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Our drama category is for fans of stories filled with feeling, focusing on strong dialogue and well-rounded character development. Tragedy is a common theme, with gritty, realistic emotions driving the story. Readers are given clear insight into characters' thoughts and taken on a deep and sometimes courageous journey. Please send in your dramatic fiction or take a look at one of the emotive entries below.


The Moment He Saved Me Again- Chapter 6

I was only five minutes in to the first episode of Castle when I hear a light tap on the door. My back is to the door but that didn't stop me from hearing it open. "You okay?" My dad asks me. I turn to look at him and shake my head. "Not really, dad. No." He gives me a sympathetic look and sits down on my bed next to me. He's about to say something then looks at me. He looks guilty....Read On


The Moment He Saved Me Again- Chapter 5

When I open my eyes, I notice my dad isn't laying with me anymore. I fell asleep on the couch after I got home and spilled everything to my dad. Well, not everything. I left out the kissing part. Just that the guy who shot at us left us, not knowing he missed. I know I shouldn't have lied but I didn't want him to get the wrong idea about Mason. I didn't even know how I felt about Mason. I...Read On


The Moment He Saved Me Again- Chapter 4

Actually, I didn't fall asleep. I passed out. At least, that's what the doctors told me. I remember leaning up against the wall, my head on Mason's shoulder and then nothing until I heard chaos and woke up from someone shaking me awake. Once Mason helped me up and we were rushed outside with the rest of the school, the doctors outside who were checking everyone that exited the building...Read On


The Moment He Saved Me Again- Chapter 3

It's like every muscle in my body tensed up and I stopped breathing right when the lights came on. I couldn't talk. My throat felt like someone had punched it. I squeeze my eyes shut but Mason's hand on mine made me open them again. His blue eyes had a mixture of fear and something else I couldn't quite describe. Footsteps. I hear footsteps. I look at him and shake my head. I shake...Read On


The Moment He Saved Me Again- Chapter 2

Yeah, I wasn't thinking about lunch by the time I got out of my first class. I was thinking of ways to get Mason to stop staring and glaring and looking at me. Today was just a note taking day and I was aware that the entire time he kept glancing at me. At one point, I looked at him straight in the eyes with the hardest glare I could come up with... he just smirked at me. Needless to say,...Read On


The Moment He Saved Me Again- Chapter 1

A fresh new start for Massie. She's had enough crap in her life...or has she?

Hey again brother who doesn't know me or that I'm writing to or that will even get these someday...oh let's face it I'm just writing this as a therapy session for myself...anyway... I've only been here one week. It's not too bad here, either. Don't get me wrong, I hate moving schools and it sort of sucks but I enjoy seeing the different states. This is the third one I've been to in the...Read On


Broken Mirrors Shattered Dreams 4

Lou has a secret that threatens to destroy her sister's happiness

Author's note: Warning - this chapter contains adult themes, nudity, and a sex scene. Reader discretion is advised. Chapter Four June, 2011, Wichita, KS When I woke, the sun was high and already the scorching heat of the day penetrated the roof of the homestead. The scented candlesticks on my dresser had begun to tilt to one side. I threw on a cotton dress, minus a bra;...Read On


Broken Mirrors Shattered Dreams 3

Lou has a secret that threatens to destroy her sister's happiness

Chapter 3 June, 2011, Wichita, KS  Next morning at breakfast, Annie and Savannah were in the kitchen. The bus would be at the gate soon. They were busy packing Savannah’s summer vacation bag as I stuffed my face with another slice of peanut butter and jelly on toast. My cheek was still tender, but I was surprised the bruise hadn’t come up – yet. It felt tender to touch, that was all. ...Read On


Broken Mirrors Shattered Dreams 2

Lou has a secret that threatens to destroy her sister's happiness

1999, Wichita, KS  When I was seven years old, I lived alone without my sister Annie. The old couple who cared for me, seemed to accept me, but I missed my family. Johnny came to visit often, but he was reluctant to talk about my father or my sister on his visits. We had fun together. He spoiled me whenever he came to town. He’d claim it was for business, but I never saw him do any....Read On


Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

Two boys decide to play with firecrackers with unexpected results.

