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Our Musings category focuses on speculation, reflection and deep thought, covering everything from self-contemplation to humorous views on life in general. This is the place to submit your thoughts on spiritual matters or philosophical subjects and to share your feelings on any topics you’ve ever pondered or wondered about.


Alberta Clipper 3: Fifteen Minute Flame(s)

Standing here taking in all of what was seen, and wondering if I act accordingly will each minute count for something in all eternity? With conviction seeming to be following all the accusations made, and the crimes and misdemeanors are all clearly undefined with them still giving away time to be served of some kind. While all look around for their possibilities down by the riverside, as...Read On


Canada Food

"My Uncle Patrick is in Canada," one young boy announced to me on Friday. I was on outside duty that afternoon and it was rather quiet, so I was standing on one of the boxes that the kids can climb up and then slide down, blowing bubbles for the few interested children. It was mostly the 2 and 3-year-olds that cared, while some of the older children, especially the boys, shrugged and ran off...Read On


LousyNick's Guide To Becoming The Ultimate Fighting Champion (Kinda)

A coward’s early steps on the road to enlightenment...through regular beatdowns.

As we get older, we tend to forget a lot of things. How to build the perfect pillow fort, say, or how much fun it can be to climb a tree. Or just how much getting punched can hurt   See, for most of us, as we get older, we start to concentrate more on finding a job, making some money, keeping a job, buying some nice things, taking a break from the job, going on a little vacation. The older...Read On


Route 66 Stormy

dark clouds in the distance

Route 66  Stormy  As the wind changes from the east to the north. The road trip continues, the journey continues. Black clouds forming, touching the road ahead. In the last three miles, the temperature drops ten degrees.  One, two, three bolts of lightning dance across the road ahead. "Next Gas 3 miles Ahead"  As you pull into the station hail comes down. Pounding the windshield...Read On


Simple Question, Another Poor Decision Dad Answer

Inquisitive young minds want to know, so do not mess with them or you will pay the humbling price...

“What’s wrong with her eye?” my daughter asked after noticing the receptionist’s eye patch. Temporarily ignoring her, I continued socializing with the ladies, focusing on the one informing us about her planned travels to Romania and a few neighboring European countries over the summer. “Romania?” The short girl beside me interrupted again. “Like Transylvania, Romania?” “Yes,” I politely,...Read On



  Strong like the mighty oak tree There he stands Standing straight and tall Firm hands to hold Love in his laughter Compassion in his eyes From dawn to dusk And back again Never he changes Never he falls Standing firm  for all to see He stands and watches Strength for me For all to see            ...Read On


Queen Creek

Wondering if I have a choice if I stand my ground and if my voice will be heard? Holding on to the lessons hard fought and won in the past, with only you and I standing together in the city streets where the heat can be felt. Wondering at times who is the one clever and wise, and which one is the one telling all the lies? While sometimes it never stops raining and there are times when I...Read On


A Writer's Creative Process: Journaling

The longer version of this can be found on my website. Link is in the profile.

I am a grown woman that writes in her diary, and I’m not ashamed of it. I was given a diary at the age of ten, not knowing the purpose of having one. I didn’t have a lot of things to talk about, only how annoying people in my immediate family are.  Two years later, an assignment was given in class about journal writing, and I took to it immediately. During that summer, I bought a...Read On


I just don't know

Shrug shrug

How did those maple leaves get in your bathtub? Meh.  I don’t know. Shrug shrug.   What would you like to have for dinner? Meh. I dunno. Shrug shrug.   Did you enjoy the movie last night? Meh. Sheesh. Eye roll. I thought the movie was rather boring and am thinking of making sushi for dinner. I wonder if I have any seaweed sheets. I need ginger too, of course. Wait! Where are...Read On


Next Stop

Beat poem

It's crazy what you can find inside your mind sometimes. Scary, at the very least, and yet it comes in rhymes. Sometimes.  I stepped up to someone I thought I knew, but it wasn't you. You knew it too. Didn't you?  I fell into a colorful dream of dark and grey misbeliefs and thought I'd thought of everything. Inside I silently scream.  Restlessness inside this day, wishing you could take...Read On


Thanks, boobies!

I don't know if it's the children I work with or just children in general, but some of them are obsessed with the human anatomy. Whether it's the questions I have documented in my other stories, or pointing to certain body parts and using them as weapons, I feel like my stories these days are mostly about the human body from a child's perspective.   One little boy refers to me as 'boobies'....Read On


Rolling Thunder Blues

This one had me talk to Law Enforcement and has been deemed subversive by CMU

Sooner or later the time and the day will come that we can’t hide anymore from those things we have done, and sometimes lost is the best place to be and if they think you have no direction doesn’t mean you don’t have one. There also times when we have to leave some behind so that we can continue on, and I wonder at times if God in his wisdom will ever forgive us for those sins we have that...Read On



looking to the east

Where Today is like any other day. The sun comes up in the east. By chance the sky is a pale blue. As your mind clears, your thoughts float to "where are they?" Friends come and go but ... Where are they? Do they also think as I do. Will they reach out, or just go about their day? Looking at the sky as I. Across the great void the sun comes up in the east as it does here. But where have all...Read On


Air Rage

So many recent headlines about air travel lately and none of them have been good. When I was a boy, air travel was special. People used to dress up in their finery and look forward to getting from here to there in hours instead of days. Planes were never full. There was a flight to wherever you wanted to go. The stewardesses would bring you hot meals and cold drinks. They walked up and down...Read On



When our gentle giant was fighting ...

