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Mysteries focus on crime, most often murder, where clues are cleverly disguised throughout the story, leading both the reader and the detective toward a suspense-filled ending that culminates in the solving of the crime, often with surprising results.


Game over

Why does a train have to be walled up? and does it relate to an unfinished game of hide and seek?

The word 'divorce' was becoming more and more frequent in his mind, as though pervading his consciousness like an unwelcome image, which to Neil Parker, it was. He had just ended a phone conversation with his wife. It was an argument over how much she was spending. It was quite petty really, considering it was simply about buying extra food for their dog. Neil had said they didn’t need it,...Read On


The Beautiful And The Dangerous - Chapter Two

Chapter Two: The murdered house-keeper and the missing wife

The murdered housekeeper and the missing wife “So I ran your victim’s identification and cards through the system, and I found some interesting things,” said Alec, who was the resident tech genius of the Spring View Police Force. He had seen  some  action in his short time on the force, but even he agreed that he was more of a hindrance than a help when out on the case. He much preferred...Read On


The Beautiful and the dangerous - Chapter One

Chapter One - The Body

The Body “Keep it together, newbie,” hissed Todd Fletcher, staring at her with his steely gray gaze, telling her to hold it together and not to let the other officers see the horror or repulsion she felt at that moment as she looked over the body. Swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat, Imogen took a deep breath and tried to remain as calm as possible. This was her first...Read On


November 21st at 6:58am

Kane looked up at the dark, snowy clouds that filled the sky before his eyes zeroed in on a snowflake, following it until it hit against his skin, melting away. He tightened the red scarf around his neck before shoving his hands in his pockets. He closed his eyes, sighing to himself as he patiently waited for his classmate to interrupt his peace and quiet. What seemed like half an hour, he...Read On


The poisoned cradle

Is this seemingly abandoned village really unoccupied? Perhaps it is best to turn back.

A weekend in the Lake District sounded like a reasonable suggestion, but James Morton and his wife, along with their two daughters found it to be quite an ordeal, as their simmering, disordered marriage had only lasted for four months, and already the cracks were beginning to show. They had been together for eight years. Throughout that time had split up five times, yet, somehow they ended...Read On


Just Five Pounds

A reporter needs a pen, but woo's pen is it.

Do you know that Elvis song “Do you ever get one of those days when nothing goes right from morning to night.” I won’t bore you with the details, but they include a broken iPad screen, a dead phone battery and wearing the wrong jacket among other things. One way or another fate conspired to put me in this second-hand shop buying a pen. I was supposed to be taking notes at a trial; I’m a...Read On


The Umazi Men's Only Resort

A place where men can reminisce a man's world.

“Do you know what this is my boy?” “No, I don’t,” I said. “That’s proof that you are a simpleton.” My boss Mr. Muwi meant no harm by the statement. Despite the meanness, I smiled as I looked at his newest piece of jewelry. It was a beautiful copper bracelet with African art engraved on it. “This is a gift for a real woman, not a simple bitch,” he said. Many people would have found...Read On


Dead on arrival part 5

Back on the job.

Chapter 9 As it turned out Mom and my sisters left me alone, and didn’t rake me over the coals regarding Gerry. They were more interested in the current events in my life. They had given up on me having a man in my apartment –let alone a dead one! I told them I could not say much regarding the case in progress. However the police were doing every thing they could. With that aside, they...Read On


When Boy Meets Boy (Chapter Three)

There always has to be a first...

...Reader discretion advised... The story you are about to read contains content that some readers may find disturbing. By choosing to read this piece, you agree that you are over 18 and that you do not object to reading material that may offend sensitive readers. Please note that the views and opinions expressed in this story are those of the fictional characters portrayed in the story...Read On


When Boy Meets Boy (Chapter Two)

And yet, another hero is born.

...Reader discretion advised... The story you are about to read contains content that some readers may find  disturbing . By choosing to read this piece, you agree that you are over 18 and that you do not object to reading material that may offend sensitive readers.  Please note that the views and opinions expressed in this story are those of the fictional characters portrayed in...Read On


When Boy Meets Boy (Chapter One)

The making of a killer.