The two firecrackers flew through the hot, dry air and exploded with almost simultaneous BANGS. The report echoed off of the surrounding woods and just as quickly as it came, it was gone again. Steven reached into the brown paper bag that lay at his feet, withdrawing another two M-80 firecrackers that he had bought when his family went to Myrtle Beach the previous summer. He handed one to...Read On


From the short story: The Boy In The Leaves

from Short Stories and Other Imaginings for The Reading Spot

from Short Stories and Other Imaginings for The Reading Spot by J.D. Holiday All Rights Reserved Copyright 2014 by J.D. Holiday A small boy laid there, motionless. Unlike the leaves around him he lay undisturbed by the wind gust. Max stepped away. It was just a little kid. He looked asleep, his dark skin was a shade of blue and purple, almost translucent. Thin...Read On


Broken Mirrors Shattered Dreams 1

True Love: Expecting the unexpected and learning to accept what cannot be undone

Note to readers: Here it comes - the sequel to Fifteen Shards of Broken Glass - Gracie-Lou's story! Enjoy! - PLJ Prologue I hate being criticized. I have been criticized for as long as I can remember. Living in the shadow of my older sister, Annie, and not being able to live up to the memory of a ghost, I feel as though I am the one forgotten. Who am I? Well,...Read On


A Godly Affair

After a sensation created by fraud doctor, God comes to Earth to teach him a lesson.

1 "Repay your debt in a week or shut down your dispensary." Mr. Mehta ordered. "Please sir, give me some more time. Do you think I am a fraud?" Dr. Lal replied. "Certainly you are, Jackass! I missed out the enlightenment course of Holy Siddeshwar Maharaj. I couldn't even visit his Ashram and you are responsible for it. Remember, this is the last warning. One more delay in payment and...Read On


SDF 2016

The crew of JDS Azumaya must stop a rogue JMSDF vessel from inciting a war with America.

JDS Azumaya Kongo-class Destroyer Japanese Territorial Waters CO: Captain Shinsui Hirayama 1500 hours Lieutenant Commander Tadayuki Nomata looked around the CIC with pride, allowing himself a small smile at the air of efficient, purposeful activity around him. Even though the bridge was thought of as the most important part of the ship, the Combat Information Centre was the nerve centre...Read On


The cave

Trapped while exploring a cave

The boy lay in the darkness, blacker than the darkest night. He had no concept of how long he had been there, only that the end was near. His arms were folded tightly against his chest and the walls of the narrow passage pressed against him like the weight of a whole mountain was upon him. The panic had long since gone and he had resigned himself to his fate. He knew he would probably...Read On


Black Rose (Chapter 13-End)

13 “Demir, I found her! I’ve been looking for her in all the wrong places all these years. She is back in Halfeti, working as a –” “As a what? Where?” Demir asked with obvious impatience. Aker stopped himself from saying anything further. “Well, my dear Dr. Polat,” he continued with a fake yawn, “I’ll call you first thing in the morning. When we are both...Read On


Black Rose (Chapter 10-12)

10 “Demir, this hurts too much. Let me die. Please.” “Melek, my sweetheart, we are almost there. I’m so sorry you are hurting so much. But Aker will take excellent care of you. We can’t possibly find more capable hands in hiding. And I’ll be by your side the whole time.” Melek kept begging him to let her die. When they reached Aker’s clinic, a makeshift operating table was...Read On


Black Rose (Chapter 7-9)

7 Her brother – together with all their male cousins, had cornered them just when they were leaving the language school that Wednesday. Blending in with friendly gestures, they led them away from the exiting crowd. On the curbside of the opposite street, a large van with a company logo awaited. Their ride ended in an abandoned farmhouse at the town’s outskirts. Butrus kept...Read On


Black Rose (Chapter 4-6)

4 “Can you believe, we have known each other four months already?” Butrus spoke in full excitement but looked tired. “Did you have enough sleep last night?” Huban didn’t hide her concern. His classes at the university ended at noon. In the early afternoon, he studied for the next day. Then came his language hours. In the last two months, he had acquired two night jobs – one in...Read On


Black Rose - Chapter 1-3

love in Turkey

1 “Oh, dear God. My girl. My poor girl. Who did this to you? What they did to you! Oh, God. No! No!” “Mom, help me...” The ambulance sped through the many rural areas to Şanlıurfa hospital. Where Huban was born. The medics raced her stretcher through the emergency entrance, while a loud speaker summoned doctors to the OP. Her mother’s bewildering plea was the only sound in the...Read On


Protecting Jessica

Jessica's cute tender face peeked out from under her sheets as Hannah...

