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Our Musings category focuses on speculation, reflection and deep thought, covering everything from self-contemplation to humorous views on life in general. This is the place to submit your thoughts on spiritual matters or philosophical subjects and to share your feelings on any topics you’ve ever pondered or wondered about.


In A Lifetime

A view of the current political landscape

Shadows are falling, and I have been standing here all day, with time seeming to be running away and there is no reason to really be anywhere. It feels like my sense of humanity is slowly going down the drain, and hope seems and feels like it is slowly becoming undone. While I feel like my humanity has gone down the drain. I ain’t really looking for anything in anyone’s eyes, and though it’s...Read On


I Ain't Broke

Here we go again

 Okay, fine! I will admit it then. Here goes. I am an addict. Are you happy now? No? Well, what else do you want from me? (Heavy sighs, eye rolls, stomping my feet) My story? Why? You think you can fix me, don'tcha? Well guess what? I'm not fucking broken!     Maybe I am slightly damaged. Slightly. Damaged? Aren't we all? Except for you, of course. You have somehow managed to live 40...Read On


Seagulls Don't Give A...

Are we sure human beings are the smart ones?

As long as no one tried to shoot or eat me, I'd like to be a bird. A seagull, to be exact. Flying around, crapping on cars, telling people to flock off. Maybe even make a few little ones. It's a perfect life. They are also completely disconnected. Some days, I also wonder what being disconnected would be like - no phone, no television or radio or internet, and definitely, no...Read On


Every time I swallow my drink too fast, usually water, I am reminded of my near drowning. I hate thinking about it, for I don't wish to remember that time period or anything else associated with that. I fear it may drive me to madness.   I'd feel completely suffocated, unable to unentangle myself and take my emotional health to safety. I don't have any tools yet for when I cross that path.  ...Read On


Adios Irma

And stay out!!

This, hopefully, will be my last rant about Irma   Tuesday 9.12.17 4:20 pm EST Irma has finished her dance with the sunshine state. She hovered over Naples for hours pummeling them with rain and devastating winds. She even left a storm surge of about 3 feet. The last time I saw Irma's location was Sunday night around 9:15 right before we saw sparks flying out our sliding glass doors...Read On


The story of a blind and a lantern

The earth is getting very sick day by day. But, the human minds are thousand times sicker !.......

  An ascetic came from a long journey to an obscure village on a gloomy night.   There were some villagers continuously walking to and fro in the streets. When the ascetic walked into an alley, he saw a dim yellow light approaching quietly from the deep end of the alleyway. A villager said, ‘The blind is coming!’ THE BLIND! The ascetic wondered. He asked someone nearby, ‘Is...Read On


Another Unedited Musing

It's unedited. Enjoy it, or whatever.

I’m not entirely sure I like you. Everything here is too bright and too dark.  It’s a fucking paradox and it doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t even make paradoxical sense. Like, why am I sitting here typing this?  My hands are betraying me. The wind is harsh, yet comforting. Why’m I even drunk? Am I sober?  Do I exist? Ugh, questions! Like, I could just write this out like some...Read On


Waiting for Irma~Still

I can't stop typing

***These are random thoughts I have while waiting for Hurricane Irma. At the time of these writings Irma's projected path shows her coming straight for me! I don't know what to do while I wait so I just keep writing*** Saturday 9.9.17 10:30 pm EST Tom Petty wasn't lying! The waiting is, by far, the hardest part. It's been 24 hours since I wrote my last "entry" or whatever. About Irma. Ughhh...Read On

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Waiting for Irma

Nothing else to do

I'm sitting here in Southwest Florida, mere feet from the Gulf of Mexico. I live here. I've lived here for 30 years and have never been this scared. There is a storm coming. A huge storm. Hurricane Irma. She is 400 miles of catastrophic wind and will bring storm surges over 12 feet high. I feel like I am waiting to die. We all are. My family. My love. My life. Waiting.  Why don't I head...Read On


Blue Lamp

Every second is a life time with every minute bringing you closer to God, with nothing seen but red lights which make your body seem to burn. With a minute in the sunshine seems to translate sometimes as a decade in the dark a world away as it takes part in a dream. Still, there are times when it all remains like those finest simple threads when you feel you can’t clear your head, and...Read On



S eeing the Devil sitting on the doorstep telling everyone how to live, and what about the place we call home? With there being so many times it seems we live out our lives as if we are in chains and in most cases, don’t realise that we have the keys to those chains, with the escape in most cases being sleep. Most think we can just go back and it just makes no sense with the enemy residing...Read On

I Know

I know why the night sings to me, And why the woods are my home. I know why the whip-or-will sings to only me, So I can dry my tears on my pillow more easily.   I know why I can't sleep anymore, But it took a lifetime until now to understand. My light stays on when I sleep, For I cannot fathom the darkness.   Angels watch over me, keeping me safe from harm. I needn't look over...Read On



Dragons Dragons flying in and out of clouds. I am the son of man.  Fearful of the unknown. Winds blowing breaking trees.  Fingers of fire light up the dark.  Roar of beasts roll across the plains. Dragons flying in and out of clouds. Old witch tossing bones.  Women scratching the ground covered in mud.  Hunters tighten their grip on spears. All eyes looking up.  As the land catches fire. ...Read On


Have you ever gotten so high that you touched the sky, Perhaps drunken with no recollection? Did you ever wish sometimes that you Could redo what life did to you?   Have you ever been so vulnerable that you retreated To your younger self, like you're under a spell? Do you wish to be with someone, who'd keep You safely, loving you by your side.   Or wouldn't it be nice to travel...Read On


The story of never have and already lost

There are two regrets in life : You get what you don’t want. Or, you don’t get what you want.

