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my lesbian lover - I

about the wild-ish black-and-white tuxedo rescue cat sequestered in my room
she waits, as instructed,

behind the door

in white tie and tails

I hear her calling

entering, I sweep her

up and into my arms

she nestles her head

beneath my chin,

stretching every sinew,

touching me

everywhere she can reach

moaning, a little

searching out where I've been


and when she suspects a rival


eshewing all table manners

we fall to the bed

fierce hunters, brought to ground

to sort it

and surrendering

she turns her head

exposing her throat

at once vulnerable and demanding

I take the hint

run my fingers over that stretch of jaw

stroke the gentle arabesque

so strong it may shatter

with the force of all this love

trace the auricle with my lips

and tug on her ear

she likes this

impatient with the molecule between us

she would tear off her tux, popping studs

if allowed

instead I brush

her black-silk hairs from my face

while she purrs

- kmf (RedSonja, aka RunswithScissors)

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Posted 30 Apr 2013 06:48
Every cat lover will get this and love it. Well crafted, Karla.

Oh and thank you for reminding me about the forum post I need to do on punctuation in poetry, Brian. I will have it up within a day or two.
Posted 30 Apr 2013 03:38
Mornin K. I'm curious to why you did it like this? No puncts. Is it one long preamble or a thought? The writing content is perfect,IMO. Anyone who's ever had a loving cat, will get this, but without the puncts it kinda took me out of it a little. Whilst reading it, I kept wondering where the commas were, the periods and the capitals? Do you see what I'm getting at? Instead of musing about your good content, I was musing on your lack of puncts? For the content as a whole and the way you wrote it I give you a 9, it woulda been a 10, but for the lack of puncts. In My Opinion, this is. You may know something about this that I don't. I look forward to you getting back to me on this. All good writing instills knowledge, respect, and love of a certain writer's style, to us as readers, and this is no exception. Resp, Bri.
Posted 28 Apr 2013 17:36
Thanks, fellas. She's waiting for a loving forever-home . . . and definitely leads with her heart. Was considering using the piece for an on-line advert, but thought it might bring the wrong sort of attention (:
If you didn't know it was about a cat . . .
Posted 28 Apr 2013 15:13
Although I normally eschew poetry I read this to gauge your writing.
I found it delightful and reminds me of my own feline lover.
Posted 28 Apr 2013 14:43
Ah, one does miss the little ones when they are gone. Such a memory stirrer this is. Loving and bright. It makes one's heart glow.

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