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Our fantasy stories are for those who enjoy escaping to a world filled with magic, wizards, dragons and sorcery. Stories in this genre have an underlying theme of good versus evil and may be based on fairy tales, myths or legends. Characters, places and names are often pulled from the author’s vivid imagination and descriptions are usually highly detailed.


Jordan Elan: Part I

What would you do if you were given eternity?

  The music flowed through him as he made his way down the sidewalk outside the deserted University campus. Foot traffic hardened ice caused him to second-guess his every step, and the snow was falling in blinding sheets from an iron-grey sky wasn’t helping any. Being as late as it was, car traffic was nearly nonexistent; most of the students were home by now. Outside of his headphones,...Read On


Earthfall (Prologue Part I)

The currency of Earthfall is despair.

  Prologue   When the Heavens Fell   Clear skies swirled above him; sunlight magnified the contentment reflected on his face; wispy clouds spun lazily in a sea of blue and the breeze carried the scents of summer across the land—blooming flowers, grass, trees, and the ever-present smell of animals that came with living so far away from the city. All those things created the peace...Read On


Lowenna 2: The Secrets of Light and Darkness, Chapter 32 (the end)

The Crystal shattered and Rique fell. What is going to happen?

Chapter 32, Bonding Erkut fell to the ground, and Nera who had taken to the air fell on top of him. Sudden pain flowed through their heads. Everyone else collapsed or grabbed their heads in pain.  Even Lowenna had to close her eyes and covered then with her hands, not knowing where the pain had come from.  It felt like someone had just thrust a red-hot poker through her skull. As the...Read On


The League of the Young and Supernatural (11)

Ch. 11 *Sakura* The drive back to Denjo’s hideout was odd, to say the least. We took several winding back roads, and once we entered a densely forested area, I gave up hope trying to figure out where I was being held captive. Ultimately, it didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Once we dropped off this Aejin into the dungeon, I was free to go. I had been instructed to keep...Read On


Lowenna and the secrets of light and darkness, Chapter 31

Run Rique, She is after you.

Chapter 31 The new hunter of the maze Rique was running as fast as she could, but Lowenna was faster.  The only advantage she had was her long or high jump.  Still, Lowenna was gaining on her.  She ducked as a pale pink ball of fire shot over her head.  She couldn't die, not like this.  She had to save everyone.  She had promised Callan that she would destroy the crystal and save everyone. ...Read On


Lowenna and the secrets of light and darkness, Chapter 30

Lowenna looked at Darcarial, is she lost?

Chapter 30, Lowenna Lost Darcariel had a big smile on her face.  She knew the Lowenna was hers now, no more resisting, no more running.  "Stay here Jibranz.  I'm going to look at my new toy." Jibranz nodded.  He was still worried that the Lowenna would fight, and try to kill his queen.  He was staying on high alert. Lowenna stood there with a vacant smile on her face watching her...Read On



*The roaring crowd cheered as the gates opened and a lion came out. The lion slowly walked out, basking in glory as the crowd roared on. I watched in horror; I couldn’t believe the madness in front of my eyes. In the center of the arena was a young skinny fragile looking boy, he was chained to a cub on his left foot. He had a thin stick that was poorly sharpened on one end. It had bite...Read On


Lowenna and the secrets of light and darkness, Chapter 29

Lowenna is alone, her magic almost gone, and what awaits her on the other side of the door

Chapter 29 Other Side Of The Door Lowenna looked at the large imposing door.  It was the first one she had seen since entering the labyrinth.  She didn't want to go back, not through the room with all those dead bodies. She tried the latch, it moved, and with a strong push the door creaked open.   Lowenna froze.  There was a dead body in the corner, not a skeleton, but an actual body....Read On


Lowenna and the secrets of light and darkness: chapter 28

Lowenna is weakening, but Rique and the others are getting closer, can they save Lowenna?

Chapter 28 the power of Darcariel  The party had wandered on for a while.  Rique had made a mistake translating one of the symbols, but apart from having to double back once, they seemed to be making real progress. Everyone was still on edge, Grilk had already drawn his newly acquired sword and had nearly attacked a statue with it.  Talia was staying very close to Rique, giving Rique a...Read On


The Damned: Chapter 3

Nsansa was right when he said I would be blamed for Uliya’s death. The young blossoming and fertile second wife of my husband had succumbed to a mysterious fatality, and I was the only witness.   A hundred villagers surrounded us as we sat on the ground. Uliya’s mother wept violently on my far right, and four elders sat in front of us.  As I expected, my husband passionately vouched for me....Read On


Lowenna 2: The secrets of light and darkness, Chapter 27

Is Lowenna's first vision about to come true? The Hunter is after her.