Hannah looked out the window of her high rise New York apartment over to Liberty Island. The Statue of Liberty was delicately lit as it stood gracefully in place, protecting citizens. The haze of the cool night drifted around the grand lady giving her a hue that only suited her. But her flame shone brightly and could be seen for miles. Hannah just loved how the view gave her a sense of...Read On


Some Moments Last Forever

A short story about what happens when you lose the fight with the cruel lover named depression.

The alarm calls out again, pleading with you, begging you to get out of bed; a stubborn siren barely audible over the brewing storm in your head. Why did you even bother setting an alarm; it's not like anyone wants to spend time with you. Nobody wants to listen to the insecure whining of a hopeless loser. The vicious record repeats new versions of the same song. Idiot. You can’t...Read On


A Very Good Mood

She was a short, sexy, scheming racist after a nice guy who wasn't.

Reader discretion advised. The story you are about to read contains language that some readers may find offensive. By choosing to read this piece, you agree that you do not object to reading content that may be considered racial prejudice. Please note that the views and opinions expressed in this story are those of the fictional characters portrayed in the story and do not reflect...Read On


Not Even For Marmalade - Part One

Part 1 - The Whims Of The Universe And A Charming Rogue

A soft smile touched her lips as she watched him enter the coffee shop. He waved, a small superfluous gesture just to let her know that he’d seen her, but still it warmed her heart. He made his way toward her leisurely, flirting with every waitress he encountered along the way in his usual charming manner. Her smile faded as he drew closer, instantly noticing the ugly red scar above his...Read On


My Little Mystery Part 19

The assaults are over, now to get the real evil doers. Some surprises pop up later.

Cricket and Monica met when Roger and Monica returned to her hospital room. They moved away from Roger to speak privately. Cricket asked, “Has anything happened with my persecutors. I am anxious to get them taken down and put away. They have ruined so many innocent lives with this vendetta against me.” “Not yet, they are still looking for evidence. It is very hard to find anything...Read On


My Little Mystery Part 18

The assault happens, the better team wins. The losers forfeit everything.

At 1:00 am, Eric warned the group that the van and SUV turned down the road leading to the estate. The van drove up to the estate and blocked the driveway. The team got out and gathered at the rear of the van. Leo got out of the SUV entered the van and distributed the arms and ammunition to the team. Each member got a pistol and a compact machine gun. Some members got hand grenades while...Read On


My Little Mystery Part 17

Cricket finds out who is after her. The assault team gathers intel. They ready for war.

Emily and Leo sat with the team, eating a small meal while preparing to leave and go to Cal’s estate. They realized that the loss of two team members hurt, but not as much as expected. The two, Felicity and Christoph were the youngest members of the team and the least experienced. The reason they made the team, was due to their being ruthless and heartless, when it came to taking a life. When...Read On


My Little Mystery Part 16

The assault team arrives. More is found on the oil rig. The group prepares for war.

Eric and Erin sat in front of their laptops watching through the windows of the room overlooking the newly rented storefront. They watched and waited for signs of movement inside. The cameras they placed earlier functioned perfectly. They watched the occupants on their laptops and listened to the conversations. About 3:30 that morning, six more people arrived in a large black van at the...Read On


My Little Mystery Part 15

Cricket takes over. The company has trouble. Gus and Hans stir up trouble.

Breakfast was a noisy affair today, with all the information passed out the night before. A lot of the banter was premature, because Cricket, Eric and Erin knew more than everyone else. Cricket got her information from Roger her ghost lover, Eric and Erin got theirs from the data collected from video, audio and searches of company data. Things happened a lot faster now, but it still...Read On


My Little Mystery Part 14

Emily and Leo land in Soouthampton. Cricket listens to Roger and takes back control of the group.

Here it was 3:30 in the morning two days later and Cricket lay in bed wide awake. Her mind filled with random thoughts of Emily. Was she the one who led the assault on her? Was she out there waiting to attack again? Why was she pushing this agenda? One thought after another cascaded through her brain. She sat up, looked around the room, as she felt the presence of someone else. Ever since...Read On