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Our drama category is for fans of stories filled with feeling, focusing on strong dialogue and well-rounded character development. Tragedy is a common theme, with gritty, realistic emotions driving the story. Readers are given clear insight into characters' thoughts and taken on a deep and sometimes courageous journey. Please send in your dramatic fiction or take a look at one of the emotive entries below.


The Nurses. Chapter 6

Britain declares war as Maria fights a battle of her own

Munchen.Pasing. September 3rd, 1939 "What a beautiful day!" Maria thought as she drew back the heavy curtains to allow the sun to stream through the window. Although only seven thirty, she could feel it's warmth on her face as she closed her eyes against the brightness. For once, this was a Sunday she didn't have to work. A rare day off from the hard work at the hospital. Today,...Read On


Honor: Lost and Found

A leader searches for honor in the middle of World War Three...

HONOR LOST AND FOUND Kaydyn Ramirez stared at the empty room in dismay and anger. For a few seconds, she was completely still, absorbing the scene and the implications that went with it. Then she slammed the heel of her hand into the doorframe in frustration. “Star! How could this happen?” Even when she wasn’t in the middle of an outburst of righteous indignation, Kaydyn was the kind...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 5

The casualty, a young SS soldier but to Katarina, just another patient.

Berlin. September 3rd, 1939 Katarina went to work at the Charité as normal. It was a beautiful morning. The sky was clear and the sun was beginning to climb in the sky. Germany had become more like an occupied country itself, these days. There were uniforms everywhere. Many were the brown of the SA but becoming more and more prevalent was the oppressive black of the SS....Read On


A Key for a Key

A script I'm currently working on is eluding me, so I wrote the following to try and work around it.

"Ayyyy?" Abigail gritted her teeth. Why couldn't her father ever, not once, manage her full name? She was simply a sound, a noise emitted from between filthy lips when he needed to refer to her. The screech of her first initial was his calling-cry when he wanted her, or a whine when she wasn't good enough. "Coming, Father." She picked up the tray, heavy with ale and meat, curling her...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 4

Maria takes the tram home from a long night shift.

Munchen.Pasing. April 9th, 1939. Maria Kaufmann awoke in the light-filled room. She looked at the clock on her bedside table. Half past twelve. Five and a half hours since she climbed wearily into bed after getting home after a long night's work at the Ludwig-Maximilians University Hospital. She had finished her shift at six and taken the bus and tram home. It was reasonably quiet...Read On


Fishing with Miguel

Don't mess with the old man and the sea

Fishing with Miguel By DiVitto Kelly Two men approached the dock, both looking suspicious and twitchy. If not for the forty thousand dollars stashed in their avocado green vinyl suitcase, they could be perceived as vagrants. The taller man leading the way had receding silver blond hair and sported a two week-old peppered beard. The other, a past his prime weightlifting type, must have had...Read On


A Vampire's Lullaby Chapter 8

i'm not even sure anymore.

Vampires Lullaby Chapter 8 Chapter 8: Kidnapped Vladimir and Alex left the white room, locking it away once more. The two joined everyone in the living room. "Alex, you're okay! You didn't kill yourself," Starlight threw herself at the unaware teen vampire. Alex hugged her back. "I'm sorry for worrying you." Crystal joined in, "I'm glad you're okay." He nodded. Mars got up, "Do I get...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 3

Six yars on and how times are changing

Berlin. April 9th, 1939 Katarina yawned and stretched out her arms. Although today was Sunday, she had to work at the hospital. She checked the clock beside her bed. Five O' Clock. Her shift began at seven so she threw back the covers and sat up, turned to the side and grabbed her robe from the end of the bed before standing and slipping her arms into the sleeves and fastening the...Read On


Broken Pieces

The apartment is quaint, three aging rooms and dimly lit. The bedroom is large, pale blue walls and ample room for a bed and matching white furniture. The radio on the side table drones on, playing background sounds of blues and jazz. The blues speak to the depression while the lilting jazz speaks to the situation. Outside the night has fallen. Lights are shut off in the unused rooms....Read On


