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A Special Letter

A lovely letter was addressed to me The words were very nice This letter filled me with glee It was rather concise The words made me cry It was a note about my life My eyes were not dry The letter said I was a good wife My life was a series of tests The journey would be hard Life was not like the rest Often I would be on guard I'd be a mother of special one's Learners that learn differently...Read On


Who are you

I can't remember your face. Maybe because I don't recall it. Did you get replaced? Are you the same misfit? Who are you right now? Your words don't fit like they did. I have mistaken it somehow. Are you off the grid? Picture doesn't match you anymore. Could it be that you have changed. No, I could have swore... Am I starting to get deranged? Is it possible that you have forgot? Because...Read On



In the grim back alleys of the city, Mean streets devoid of all signs of pity, Amid the piles of decaying refuse And slimy pools of darkly noxious ooze, Frequented only by the scuttling rats And noisome tribes of scabby feral cats; Here, slumped in doorways, human flotsam lies, Just filthy piles of rags crawling with flies. In such surroundings, one would not expect To find evidence of...Read On


I Wake Up And I Weep

My nightmares knocking at the door

I wake up in the night I wonder if you know? If you looked into my eyes Would my fear still show?   I can't look into your eyes They haunt my sleep I relive all the pleasure you took In making me feel cheap   The things you did I can never escape That you took pleasure in it I've known true hate   Disguised as love Even after all these years I wake up screaming Reliving...Read On


Invisible Ink

I have invisible ink tattooed on me. I will no longer keep silent; I now share my secret. I'm a survivor and those who know Without me, saying can tell perfectly.   I don't look for pity, only salvation. I'm no longer ashamed to admit this. Each time I tell someone else, I do not know, I become stronger, with every breath that I take.   I was lost and alone and I lived in my...Read On


Piece of String

Friendship is like a piece of string ...

Friendship is like a piece of string There's a beginning, middle, and end to it It starts with a smile, then loving hugs of sweet words Slowly drifting towards a deep sadness of goodbyes Tears that fall from betrayal, or something simple like silence Forcing you to sever all ties with the other If only for your own sanity and well-being To cut the string in two, clutching one piece as a...Read On


Dark Angel

Your soul is mine!

I am your dark angel And companion for tonight. Putting on my make up And my red lipstick on. My lacy garter stockings up And the sexiest dress on.  I am ready for the night to Entertain your heart's desire. Choose the kind of poison For your own entertainment.  Tell me your most secret desire, Your want and needs, I would gladly serve them to you In a platter on your sit. I am here to make...Read On


Fallen Angel

I have to make my stay worth my time...

Face raised up to heaven,  Anguish in her heart.  She has to content herself  Looking up to heaven above. For she is now a fallen angel Where any place will be hell. As she bows down her head,  Tears fall from her eyes.  She is fallen, her black wings  Are the proof for that.  As black as the raven crow  With tarnish dark soul.  She is a fallen angel now. She shakes her head as her  Wings...Read On


The Subversion

The frivolous waste of the upper echelon is what fuelled the re-emergence, but it was not what sparked it. Seven wispy whispers fell from the mouths of the reformers, eroding the long-lasting stability of the fringe. Only the ebbing congeries remained to till the torn totem. If Friday began before the last, it would have none to witness the withering clouds of disdain beyond the slaughter....Read On


The Smiling Mask

This mask I wear, hides the truth of what lays beneath.

This smiling mask I wear Upon my face for you all to see Hides the anguish beneath And the swelling tears in my eyes When I look in the mirror It's not the one you see before you But the real face beneath And that truly scares me The harsh cold that surrounds me Of loneliness and that sense of fear Fills my mind with bad thoughts Of pain and suffering I've endured This path I find...Read On


For a Friend I'll Never Meet

Alan W. Jankowski, 1961-2017

You always did like surprise endings, A twist no one could see coming, And that last one of yours was a doozy. Days later, we're still reeling, Not from the shock, which dissipates, But from a grief that lingers. You probably never knew The regard people held you in, For it seemed to sneak up As we chatted and laughed About topics big and small. Our esteem grew Alongside your virtual...Read On

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Everlasting Friendship

For a spiky haired kid who took a chance on a friend

I wish you could see what you mean to me Where we have gone and where we will be We were two souls connected in the night An email that started a friendship so right  Tears, laughter, and naughty things  Fun times, joys, and stories of ping's Hush Little One and Seduction by Slumber These things we write without encumber  Seeing through the chaos in my head Helping me see what needs to...Read On



I await your return ..

Like a foolish little schoolboy Smitten by his first love I find myself waiting each day In the hope, I'd hear from you But you're never there Except in my lonely head Strange voices that whisper to me Telling me bad things My heart feels emptiness On those long, lonely nights Without hearing from you I believe you have forgotten me Just to hear from you Brings a smile upon these lips...Read On


Snow day

The simple things like snow day fun

My girl looks out the window wake up hurry wake up mommy It's snowing out let's go she yells I turn in my cocoon to see Her eyes are shining in her crib It's a snow day she says to me Brothers are home let's get em Come on Boone and Shawnee Do you wanna build a snowman  Hurry let's do it she grabs a hand Boots gloves hats and coats go on Out the door so fast it's grand Look, momma, it's...Read On


The Moonshine

Let me tell you about the sun and my moon...

