Dorothy Evans, attended. Louisa was overwhelmed with...Read On


50% Off Love

Chapter IV - Hiro - Class had already ended and together with the President and the girl, Hiro walked with them to the entrance of the school. The three of them stood there for a minute and stared at the other classmates leaving for the weekends. “So there’s no Student Council work today?” she asked, ready for the blessed weekend. “There is, but I decided to give us a good break...Read On


50% Off Love

Chapter III - POV Switch - “Are they gone yet?” an icy voice asked, impatiently slamming the cane that was in his hands down onto the wooden floorboards beneath. “Y-Yes, sir, they just left,” another voice stammered its response, closing the door behind the departing figures with a silent click. “Good, let’s begin our discussion, Principal Yuuko,” the voice commanded, moving closer to...Read On


Going Away - Part Six

Major life-changes for Louisa Tavistock...

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Something died in Lady Adeline the day she was informed of the death of her one and only sibling. The life-force that had sustained her and made her the scion of her social circle seemed to have been blunted to the point of non-existence. Automaton-like she moved through her days with little energy or enthusiasm. Louisa consulted one of the doctors at Saint...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 12

Maria protects her patients and falls foul of the authorities.

Munchen.Pasing. June 3 rd 1940 It had been a long day for Maria, a day where she had been kept busy from the moment she had set foot on the ward at six that morning. Throughout the day she had been hearing sketchy reports that the Luftwaffe had bombed Paris. She was immensely saddened as, although she had never been outside her homeland of Bavaria, Paris was known to be a beautiful...Read On


Going Away - Part Five

WW2 brings tragedy into Louisa Tavistock's life again...

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> New words were becoming common-place, words that had an ominous ring about them. Although it was still less than twenty years since the Great War had ended, there was speculation in the printed press that defeated Germany was like an angry mother bear: more dangerous now than she ever was. The German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, was making a most unpleasant name...Read On


Going Away - Part Four

Further episodes in the life of Louisa Tavistock

Part Three: London 1930 – 1939 Six months after his arrest Percy Arthur Styles met with Pierrepoint, the hangman. It was a once in a lifetime meeting as it was at the end of Pierrepoint’s rope that Styles’ vile life came to its end. His accomplice, Parsons, had met the same fate weeks previously. Louisa Tavistock had read the newspaper report dispassionately. She had no feelings towards...Read On


50% Off Love

Chapter II - Hiro - Hiro awoke to the morning sunlight flashing down upon her sleepy eyes. She covered them with an arm and rolled over onto her side. She sighed contentedly at the warmth her bed covers provided her. Just as she was about to sink back into oblivion, her source of heat was whipped away, leaving her shivering in the cold winter morning. “Wake up now or you’ll be late...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 11

An unwelcome visit brings trouble to Katarina.

Berlin Monday 3rd June 1940 Katarina was in her room, going through the items she was planning to take with her. In truth, there was not very much she could take. Her uniforms would take up most of the space and, as it was essentially a military attachment, she would require little in the way of personal clothing, mainly underwear really. Looking at the clothes hanging neatly in...Read On


Going Away - Part Two Continued...

Further adventures of Louisa Tavistock

London 1923 – 1930 Continued The news reports were shocking: the series of rapes and murders of nine young girls over the course of just three months made national headlines. Louisa shuddered as she read the accounts, fearing the worst. It had to be more than coincidental that those poor girls lived in and around the area where her uncle and her own would-be rapist, George Parsons, lived...Read On


Going Away - Part Two

More of Louisa Tavistock's story...

Part Two: London 1923 – 1930 Eunice Carmichael was sixty-seven years old, a wealthy widow and had the worst dress sense of any of the elite clientele at the fashionable store in the heart of London. She also had the vilest attitude towards the young girls and women who flitted around her, butterfly-like, pandering to her every whim in the slim hope that she might pass on a compliment to...Read On


Going Away - Part One

The first part of a series of episodes in the life of Louisa Tavistock

Part One: London 1914 - 1921 With her blonde ringlets tumbling from the crown of her head and pooling on her shoulders Louisa Tavistock's pretty little face drew smiles from passers-by when they saw her gap-toothed, sunny smile. She was a few months short of seven years of age, yet her short life had already been touched by tragedy. A baby brother, Timothy, just three summers old, had...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 10

A day of rest for Maria but her mother is troubled.

Munchen-Pasing. June 1st, 1940 Maria looked out of the window at the small garden below. The flowers her mother had planted in the spring were so pretty and bright, a small oasis of colour to brighten up an otherwise drab world. She didn't have to work today and looked forward to enjoying the warm summer sunshine. It was still early, six O'clock, but the sun had already risen and...Read On


A Key for a Key - part 2

Before the creak of keys in the door, came the cacophony of jeers. It swelled in volume until almost painful on the ears, dying to a faded moan after a few long minutes. The man, in the end cell, closed his eyes in the hope that it would soften the assault on his ears. It did not. Four times a day the yelling occurred, never was it necessary. Animals they were, not men, snarling and howling...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 9

Katarina gets a shock as war draws inexorably closer.

