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Submissions to this category are generally told in the first person and cover personal reflection, autobiographies and memories of the past. Rather than focusing on factual accounts, memoirs are more a recollection of moments in time that were either vivid or unique to the author.



I just answered one of those calls that I get from the Vet Center the day before I go in for an appointment with my counselor. One of the nice things about having been in a war is that I get a free shrink for the rest of my foreseeable future.   I remember seeing Dr. Sydney Freedman on M*A*S*H when I was a kid. There was an episode where Hawk-Eye was sick with a cold, that was...Read On


The Lollipop Gangster

It was the turn of the century before bubble gum filled lollipops had become the obsession of every Zambian child. Cola flavoured lollipops were all the rage back then. I would never quite go as far as saying I would have done anything for one, but I did do something quite shameful once. It was a hot summer morning in the city of Ndola. My mother had just sent me to the neighbour’s house...Read On


Alberta Clipper 2: We Are All Flawed

I am not who most think I am and I am not a traitor to those and those things I believe in, and I know there are worse things than death and carry my mistakes as I try to hide all of my regrets. I have dropped my guard rarely, and it is time to make peace with that one essential truth feeling now a days as if I am on the run. These might be the thoughts you and I both have that may be...Read On


Alberta Clipper 1: Down The Highway

The streets are getting’ empty, and I’m keeping a low profile as I head on down the line, out here on the fringes of the night as the last midnight train pulls out and won’t be back. Finding myself thinking of when I was in that North Country where the lakes and streams ran so free, and of those few friends I have had that were like good old bricks and stood the kicks, and never...Read On


stars of passion

The stars shine Lighting up the sky For me I see The stars in your eyes Messages like sweet perfume You send me love each day Making me know happiness and good cheer For when I have you with me Out of sight you never are Watching you while you sleep Shave and dress Is such a loving treat Our love grows each day With each passing hour I never get tired of you Our passions...Read On





Blue Days

Every day seeing those passing looking like a chain of fools, and looking up at those blue skies above knowing that those blue days have arrived with every day seeming the same right now, and all the people are the same. Knowing when those blue days descended when I woke up with that blue moon in my eyes just about the same time these days dropped those blues down here on us and they...Read On


Growing Up Ranch Chapter 8

Acontrast of town and ranch

I was fortunate to have both sets of Grandparents alive while I was growing up. My Dad’s parents were “ranch” and lived just over the hill about a mile away. My Mom’s parents were “town” and lived in Douglas, the full forty mile drive away. Naturally, I was much closer to my “ranch” grandparents than my “town” grandparents. Grandma Ruth and Granddad Art were my ranch grandparents. Grandma...Read On


I Was Almost Abducted By a Serial Killer

Re-written for clarity and to include new information

In 1986 when I was 23, my parents divorced and my mother, brother, sister and I moved to the city of Fontana which was about 30 miles from where I grew up.  We were really struggling just to keep the lights on in those days, so I began to work full time at a Jack in the Box, about five miles from our home.  I couldn't afford a car, so I had to walk to and from work, along two roads that...Read On


Living Years

On their birthday a tribute to two loved ones I lost

Wondering if you would still know my name or who I was if I saw you in Heaven? I know I don’t belong there and I need to continue to honour that promise you had me make all those years ago, and be strong like you asked and to continue on in whatever I find myself undertaking. I know there is no more pain or tears there in Heaven, and would you still be the same person I knew before both of...Read On


Growing Up Ranch Chapter 7 My Parents

Meet my parents

            Growing Up Ranch Chapter 7 My Parents “Growing Up Ranch” or growing up period isn’t possible without parents. Because of the ranch, however, my relationship with these two special people was unusual. I was blessed with a full set of two and a stable home compared to many, but our special circumstances did make for big differences. Because the ranch was by western standards...Read On


Temple of Thought

Chills have come racing down my spine as I sit here and with shaking hands I know that everything is about understanding, and feeling the chills raging like a storm in my mind spreading like a fever through my heart down to my legs. Time to let go of fears and wondering who will stand with me if and when I breakdown? I know all I think and say seems to be understated with dreams or is...Read On


Growing Up Ranch Chapter 6

Different but similar

Having a brother wasn’t unique to growing up “ranch,” but it will help you fill in the big picture if I introduce him to you. There were some big differences in how we related to each other because we grew up “Ranch” together, but far from other playmates. Paul came along when I was three years old. I was very used to being the special son/grandson. I got highly pampered and felt this was...Read On


Growing Up Ranch Chapter 5 My Pool

Better than a cement pond

Growing Up Ranch Chapter 5    My Pool Now most parks or playgrounds didn't have free pony rides, but I could understand that. What I didn't understand, or rather resented, was paying to go swimming. All I had to do was walk down to the creek, slip out of my shoes and a wading I would go. Swim trunks on I could splash and play all day and often did. My pool was more than just a pool it was...Read On


The Junction

The things I see around me.

Sometimes, it’s nice, being able just to look out on the world; to see the sunrise, to smell the freshness of the morning, and to experience the evaporation of the dew. Then, at the end of the day, to experience that special sunset; you know, the one that displays the brightest oranges and reds that set below the silhouetted trees. Then there are the arcs of brightly coloured rainbows that...Read On


Snoring in Love

Does your wife love you ?

