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Our Musings category focuses on speculation, reflection and deep thought, covering everything from self-contemplation to humorous views on life in general. This is the place to submit your thoughts on spiritual matters or philosophical subjects and to share your feelings on any topics you’ve ever pondered or wondered about.


Three Stations

Standing here in the courtyard and leaning against the wall wondering why I have been directed to be here at this moment, and instead I know I should be heading out and keep on keeping on down the line. I know that there is one out there who will haunt me along with those secret souvenirs shared, and those are some of the thoughts that keep me warm at night along with the symmetry and...Read On


Tangled In Blue

Sitting here after getting off of a call with an old friend who can be rightly labeled as the person who saved my life roughly thirty-three years ago. As I am still calling in order to touch base and I know he is still on my side through all and the aftermath we have both been through, and there are times when it seems as there is nothing left at all I know he is still there. Making me...Read On



I laid on a couch, and she sat on another couch in silence. Then she had uttered with a mockery smile who is the older? You or Laura? I had answered "I don't know," and went on during the study period; we had been in the same grade. The stupid elder women: ooh! I had remembered your birth; I had visited your parents to congratulate them. After six months Laura came to the world. I...Read On


Route 66 Open Road

Over the rolling hills the landscape ever changing

Route 66  Open Road Driving down Route 66 with the sun to my back. Spring cool breeze blowing, though, nose picking up sweet scents of flowers.  Looking down the Speedo at 65.  Road sign read Gas 20 miles Visit Irv's.  Talking to myself time to stretch my legs and get a Coke.  Never a rush Never late as you travel Route 66.    ...Read On



Having heard some people say that some prayers are never heard or answered, along with some wars never ending and some wounds never healing. I know that I won’t grow old gracefully, as well as knowing I won’t go easily and will probably be found in the dust somewhere near the road I was following. After having been a rebel or an individual for most of my life, and usually having been...Read On


Night Flight

There are times when it seems I just can’t understand some things that just might be so clear, and yes, I am guilty of being hard on myself just like many others are on themselves. Still, there might be a last time that might be drawing clear with the second hand catching as it always does. Yet, so much has been wrong and it is doubtful if it can ever be put to right, just like hearing...Read On


Winter Sun

Sitting here and hoping I can find assurance that my doubts will finally leave with the first step being the one that’s believed in. I don’t know if I am heading down or falling from grace, and feeling those warm winds blowing here under those hard-blue skies and wondering if I am heading into the calm of an eye of a storm? Still there is no other place than I think I would rather be, though...Read On



Thunder echoing across these high desert plains, and the smell of rain in the air as my mind races as to what options I should be taking if the storm should head this way and unleash its fury as it breaks. Thinking back for some unknown reasons as to what we once did in the name of fun, and looking back has me wondering why we aren’t all dead or at least having been hurt badly. All of...Read On


Dark Open Road

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned, and I am not sure where I should begin, as I ask those questions about the faithful being rewarded and will I miss the final call or warning for having lived this lie of a life? I can only name where I have been, and I know that I have been there and back again, as I ask that you stay inside the confessional until you hear me leave. While the darkness...Read On


Welcome to Hell

I finally found the key to my memory. I'm so scared now that a firing squad would be more pleasant than the truth. I can just see what has been awaiting me, eluding me, all of this time.  It's the place where I used to work, a restaurant.   My body feels like a werewolf metamorphosising as the truth slowly unravels. I feel like Michael Jackson in Thriller, each time a new truth is known....Read On



Thunder echoing across these high desert plains, and the smell of rain in the air as my mind races as to what options I should be taking if the storm should head this way and unleash its fury as it breaks. Thinking back for some unknown reasons as to what we once did in the name of fun, and looking back has me wondering why we aren’t all dead or at least having been hurt badly. All of...Read On



"Boom!," I hear a little voice coming from the bathroom. "BOOM!" I hear again, this time louder, and then there is the unmistakable sound of laughter. Children just love playing in the bathroom, running all the taps in the basin or filling the basin with paper towels to overflow them and create 'baths,' or making a mountain of bubbles with the foamy soap. I prepare myself for the worst as I...Read On



Having it seem to be that I am caught off guard and not really prepared for the rest, and have the feeling that some prayers never reach the sky and I guess the same can be said about some wounds never healing as well as there being some wars that never end and continue to rage and sting. I have been a rebel for most of my days, and have always strived to be an individual, and not go along...Read On



 Before our time You were you I was me Little did we know That we were we Before me knew Then we met Now I am yours You are mine I have always been And you have too Now we are ours Just us two      ...Read On


The Show Must Go On

Is this the final act

The final act. Today, on February 24th of 2017, we open another play. It's Billy Elliot the Musical. I have the role of George, and it's the biggest part I've had since I started acting in plays. This one will be the fourteenth that I've been a part of since I began with A Kansas Nutcracker. That was in December of the year 2013.  In this past December, I was in Nutcracker: A Kansas...Read On