...Reader discretion advised... The story you are about to read contains content that some readers may find  disturbing . By choosing to read this piece, you agree that you are over 18 and that you do not object to reading material that may offend sensitive readers. Please note that the views and opinions expressed in this story are those of the fictional characters portrayed in...Read On


Dead on Arrival Part Four

Let's get serious

Chapter 7 Sunday morning came along, and I found myself cocooned in Gerry’s blankets with chipmunks buzzing around in my head. I swore to myself that there would be no more beer—until of course the next time. Somewhere in the apartment the phone was ringing. I struggled out of bed and answered it. It was Gibbons calling to report that the car was clean—no outstanding warrants on...Read On


Dead on Arrival Part Three

Road trip

Chapter 5 Gerry had agreed to keep his eye on the comings and goings to the building and help keep the police abreast of any strange faces around the neighborhood. Later that same evening, Inspector Gibbons called to check up on me and to see if I recalled anything important. Right now the case was lukewarm at best and they were working on the list of leads they had. Right in the middle...Read On


Dead on Arrival Part One-A

Dealing with Mom

Chapter 2 I got in my car, and stopped at Timmy’s. When in shock there’s nothing better than an extra large double-double and a sour cream glazed to put things right. Okay, so in this case, there were a lot of ways things could be improved, but coffee and a donut was a good start. Gerry offered to tag along, but I needed time to collect my thoughts, before heading to my employment agency...Read On


Dead on Arrival Part One

It all started with a body in her living room

Prologue May 15, 2005 / Delivering the Goods “C’mon man, can’t we just leave the package on the balcony?” The short stocky youth was trying to drag an item off the rental truck. “Nope, we have specific orders to deliver the ‘goods’ right to the apartment — I have instructions right here, Dawg.” “How we gonna get in there without getting caught?” He was anxious about this aspect of...Read On


Tick Tick

Annie Windsor, a young adult in the 1930's starts work at a mental asylum.

"A mental asylum!" Sam's eyes grew wide and concerned at the thought of my new job offer. "Annie! You said no of course?" "No, I took the job." "Annie! So you are as crazy as you look," he teased. Sam lightly nudged my arm and my heart leapt. I couldn't help it. Sam was one of the most beautiful people I had ever met. There was something about him. His aura was warm like there was a hearth...Read On


The feather

Sitting in the bar is a man. He's never been seen before. Questions expressed by everyone's faces. "What to drink?" Asked the waitress. "Water will do." The man replies quickly. Away walks the waitress to the bar.  The man rises from his seat. Silence fills the room as his chair screeches against the floor. He takes off his hat sets it on the chair beside him. From his pocket he pulls...Read On


Help For Empathy

A boy named John who protected the aquatic creatures in a park for emotions

Formerly there was a wild water park in a city and attractions of the park included greenery, entertainments etc. Within the park there was a huge water pond where many aquatic animals like tortoises and various types of fish used to subsist. Many people used to visit the park and enjoy the attractions there. Near to the water pond, there was a board stating, “Throwing pebbles into...Read On


Love Is Stupid

There is nothing quite like love.

Love, such a simple stupid notion, I was so far, so deep into her green eyes, I couldn't tell what was up or down. I watched her swing back and forth trying to reach for the sky, her thick auburn hair flowing through the wind. A blazing fire contained within her. I couldn't help, but walk into the flames entranced. Love so strong it burned, and her lust consumed my soul more and more. Then...Read On


The Milkshake Murders of Fraternity Row (Chapter One)

This chapter talks about a rather interesting inspection routine at a police station.

CHAPTER ONE: BRINGING IN THE SUSPECTS 9:45:10 am June 13 th , 2013 Ninety-Two Degrees Fahrenheit Seven teenagers, between the ages sixteen and nineteen, slowly walked up to the front doors of the Pascal J. Schultz Detention Center with irritated, frightened, and tired looks on their faces. All seven teenagers stood outside of the building and waited...Read On


The Blues

The quest to find out why his best friend committed suicide because of the blues.