Beyond the Pub Door

This is just a story

It's the Sheraton Eau Claire, surrounded by high rises, restaurants and high-end boutiques. A view of the river park can be seen from the levels above. Downstairs on the entry level, grand doors open to a large lobby. A concierge desk is to the right and to the left stand the doors to a busy pub. Outside, smartly dressed young valets stand stiffly in the cold. The lobby is busy and...Read On


Local Infuences

Bodies at rest tend to stay at rest, no force moving them forward

By mid-afternoon it was snowing, one of those early spring one-last-time sucker- punch squalls, and as the sun went down, and the streetlights came on the temperature rose a couple degrees and the snow began to mix with freezing rain. This would have been around the rush hour. There were only five people in the Tip Top, two of them playing pool and requiring quarters, but the rest just...Read On


The Nurses (Working Title) chapter 2

A new dawn for Maria

Munchen-Pasing. April 9th, 1933: A New Beginning In the quiet Munich suburb of Pasing, a new day was dawning. As was usual, Maria Kaufmann was rising along with the sun. She went to the window and, in the half-light, drew back the curtains and took a deep breath. The light was slowly increasing, but the clear sky was still a deep blue. She smiled as she surveyed the view from...Read On


No Brights, No Rights (Chapter One)

This chapter introduces a few characters who are a part of the story.

Part One, Chapter One “NO BRIGHTS, NO (SCHOOL) ACCESS!” That’s what one pin said on Maddie Sticks’ double neon green shirt. “NO BRIGHTS, NO RIGHTS!” That’s what her green rubber wrist band said in big and bold white letters. Maddie Sticks is an eighteen-year-old girl in neon pink and green who should never be messed with at all. She’s the kind of girl who can get away with everything...Read On


Brass Doors

Slowly with dread he trod along the riverbank. Down the winding path he went; past the band shelter, past the skate hut. In no time, it will be full of figure skaters seeking comfort out of the cold. He neared and navigated himself around the locked gardens behind the big hotel. Large and imposing, it had been built to resemble an old medieval castle. This morning, as the sun rose out of...Read On


The Nurses (Working Title)

On her Fifteenth Birthday, Katarina celebrates the first day of her adult life.

This is the first chapter of a book I have been working on. If you like it, please let me know in the comments box below. If not, then please say what you don't like in the same place. Thank you. Berlin. April 9th, 1933: A New Day In the heart of the city, Katarina Langsdorf was waking to the start of a new day, a special day, for today was her fifteenth birthday. It was a...Read On


The Little Latch Girl

A modern retelling of Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Little Match Girl'.

“Go on, get aht! Me and and yer ma ‘ave some business to attend to!” The little girl looked at her ‘ma’ slouched across the worn and torn sofa, the strap still tight around her upper arm and the syringe, with its old blunt needle, lying on the carpet below her outstretched hand. “I told yer, get lost and don’t come back until yer got summink fer the table, bloody kid!” The empty...Read On


They Were Expendable

Oh, that damn war, she kept mumbling. Oh, that damn war.

Not for the first time, he wondered if he was destined to become just another aimless, wounded war “hero” in an era when wars and heroes were no longer in fashion. "What’s dat stuff on your face? What is it?" Mark Cahill tried to pretend he was still asleep but the high-pitched young voice was penetrating and persistent. He had already endured two rough connecting flights and...Read On


Dave's Place Chapter 8 - Victor

I could tell Susan was tiring of the serious conversation and I wasn't the only one. Andy caught my eye, ordered another Guiness, and said, "Tell her about Victor." I got a big grin on my face and said, "That is the best idea I've heard all evening." Susan smiled anticipating the story. I pulled Andy his beer and began. "Victor is a big, big Puerto Rican guy with more charisma than...Read On



Christmas ornaments always come with memories attached to them.

