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In Memory Of Those Who Have Gone Before.

Some thoughts on the recent Manchester bombing that claimed so many innocent lives.

Hello, I'm Saffie and I'm just eight years old. I hope you'll forgive me if I don't make much sense, But I'm a bit confused just at this moment And I don't quite understand what's going on. Mum and Dad had promised me something special, A really nice treat for my birthday present, And I jumped for joy when they told me the news About the tickets for the Ariana gig. We got a train from Preston...Read On


Unfettered Beauty

She came on the winds, as a perfectly shaped dream. Her stunning black skirt, and blouse coloured cream.   Although with a friend, she had there in tow. A cinema companion and so, soon to go.   We started to chat, and both our smiles came, then something ignited. A slow burning flame.   Time seemed to stop, My heart it did pound. I knew that a true friend, at last had...Read On


May We Forget

We will remember still

We may not let our heroes fade with time Lest martyrs be erased from honor's scroll We must make sure the memories stay sublime Of deeds that still define our nation's soul Collectively we share the warriors' pain And cradle fallen soldiers of all kinds  We soothe the brows of patriots again To feel their sacrifices in our minds So raise your glasses to the ones who gave And let the...Read On


In Love We True Completion Find

What means this palpitation in my breast, This savage wild elation in my mind? What power is this O'er my soul impressed That my sentient will is undermined, Leaving me prey to inchoate desires, Feverish with overwhelming yearning? Can this be love that has lighted such fires That my very soul with lust is burning? Against this force, I have no sure defence, And a thousand darts loosed...Read On



She's playing for Alan, cheers to his memories. The Magic Flute ~ Illustrated by Lee Zimmerman

Her lips wrap around the instrument giving life The flow of the music from her flute is playing The notes are like the air she needs to breathe Her finger tips softly caressing the keys The melody it produces lingers in her skin The same blood flowing within her veins Her hair swaying as she plays the flute The music is giving life to her burning soul The pleasure of watching her play the...Read On


To the Bone

For Alan: Even if it did not win.

To the bone, flayed through flesh and torn away from the tendons and ligaments of a tortured body. Moans of regret, mourning sensitivity, singular loss before the dawning of renewed passion. You have felt it before and wish for it no more; no more  with the suffering,  rejected and escaping, and waiting patiently for your destiny,  writ in your sleepless dreams. It is the last time  that...Read On


If You Really See Eurydice

Stolen kisses beneath the Oak A flash of a breast in the moonlight Tentative touches under the cover of darkness Muted pleasures as we veil ourselves in the forest Aphrodite-like perfection masquerading as Artemis Summer longing turns to Autumn lust Winter's icy kiss becomes the whispered vows of Spring Libation to Apollo as we unite in a field in full bloom Playing joyful songs as my...Read On


Teddy Bear

I hold him tightly at night, The moon shines brightly. Tears touch my pillow, I have a secret, but it's killing me.   Only Teddy knows and sees, The bruises under my tee. He's missing an eye, but I love him the most. Mama doesn't know that Daddy hurts me.   Every night I pray for help, Asking God to help Daddy, or if I could run away. Please make him stop hurting me. Only...Read On


How silent the written word

I pause for a long breath. My hands under tension with the pressure to perform. How silent the written word. Be it joy or anger calamity or furry. It is a whisper in your mind. An illusion unique to the human condition. It is not a story I have come to tell. That would just force my illusions to double up and never come down. No. I have come to hammer my blows home. Not your...Read On


To be unwound

Just my thoughts

 I have come to see. That time its self is bound between you and me. All the night I am not free. In the day you go away. Tomorrow comes, again and again, a memory yet to be. All this sorrow all this pain are the fertile ground on which we lay seed. We the destiny of passions crop. But what of destiny? What of the deed? When come the reaper's scythe? Is such a thing legion or myth. ...Read On


Lost in the sky

Just my thoughts

I am just a balloon lost in the sky. A friend and victim of the four winds. Where does a man belong? Where does he truly live? Only reflected within his lover's eye. Me? I am just a balloon lost in the sky. Perhaps, god's eyes are the bluest blue. Perhaps, I know nothing true. If love were in my heart all the days of my life, I would be more careful. But then again, lady, any...Read On



Lonely hours into the night, battling tears and losing the fight; Broken heart that few will see; shattered spirit inside of me; Serene facade, despair within; pondering life, as it would have been; Growing old I can foresee, a dismal road ahead of me; Time moves on, memories to hold; An empty world as my life unfolds.  ...Read On


Form the sibcoonsious i explane and justify

Just my thoughts

It cost me a lot of skin to learn the language of poetry. But then again, yesterday, I was painting my walls with an apology that was in the end self serving and far too long. I never could leave a page blank without a sense of wonder at something so useless.  Who first pounded out their heart on the white void? Must have been a black smith who lost his way. It gets cold as hell out...Read On


Freedom Flight

Through the meadow she softly tread; Her bruised and broken body bled; Careful to weave to and fro, no droplets left behind to show;  The path she took for her escape, on the night of her brutal rape; He was passed out drunk once again; and didn't stir as she crept from him; She'd waited 'til the dead of night; before she began her freedom flight; No longer would her husband...Read On



I move my feet They will not obey I'm stuck right here Where I will stay I make honest strides To leave this place No one sees I try, It makes my heart ache There's a block in my mind Or somewhere in my soul Keeping me behind Keeping me from my goal I need to find a way to clear This consuming void Before I no longer hear The sound of my own voice This is the first I could pen Down from...Read On