Jason’s suicide shattered our lives. I was his best friend since second grade at Sherman Elementary School. We went to Hidden Valley Camp in Maine every summer, played little league baseball and damn it, we spent almost every day together. How could I not know what was going on? Why would he hang himself? At the cemetery when they were burying him, I couldn’t keep my eyes off his mom...Read On


Benevolent spirit

Haunted by a hungry ghost!

Once again she had awoken late, which was unlike her, and in her dressing gown and slippers, surveyed her living room, surprised at what she saw. It wasn’t as she knew it, and what she was used to. It was different. It was tidy. Margaret Hayes was 65, and had lived on her own for twenty-one years. She looked at the spotless carpet, the polished ornaments on all shelves, and could detect an...Read On


The watch

Quickly but cautiously Jason made his way through the back-alley. He didn't want to be seen, so he slipped from shadow to shadow, until he reached his goal, a sturdy wooden garden door in a well maintained whitewashed fence. Carefully he tried the handle. Damn, it was locked! He swallowed. He had to get in there, he simply had to. Tonight was his one and only chance. They were out,...Read On


Silent Nightmare part 1

"Benjamin! Dude, how is work going?" Josh Andersen asked as he sat down by Benjamin. Ben hadn't been at the local bar for very long, when his long time friend showed up. He wasn't surprised that he ran into him. Josh talked about a girl that worked there. Ben knew that he would be coming by just to see her. Then Josh would get pissed off when she left with some other guy. "Hard but good,"...Read On


Revenge of the Ginger

An unexpected holiday, time travel and a cat. - A story from three different points of view

“What do you mean you haven’t seen my sister in two weeks?” Kim shouted. “She kept to herself the whole time,” the receptionist shrugged. “How was I supposed to know she went missing? She paid the room upfront. I don’t go snooping into my guests’ private business. This is a respectable –” She droned out the woman’s outraged tirade. Kim couldn’t explain her emotional outburst, either....Read On


City of the Dead

A sarcastic stone statue, a Victorian ghost and a humorous skeleton help solve the ultimate mystery.

City of the Dead “You look like a corpse.” Those were not nice words to hear upon waking up. I sat up and clutched my head. Ugh. Worst. Hangover. Ever. Now the biggest question of all: Was last night’s party worth it? “Don’t worry,” a voice with a Scottish accent chuckled. “The worst thing that could happen to anyone, is die and you have already done that, so you should...Read On


The Milkshake Murders of Fraternity Row (Prologue)

This prologue describes the story's setting with a history of how it came to existence.

There is a town called Fraternity Row. It's a pretty small town with four small neighborhoods (that range from very rich to the not-so-rich) and an area that reminds the Fraternity Row elderly of Hoovervilles in World War II. Those who traveled in the Fraternity Row town say that other than annual events and activities, very rarely, something really big happens. Every morning, Fraternity...Read On


Crossing the Shadows (Chapter Two)

In Chapter two Ella and Charlie have now moved into College.

I played with the piece of paper in my hands. I had finally graduated, I was done with high school and I would be leaving for college soon, although it wasn't soon enough. I played with the sleeve of Joshua's jacket as Ella walked over to me, her parents following closely behind her. "Excited?" she asked with a smile, I tried my best to smile back as I gave a brisk nod. Seeing all the happy...Read On


Crossing the Shadows (Chapter One)

A horrible tragedy has just happened and it is Charlie's first day back to school.

I looked at the wide double doors of Pittsford Area High School. The black paint over the metal seemed to mock me in a way I couldn't understand. I knew kids would stare at me, whisper to each other and snicker at me. It all had happened so fast that I wasn't sure if I could get through the whole day without breaking down. I reached for the metal handle and it tingled the senses throughout...Read On


Windmill Craters

Investigation into the formation of craters near windmills.

Frank had maintained an interest in wind farms for a long time. Often he’d gaze at them, the majesty of the blades as they circled was beautiful. He knew they generated electricity without a carbon foot print and was concerned that some people protested against them. He thought the issues through, the hazard of the blades to birds, which he acknowledged, but considered so minimal it...Read On