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If I had wings...

The melancholy beauty of the fall

The olives and the ochres of withered blades, Of conkers and hazel all through the glade Dark evenings, too soon the clock going back, Squirrels secreting their nutty snacks A ring of fairies dancing on the lawn, Appearing in the early dawn     The cool breeze brings a dash of rain, Like tears on the window pane A double rainbow a lucky sign? Still no evading autumn time   ...Read On


My Angel

Any day with my Angel.

as I wake I see your face as I stop for coffee I see your face as I drive to my next appointment I see your face as I sit  at the bar I see your face as I finish my dinner I see your face as I unlock my door I see your face as I fall asleep I see your face forever My Angel.  ...Read On


It's a Choice

They say that happiness is a choice    I don't recall ever saying I don't want to be happy    If happiness is a choice, doesn't that mean that depression is too?    When standing in the line, I don't remember ever saying "yeah I decided I don't wanna see the light anymore.    I want to feel like I'm walking down a dark hall for the rest of my life    I never want to know when the...Read On


Folds of the soul

In the folds of my soul my child is sleeping. He feels sheltering with my singing. With my love, he lives healthy and safe I prepare him the way for his fate. Sleep, my boy, sleep, live your dreams, that I guard your rest through its streams.  ...Read On


Waldeinsamkeit (the feeling of being alone in the woods)

I have never felt this much peace. The sound of the rushing water,  The smell of pine, Air that feels so fresh- As if I am in a whole nother world. The chill of the night air pours into my soul, Taking all of my stress and worries, Releasing them into the forest. The burden of the world being cast away in the wind,  Making sure that as long as I am here, I will feel free. I will...Read On


The infatuation love is caused the entire life with regrets

It takes hundred of years sitting together in the same boat. It takes thousand of years.......

Love is like a string of dreams. It is all empty when awaken. Perhaps I was born to be that much sentimental. Thus, I am teased by love. The dream we are chasing after is vanished as time pass by. We comprehend that love is out of our control completely, only when we awaken. I longed for flying high up to the sky, and I was so much impulsive at the beginning. If...Read On



It has been so long  Since I saw your face My arms long to hold you My lips to taste To hear your laughter And songs you sing  To watch you sleep Or share a meal We will not fail A love this strong Always goes on We wait and dream Dream and wait Our time will come Because  Our love is real    ...Read On



Be joyful, for I am with you.

They must be singing, songs of glory  their sister has come home,  I am assured the angels welcomed you home  Streets of gold, beneath your once weary feet  voice raised in infinite songs of praise  I have no doubt; you are dancing  Your sweet smiling face, looking down on us  those left behind to accept the loss  Tears of joy, of sadness  will certainly fall  gracing the cheeks of those...Read On


Let Me See if I Still Can

This poem is inspired by fear of being silenced by our own silence.

Let me see if I still can, Utter my words the old-fashioned way Write my stories at the old desk Speak my language Eat my own food Drink when I want Sleep when I want Engage any ideology for the heck of it Love until my limbs ache Cry until morning Wake up in the middle of night And scribble down my feelings Dance and do what I Cannot imagine anymore, neat on the streets, Early...Read On


Is That Okay?

Sometimes we just need to walk away...

No longer dream but silently scream Wake sweaty, sad, and unclean  Did you hear me?   Were you even listening? Kept me at bay so I left you today Impatient, hurt, and astray  Do you miss me?   Are you aware I’m gone? Appears to be true I meant less to you Sinful words, song, and our view  Was it just me?   Am I the fool again? Don’t know why there was no try So I walked away...Read On


My Parachute

You were my parachute.

You were my parachute, Always opening, rescuing me just before I hit the ground.   Now, it seems I am free falling Nothing is catching me this time.   When will I hit the ground?   You were my whiskey, When I had nothing but a need So it seems, even whiskey goes bad.   You were my fire keeping me warm When my world was cold Perhaps, I’ll just...Read On


Burning down to the stone

My name is Gary.  I have been but buried under the ash of my song long as I can remember.  My hands and fingernails split and broken only the given words for meaning.  Do you want that too?  My name, my path, or my song?  I do not claim it is beautiful.  I only claim it is mine.  Do you want it?  Would you take the loops of my finger prints?  Would you track my life?  Carry my burden....Read On


The click atrack

In my lazy left hand, I grip the dregs of mercy.  I can not see her.  I can not call or write her.  Oh god, she does not even know the sound of my quivering voice.  Yet I have spoken her name twenty times a day for five years. Who among you knows how truly silent the written word can be?   Who hears those prayers, when it is only a name spoken in reverence.  Spoken to the empty...  In...Read On



A man pens a ballad for the object of his attention.

My darling woman. These words are written, To stop you wobbling like you've been bitten, To give you pause, to open eyes, To show respect, to sympathize.   I've only total love for you, And will be here for all you do, But all the time that you need space, I'll show that too with all good grace.   These words I hope will give you steel, By knowing that this friendship's real, And...Read On


The Poem of the blue man (prologe)

Didn't take me long to learn the rules of life.  Taking and hurting as long as you can kick ass and it's yours.   I was fairly literate as a young kid.  It came from being accident prone I guess.  In fourth grade, I had a nearly fatal accident.  I had run through a storm door, and a six-inch shard of glass ripped into my stomach.  Took me a year to recover.  I often wonder if it made...Read On


An Idiotic Haiku...

Stupid ramblings of a broken idiot.