Berlin. June 1st, 1940 Saturday. A beautiful summer day. Warm and sunny. On her ward, Katarina was too hot. All the windows were open but there was not a breath of air for them to make the slightest of difference. So far it had been a busy day. All the beds were occupied and, as usual, she didn't have enough nurses to help her so she was constantly moving from patient to...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 8

Maria attends midnight mass with her parents

Munchen.Pasing. December 24th, 1939 It had been a long day for Maria. Her shift was about to finish and she was ready for home. She was pleased, though, for tomorrow her shift was to change to the night shift. She had offered to work so that someone who had children could spend Christmas day with them and also, she could attend midnight mass at her local church, as she liked to...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 7.

Christmas eve and another night shift makes Katarina think about mortality.

Berlin December 24th, 1939 Christmas Eve. Katarina was at home with her parents. It was Sunday, but as was often the case she would be working. She never minded working at Christmas. She would see her parents for a few hours, and they would celebrate Christ's birth, as did many others but she found she got as much pleasure from trying to brighten the lives of those who were suffering...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 6

Britain declares war as Maria fights a battle of her own

Munchen.Pasing. September 3rd, 1939 "What a beautiful day!" Maria thought as she drew back the heavy curtains to allow the sun to stream through the window. Although only seven thirty, she could feel it's warmth on her face as she closed her eyes against the brightness. For once, this was a Sunday she didn't have to work. A rare day off from the hard work at the hospital. Today,...Read On


Honor: Lost and Found

A leader searches for honor in the middle of World War Three...

HONOR LOST AND FOUND Kaydyn Ramirez stared at the empty room in dismay and anger. For a few seconds, she was completely still, absorbing the scene and the implications that went with it. Then she slammed the heel of her hand into the doorframe in frustration. “Star! How could this happen?” Even when she wasn’t in the middle of an outburst of righteous indignation, Kaydyn was the kind...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 5

The casualty, a young SS soldier but to Katarina, just another patient.

Berlin. September 3rd, 1939 Katarina went to work at the Charité as normal. It was a beautiful morning. The sky was clear and the sun was beginning to climb in the sky. Germany had become more like an occupied country itself, these days. There were uniforms everywhere. Many were the brown of the SA but becoming more and more prevalent was the oppressive black of the SS....Read On


A Key for a Key

A script I'm currently working on is eluding me, so I wrote the following to try and work around it.

"Ayyyy?" Abigail gritted her teeth. Why couldn't her father ever, not once, manage her full name? She was simply a sound, a noise emitted from between filthy lips when he needed to refer to her. The screech of her first initial was his calling-cry when he wanted her, or a whine when she wasn't good enough. "Coming, Father." She picked up the tray, heavy with ale and meat, curling her...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 4

Maria takes the tram home from a long night shift.

Munchen.Pasing. April 9th, 1939. Maria Kaufmann awoke in the light-filled room. She looked at the clock on her bedside table. Half past twelve. Five and a half hours since she climbed wearily into bed after getting home after a long night's work at the Ludwig-Maximilians University Hospital. She had finished her shift at six and taken the bus and tram home. It was reasonably quiet...Read On


Fishing with Miguel

Don't mess with the old man and the sea

Fishing with Miguel By DiVitto Kelly Two men approached the dock, both looking suspicious and twitchy. If not for the forty thousand dollars stashed in their avocado green vinyl suitcase, they could be perceived as vagrants. The taller man leading the way had receding silver blond hair and sported a two week-old peppered beard. The other, a past his prime weightlifting type, must have had...Read On


A Vampire's Lullaby Chapter 8

i'm not even sure anymore.

Vampires Lullaby Chapter 8 Chapter 8: Kidnapped Vladimir and Alex left the white room, locking it away once more. The two joined everyone in the living room. "Alex, you're okay! You didn't kill yourself," Starlight threw herself at the unaware teen vampire. Alex hugged her back. "I'm sorry for worrying you." Crystal joined in, "I'm glad you're okay." He nodded. Mars got up, "Do I get...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 3

Six yars on and how times are changing

Berlin. April 9th, 1939 Katarina yawned and stretched out her arms. Although today was Sunday, she had to work at the hospital. She checked the clock beside her bed. Five O' Clock. Her shift began at seven so she threw back the covers and sat up, turned to the side and grabbed her robe from the end of the bed before standing and slipping her arms into the sleeves and fastening the...Read On


Broken Pieces

The apartment is quaint, three aging rooms and dimly lit. The bedroom is large, pale blue walls and ample room for a bed and matching white furniture. The radio on the side table drones on, playing background sounds of blues and jazz. The blues speak to the depression while the lilting jazz speaks to the situation. Outside the night has fallen. Lights are shut off in the unused rooms....Read On