The Christmas tree was up by the first weekend in December and fully decorated by Sunday night, just before prime-time TV, but all feelings of accomplishment faded when Renfield the cat jumped headlong from the entertainment center onto the top of the tree and rode it down like Slim Pickens riding the A-bomb in Dr. Strangelove, a movie Bob loved enough to have viewed multiple times (Karen...Read On


Dave's Place Chapter 7 - Kay

I texted Susan a few times, but I didn't want to scare her away so I kept it to pleasantries. She hadn't offered much of herself in the weeks she had been coming in, and I knew pushing would be a bad idea. Still, it made me smile every time I got a reply. I got really excited the next time she came through the big front door late one evening. It was a weeknight, and only a few customers...Read On


Dave's Place Chapter 6 - Susan

"You're married?" Susan exclaimed. I felt a hole where my stomach should have been. I saw the look of shock and horror across her face. Then a pained look took over her whole body. I broke out in a cold sweat. I couldn't imagine hurting this woman and I barely knew her. I nodded slowly. "Why did you ask me out if you're married?" she asked through clenched teeth. The anger radiated from her...Read On


Dave's Place Chapter 5 - Elaine

Chapter 5 of Dave's Place. Go back to the first one if you haven't read it!

I met Elaine long ago. She was one of the first regulars. She caught my eye as soon as she walked through the door. It was that self assured stride with her head held high. It certainly didn't hurt that it was impossible to miss all those curves. She strode right up to the bar and asked for a hefeweizen. I poured it slowly hoping to engage her in some conversation, "I'm Dave. I hope you...Read On


Dave's Place Chapter 4 - Andy

Susan smiled as I began my story, "Andy spends a lot of time...." .... at the bar. Part of it is he likes the camaraderie, but the truth of the matter is he'd rather be with his family. He's the most devoted family man I know. Andy is always ready to lend a hand to anyone, and he's loyal as they come. Unfortunately, his ex-wife didn't seem to appreciate him as much as his friends do. Not...Read On


An Unexpected Turn Of Events

A trip to an island resort... with unexpected results.

The sting of the blow had all but subsided as I launched myself from the ground. Twisting my torso, I flicked my leg in an arc as Luke flipped away. So, before I go on, let’s have a recap. How did I end up in another crazy scenario? Well, it all began last Tuesday... The sun glimmered up high as the boat descended upon an island surrounded by white sands and azure waters. I jerked awake as...Read On


The Color of Dreams

“How ya doing?” I say to the empty chair next to me, like I actually expect it to talk back. It won’t, of course – I know it won’t – but there’s something refreshingly simple about being able to talk to inanimate objects and know they’ll never talk back. You don’t really wait for a response because you know one’s never going to come. It’s a known, and I find myself liking knowns more than...Read On


Daughter's Light

Man’s oath for a better tomorrow despite hardships.

The time was of misery, the time was of treachery, the time was of backstabbers. It was the time where evil won, it was the time where good lost, it was the time where the poor were pulverised to dust; it was like any other time, in any age, in any era. He sat in his chair and gathered his thoughts; like a ghost he found himself flowing through time. The events of his past, the incidents he...Read On


Dave's Place Chapter 2 - Janet

"Welcome to Dave's Place." Walking in was a cute latina mujer. She was about 5' 4" with curves in the right places. I was obviously interested. I could only hope she'd pick up. I try to just flirt lightly with the customers, but sometimes I can't help myself. "Hola," she replied. "¿Como esta?" I think she was trying to catch me off guard, but I've lived in Texas a long time. " ¿B ien, y...Read On


We Are Not Poetry: A Sorrow Song

...And I almost became your poem.

You speak to me in beautiful words. You are so well read. That is two of the things I love about you. Those are just two things pulled from thousands. You are like poetry to me. Sometimes when you speak, even I feel like a poem. It is an easy trap, covered by music and the heady scent of our favorite flower—of us. However, I have seen your cracks. I have seen your jagged edges. I have...Read On


Beverly on the Bayou

Beverly arrives at the township of Timothy.

The small town of Timothy was quite different than Beverly Arceneaux expected. On her way down from Baton Rouge, the Acadian communities were dirty and absent of business or population. In Timothy, by contrast, the main street was active and tidy. The small town hall had a landscaped front lawn and down the road was a nice family park. There was even a new diner that had apparently opened...Read On


Future Fairy Tales: Rapunzel and the Rumpled Snakeskin Jacket

The vengeance of a princess scorned is more than any troll can handle...

Once upon a time to come, there lived a princess named Rapunzel. And she was renowned for her beauty, as well as her heart and purity. In all the land, and in all the pages of the celebrity magazines and blogs and all over the world, her people loved her. Women admired her. Men desired her. And little girls who would be princesses looked up to her, and dreamed that one day they too could be...Read On