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Our drama category is for fans of stories filled with feeling, focusing on strong dialogue and well-rounded character development. Tragedy is a common theme, with gritty, realistic emotions driving the story. Readers are given clear insight into characters' thoughts and taken on a deep and sometimes courageous journey. Please send in your dramatic fiction or take a look at one of the emotive entries below.


The Nurses. Chapter 25

“I found him here, alone,” Maria said, “I thought you would like to see him again.”

Amiens. December 29th 1940 Whilst this night night had been so traumatic and highly emotional for her friend on Ward Seven, Katarina had also been kept busy. She had not had the Gestapo or the SS to contend with but she had, nevertheless been kept hard at it. Some of her lesser wounded patients had been moved to smaller hospitals in the area and their beds made available to...Read On



A fictional letter from a sister to her younger brother

To my brother, Robbie. I didn’t mean for everything to end like that. When mom left, Dad and I had to rush to find some semblance of order before things became “real” for you. She hadn’t left anything behind: financially, communicatively, and certainly not emotionally, so we weren’t sure how to relay the situation to you. If we couldn’t understand why she left, a four year old wouldn’t...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 24

“You are very young,” he whispered, “And yet so wise.”

Amiens. December 29th 1940 Sunday and the last night shift of the week. Katarina and Maria both had two days of rest afterwards and then a new day shift would begin. They had decided that they could celebrate the start of the new year and the passing of the old the following Tuesday by having dinner together but, as they had to start working early on Wednesday they would not...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 23

“Geheime Staatspolizei,” he snarled, his eyes still holding her...

Amiens. December 24th, 1940 Katarina prepared herself for another long night. She had slept most of the day as it was the second night shift of the week and she had been exhausted after the first one. As had become usual, she had dinner with her friend. Meeting and befriending Maria had made life so much bearable for her and, she hoped, for Maria too. She worried for...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 22

“I didn't, I didn't... They hate me and I did nothing... why do they hate me?"

Amiens. December 24 th 1940 Christmas eve, the first that Maria had spent away from home and she felt it acutely. She had received a parcel from her mother and father containing a card and some Lebkuchen and Stollen which her mother had made and one or two little tree ornaments 'to help you feel more at home' as they had said in the accompanying letter. There was also an old...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 21

“Nein, nicht schiessen!” Maria croaked her throat suddenly dry...

Amiens. September 15 th 1940 Katarina awoke early as she always did. She had arranged to meet Maria at seven and they would have breakfast together. They were a little later today as this was a rare Sunday that they both had a day off and had planned to to go to the park and perhaps have dinner in town after a little exploring. Something neither of them had hitherto been able to...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 20

She raised an eyebrow and her eyes twinkled in the morning light.

Amiens. June 12th, 1940 After her first day being such a rush and the unexpected promotion, Maria had fallen asleep as soon as her head touched her pillow. It had been her intention to read for a while, but she hadn't even opened her book. Now she was wide awake and felt thoroughly refreshed and ready for the new day. As she brushed her hair and plaited it, she thought about...Read On


The Nurses Chapter 19

“Whoever captures your heart will be an exceptionally lucky man.”

Amiens. June 12 th 1940 The day had begun well with Katarina working simply with her girls and fussing around them like some sort of mother hen. In the far distance, from the West, an occasional rumble broke the relative silence on Ward Three. She wondered what it was as there was no sign of a storm but she didn't dwell on it, because of greater interest to her was this nurse she...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter18

“Then you have a doppelgänger, Matron, you must have.”

Amiens. June 11 th 1940 Maria woke at Six. As the DMO had promised, she had been given instructions to report for her induction course at Eight, so she had two hours to prepare herself and take some breakfast. She had not had to share a bathroom before, and she was very self-conscious, washing herself under her night dress. She was pleased to note, however, that the other nurses...Read On


Losing North - Fucking Celebrate! (Chapter VII)

7th Chapter of my in-development novel, Losing North... Have fun ;)

FUCKING CELEBRATE! “To a prosperous career!” Charlie said, raising his glass. “Jesus, Charlie. Can you be more cliché?” Adam answered smiling while raising his glass for the toast. “A better toast, then… To Page, who was lovely enough to get me this job” Adam said, blinking at her. Thomas and Page raised their glasses too, “Cheers!” They all said. “Now, can we please order...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 17

A new start, a new challenge.

