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Handle with care it says...

How can you handle it with care?  When you are flying with happiness  Felt like your feet are on the clouds  That you could reach the skies above  How can you handle it with care?  When you are swimming with roses  Felt like your body is floating on the sea  That you could walk above the ocean  How can you handle it with care?  When your only thoughts are yourself  Felt like you can...Read On



It’s quiet. The dogs, My lover, My son,  Appliances, Weather… Mute. Nothing, Save for crickets and frogs, The symphony Of the subtropics. I bask in the rarity, Feel my soul sing. For when it’s quiet, When I am nothing To anyone, I am free....Read On


Tossed To The Winds

As good fortunes have fallen on me A change of course in my anomaly With words more soothing And less bellicose I shall be   As my tongue has had, its bell rung Casting my darkness into the sea  As my muse sings me happy songs With kisses in lands of my dreams While my prose cries of marital bliss  And all precautions tossed to the winds   ...Read On


The Man In The Moon

Loving you from afar....

He used to look at me from the moon He got brave and came down for me And the sun started to shine on me He loves me to the moon and back He showered me with so much love And the flowers bloom around me He can make me smile without effort He can make me cry with happiness And the birds sing the happy tunes He is my dearest man in the moon He comes down from time to time And he is...Read On


Tracks in the water

I have been all over the earth.  I have left footprints in blood and clay in every nursery rhyme.   If I had a chance I would dance on everybody's grave.  Don't you think a merry jig is a good reason to live? If you ask me how many paces it is to the moon,  I'll laugh and say you are not old enough to drink that white light.  You think you have paid the price?  Maybe you have but I...Read On


Dear Miss Violet

Hello, dear Miss Violet! So good to see you again. Sadly you shall go and not return home. Everyone in town has had enough of your garbage, Miss V. You've been naughty and mean for the last time, you see?   Just grab my hands, and we'll go on a long, chatty walk. Take a look around, for this is the last time for this view. Your life is mine now, and I'm taking it for my pleasure. ...Read On


I am listening still

What is sound?  You know the things that make our ears twitch.  Music and laughter... The agony of disaster?  What are they?  This metamorphic tremor in our ears?  Does it come in random static?  How do we differentiate good from bad?  C# above natural c can shatter glass.  Sound can make you throw up or go unconscious.  In the sound of the shatters and splinters, there is a voice. ...Read On



A strong woman she may be  A strong confident woman is something to be seen As she works on herself She knows what she can and should be Every day pushing past the pain Moving towards her ultimate goal Walking into the unknown  Her eyes open soaking it all in  Taking the chance as she slowly accepts who she is Holding onto hope Putting herself out there for all to see As the days...Read On


Vacation's End

When it's time to leave you always have your memories

Such joy our time at the shore Many things we did each day  Making sandcastles on the beach Swimming in the bay    We rode a pontoon boat  Fantasy Island such a joy  The Ferris wheel and lots of games The little one loved winning a toy    The locals are all so pleasant  A guided ghost tour one night  We learned of Jaws and haunts  Trembled from all those sights    A museum full...Read On


Queen Of My Heart

So dear to me, I love and cherish you so much, More truly than words alone can hope to express, For I am only complete when I know your touch, And in that union, I find true happiness, Blessing the day you consented to be my wife. But my heart aches whenever I see you in pain, And I hate everything distressing in your life, My only wish is to make you happy again. But such is...Read On


Back To Me

If you love something set it free



I Shall Not Know

Letting go when love goes wrong



Beach House

It has a scent of mildew Infused with briny air Tinged with heat-baked juniper Near the window there Swimsuits stiff with sandy salt Hanging from the rail Children’s plastic beach toys Shovels, balls, and pails A porch that’s sloped and battered Warped with faded wood Dead flies trapped in brittle screens Fish hooks dulled by rust Jelly jars for glasses Outdoor shower stall Misted...Read On



Glitter water flowing Sun flecks on her skin Dancing with the river As graceful as a nymph Free from care and troubles Smooth unfurrowed brow The visage of an angel Whose serenity is found On land her heart weighed heavy Life’s burdens bearing down Afloat, her tresses streaming Dressed in her aqueous gown Moving with the current Cleansed of tragic stain Watching her is joyful...Read On



"Literature is the record of our discontent." - Virginia Woolf

Three hours, three days, three weeks---- I need three months to create a poem of substance! Formats and slant rhymes ingrained in my memory; I have made a mockery of them all! Perfection has been my greatest destruction.   Poetry portfolio destroyed when my back was turned. A melancholic expression no less not a single tear. What was I to do?   My book in the process of final...Read On