Hades, my heart is breaking, looking at you like that. I'm afraid.  It's like deja vu. I've seen this happening when Margaux left us. Hades, don't worry too much, he was not mad at you for not coming inside as he commands. He shut the door because you still wanted to play in that blazing heat which is bad for you. He just left for work but he'll be back soon. He didn't talk to you before...Read On



When you have given a reasons to fight for your life...

Margaux! You've come back! I've missed you so! "I'm here to fetch you, Hades." What do you mean by fetching me? Where are we going? "For us to be together again." But I'm busy playing here with Patricia and Father. "You won't feel pain where we are going, Hades." Mother said she'd bring me to the hospital and the doctors there will make my pain go away. I'll be okay here, Margaux....Read On


My little adventure

In my childhood, I had lived in a house without neighbours, so I raised up in a calm sphere, only my brother who I had played with all the time. I felt as I lived in a desolate world. When I was eight years old, one sunny afternoon in March, on arriving from school, I had told mom and my grandmother proudly ( to show that I have friends too) that my girlfriends were coming to my home to...Read On


Dear Mr. President

I cannot send this message to you. I was going to write to President Obama, and I forgot to. I wanted to write on my behalf for help. I cannot do that now. You like to grab women; you have no respect for them. We must protect all children from harm and give them all the tools we can. We must raise them with self-esteem and to use their voices. They won't speak up for themselves or others...Read On



In the dark when everything can happen in your imagination...

Alone again in this stone of a cell These four walls I called home Humidity is rising inside my room I am going out for a quick smoke My hiding place at the rooftop Where no one can see me in the dark The rain suddenly pouring hard Humid, no air, not even a breeze Still hot and yet it is raining hard Out of nowhere you appear to me In the dark as black as a raving crow Standing before...Read On


To The Man In Blue



angel love

In  the light of a star An angel came down from very far Glory shines  all around Snow came falling down What have I to give As poor as I am What can I give to him I ask What may I even offer Then in an instant, I knew the answer My heart and devotion I give He will have my all She smiles with  her blessings She knew I felt the way For my pledge, I give to him And love him...Read On


Rogue River Dreams

Shadows are beginning to fall, and I have been sitting here all day, and it all has me wonderin’ if the faithful be rewarded or will they be passed by and end up in the pitching queues for the gallows yelling and singing praise for the hallowed? Still, though there is nothing really left to fear voices can be heard at times, and has me wondering if it is from someone I have let down in some...Read On


Thunder Kiss

Following these old railroad tracks and hearing thunder rolling out on the horizon, and it sounds like heavy guns that if caught by could tear me apart instead of having me standing here thunderstruck. Wondering what I can do and if I would have some help from you? Knowing there is no turning back even after having seemed to be caught out here in the open, as my mind raced wondering if I...Read On


In A Lifetime

Closing these tired eyes of mine and feeling my mind slip back to the days when I seemed to come up with fire in my eyes when promises were broken, and the seasons passed by like the shadows of clouds passed across the face of the mountains. Once it seemed enough to see the sun in the winter when standing out in the sand hills, back when it seemed as if everything mattered and had some sort...Read On


Lead Feet

Lead feet encased in concrete, One foot must lead the way. My eyes are blindfolded for now, Sewn shut as is my mouth, I can't speak.  My mouth has swallowing on repeat.   I can't move forward one inch, I can't look inside or outside the door. My feet are frozen as my heart pounds. Who am I wrongly protecting? Whom do I blame myself for being human?   What's causing me my...Read On



She will keep me entertained, and that's not a bad thing...

My daughter recently told me that some days, her classroom is too quiet. So quiet in fact, that she cannot even think. I told her I understood, saying some people need a little background noise to help them concentrate. However, I said, her father needs absolute silence when reading or writing. Without missing a beat, she replied, “Well, when I’m reading or writing, I need words.” LMFAO   ...Read On



All around me are the views of familiar faces that seem to be going nowhere, and has me recalling the familiar places I left behind as tears seem to be a way to fill their glasses as they sit in the Old Man’s Bars and wait for the day they die the slow death they have chosen. Looking right through most of them and being very easy to file them in a convenient drawer much like an old library...Read On


Three Stations

Standing here in the courtyard and leaning against the wall wondering why I have been directed to be here at this moment, and instead I know I should be heading out and keep on keeping on down the line. I know that there is one out there who will haunt me along with those secret souvenirs shared, and those are some of the thoughts that keep me warm at night along with the symmetry and...Read On


Tangled In Blue

Sitting here after getting off of a call with an old friend who can be rightly labeled as the person who saved my life roughly thirty-three years ago. As I am still calling in order to touch base and I know he is still on my side through all and the aftermath we have both been through, and there are times when it seems as there is nothing left at all I know he is still there. Making me...Read On



I laid on a couch, and she sat on another couch in silence. Then she had uttered with a mockery smile who is the older? You or Laura? I had answered "I don't know," and went on during the study period; we had been in the same grade. The stupid elder women: ooh! I had remembered your birth; I had visited your parents to congratulate them. After six months Laura came to the world. I...Read On