  Used and hurt is what I am,  My confidence depleted,  I am now broken and lost,  By love, I am defeated.    My breath is short and shallow,  My sanity hanging by a thread,  The darkness tightens around my neck,  And my sadness kills me dead.     ...Read On



Life is such a very complicated matter. Just we are so impotent when things happened sometimes....

  Something maybe happens. Something cannot let it happen. But, it happens in life always! And it is completely out of our expectations! All in all, it is just an interlude that has happened to us this time, this life!   --------------------------------------------------   Life is such a very complicated matter. Just we are so impotent when things happen sometimes. There will be...Read On


Harder to be

Tonight,  I vow by the spirals God wove into my fingertips, That if  I am not poet perfect.  I shall never write these words again.  "I love you, Basil. " I stood in the eclipse of a rainbow.  I cried two even tears that the sun had killed the storm clouds.  I lost something I want back.  I lost the memory of the first time I glimpsed you.  My love,  I lost it twice.  How callous...Read On


Striping it all down

Some work is far too real.  The grand stuff of usefulness.  Can you imagine the right hand of God (atom.) As he wandered the fresh reality and gave it names.  What kind of insight and sacred creativity does it take to say this is called sunlight?  Did he create syntax, diction,  phonetics?  Doesn't matter he was just useful.  I have a running fantasy a delusion if you want to...Read On


The poem of the blue man pt1

I am called the sprit walked some times

(To say this poem is true is relevant to me...  alone.)   This poem is the truth. My nights are wicked lonely. Just a weird fate and a puppy dog innocence. You might think innocence is free. It isn't. This night was a strange one. I lived next to a party district when I was younger. A lot of collage bars... Well, a lot of bars. It's called west port (not that that matters.) To you...Read On


A Moment on the Way to Your Peak

With all our chasing here and there, we get so busy with life’s chores, we barely have time for air, while we constantly seek more Stop for just a moment, leave behind the daily grind, all the worries and torment, the thoughts on your mind Close your weary eyes, and let yourself see, take a breath, release a sigh, just let yourself merely be The Sun’s warmth on your face, a quiet moment...Read On


A woman

Tender.  My hands are tender.  My words,  My words are broken.  The life I have lived is only a memory of sin and broken things.  Rage,  obsession,  fantasy made cruel because of how clever the delusions became.  Not mine,   no others.   There is one thing right in my life.  The lady I am in love with.  I am a hero.  I have saved lives.  I have loved.  I am in love.   I will...Read On


City Lights

A warm and muggy night, a frenzied city in respite, the clouds overhead shine, from all the city lights Concrete blocks stacked to the sky, reaching to the clouds up high, within a city of millions, but not a known soul nearby Surrounded by an endless sea, filled with sleeping neighbors, here alone, I can be free, a chance to simply be There are always others about, from the neon-lit bars,...Read On


Doomed Love — Book 2

In hindsight, there was an inevitability To the tragedy that unfolded that day, And no doubt that responsibility lay, With the magnate’s conceited pride, In proposing a match of such unsuitability Just to restore the company’s image, Regardless of the feelings of the bride. Despite his own family’s humble lineage As a child, she had been strictly forbidden To associate with the grubby...Read On


The brutal wish

I collect nickels.  I like the smooth edges.  They seem unpretentious.   They will never amass a fortune.  To buy even a book you need to stack them high.  I keep them for sentimental reasons.  I made a wish with one a long time ago.  It was about dedication,  a lifetime of commitment.  But...  it is an empty life time that has passed.  It tears across me like a razor blade.   I...Read On


A Chest Of Drawers

In a chest of drawers of my dreams As the digital disk of my mind spins I feel your fingers on my chest   Like Elizabeth Taylor on a hot tin roof Or Lauren Bacall with her sultry voice In the golden years of Hollywood  Popcorn was fun with bubblegum yum Holding hands as a double feature scan  As we giggled and laughed to Costello Before Doris Day sang  Or Jerry Lewis quipped While...Read On


Doomed Love — Book 1

Barely visible in the inky gloom, The cold bodies of the young lovers lay, Just a glimmer of pale flesh in the dark, The watery fastness their woeful tomb. Unmoved by the sun’s warming ray, Never again would they rise with the lark And in the meadows laugh and play Like innocent children out of school, Or lie on shady banks beside the brook On hazy afternoons where the air was cool Happily...Read On


Freedom a metaphor

I can feel freedom coming, but it doesn't know my name.  I want to play in the crush of brown leaves of fall, but I don't think I know the game.  I leave my words to hear like a bible, a fool with no passion. My consequences are laced across my back,   freedom tattooed in bloody script. Wondering if I should blame you for your kindness with this silent gift. My freedom is a bitter pill,...Read On


Let the Wind Caress Your Cheek

May the time come

Let the wind caress your cheek When I am not here When I must be far away Knowing I will return if I may To touch you with my fingertips Once more Caressing your cheek The way that only I can Let the wind caress your cheek And dry the tears of loss When I am not here When I must be far away Let the wind caress your cheek Until my lips may kiss away your pain Until my love may wash away...Read On

Ticking Time Bomb

  I'm a ticking time bomb about to go off. You've pulled the pin taunting me. All the shit that you talk, you didn't think That it wouldn't blow up in your face?   You're all talk without any substance, While being stagnant, you've done nothing but complain. You wonder why nothing goes your way When you put no effort into the life, you live.   How can you live a life when you...Read On