        Snoring In Love                                                                                                                                                                        “ We had the experience but missed the meaning, The approach to the meaning restores the experience. In a different form, beyond any meaning, W e can assign to happiness.” T.S. Eliot -...Read On



This is the first one written in 2017

Finding myself out here feeling the wind, as I try to find some sort of shelter and thinking of the coming storm that’s being heralded by the wind. As I finally get myself into what appeared to be an empty station near some rusted and unused tracks, and when I walked in I could see someone lying there on a chair. I made my way to where he was in the gathering gloom and asked him what was...Read On


Growing Up Ranch Chapter 4

My Playground

Growing Up Ranch Chapter 4 My Playground   One of the more significant differences in growing up Ranch concerned play. The isolation of the ranch meant my brother Paul was the only playmate within walking distance. The next nearest neighbor with kids was at Esterbrook seven miles away. On the busy ranch, there was no priority to carting kids back and forth just to play. The nearest...Read On


Growing Up Ranch Chapter 3

Four Hoof Drive

Growing Up Ranch Chapter 3 My Bike Toby   What boy doesn't dream of the day when he has his very own bike? A way to fly down the street; wind in your hair; running wild all on your own. I had similar dreams, but my "bike" was a good fast horse. Not even most of the farm and ranch kids I knew would grow up riding horses or ponies nearly every day. On the SPAR ranch, there was no paving of...Read On


Growing Up Ranch Chapter 2

Little cabin in the woods.

“Growing Up Ranch” Chapter Two Our House - The Cabin   I grew up in a house, but not one like everybody else had. My house was a genuine log cabin built around 1898 as a homestead cabin by Ernest Newell. It was by cabin standards pretty large, but its size was limited to the length of the tallest tree large enough to build with, about sixteen feet long by sixteen feet wide. The cabin was...Read On


Growing Up "Ranch" Chapter 1

A rugged mountain home

This story is fully illustrated with photo's to access them go to my home page and open the album Growing Up Ranch Chap 1. The story will have a bold type reference number to key it to the story. Growing Up Ranch Introduction I am Vernon Fawcett, and this is the story of my childhood, set in the Laramie Mountains of southeastern Wyoming. My childhood was quite unusual; you see I grew...Read On


Dear Abuser

Maybe you thought it would be entertaining for us kids to write lists about what we did wrong every day. Because at five years old, I should have known better. Sorry for being human. What five year old isn't happy to wash dishes for six people? I mean, how lazy of me.  I fought with my siblings; I'm pretty sure that's the first time in history that's ever happened.  Thanks for not ever...Read On


Father Christmas

They said there would be snow for Christmas, but it just kept on raining forming a veil of tears for the virgin birth, as I see that Fir or Pine tree standing there representing a vision of Paradise. Looking like a vision of angel fire in its lights and tinsel, and knowing that children around the world are impatiently counting hours and are tossing and turning restlessly in their beds for...Read On


First Wound

A peek inside my head...

“I will gladly endure pain after pain after pain if it means being happy in the end. Unless of course, it kills me, in which case I have not earned that happiness.” “That’s the definition of insanity you know.” “We’ve already established that I’m insane.” This was taken from a recent conversation I had with my best friend, who is going through a breakup with her boyfriend of 3 months....Read On



Dealing with death at a young age

The first time I was 'around' death, for want of a better term, I was seven, maybe eight years old. For whatever reason I cannot recall the specific age I was or the exact time of year, all I know is that it was 2002 and it was either autumn or winter because of the series of events that led up to the deaths. If it was autumn then it was before my eighth birthday, if it was winter then it...Read On


Fading Ink - A Mother's Memoir

Though the ink has faded with time, the memory will always remain sharp and clear.



Defense against a bully

A true story

At the time of my first marriage, my youngest stepdaughter was a very pretty slender thing. She was not aggressive or a loud mouth or a fighter by any means, but it seems she became the favorite target of a large blond female bully. These attacks were mostly due to her Hispanic blood; her biological father was Hispanic. No, she did not look it, she looked more Italian or Greek. Just...Read On


El Paso Skyline

Sitting here after just getting off the phone with my oldest friend the other night, and it had me starting to think of that place I left behind me as a place on that long road of a thousand miles full of memories. Visualizing in my mind’s eye the way, the mission valley burned bright from up on Scenic Drive and the block C on the mountain behind that observation point that we all had to...Read On


Cobwebs and Dusty Dreams

Remembering when the days were long, and the roads stretched to the horizon under those deep blue skies. And now those skies are grey and threatening with the season beginning to change as the clouds roll by. Everything has either changed or in the process of change and at times feeling like a prisoner who’s trying to break free. Never really at times seeing the writing on the wall and...Read On


Humor from the road.

Some stories and comments you really shouldn't share.

Traveling across the US with a group of talented actors was one of the best jobs I ever had. In between shows we lingered backstage swapping stories from our younger days. One of the funniest stories related to us came from one of the girls; it concerned her entering puberty. She had just finished her shower and was in the process of toweling off when she noticed hair sprouting on...Read On