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Flash Fiction

Flash fiction stories vary in length from anywhere between one hundred to one thousand words. The aim of flash fiction is to ensure every word is absolutely necessary. Stories in this category can cover any of the fiction genres, the challenge being to engage the reader and tell a complete story within a limited number of words.



metaphorical short-story flash fiction

Scarecrow. I am the hideous straw man, looking twisted in broad daylight. Patched together carelessly with old-fashioned clothes, and hung up like an unappreciated martyr, looking upwards towards the skies. I scare away flying pests, with my twisted expression and evil intent. Even humans pass me by, shuddering away, as the crows hawk in abundance, field mice and insects scuffling below...Read On



Lost in the cold mountains of Siberia lived a shaman. The heir to the ancestral knowledge of generations of shamans. In one of my eternal dreams of nightmares in which the acceptance of the unreal was the weapon I had in my struggle to survive in those fantastic worlds, the shaman was introduced. And the shaman told me to get him. When I arrived at his little house, he welcomed me as if...Read On


Twitching curtains

She was late home last night and... GEORGE! Come and see!

Cleaning the window frames with a bicarbonate and vinegar mix as I do every Thursday, keeps my neighbourhood safe. Saves the faffing of EVERYONE ringing the council if the dustbin men don’t arrive. George was a heavy smoker back in the day and I proudly adhere to keeping appearances up- old habits die hard. “George! Some fella is at the door!” ”Are you listening? Stop copping a deaf...Read On


What Was She Doing?

A cab driver is treated to surprising sight

I was going about my business yesterday when I saw something very unusual. I am accustomed to female students getting into my cab after a night on the town sans their panties — the sight in my rear view mirror is worth the fare. Last night however, I saw a gorgeous lady of mature years strip off at the bus stop, and climb the stairs to the top deck stark naked as if it was the most normal...Read On


The Gondola

He was born in a gondola. The same gondola that witnessed the most important moments of its existence, the same gondola that continues to give him life every day. The gondola was made of wood worked in the workshops of master Rossi, his father's brother. It had been the most important thing for his family. And with that respect he treats it like the most precious treasure. Every morning,...Read On


The Lake

He had been wise. He learned to discern the essential from the accessory. He refrained from exploiting his knowledge for his own benefit. He accumulated the best experiences. He had been very happy. But one day, something in his brain changed, and now he was facing the lake. The blue lake, which on winter nights, when the silence is the master of time, wakes up and calls the unwary to...Read On

Recommended Read

Bugsy's Revenge

Frank Danger has two choices: Think fast or die.

I was tailing the unfaithful husband of a neurotic client down a dark alley when someone slipped behind me and put a gun to my neck. I heard Bugsy’s voice and knew I had a problem. “Frank Danger, P.I.!” he said with a delighted baritone that rumbled like a dump truck. “Bugsy.” He laid a heavy mitt on my back and sent me staggering. Bugsy was a great guy. I thought the world of him. ...Read On


Little Lights

Every afternoon, when I came home from work, I saw in a window in the face of a girl who, through the glass, looked out at the street. Her lost and sad gaze awakened in me the instinct to protect her and to offer her affection. So was day after day. Until after a few months, the eve of the Wise Menkings arrived. That day it occurred to me to disguise myself as a magician king and take her...Read On


A Christmas Tale For Childs

These were the last days of 1899. A girl was leaning against the wall, tired. The snow was covering his scarce clothes, and his little trembling hand stretched asking for an alms. A horse carriage stopped in front of her. The coachman hurried to open the door, and an old man, with some difficulty, descended from the carriage. “Hello, little girl.” “Sir...” “I am coming to get you.” “Why?”...Read On


The Ring

I'd never been able to go down to the basement alone. I was afraid of it. I had just turned nine years old when, on a cold, rainy and sad winter morning, I was awakened by strange noises coming from the basement. I was home alone. From bed, I concentrated as hard as I could on identifying them. I've never heard anything like it. Then, over the years, I could try to describe them as if...Read On


Zander's Encounter

Zander trips out.

  A white ball streaked across green felt and snapped into a triangle of colorful balls. The formation exploded, and the balls thumped off rails, clicked off one another, came to rolling stops. Two stripes fell into pockets. Billy Miller removed a greasy baseball cap, ran a hand through greasy hair, returned the cap to his head, and said: “I hate you.” Stephen Zander smiled and chalked...Read On



Among the millions of raindrops of that day, a drop of blood crashed into the ground. And then came others and others, until dyeing the wet and defenceless sand with crimson red. Millions of frightened eyes gazed at the scene, helpless. Drops of rain and hot blood, fighting between them to conquer space and time. Bullfighter's and bull's blood, together, like sisters. Death in the plaza...Read On


I Already Know You Have Died

I already know you have died I know you have died because you visited my dreams tonight. Because you told me so yourself. You also told me you're okay. I already know that you are well because that change of state is very familiar to me, since, I don't know how I have developed the ability not to forget my previous existences. The truly miraculous thing is that we are eternal, and...Read On


The Runes

During the last days of the Christmas of the year in which the nineteenth century ended, the expedition led by Robert Ustinov managed to reach the North Pole. Robert Ustinov had consumed his last energies to get the goal before the end of the year and had instructed to his friends to install the tents a few hundred meters from the geographic North Pole. Once the members of the group...Read On


The Night Of The Crusaders

Love and hate in the Middleages

The Emir Bishr presides over the act. It is the commemoration of a historical event that took place in the Holy Land. His daughter, Salima follows him up to the rostrum to accompany her father on the spot. She seems aloof, and her face is clouded by something that she tries to hide behind her carefully composed expression. This night is the celebration of the moment when the crusaders...Read On


The diver

During the night of Saint John was going to carry out an important experiment in the blue waters of French Guiana. The lights of hundreds of bonfires on the beach reflected themselves on a boat anchored not far from the shore, aboard which a diver was preparing his diving suit. Carlos de Ayanz, a direct descendant of Jerónimo de Ayanz, the Navarran engineer who designed a diving suit in...Read On


The DEATH took away an iron man after 80 hours lying under the three layers of concrete

The story is telling us about a simple man, how much he persevered with his passion for life.