Katarina looked at the clock on the wall at the end of the ward, almost eleven. She had settled already into the day to day life of the ward, which was not so different to the Charité back home, except that all the patients were military men. She found that a lot of her day was spent helping the other, less experienced nurses to learn about looking after patients and the day to day...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 16

Maria completes the final part of her journey but it is long and exhausting.

Cologne. June 9 th 1940 Maria slept barely at all. The huge sofa was soft and quite comfortable, but she could not relax. She had never slept away from the security of her own home except, occasionally, at the hospital but never outside her own world. Now, she was in a city she had never visited and sleeping in an office rather than a bedroom. She was sure she was safe but still...Read On


Losing North - No Rock, Just Same Old Bottom (Chapter VI)

6th Chapter of my novel Losing North, enjoy it ;)

NO ROCK, JUST THESAME OLD BOTTOM “Get up!” The jail guard shouted, making Adam almost jump from the small rectangle he had been calling a bed for the weekend. His head was spinning, the room was a mix of weird, twisted architecture. It was as if the squares on the wall had become triangles, and the bars holding Adam inside those four walls had become soft straws bending with the...Read On


Losing North - Unpleasant Surprise (Chapter V)

5th Chapter of my novel Losing North. Have fun ;)

UNPLEASANT SURPRISE Adam’s smile covered his entire face, from ear to ear. “What are you so happy about?” Charlie asked, coming home from work. Adam put his phone on the living’s room table and went on to reply, “I’ve just spoken to the dean of Columbia University. They want to interview me.” Charlie smiled and laughed a little as he set his bag down. “That is great!” He exclaimed....Read On


Losing North - Sudden Need (Chapter IV)

Fourth chapter of my novel, Losing North. Enjoy It. ;)

SUDDEN NEED “ Oh, this place looks so lame. ” Adam thought as he saw the big sign saying “The Winter Farmer”. Putting his thoughts aside, Adam walked into the café and immediately saw Page, having a drink near the vases of plants by the window. The near-autumn weather had a touch of summer heat to it, with the motionlessness of the tree leaves of the fall season. Adam sat down next...Read On


Losing North - Tiring Indecision (Chapter III)

Third chapter of my novel, Losing North, hope you enjoy ;)

TIRING INDECISION Adam’s room was stinking of sweat, alcohol and weed. Probably days had passed since he last opened a window, sun hadn’t shined inside those four walls for almost as long and the air being recycled several times had become simply suffocating. “Good god!” Charlie exclaimed once he opened the door. His hand close to his mouth, trying to keep the bad smell away from...Read On


Losing North - Serious Boredom (Chapter II)

2nd Chapter (including Ch 0) of my novel Losing North

SERIOUS BOREDOM Days had passed since Adam’s encounter with Page, not that he had thought about it much. The days after were pretty much summed up by ‘drink, work, fuck, sleep and restart’. At this moment, Adam was at the sleep part of it. It was the middle of the afternoon and the sun was burning hot, with a few breezes keeping the weather a bit cooler than if windless. Adam...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 15

A safe arrival but a disturbed, sleepless night for Katarina.

Amiens.June 9 th 1940 After the nightmare of the previous day's flight, Katarina was glad of having a day to get to know her surroundings. She had been taken to the hospital from the airfield by a Luftwaffe truck, the same one that carried the body of the unfortunate pilot to the hospital mortuary. On the rather uncomfortable journey, the driver had told her that her aeroplane had...Read On


50% Off Love Chapter VIII

Chapter VIII - Hiro - Hiro ran breathlessly toward the emergency room and was met by the school nurse, the principal, and a rather handsome looking boy, who all stared at her in surprise. Ignoring their glances, she grabbed the poor woman’s shoulder and shook her firmly. “Where is she? Is she alright?” Hiro stormed these questions relentlessly until the boy finally dragged her from...Read On


Losing North

Introductory chapter to my in-development novel.