  The spider = Zhu Er     The nectar = Gan Lu     The little grass = Prince Zhi Cao     The strong wind = Princess Windy       Once upon a time, a spider spun its web on the transom in a prosperous temple. She was influenced by the Buddha-nature after a thousand years of the burning incense and worship there. Buddha came in one day and said to the...Read On


Randy Thoughts & Stuff, #2

Last night, when I was saying my prayers, I asked God to make outer space a little bit smaller and to make everything in it a little bit closer, so we could visit some of those places without having to use, like, a trillion gallons of gasoline. That seems like a waste to me. I don’t understand why galaxies are so far away from each other. Talk about sprawl. ♦ As I’ve said, my paperboy...Read On


Randy Thoughts and Stuff, #1

Randy Thoughts is my paperboy. He may just be the smartest person I know. You wouldn’t think that someone as smart as Randy Thoughts would be content delivering newspapers for a living. But you don’t know Randy. Like, one day several months ago. Randy and I were just laying on our backs in my front yard, looking up at the stars. Randy was chewing on a blade of grass. Since it was February,...Read On


Why I Came Back from Outer Space Early

I realized, just around the time I was approaching Saturn, that I’d forgotten to have my mail stopped. It’s very cold there, even if you’re dressed in lots of layers and wear your Snuggie. If you think living someplace where the weather is the same all year ‘round is tedious, let me tell you, it’s a hell of a lot better than the vacuum of space. I’d finished up reading all the...Read On


Why I Invented Gravy

Because some meats are very dry. For centuries people just drizzled water, or Coke, on their overcooked cutlet or Grandma’s Classic Thanksgiving Sawdust Turkey, and this really just made their plates a gloppy mess. Do you really want Coca-Colo leeching into your Brussels sprouts? You're welcome. Because for a long time, no one really wanted to moisten their meat with “pan drippings.”...Read On




After The Storm

It's pretty calm now, after the storm

The show went on. Billy Elliot the Musical had a run of six shows from February 24th through 27th, and March 3rd through 5th. We were sold out for all the performances. It was successful by anyone's measurement. And I completed the show.  We have a population of around 92,000 people in our town. Not too small, but even so it can seem rather small. One of the oncologists at my cancer center...Read On



All our eyes have seen all that lives and breathes along with each beloved face written in the stars, and now we should let the day just begin. With all coming face to face as distant thunder can be heard rolling out on the horizon, as we sit here as travelers out on this open road looking for that place where sorrow dies. It’s for myself and for my friends that my stories are spun with...Read On

Concrete Angel

Once I was a sweet girl, as precious as a rose. Someone squeezed my soul. Born an innocent angel, My squirrel face became most beautiful.   Mother hurt me for so long, Would punish me harder for spite. Unforgivable acts and cruelty you have placed upon me, I took everything like a good girl.   The punishments got worse as I got older, I had no one to protect me from you since birth....Read On


Keep Counting...

The things we learn while walking to school...

Today, while walking my kids to school, I overheard my nine-year-old son ponder aloud to his younger sister, "I wonder if there are any swear words for butt." Never one to ignore a teachable moment, I interjected that he indeed knew at least one. I then told him. Why? Because that's my job. We've been through this before. His expression was priceless! He was in genuine shock. For some...Read On



There seems to be something in the air, with most knowing it’s right and the lamp is burning low with the air being silent in the darkness held at bay by the lamp’s feeble light on this winter night. Been told I would feel nothing and I wonder how these cuts will heal and if they will leave more scars of where I have been that the sun’s dark light won’t ever heal? I know there is a light...Read On


Just Pondering

Think about it.

Just pondering. Can you name even one truly two-dimensional object? Stuck? I can not think of a single one. A photograph still has a thickness even if it is small. A line on paper? Still, has the molecular level of height making it three dimensional. I would argue that we actually live in a five-dimensional universe. Length, width, height, time, and spirit, make up our world’s dimensions....Read On


Seven Types of Thunder

Seems I was born in a thunderstorm and been where the demons go, having found solace in that one inch no one can touch deep in my mind where the winds never blow. I am still breathing, and have survived all that has been thrown at me in this Bittersweet Symphony, or Vale of Tears known as life after having made every mistake imaginable. No one should kid themselves for we are all on our own...Read On


Dig, dig, dig until I can't dig no more,  My hands are starting to throb. The fecund earth smell fills my nostrils. I've got blisters bleeding on my hands.   My back hurts, and I'm sweating but there is only one grave I've got to dig. The scent of pine is strong, but my weary arms dig deeper. Sipping water from my old, green canteen, I keep going.   My t-shirt is sweaty, and I wipe...Read On



Still I go walkin’ after midnight and go walkin’ for miles after the guns have gone silent, and after most of the wounds have healed. Tryin’ to recall those words I could never say when that long dark night had finally passed as they seemed to become some more of those things on my chest that needed to be one day confessed as I tried to reach out and touch faith while feeling alone, and...Read On


Alberta Clipper 3: Fifteen Minute Flame(s)

Standing here taking in all of what was seen, and wondering if I act accordingly will each minute count for something in all eternity? With conviction seeming to be following all the accusations made, and the crimes and misdemeanors are all clearly undefined with them still giving away time to be served of some kind. While all look around for their possibilities down by the riverside, as...Read On