Based on a true story, which took place in Sichuan, China after a massive earthquake on 12 May 2008. In his last few words, he said, ‘I am the first one who is lying under the three layers of concrete in the world. I don’t have any great ambition in my life. All I want to do is just sharing a quiet life with my adored wife. I won’t give my family up. I need to be tough. I have to be tough...Read On



The souls are the vortices that surround the matter and infuse it with life. They rotate in an eternal dance obeying those laws which live in space and time. They become visible in the twilight hours. Dreams are the pillars on which rest the soul's longing to find refuge in other souls. Dreams suggest, illuminate the destiny of the events that souls live in their waking hours. They are...Read On


The Master

When he was a child, dreamed about the heroes of his videogames. Sometimes imagined starring in an epic battle in which the bad was definitely defeated. But he felt that in a way, his world perception was different from that of others. He grew up in a space and time that were parallel and different from those that manifested around him. The reality in which he lived was a different one. But...Read On



They had arrived at that place by chance and never knew why they were always dragged to one of the walls of the house. It was also curious that this happened not with the same intensity and regardless of whether it was day or night. That morning a light breeze from the north began to blow, but after a while, the force of the wind grew until it became a hurricane. Eolo sent his servant...Read On


The Storyteller

He couldn't find a way to write good flash fiction. He had the illusion, he had attended courses on this type of writing, the inspiration behaved very well with him, but nevertheless, his small works did not have the expected success. One day he thought of giving his readers personalized stories. He suggested that they send him the topic on which they would like to have a flash fiction, and...Read On


The Translator (II, final part)

In his right hand he carried a hexagonal object and in the left a small sphere. A holographic reading of the hexagonal piece showed the content, which we had to decrypt, of the details of the Alpha Centauri solar system. The sphere, however, contained more general information about the Cosmos, matter, the objects that form it, and the innumerable laws governing its evolution. We called...Read On


The Translator (I)

No one can imagine that currently living in the year 3214 of the Christian era; there are still professions such as mine. My work is a mixture of intuition and science. I'm an archaeologist. And as it is also an activity that is not without surprises, I never thought that I would find a finding of biblical magnitudes. In one of my work visits to Jerusalem, a Palestinian friend told me that...Read On


Dancing to Ray Charles: Ch 11, Journey South

Would their change in latitude change any attitudes?

  Alexandria, a small, nondescript city on the Red River in central Louisiana, is the symbolic checkpoint separating the state’s French, Catholic south from its Scots-Irish, Protestant north. In the pre-interstate days, a two-lane highway weaved its way south from town toward Baton Rouge. A picturesque, tree-lined bayou flanked one side of the road. On the other side were pastures and a...Read On



Christmas was never one of his favorite celebrations. The reunion of all, the children's uproar, the inevitable tensions between the members of the family, made him stand guard in the face of those “special” days. His sisters, married to a banker and a construction worker, had brought him seven beautiful nephews, and when the family reunies, the coexistence become an ordeal. However, this...Read On



The day threatened with its gray tones the peace and quiet of Laura. Those days made her fall into a deep melancholy and grief. The leaves of the trees drew a multicolored landscape that contrasted with the shadows and depths of her thoughts. Raindrops wept over the window panes of the huge windows, and Laura, pensive in front of them, threshed her past and future, trying to find, in an...Read On


Reflections on the monster

I have to seek the help of a psychiatrist. My job requires being in permanent tension, and that is taking its toll on me. I am single, and I work in stock exchange, and my working days are eternal, frequently they last for more than twelve hours. I am accumulating a good amount of money, but my health is being affected by that. Sometimes it appears without warning. I am so calm and zas!,...Read On



Chaos, that's what I found in the company when I got back from a work trip. The secretaries were on a sit-down strike, the salesmen had practically abandoned their duties, the counselors and commanders had succumbed to despair, and the production line had dropped its performance by more than fifty percent. I announced clearly my instructions before I left for the two-week trip to the Far...Read On


L'important c'est la Rose...

Waiting for a love that will come one day.

It’s been an eternity since he was sitting on the bench in the pouring rain. It’s been an eternity since the skies have forgotten how the blue might have looked. It’s been an eternity since Heaven and Earth had been washed together by the ashen grey diluted in every raindrop and every speck of cloud. He was raining for ages inside. The pain of the abandoned heart was gathering into...Read On


A matter of honor

It was a matter of honor. He fired first and failed. The face of joy of his opponent contrasted with the grimace of despair that reflected his features. As the Napoleon adviser, he should be far from here, at Versailles, waiting to be received by the Emperor. In an instant, his mind remembered the events that had given rise to this duel. Nothing mattered anymore. He had never wanted his...Read On