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Young Adult

The focus of young adult fiction is primarily on a protagonist aged between twelve and sixteen rather than an adult. The main character faces the usual challenges consistent with their age group; emotions, first love, peer pressure, divorce and family relationships. Stories can cover the entire range of fiction genres.


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part XIX

The Chirstmas season is coming up, and Claudia missing her family.

Entry XXV – Today I have found myself in a difficult state of mind. Of course, I will not lie and write as though I do not know what is causing my sorrow. For I know full well what. It began earlier this morning when Mr. Vukan informed me that the faculty of Saint Ansgar Priory would be observing the 12 days of leisure, in celebration of the Christmas season. Apparently, from the 13 th ...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part XVIII

Entry XXIV – Lately, I have been focusing almost all of my energies on English studies, and have made some steady progress. I can now hold a very basic conversation with a natural English speaker, which is much to my delight. English history and culture have been easier to comprehend than the language, but in time I am sure I will master all of it. I cannot write this entry without...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part XV

Claudia and the Prior make amends.

Entry XXI – My living quarters have become a little dusty since we left for Sigtuna, and it seems Sister Agnes has continued to make her rounds despite my absence. There are a few things that are not where I left them, but that does not bother me. When we gathered up our things and set off for Saint Ansgar Priory, the Prior was yet again quiet, and again he would not look at me. It...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part XIV

Claudia thinks of her future marriage to Henry Beauclerc.

Entry XX – Throughout much of the morning hours, my clustered thoughts have left me wondering what exactly my wedding to Henry Beauclerc will be like. If I may write honestly, I do not know where these thoughts have come from. Perhaps it is the light of the morning sun, rising into the cloudless blue sky. I have not seen the sun in a few days, and its warmth has romanticized my mind. ...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part XII

Claudia and the Prior have a quick chat.

Entry XVII – I had a dream last night. A beautiful one, indeed. When I awoke, I did not want to rise, for I truly believed what I had experienced was real. It may seem strange, but in the dream, I was lost in the forest, and I very much enjoyed the wandering. The trees and ground were thick with freshly fallen snow, and the sun was high in the sky on a cloudless midday. My senses...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part X

Claudia and the Prior explore the village of Sigtuna.

Entry XIV – We arrived in Sigtuna early this morning, shortly before the sun rose above the horizon. However, I was unable to see the sun at all throughout the day, as the clouds were a thick gray and barely let any of its rays pass through. Nevertheless, Prior Anders was not at all discouraged by the weather. In fact, he seemed to admire the gloom. He would stare into the pine...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part IX

Claudia finds herself in a state of fury.

Entry XII – My father's letter has left me flabbergasted. Not because of the blatant lack of interest in my well-being, nor the obvious rush he has placed upon the political excuses as to why I am here. But it is the logic of sending me to Sweden when there is a goddamned University in England! Why did he not send me there?! Would I not learn faster if I had been sent to England to...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part VIII

Claudia receives an important letter.

Entry X – It will be difficult to attend my lectures without thinking over what happened yesterday. Even so early in the morning, my mind is flooded with the conversation I held with the Prior, and what I had read in that book from the library. How am I to focus on the lecturers if my thoughts are elsewhere? Should I skip them as I did yesterday? What is truly important; my studies or...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part V

Claudia's first day at the Priory

Entry V – The dawning is quite beautiful here in Sweden. The sky is caressed by the warm rays of the approaching sun, as the fresh snow glimmers with its reflection. After taking a short stroll through the winter forest just beyond the Priory grounds, I have stopped to sit and write this entry. It is truly isolated here, away from the hustle of the city back home. Not the bad kind...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part IV

Claudia meets with the Prior for the first time.