Public incentive

Just my thoughts

Sometimes I think I live on the dark side of paradise. Living under the setting sun without shelter. Pushing sin through my veins without remorse or covatry. Subliminal candle flames and a mind-altering soliloquy. Paying for the ticket to the show with my poetry and a pound of flesh. So I pay a heavy price....don't you? Love is a place I go when my sweat has run dry. I never worked...Read On


Redeemed By Love

Sliding slowly towards the edge of the abyss, My mind begins its descent into the darkness, The pit of hell that constantly lurks out of sight, Like a shadow on the edges of consciousness, A nightmare place of unutterable terror, Where jeering demons await, hungry for their prey. Like a condemned man on the way to the scaffold, I see the leering faces of the mocking crowd Calling on me to...Read On


Day Is Done

One more day of love is done

The day is done, and we are still yet one The sun sets soon and roams its way to dawn When we may once more feel our love renewed Enraptured by the passions we've both shared To watch the setting sun with arms entwined Is heaven down on earth when you are near We nod our heads together once again And murmur verbal bouquets to our ears No question that our lives are bound today And have...Read On


No One Dies Of A Broken Heart

It was a heart attack the doctors said, Brought on by overwork and too much stress; He was never going to die in bed, It is true, but I would hazard a guess That this was only part of the real truth, And there was much more to it than they thought. Of course, he wasn't in the flush of youth, And at times seemed a little overwrought, Always burning the candle at both ends. He had been so...Read On


We Always Go On

You used to worship and love all parts of me, do you still? Easy to do when things were tight firm and new Staring in my mirror, I see So many scars, flaws, surely you do too? Approaching from behind a kiss placed at the base of my neck Shh, stop, now's not the time I feel your lips travel and taste their way down to a scar on my arm Lingering, I try to pull away from you Hands turn me...Read On

No Sleep for Me

Sleep hides from me Never coming to rest  Staying out of reach  Leaving me in distress    Fear around the corner  Dark mysterious mist  Haunting green eyes  Followed by a hiss    Tiptoeing forward  Not looking back  Oh how I hate this  Feeling like crap   Why did I do it  I must be insane  Feeling so foolish  Only myself to blame    One too many movies  Surrounding...Read On


The Other Woman

My dear, I can't help wondering what I've done, You've become so cold and distant these days, And yet we always used to have such fun, Happy together in so many ways. You could have tried a bit harder honey; I asked you not to be late home last night, It was only our anniversary, And a simple gift would have been all right, Flowers, and perhaps a bottle of wine, And we could have ordered...Read On


Spring Song

There is a land of sweet delights A place by love defined, Where I have wandered oft by night, Exquisite joys to find. Its gentle hills, so soft and round, Are ripe for each caress, Their swelling curves, in beauty, crowned Await my lip’s impress. My hope is that the lightest kiss Reaction will inspire, And buds of red in search of bliss Break forth in shoots of fire. On hidden paths...Read On


Romance on the Railway

Come follow the tracks to my heart

Each night beneath the kindly moon’s soft radiance We make again that joyful connection of love Vulnerable in our emotional nakedness As we bare the most profound feelings of our hearts All too soon the hour of parting is upon us Catching us unaware in our communion The whistle of the passing train is the sad signal That we must reluctantly say goodnight, sweet dreams Come away with me on...Read On


French Kiss

It's just a chance we live; we die in France. It could be anywhere that love may thrive But this is where we did our lover's dance. Our lustful joys will flourish, still, survive, A lover's touch caresses, filled with fun, And shares a fervor vibrant, so alive. In light still bright, we see our poem's done, And share a pledge that we will make tonight, True promise these two lovers...Read On


Burden Of Love's Death

Only memories and unrequited feelings remain after betrayal and shameful actions...

There's no reason nor any rhyme, How raptured my heart was with you. Impassioned kisses stopped all time, Even after our love withdrew. Your lies! My lies! Were everywhere! Of truth from many words did seep. My lies! Your lies! Cannot compare! For not a shred of truth did keep. Cursed memories thought divine, Timeless claims no longer remain. Haunted each day by loss of mine, And...Read On


Miss you

Missing a long lost lover

  Miss You! It was not easy meeting you but later losing you and today seeking you  makes it more easier missing you than having you and that is unbearable! I don't deserve missing you in fact I should have missed you but then again I never miss my targets not even the intangibles like You! I had searched and found you In the most sacred lands that keep sets of your kind. The kind...Read On


Scars to Tattoos

I no longer need to make marks on me A professional who tattoos has set me free When certain thoughts return and intrude back into my life for reasons unknown I try to quiet them appease, silence the poison but I am unable to stop or cope I wear a myriad of scars Self-inflicted not that long ago Shocking and saddening myself family and friends at a time when I was so very low The...Read On



A passionate addiction will always have risks...

Our love This connection Is a free fall Something We both want And need But Is it worth The risk Maybe Our chutes Have Already deployed The decision Has been made And We are floating Back down To earth Safely And no harm Will come to us Maybe But we wonder Will we land In an open field This once Escaping injury Deciding Never to Go up To soar again But we know Life Has No guarantees So Do...Read On



This strange feeling that I can't shake ...

This strange feeling inside It's so hard to explain Turmoil and torment Making my head spin Despite my compassion and honesty Trying hard to make others feel good about themselves I often retreat to my lonely pathetic world I live in With a sense of shame and tears swelling from my eyes Violently wanting to throw up To escape this sense of loneliness Seeking comfort and friendship from...Read On