Chapter 27 Hunted The mist was flowing through the stone paths keeping low, so it was hard to see the floor, and the air was cool and damp.  Lowenna was experiencing deja-vu.  She rounded another corner, nearly slipping on the slick floor.   Stopping for a second to catch her breath, she could feel her heart pumping.  She knew couldn’t stay here for long.   She was being hunted.   The fear...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part VII

Claudia speaks with the Prior about her seemingly unnatural gift.

Entry IX – I am better now, with a much deeper understanding of what it is that I am afflicted with. After spending the past hour or two with the Prior, it seems he was quick to understand what exactly it is that I am going through. In fact, he seems to think more along the line of a philosopher than a theologian when we discussed my “gift” in depth. I broke rule two and eight...Read On


Lowenna and the secrets of light and darkness, Chapter 26

Lowenna is alone, and the hunter is coming for her. What is the sorce of Darcarial's power

Chapter 26 Praise the Elf God Dalelana. Rique was trying to keep her eyes out for any other traps as she lead the group of five.  She couldn't help thinking what had happened was her fault they had lost Lowenna, and then Azmil so soon after.  She had convinced everyone to come here.  She was so sure this was the right course of action, but now, she was starting to doubt it.  She didn't know...Read On


Lowenna and the Secrets of Light and Darkness, Chapter 25

Darcarial isn't the only threat in hymdale

Chapter 25 A Child of Ebrus   "Wenna!"  Grilk shouted, but again there was no reply.  Talia was crying, and Rique was trying to convince Callan to let her climb down after her friend. "Look I feel for you, but she is either dead or trapped down there.  We have to find that crystal to save everyone else, or have you changed your mind about why we came down here?"  Callan said, keeping his...Read On


Lowenna and the Secrets of Light and Darkness: chapter 24

Lowenna is getting weeker by the second, can she hold on and save not only herself but everyone else

Chapter 24 Passageways and traps Lowenna had been told that Callan didn't trust her with a weapon. Which annoyed Lowenna, as she needed something to defend herself. Talia had given her some plain clothes, and Rique had stayed to help her. "I am fine Rique," Lowenna said for the third time. "No, you not, a lot has happened to you and your magic gets weaker every moment. We have to find...Read On


Lowenna and the Secrets of light and darkness: chapter 23

Grilk and Rique are back, (and just in time) but can they save Lowenna

Chapter 23 In Her Mind It was dark and cold where Lowenna was. She turned a corner and started running again. She had been here before, running through dark passageways, trying to keep ahead of the lion creature. Something was different. She kept getting glimpses of a beautiful dark haired woman. She knew this woman but couldn't place from where. "Run Lowenna," a dark echoing voice called...Read On


Moonlight Requiem: Part One

A young woman becomes addicted to enchanted faerie music

 Part One Wynn woke up to the sound of Clair De Lune resonating all throughout the big, empty house. It wound its lonely way up the stairs, through every hallway, until it came to rest gently in her ears, in her mind. Each note rang clear and clean like the flow of a river at night. She threw off the covers and sat up. Streams of moonlight poured through the window as if summoned as...Read On


Lowenna and the secrets of Light and Darkness: chapter 22

Who will find Lowenna, and what happened to Azmil.

Chapter 22 search for Lowenna Rique had seen Lowenna crash and was running through the streets. Grilk was just behind her while carrying all the bags and weapons. It had only been by chance she had looked up and seen the flying woman, which she had just known was Lowenna, the bright pink wings had been a big clue. "Why we run?" Grilk mumbled grumpily. He didn't like running. Orcs weren't...Read On


Lowenna And The Secrets Of Light and Darkness: chapter 21

Lowenna is of to the palace to try and save her friend and the lawmen, but what dangers lie ahead

1Chapter 21, Entering The Palace Lowenna noticed the sun was starting to set as she slid down the rope from the window to the alleyway. Azmil landed beside her, “We head for the palace, sneak in and try and find out what happened to your friend and the other lawmen.” “Agreed,” Lowenna said with a nod. Azmil was more serious now and showed real determination, which Lowenna had only seen when...Read On


Lowenna 2 and the secrets of light and darkness: chapter 20

Lowenna finally gets some sleep and time to heal, but what dangers lay ahead.