Take just a step cried the sad man, and take a look down into the madness along with the patient queues headed for the gallows as songs can be heard for the hallowed. With only fear breaking the silence as all kneel and pray for guidance, as you tread the road above the abyss with a look down at the madman. While only spectres are the only ones who still have pity out in the alleys and...Read On


The Darkness

Time passes like it always does. But, this time here is different. This time I am alone. Alone, I have never been this alone before. It is not that sense of loneliness one gets when surrounded by people but no one who knows you. This is the loneliness that aches to one's inner soul. The kind one feels when their heart has been ripped away by a sudden loss. The loss an orphan, a widow, or...Read On


Prelude To War

Having been down through the wild side of life where innocence dies, and where the coffins stay where the judges have lied and had the innocent condemned. Having looked in the mirror and stared at myself and wondered if that is really me or just the enemy to make peace with staring back at me from the shelf? Sometimes I wish for the confusion to come and wash over me and carry me to those...Read On



Twenty eight with you... Still remember...

When we used to date Strolling along Rizal Park, Not enough money for a Date in a fancy restaurant. Walking hand in hand Ending by Manila bay, Looking at the busy pier Where tanker ships docks. Taking our usual bench Only crackers for a snacks, While watching the waves With the beautiful sunset. Suddenly you told me, "When the time comes, I'll buy your favorite bag of Chocolates as my gift."...Read On


It's Gonna Be Great

A backward poem for backward times




No matter what you think, you know or find it will never be enough and no matter where or how you hide the Man in the Long Black Coat will be comin’ round. You might be able to shake him of your trail for a while, and when he’s coming after you and it’s a given he is usually faster on the draw and has been known to take all he’s after down. No matter how the race is run it usually ends in...Read On


Cargo Culting: Happy Return Of The Technologically Advanced Aliens Day!

Big gods have lil gods upon their backs to bite 'em. Lil gods have lesser gods. And so ad infinitum.

So here's the deal: you probably think of 15 February as just That Day After Valentines Day, right? Well, yeah, it is that...but it's also so much more, a fun day in its own right, celebrated by hundreds and snickered at by thousands. It's John Frum Day!   John Who Day? So today we commemorate the occasion, many years ago, when beings from another realm visited the tiny island of Vanuatu...Read On


Route 66

on the open road wind blowing on Route 66

Road Trip  What a beautiful day, the sun warm and a cool breeze from the north.  You have talked about a weekend trip for months as the snow melted.  Up early coffee in hand as you pack the family wagon.  Pushing the kids to get in the back.  Baxter circling the wagon, barking, tail wagging as he hops in back with the kids. First right at the 4 way stop, past Andersen's feed store. Up...Read On



I am passing by and through sleeping cities that are fading away slowly by degrees, and I am not believing all I see to be so. I am moving on alone over ground that nobody owns and passing by statues which are marking my passage through, and are some sort of atonement for my sins. Seeing a guard on every door and I also know there is a drink outside each door on every floor that are...Read On


Walkin’ The Streets

Oh…, All the ladies around the world got something to show you, and all the boys and girls as they wave their hands in the air like they don’t really care as they do their dance and go glidin’ by all those who stop and stare. They know just what to do when they all heard the call go out from wherever they stood. Not wanting to play any psychological games from those in power who are putting...Read On


The Mum Goes Moo

Sitting down with a group of children in the shade, on a very hot day, I was reading a story with them about farm animals. After the story was finished we played the "what sound does this animal make?" game. We went through the usual the dog goes woof; the cat goes meow, the sheep goes baa when I asked them what sound does a cow make. All the children make very loud mooing noises, and then...Read On


Plum Diggity... But No More Plum Wine

Purple fruit can mean so much to so many...

“Hey, that’s my house!” Jerk. ~ ~ ~ I was driving home after taking my children to school for their first day of the new school year. Me, more than my son, was thrilled to see one of the better-behaved boys in his homeroom class. I hugged the other boy and sat him down next to mine. They are good influences for one another. I would like to foster that relationship. My daughter, on...Read On


West Texas Walkabout

Finding myself making my way through the darkness and being guided by the sound of a beating heart. There have been so many who have said that I can’t understand, and I have been caught up in either some sort of a dream or a game. As I feel the warm winds on my shoulders which reminds me that I am from a place and a world that is a lot older, with most of the time it seems as though time...Read On


Lazy Days

We lay together Under the oak tree branches Looking up at the sky So content just being together We have finished our meal From the picnic basket, we fixed The sun it brightly shining The clouds making different shapes We each smile at the other Knowing this day will forever be A memory of our love On a lazy summer day          ...Read On


Goodbye McDonald's - I'm Too Fat Anyway

When enough is enough...

Dear McDonald’s, I never imagined it would come to this. We have been together for so long, but alas, you have given me no choice but to end our relationship, a mutual courting that began in 1971. I remember it well. That is when you first moved to my city. It was love at first bite, and your fries were to die for, and we later learned why that was truly the case. I never imagined that...Read On