Entry IV – I find myself in a much better frame of mind than I had when I was initially with Sister Agnes. The Prior is a very kind man, one with exceptional knowledge and an unquestionable thirst for Divine Truth. He is a simple man, who enjoys reading a multitude of subjects, not just religion. Which I must say, I find very odd for a man who has dedicated himself to God. His...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part III

Claudia has reached Saint Ansgar Priory

Entry III – I need to write this quickly, as Sister Agnes has given me a few minutes to settle in before I meet the Prior ― a situation in which I am no longer sanguine. I was in a state of disbelief the moment I arrived at the Priory. When I stepped out of the carriage, I stopped and gazed up at the substantial structure that was before me. The church tower alone could scrape the...Read On


The Case Of The Black Falcon

Another Jack Vine story; or the start anyways.

The Case Of The BlackFalcon “Morning Rocci; what’s up?” It was a Monday and I had been in the office for only an hour when the D.A. called. Rocci and me, I should mention, go way back to when we were kids. Now I have a detective agency and Rocci works for the city courts. Go figure. “Got an unusual case for you if you’re interested,” Rocci replied. “It’s a probable abduction with...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part II

Claudia writes of her experience at the inn.

Entry II — I am writing this early in the morning as I wait for the coachman to make his final travel preparations. One more day and I will have reached my destination, and I pray it will be better than what I have experienced thus far. The previous night has been . . . Well, perhaps I should start from the beginning. We arrived at the inn just after nightfall. It was nothing but luck,...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part I

A young woman travels to a foreign land in pursuit of an education.

Entry I —   I am not exactly sure where to begin, with the utmost honesty. This idea of writing at least once a day is a foreign concept to me. Although it is appropriate, given I am now, officially, in a foreign land. Just as dawn made its approach this morning, I arrived at the port of a village by the name of Sigtuna. Upon taking my first step onto the Kingdom of Sweden, I...Read On


A Starry Eyed Wedding

The sun was setting, with orange-gold hues reflecting off the bay, a romantic backdrop of scenery, clearly seen through the glass wall that spanned the back of the house. The glow illuminated the spacious room with a high-rise ceiling where light blue sheer lace curtains flowed down from the rafters offsetting the light from the sun. Two to three rows of chairs lined the edge of the room,...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 34

Marcia clashes with Franci before summer school ends.

Marcia had a sinking feeling as she left the headmaster's office. She knew that the prank against Daria was not the end of the rivalry between Franci and her. There would be at least one more showdown between the girls, only one would emerge victoriously , and the other would fade into obscurity. Marcia knew that she might have help from her spirit friends to take care of Franci, but...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 33

Daria gets pranked and Polina survived the poison.

Polina woke in an unfamiliar place with small lights and a few empty beds. The headmaster sat next to her bed dozing quietly with one of his hands resting on her blanket. She sat up abruptly and woke the man startlingly. "Welcome back Polina, how are you feeling. Glad to see you are healthy again," Gustaf told her. "Uhm, what happened, all I remember is eating dinner. Now I am here in what...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 32

Marcia has spirit troubles and other poisonings rattle her.

While Klaus and Marcia looked at the boat, Kathy and the headmaster talked. "It seems our young woman is more sensitive to the spirits than we initially thought. We will have to monitor her more closely to protect her from harm. You and Klaus have to train her more and quickly. We need to ascertain her capabilities but also her vulnerabilities," the headmaster told Kathy. Kathy nodded with...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 31

Franci scares Marcia. Daria proves to be dangerous still.

Daria and Franci sat at their table waiting for class to begin. The missing partner did not seem to bother either girl as they chatted. The girls chatted loudly about how sad it was that the poison only made the girl sick, but did no harm. Daria kept looking at Marcia after her group came back from meeting with the headmaster. Daria's face registered disdain for Marcia as her mind thought...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 30

Marcia is troubled by Franci and spirits take hold of her. Daria starts her revenge against Marcia.

Marcia spent the night tossing in bed wrapped in the covers getting no sleep. The discovery of Franci practicing with a bayonet sword weighed heavily on her mind. The implied threat of bodily harm felt as if things never changed from New Jersey. Her dreams went from Franci to Franci's roommate Chantel, who threatened Marcia. Her dream leapt back in time to the confrontation with Sarah...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 29

Marcia finds a refuge when things are bad, but meets her nemesis there too.