The Spirit Of The Dance

A love song for creation

In the stillness of the before, you languished, Patiently awaiting the long foreseen call No more than thought on the face of the void. Then out of the silence, the voice of wisdom Began to sing the eternal harmony, And you awoke from your slumber and took form And started to dance over the dark abyss, A majestic dance of rapture and delight. As your fleet steps flew over the nothingness...Read On


Once Again

You were the sun that burned my skin because I trusted once again; Your words were like stars that fell from the sky,  Only you know how often you uttered a lie; With your smooth talk and promises, you had me believing; Though I realized too late you were only deceiving; But I can't really blame you; I should have seen from the start, You were only an actor, playing a part; When you...Read On


Unrequited Love

Oh lady fair, so haughty, and so coldly proud, Entreat though I may, naught it seems can ever pierce The adamantine shell that guards your cruel soul, And even my most honeyed words are all in vain. However hard I strive to rise above the crowd Of those that press about your feet, whose cries so fierce Each clamour to be heard and were I to enroll The gods above, my suit would surely end...Read On


A Different Spin

A new take on old lies




Back off! Build the wall! If you don't make the climb, you won't take the fall! Don't take the chance, it's not worth the cost! Nothing won, Nothing lost! Leave nothing to doubt, when it comes to the game; If given some time, it will end just the same; Protect yourself, from certain heartbreak; The wage is too high, to risk what's at stake!  ...Read On


As Silent As...

As silent as a sparrow's pinion wings I felt your kiss upon my brow With whispers of a soft breath As the morn fell the early dew And snackers' in fields fed on clover Of bales as God gave a toast to spring Like a nectar of sweet on your lips Of a freestone peach and more 'morrows Seasoned and spiced our poetic geometry And the universal triangle The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost  As our...Read On


True Love Found

Every minute I think of you my love Light of my life and sweet joy of my days, In you, I have found my true heart’s desire, Zenith of my ambition and my goal, All my life has led me to this moment. Before I found you my life was empty Even the glories of nature seemed dull, Then you came along, and everything changed, Heaven smiled on me, and the world lit up, Bringing undreamed of...Read On


Face Of God

I saw the face of God as I lay in the hot sands With blood on his hands as he look down and smile While I whispered the Marine Corp's hymn And thought of you as my life bled out  Choking on phlegm with a vision of him  Clutching the crucifix about my neck   And as bombs burst and I prayed   While shedding my sin's mortal tears A spirit rose bearing my soul  And a angel handed me your last...Read On


...On The Bedrock

As sarcasm is the bread of mediocrity  I slight the quotes of my arcanery   With words as my ambrosia of generosity Beneath the falls of God's vocabulary  And a broken staircase to those contrary Of poetic doubloons for those wishing my doom As I whisper a swoon in your listening ear  A soft zephyr of my endearing love near Tides of the sea etch initials in the sand   Of golden bands betroth...Read On


Dear Lover

Sometimes love is not enough.

Dear Lover, just one last time take me into your arms hold me close. Love me. Remind me of the reasons the reasons I should stay though we both know, I must walk away. You deserve more than I can give love and adoration should be the goal for me, I'm just trying to survive So many things are right when I'm with you my heart is aglow but we both know that simply isn't enough. Dear lover,...Read On


Left-Handed Compliment

My compliments, my lady

Sipping a cool soda on a hot summer day Reaching out to touch her left hand Paying her a left-handed compliment With grace, she pays it back My beauty My proud beauty Touching with the left hand of love Perfection Holding hands My right hand in her left hand Perfectly right for me And for her My little leftie of love Walking and talking  In grace and joy And tickling the palm of her left...Read On



On thy wings I fly as a dandelion Carrying the fragrance of love.   Beside me You dive like A stripe of lightning Through the edges of Infinite space; You—the infinity of my coveted love. To seize the kingdom Of unseen pleasure And to fade away Into oblivion And to remain eternally fulfilled In the castle of your memories, I tether myself to your banks In the hope Of...Read On



Chemistry is a thief More than once it has tried to addle my brain Now it threatens my sight Chemistry is a friend Trying to help in the war The fight to regain my steps Not sure for how long or how brief Chemistry is a curse Will I recover and still See colors, hues, and light For now, I feel only grief Chemistry to battle is my plan A familiar fight but now involving my sight Time...Read On


The hit

Off in the shadows Following close by Where no one can see Not making a sound Moving very slowly Watching and waiting Until the right time The blow will be fast The bite very swift One does not know Until the arrow hits Cupid has done the job Completed the task Off to the next person He moves very fast    ...Read On



"When I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside." - Rumi

I can feel the tears behind my eyes My body won’t allow myself to cry Repressed my feelings for far too long I’m in love with the person I’ve molded myself to be   Surprise me as I turn the corner I’d rather not expect a thing…how boring Try to make me scream I dare you You will fail… I thrive off fear   I need to cry In love knowing not one tear will escape Music I listen to...Read On