Chapter 20, Visions of tomorrows When Lowenna opened her eyes she was no longer in the lovely comfortable bed, but lying on the hard ground “Dreamscape,” she whispered to herself, hoping she had at least rested for a little while. She slowly got up. It was dark. Lowenna could see one of the moons high above her, while the clouds hid the other. Lowenna looked around to find she was at the...Read On


Lowenna 2 and the secrets of light and darkness: chapter 19

Lowenna got her crystal back. She is low on magic, has lost rune and now... lets make it intresting

Chapter 19 Unmasked lawman The rain had stopped. Both of Orkenza's moons were on show, and the first sign of the new sun was just starting to show. Lowenna had been keeping to the shadows, trying to stay out of sight. At the moment she was watching the Doc Side Inn. The Lawmen knew she had a room there. She had lost her boots, her cape, her money and her weapons. All she had left a stolen...Read On


Lowenna and the secrets of Light and Darkness: chapter 18

Lowenna escaped from the deapts of the city but its not safe above ground either

Chapter 18 The New Followers Of The Queen Lowenna cut through the bolt that held the grating in place and slowly with all of her strength, moved the grating enough to get out of the shaft. The room, she found herself in, was large, with only one doorway leading out. Inside was a large stone fireplace. The fire was roaring, giving enough light to see. Lowenna’s clothes were damp, slimy and...Read On


Lowenna and the Secrets of Darkness and Light

Lowenna has to get her crystal back

Chapter 17. The Layer Of Darkness. Lowenna returned to the place where she had last seen the creature with her crystal. Instinctively Lowenna went to touch it to illuminate the world. Then she cursed to herself that it wasn't there. She activated her light shield to help her see the high rooftops where the creature had escaped. After carefully scanning the area, she noticed some wispy...Read On


Lowenna 2: The secrets of Light and Darkness, chapter 16

Chapter 16 The girl with sparkling golden hair Rune had used the time wisely and had almost everyone free, "Are you just going to stand there or help me?" she asked, showing some irritation towards Lowenna. Lowenna glanced over at her before looking at the dead orc again. There was a moment of silence only broken by another slave being freed before Lowenna went over to help. Rune passed...Read On


Valkyrie Rising

Loosely based on Norse Mythology

There are moments to live, and to die along with there being people being both good, and evil which go hand in hand with the moment to stand and fight. For all from the; soldier, civilian, martyr, and victim. Not to mention all the others like the; prophet, pariah, liar, sinner, saint, fool, and sages. It becomes a moment of truth and a baptism in fire in most cases down to the last...Read On


Chronicles of the Shadow Swords - Begin

Inspired by the Bleach manga series, but the storyline and characters are original

This story has no beginning and it has no end, merely one integral point – which for me was the moment I died – at which all things converge and loop only to spit out new chapters to the same story… and this is my chapter. Takeshita Ichigo His life at the orphanage had mostly been a good one; Abbot Gnu treated all the boys like they were the most precious gems to ever be placed in...Read On


BookBoy and the Library of Alexandria: After The End

He loved books. So did she. And that was how the world was rebooted.

Once upon a time, there lived a boy who loved only books. Comic books, textbooks, crime noir, Westerns, romance, classics, pop-science, esoterica, ancient philosophy and mythology. Trilogies, prequels, sequels, reboots, stand-alone, shared worlds. If it had ink and paper, he'd read it. And he had his favourites, oh yes – but Bookboy knew better than to judge a book by its cover. So he gave...Read On


Lowenna: The secrets of light and darkness, chapter 15

Can Lowenna save the young woman from Dumar?

Chapter 15 Wenna or Lowenna Lowenna made her way quickly up the steps, although her mind was racing even faster, She found her thoughts turning back to when she had woke up on the beach suns ago. She had being hunted by five sporns of Hydra. Not only survived but she had killed them all. Those deaths hadn't bothered her at the time, even though she had watched the last one die, much as she...Read On

Recommended Read

The Fall

Do you know how it feels to fall in love?

In a magical land far far away, fairy tales make the headlines on a daily basis. Seldom sad endings, mostly happily ever after. Everyone was special if they believed. I wanted to be famous; I wanted them to sing songs and tell tales about me long after my death. But most importantly, I wanted to fall in love. I started my day just like any other day. I read the paper as I had my...Read On


Lowenna: The Secrets Of Light And Darkness, Chapter 14

Who is this Mysterious girl, and Can Lowenna save her?

Chapter 14 The Slave Mansion Lowenna heard a scream as she approached the wall, which surrounded the mansion. She looked around to make sure no one was watching before she climbed the wall and dropped down, landing in the long grass. She looked up at the building. There were several sentry guards and very little cover from where she was to the mansion, and she needed to get there without...Read On