  The sun falls for you The moon falls for me It gets sad knowing The sun kisses you The moon knows the warmth The sun's presence beside you The cold it gives in her absence Knowing you'll wait for her coming Loving you is like going to the moon Knowing it's hard to breathe but Keeps going even without oxygen It's hard to breathe without you The sun rises for you The moon rises for me...Read On



But seriously. I miss you. But where are my presents?

today like every other day i failed i stumbled i faltered you see for most of the day I kept my mind busy dodging from task to task busy little worker bee doing those things that so often keep me from fully dreaming of you but then I remembered something missing gave my mind a chance to rest long enough to happen upon traces of you drifting through my mind always wisps of you...Read On


Another Year Has Passed

She came with flowers  On this lush and deep path There was a rain shower She had visions of the psychopath Her sister was murdered here Her body and soul in heaven She still cries many tears There's still no confession Every year on this date She brings flowers to the spot Her death was filled with hate Her body bled a lot The psychopath escaped From prison that night Her sister was...Read On



It's not so bad

It all seems silly now Where I once stood firm It's not a place at all It took this long to learn Perhaps with jaded perception I created an alternate state A place that withstood time And so I was never late Doesn't that sound great? But something happened I allowed myself to love I nurtured and protected Despite words said above I made so called friends And I let my love show I...Read On


PTSD Hurts Him

He sits and screams at night Visions consume his dreams Fighting with no light He remembers all the screams Death all around  Shells of bullets there Bodies on the ground Everybody saying prayers Fear is all that's felt Fighting all through the night Takes his canteen from his belt He's consumed with just fright He lived and most friends died During the Vietnam War Pain that makes him cry...Read On


What Is This

She awoke and was sleep walking Her and her American Girl doll What she saw was rather shocking There was blood dripping from the walls Whose blood was it she thought Her mom and dad alive in bed She was scared and distraught Perhaps she had hit her head Was this just her in a dream The blood perhaps not there Was it not really how it seemed This was probably just a nightmare She closed...Read On


Finding Love Again...

It always returns to find you...

Our hearts feel your pain, yours is filled with regret Their corrosive words, tried their best to beset. Duplicitous ways, easily got you down More effort’s needed, for a smile than frown. Don’t give up my friend, don’t let yourself cower Too many turn sweet, into undeserved sour. You will love again, so be patient and wait It comes by surprise, so leave open your gate. Your words now...Read On


Heart-Shaped Pendulum

  Heart-Shaped Pendulum                 There is so much in my mind right now, but the most conflicting part would be the memories, I guess. The memories of us. It cuts my heart, but at the same time, it warms my soul. I know I will remember every second of you for as long as I breathe. The two-year long relationship we share will be forever burnt into my brain, like a heart-shaped...Read On


Peter Pan

His writings take me to Neverland...

He is Peter Pan, visiting at night. Generously sharing magical time, Smiles with his beautiful stories, Laughter with his naughty poems, Tears with his soulful sonnets. He is a multi-talented artist. Gifted in his own chosen craft, His powerful voice for singing, His talented feet for dancing, His acting prowess on stage   He is intellectual, sweet and Kind, taking me to Neverland, Letting...Read On


Cherish every moment

Friendship is a precious gift..

Friendship is not just about good times It is about walking in and sitting down As others walk out. It doesn’t focus on past choices or mistakes As they shall never over shadow the good memories we continue to share. It’s about being there supporting one another helping to fight battles aiding in achieving goals being by one another’s side when sight of your own strengths are...Read On



A betrayal that leads one man upon a journey of forgiveness to a special place!

The story you are about to read contains mature content that some may find offensive. By choosing to read this piece, you agree that you are 18 or older and do not object to this content.    I wonder often, what do you all think of me To suffer in pain, many would agree I have fought back tears, crying for endless days Looking out into the wonder, as I sit and gaze All those words...Read On



Wishing someone was near

Wish you were with me this sleepless night.  Wish I knew what you thought in dawn's light.  Wish I was in your arms that held me so tight  Wish I can honestly believe we will be alright.  Wish you were not gone so far out of my sight.  Wish I knew if I still bring you so much delight.  Wish I send above to the stars shining bright.  Wish we were dancing under the pale moonlight.  Wish to be...Read On



  Misery     The cold minty breeze of the night Helps me cease the tension I feel in my mind The light that’s coming from the moonlight Keeps my soul calm throughout the night.   The empty feeling that lingers in my heart Is slowly ripping my refuge apart It seems like I always wanted to do was cry But I can’t help my soul no matter how I try.   These kind of feelings...Read On


The Portrait

Your face is like a portrait, hanging on my wall!

Your face is captured like a painting Hanging upon my wall To admire the true beauty you possess That stole my beating heart Each vivid color seeps into others Creating a new design of wondrous expression Brushstrokes that wash across your soft pink skin Eyes that draw you in, no matter where you stand Those sweet ruby lips so finely drawn Glistening of the soft kisses we once enjoyed...Read On


One Girl Army

I'm a one girl army, marching around. I'm trolling for memories, That girl's nothing but a ghost anymore. I can feel the truth coming- I have to kill everyone that I know. So time will march my memories backwards. I'm a one girl army, gun in my grip. My knees shake as my mind races- I invite my little self to come with me. I show her all my guns and ammo and tell her That we're safe....Read On


Sweet Goodbyes

A short poem about saying goodbye to a pet, whose been a big part of your life.

I cried that day, as you passed away In my arms, where you did lay The warmth of your body, on those long cold nights The feel of your love, as we cuddled up tight You were my love, my hope, always there for me And I was there for you when you'd want me to be That sadness in your eyes, as you close them tight I whisper to you, your final goodnight Hugs, words, nothing will ease this pain...Read On