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Flash Fiction

Flash fiction stories vary in length from anywhere between one hundred to one thousand words. The aim of flash fiction is to ensure every word is absolutely necessary. Stories in this category can cover any of the fiction genres, the challenge being to engage the reader and tell a complete story within a limited number of words.




It all started as a game. A macabre game that was transformed into a horrible nightmare. She looked at me. Her sad eyes foreshadowed what was going to happen. And before midnight, in the way hours before had unveiled that spirit board, she died in my arms. With a slight and definite sigh, she left her body. And the spirit board refused to continue playing.  ...Read On


About cheeses and mice

Charlie, the mouse, got up that morning wanting to eat cheese. He got stealthily out of hiding place and having taken precautions reached the kitchen. It was deserted, and he thought, Hmm, how wonderful! Not without difficulty, he has managed to climb to the cupboard where he hoped to find a tasty gruyere cheese. But what his eyes saw was a fruit bowl full of apples. When the apples saw...Read On


Back to Eridani

We arrived at this place a long time ago, the place of the Universe to which the souls lost like ours arrive. And we have lived and shared almost everything here. Your children, who are my children, preferred to stay on Earth. This is an inhospitable place, I know, but it is our home. Helpless, how many nights I spent sitting by your bed when you were sick, out of time, not knowing how...Read On


Extraordinary wives

It is very difficult to be the wife of a dictator. In addition to all household duties, the husband must be instructed to direct the country well. It's a grueling task. And then there is the issue of the press. They are like vultures, always making offensive statements. On the other hand, and after embarking on charity works we are called hypocrites. And finally, when we spend our money,...Read On


Small great moments

They watch me during class. They are very brazen. I do as if it had nothing to do with me. They throw paper balls at me. I remember when I was in my mother's womb and could not be born. I was aware of my mother's desperation, and I also thought that I would stay inside her forever. And she was so beautiful on the inside as on the outside. I remember the cold winter mornings when my mother...Read On


The way

You are that called to create a new order. Turn and look into the eyes of those who strive to stay on the way. Offer your hand for help them to move forward, and thousands of hands will raise you until you touch the heaven. Gather the army of souls who are waiting for your signal to change the face of the earth and contemplate how the future surrenders to your desires for peace, love,...Read On


The meeting

It is a sunny day in the month of September. Autumn flowers adorn the gardens of the White House. The President has a special guest today. It comes from the Far East, and the Office of the Chief of Protocol has to prepare everything carefully. Kim Jong-un shows up an hour late. He is accompanied by the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Ri Yong-Gil. Both leaders greet each other...Read On


The song of resting

He dressed slowly, in his best suit. He said goodbye to his family and friends and went to the morgue. Doctors had predicted that his death would occur that morning. Carefully, he entered the coffin and waited for death.  ...Read On


Gargoyles and lichens

The gargoyle, hidden between two buttresses of the old cathedral, is cold. It has always been like that, ever since it was sculpted. When her creator carved her grotesque figure, extracting it from the stone in which she was kidnapped, she tried to tell him to have compassion and cover it with a mantle, even if it was light, because its orientation did not allow the sun to caress, as it was...Read On


Nightmare (final part)

Nightmare (final part) The police superintendent interrupted the reading of the arrestee's statement and stared at him. "So after having caught you stabbing with a screwdriver to a clerk at the gas station near to where you say the events occurred, you want to make us believe that some hooded men got you off the road and then they said, they would in return to look for you." “And so it...Read On


Nightmare (part I)

I'm driving on a secondary road. It is a dark night, and the road is not lit. With each bump, the car’s headlights perform a strange dance in which for an instant the naked asphalt is seen, and then the trees at the side of the road which quietly watch my march. I'm rather tired. I have driven for more than ten hours to arrive in time for a meeting in a small town in the Midwest. I still have...Read On



He begged for pity, but he got no answer. He had fallen to the ground, unarmed, and the Crusader was about to cut his throat with a sword whose fist was embedded with emerald stones. He could also see the anguish in the crusader's face, his trembling hand and the decision to end his life. With the intensity that precede the moment of surrendering to death, he imagined other lives,...Read On



Shop shop til you drop

Shelley’s monsters are wailing at me like their lives are at stake, and this guy wants to talk about insurance. Oh, I’ll call him all right – no question. Thanks for the card. The brats pull me free. They lead me past a shoe store, a phone store, a jeweler. We go by a kiosk for t-shirts, a kiosk for hobby drones, a chattering pack of teenage girls, and now we’re near the food court. I...Read On



"An alms." His filthy, ragged clothes cover part of his body. "An alms, for God's sake." Two tears stream down along his childish face. "Please, my mother is dying." Someone comes up and drops a coin in his trembling, fragile hand. She caresses his face and asks, "What's wrong with your mother?" "She's dying, and we have nothing in our house to feed her, or pay for a doctor's visit."...Read On


Bloodbath Blues

Revenge served cold

  It was one of the nicer houses on its block which is to say three or four of the windows still held glass and the yard had been mowed at some point over the past year. The front door sagged from twisted hinges over a foot-wide chasm where the porch fell away from the house. There might have been a shutter still dangling that hadn’t yet fallen into the weeds. It was a nice place. Klein...Read On



He left the factory very happy. It was a splendid day, with bright sunshine, and people smiled as he passed. He came home with the feeling that something was missing. It was a feeling he experienced almost every day. He was proposed to know what was wrong and went out, mixed with people, mimicked their customs, slipped through the intricate recesses of the soul and finally knew that he...Read On



Africa Africa. Infinite. Elusive. The beginning and the end of everything. Guilt, abandonment, whenever I am forced to leave. My home is already in other lands, on another continent; my soul remains here, tears in two every time, I have to say goodbye, defeated. Far, foreign cultures, car noise, daily effort to survive, intricate paths that move to build today and secure tomorrow. Africa is...Read On


Harvey's Agenda

I ain't sayin' he's a gold digger.