As Marcia slept curled up in a protective ball, dreams invaded her mind and caused her to moan and cry. Kathy stood at the door watching and listening to her wishing that the spirits would leave Marcia alone. Suddenly, Marcia unfolded her body and lay flat on the bed arms tight against her side as if standing at attention. She started to talk as if she were a soldier reporting to a...Read On

Recommended Read

Enchanted Mirror

I'm what you face, when you face in the mirror. Long as you live I will still be here. ~Confrontion

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, a crack in the corner, likely to fall. All the distorted voices, hear my call. Take up arms we rise at nightfall. Abrupt fright woke Madge, another nightmare, another dream in which all her dreams disappeared. The howling wind rustling through the trees outside did nothing to ease her fears, as she lay awake. She was burning up, but the cold sweats made her...Read On


DeEvolution_Chapter 2

It was then we knew the price to be paid for the cure

Chapter 2 Phoenix The next morning I awoke to a thumping noise coming down the hallway. I groaned heavily. It was Saturday morning, what else would I expect? The thumping got louder as if she was deliberately trying to wake me. Saturn and her Wushu training. She had taken up the art form since we were ten years of age. I guess it was just something for her to do. She’s very good...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 28

Marcia feels the weight of her abilities on her shoulders from paranormal things on the island.

When the three girls were ready, they left the barracks and walked to the dining hall entrance. They joined a group of their classmates, who waited, chatting about the night before and sleeping in the barracks. The comment most uttered was that it was like having a giant sleepover with the whole class. Everyone seemed excited about continuing this for another six weeks and that it would be...Read On



And then we knew the price to be payed for the cure

A story that I have been working on for quite a while that is very dear to me and I want to be able to make it the best that it can be. Prologue I pushed a strand of hair behind my ear, my fingers shaking from not fear but realization. It all made sense now. A familiar hand, that of which might as well been my very own gently intertwined his into my own. A gentle tingle of electricity...Read On



Chapter 1 It was a foggy Christmas Eve. I was so busy packing a bag that I didn't hear the front door open. I looked around my room trying to decide what I was going to wear. I saw a pair of jeans lying in the corner. I quickly threw them on along with a sweatshirt. I went back to zip up my bags. As I was zipping it up, I felt a hand on the back of my neck. As I started to turn around, I felt...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 27

Marcia meets an ally to help her with the strange happenings.

All the students returned to the barracks after taking some valued free time. Marcia sat on her bed facing Naomi and Polina, who listened to the chatter of their classmates. The level of excitement and curiosity was high because of the packets they received before dinner. Marcia listened but felt remotely distant from all of it, lost in her world. Her mind puzzled over the two things...Read On


Slipping Sideways: Chapter 2

Roger Parsons is dragged into a web of lies and secrets that all lead back to his sister's suicide.

I called 911. When they arrived, they told me she was dead. They took the body away. After asking where my parents were, they made me call my best friend's mom, telling her to stay with me until my parents got off their flight. Then they left. Mrs. Crothers had arrived quickly and now sat in the living room uncertainly. The silence was unfriendly. The walls seemed to press inwards, trapping...Read On


Slipping Sideways: Chapter 1

Roger Parsons is dragged into a web of lies and secrets that all lead back to his sister's suicide.

"We'll be back in a few hours. Don't call us – we'll be on the plane." I nodded and rubbed the back of my neck, the phone pressing uncomfortably against my ear. "Okay, Mom." "Can I talk to Caroline?" I looked over at my sister. She was curled up in a ball of gray sweats, only her tear-streaked face peeking out. I raised my eyebrows in a silent question and she shook her head slightly. I...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 26

The girls choose their beds. Marcia feels a great weight on her mind and body.

Marcia and Naomi joined their classmates up on the open deck of the ferry. There was a steady wind coming off the lake, which cut through their clothes. To beat the wind the girls walked around the deck chatting and playing a game of tag. The headmaster watched the girls, smiling at how easily the varied group members fit together. With all the different races and upbringing, these girls formed...Read On