“Tick, tock...” “Tick, tock...” The sound came from the clock. “Tick, tock…” “Tick, tock…” The ticking echoed in the entire apartment. Almost in the same beat, the sweat drops fell from Adam’s chin to the ground. His heart was beating twice every second. In synch with the “tick” and then just before the “tock.” Adam’s breathing was really fast, even though he was just sitting in the...Read On



I had set a friend a plot: Sand Mafia, Royal Enfield, Beer Pitcher, Pigeon Racing. My take on it

His mind was filled with very churlish thoughts as he willed his 5 year old, rickety motor bike to scale one of steepest bridges in the city. He cursed life for being unfair, his parents for being just and honest and cursed himself for being a spineless coward. He wanted to be filthy rich. This he knew even before he had learnt to spell the word poverty. But he had to take the longer route to...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 14.

Maria sets out on the longest journey of her young life.

Munchen-Pasing. June 8 th 1940 Maria's travel papers had been delivered in person just two days after the surgeon had told her she would be leaving and she was relieved to find that she had a little longer than she thought. The past few days had been somewhat sombre. Her father, Herman, still had to work as usual but she at least had some time with her mother, helping her around...Read On



"Land Mafia; Royal Enfield; Beer pitcher; Pigeon racing" Odd combination, right? Well, that was what one of my creative friends gave, to use and weave a story out of it. It was pretty challenging and here is the story of a man who couldn't live his life on his own terms. Read ahead. Lark tried not to retch at the sight of so much blood. He had not meant to break the guy's nose. The wounded...Read On


50% Off Love Chapter VII

Chapter VII - POV Switch - Akari sighed mournfully and lay her head down upon the desk. She had come to the school just as the teacher had asked her to so she could make-up a test she had missed out on. And yet, the teacher wasn’t there. She exhaled woefully and squirmed in her desk. As she lay there silently, she heard footsteps enter the room. She froze where she was and listened,...Read On


50% Off Love Chapter VI

Chapter VI - Hiro - Hiro wandered around her neighborhood aimlessly, shivering from the chilly night air. She sighed and watched as her breath created a miniature cloud in front of her that quickly dissipated. Her shoulders slumped as she continued her trek to who knows where. She spotted the library and decided to head on over, but just as she took a step in that direction, the...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 13.

Katarina leaves for the airport. The beginning of her new life.

Berlin. June 8th, 1940 “This is all you are taking?” Magda Langsdorf stood beside her daughter, looking into the open suitcase she had placed on the bed.  "Yes, Mama, I am afraid so.” Katarina smiled. She had thought carefully about what to take and when the time had come to leave, she had decided that it was better to carry as little as she could so she had packed plenty of...Read On


The Englishman

A young woman learns about discrimination.

"I'm eighteen years old and should be able to make up my own mind." Margaret stood in front of her mirror speaking out loud to herself. "If I knew what I wanted I might be able to do just that."  The reflection gazing back at her was that of a young woman. She could accent or neutralize the Indian blood richly flowing through her veins simply by the make-up she wore. Her eyes were her...Read On


50% Off Love Chapter V

Chapter V - POV Switch - “Did you hear? The head of the Serizawa Company is interested in a commoner!” The voices gossiped in every nook and cranny of the mansion that Sashen inhabited. She strolled purposely through the halls and attempted to ignore the talk of the maids and butlers, but to no avail. Whirling around, she shrieked, “SHUT UP AND GET BACK TO WORK!” She listened as...Read On


50% Off Love Chapter IV

Chapter IV - Hiro - Class had already ended and together with the President and the girl, Hiro walked with them to the entrance of the school. The three of them stood there for a minute and stared at the other classmates leaving for the weekends. “So there’s no Student Council work today?” she asked, ready for the blessed weekend. “There is, but I decided to give us a good break...Read On


50% Off Love Chapter III

Chapter III - POV Switch - “Are they gone yet?” an icy voice asked, impatiently slamming the cane that was in his hands down onto the wooden floorboards beneath. “Y-Yes, sir, they just left,” another voice stammered its response, closing the door behind the departing figures with a silent click. “Good, let’s begin our discussion, Principal Yuuko,” the voice commanded, moving closer to...Read On