The woman sat at the bar and stared into her drink and Harvey stood behind her. He laid a hand on her back and leaned in so his mouth was in her ear. “Did you get it?” She nodded at her drink. Harvey sat down. “Beautiful.” The bartender walked over. “What can I get you?” “Whiskey,” Harvey said. “Neat.” “How about you, ma’am? Ready for a refill?” The woman covered her glass with her...Read On


Blue beings

"Grandpa, tell me a story." "It's too late for you to be awake, and you're too old." Go to sleep." "Please please. I'll sleep very quickly listening to your story. Please." "All right. What kind of story do you want me to tell you?" "I'm thinking of the blue beings." "You know that I tell you the same story many times, but always change the story a little and especially the end." ...Read On



  The girl, of Egyptian origin, honey-colored eyes, dark skin, jet-black hair, spoke perfectly our language. “My name is Berenice, and I will accompany you to the interior of the pyramid to document the works that are going to realize and of those of what I will inform to the Egyptian government once you have finished. We do not know the origin of the glow that has occurred recently, but...Read On


Living with Angie

Some years ago, in the early 2190’s, I bought a nearly human mate. I am a widower and I thought that the human aspects of this new mate’s generation would fill my lonely days. I was interested in these kind of companions. So, I tried to learn about the origin of this industry and the processes they follow. They began their existence as a part of robot industry in the XX century....Read On



Don't hate the player; hate the game.

She pulled from her cigarette, blew a stream of white smoke over my head, and asked: “Really John, what are you implying?” “I’m not implying anything,” I said. “I’m telling you flat-out that you killed your husband.” She blinked. There was a slight clenching of the jaw. Otherwise, her face remained careless and slack. She laughed. “You’ve seen too many movies!” “Have I?” She sighed...Read On


You go away

-When do you leave me? "When you do not want me to be here, with you." "Do you mean your future depends on my decision?" "I mean our future depends on your decision." -Because your time is ours now, will be of another one, and being it of another one, our sharing will not be except in the past. And the past, which is the present too, will mix in your memory my loves with other' love, in...Read On


Party at River Island

Some parties are better than others.

We followed railroad tracks by the forest, and the tracks followed the river. A white moon hung full and bright to our right, fluorescent on the water. To our left, dense black trees grew close to the tracks. Chalk-white stones glowed with the moon, piled loosely around heavy wooden ties. I grabbed one of the stones and gauged its weight, its feel. Then, with all I had, I flung it into...Read On


Desert (1)

The shadow of Imhotep, the stepped pyramid, projected itself onto the plain of Saqqara in Memphis. Nightlight, its shadows, and the spell of the night, self-induced an imaginary story of the Pharaoh Zoser' chaty, all while our senses concentrated on the guide's explanations of the construction of the pyramid. For this nocturnal visit to necropolis, we required special permission from...Read On


My request to Buddha

Truly hope to see a better human nature on earth !!!!!!!

  I have a request to Buddha, “Please let all my friends be healthy and happy forever?” Buddha says, “Only four days!” I say, “Alright, Spring-day, Summer-day, Autumn-day, Winter-day.” Buddha says, “Three days!” I say, “Alright, Yesterday, Today, Next-day.” Buddha says, “No, two days!” I say, “Alright, White-day and Black-day.” Buddha says, “Just one day!” I say, “Alright, when all...Read On



Was running the year of the Lord of 1182. The Templar knight descended from his horse and hastened to ask to be led before Reinaldo de Châtillon. He brought an important message from the great master Evrard des Barrés. An information that could change the course of history. He had managed to get to the castle -which King Balduin the first had dubbed "The royal mountain"- circumventing...Read On

Recommended Read

Chump City Nights

Everybody's Dirty Sometimes

Since 1946, the same electric sign has hung out over the sidewalk in front of Dusty’s Pub. The sign features a cartoon French maid dusting the word “Dusty’s” with a feather duster. One warm summer evening in 1978, Dusty, the club’s namesake and creative genius behind the sign, clutched his chest, slid down a wall behind the bar, and expired. His widow sold Dusty’s before Dusty was cold and...Read On


Black dead

The happiness of finding someone lost

The church clock chimed at eleven o'clock, and every night he went out into the street and went to the chapel a few blocks from his house. The smell of jasmine flooded the night. He opened the door and entered the holy place. The candlelight cast tremulous shadows over the tall, emaciated walls. No one was there except the images of the Virgin and the Saints, and on the altar the...Read On

Night, Chapter Three

Angel stopped counting and opened her eyes, adjusting them to the light. She turned around and opened the closet door slowly. Her cousin's white lamp was on, giving a safe, calm glow. She adjusted her eyes and went to find her cousin Sarah. They were both close in age, and each had wanted to be a great gymnast. They were always pretending which one they'd be like.   The girls were close...Read On