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Micro Fiction

As with our Flash Fiction category, the aim of micro fiction is to tell a complete story within a limited number of words. Where Flash Fiction generally ranges from 100 to 1000 words, Micro Fiction submissions should be under 100 words and can cover any of the fiction genres.



When she awoke she was alone.



Same Thing, Isn’t It?

Humorously found in translation...

My daughter recently ran off a playful string of inarticulate sounds and noises, and then asked me if she had said anything. Did what she just say have any meaning? I informed no, and said it was just gibberish. “British?” she proudly queried. “I can speak British?” “No,” I corrected. “You spoke nonsense. Gobbledegook. Gibberish.” She devilishly grinned, “Same thing, isn’t it?” I’ve got...Read On



One day a few words came together with the intention of knowing which was the best. But one of them questioned the question because each word has a peculiar resonance. And each resonance activates in the brain the light that illuminates thought. But in order for this to happen, it is necessary that several lights be lit consecutively, forming a prayer. It is necessary for the words to walk...Read On

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Honky Tonk Bar

We can dance if we want to



The Death of G-Man, Say it Isn't So

I wasn't raging my attire was making me cranky. The Glad lady shows poor manners and tries to undo my dress or so I thought. What is she doing? Through the haze that lingers in the air, I see my beloved fall to the floor. This can't be the end! "Sergeant do something! Zip up, do your job, call for help and arrest her." I continue to sob and not rage. But miracles do happen. I see my...Read On



A man has to do, what a man has to do.

It's hot out. The sun was blazing. Not ten minutes into the journey and it broke down. Now I'm on foot. Sweat dripped from my forehead. Cars passed me by. They honked and waved. Do they stop and help? Oh No, they just drove by. Some laughed at my situation. I had to press on regardless. She had to have it. So I got it for her. Now I'm stuck. The journey must be completed. A...Read On



The wires screeched in protest as the strain on them pushed them towards their limit

The wires screeched in protest as the strain pushed them towards their limit. There was nothing she could do but cover her ears and wait as the unbearable cacophony built to a terrifying crescendo and then... it happened! The strain on the wires became too much and with a fearsome twang the first one failed and whipped back, released from its torment. She waited, the silence deafening,...Read On


Death Of A Garbage Man, Or Is It?

It happened at Rump's Bar one Friday night...

Only looking for bar-found cuddles, I now clutched my throat. I’ve been shot! Reaching to plug my wound, I felt a pointy stick protruding from my juggler vein. “Oh Lord, why?” I gurgled to the heavens. “I’ll never again perform in the world-renowned, Garbage Man Circus!” Dizzy and weak, I dropped to my knees. Gill’s crying. Recycle Man’s recycling. Compost Boy's composting. Orange Bag...Read On


Pretty Feet

It's never too late for some things



Never Trust a Barkeep- Bag Lady, G-man And Brolly Dolly’s Friday Night Continues...

Is the Landlord of this filthy establishment all he seems?

Acting on impulse; farting to temporarily stun the Sargent, I pluck a cocktail umbrella from the raging woman’s dress. Impromptu dart blowing weapon fashioned with the pink straw. My jaw set as I look for my target.  I only came to pay homage to the fashionista of my dreams and Rumple is the only one who knows the truth. The bloody snake! He hit on me, showing off Coma and...Read On


Cocktail Umbrellas and Garbage Bags, Fashion Empire

Glad lady, inspector, a blond southern belle, no one can stop me from exacting my revenge. Over intense fiery thoughts I hear a yell. "Gill it's him" It's Recycling Man our arch nemesis. G-man and I built a completely green fashion house. Dumpster diving, scavenging for materials had led us to design our "green" creations. Recycling man and Compost Man hated us. They sued...Read On


The Garbage Man Tries To Save The Day

It happened at Rump's Bar one Friday night...

Chaos. I just wanted snuggles. Everyone knew, any garbage man worth his weight in refuse, was a cuddler. But something wasn’t right. I smelled it. Then, just like the silent, noxious plume Rump regularly shared with us from behind the bar, it hit me. That’s no fashion inspector. That’s my arch nemesis, Recycler Man, and his sidekick, Compost Boy. I’d recognize their disguised, odorless...Read On


The Inspector Debagged — Blonde Southern Belle Comes To The Rescue

Sergeant, what are you doing with that orange bag over your head?  I told you to cuff them, not muck about!, And ... O my god, that woman’s hardly got a stitch on — cover her up with a black bag someone — and as for you Cocktail Dress Lady, haven’t you got a home to go to? Hey, what’s going on? You, Blonde Southern Belle, stop fiddling with my belt this minute. O sh... my trousers, give...Read On


Inconsequential Garbage Man Nonsense For “Bags”



Cocktail Umbrellas and Garbage Bags, The Inspector Arrives

Looking closer, I realize who shambling man is. My ex, G, Garbageman. I should have known. He never could resist anything in polyethylene. I stand up, adjust my cocktail umbrella "dress", ready to confront that no good ex-garbageman. I'm about to grab his arm when I see the Glad lady has returned dressed in an orange bag. That was always our color. Ready to tell him what I think,...Read On


The Garbage Man Cometh... And So Too Did The Inspector

It happened at Rump's Bar one Friday night...

“Another drink, barkeep! No dust!” Rump giggled while mixing another. Bloody bugger’s up to something. My attention returns to my precious; she needs a low-density polyethylene changing. Luckily, the G-man always comes prepared. I handed her a larger, room-for-two orange bag, traditionally reserved for autumn foliage collections. It complimented her eyes. “You’ll find this more... comfy,”...Read On


The Government Inspector investigates Rump’s Bar

ALRIGHT, QUIET EVERYBODY! No one is to leave — and that means you three. Names please. Ahem, it has been drawn to our attention that there has recently been some highly irregular behaviour in this bar, and there will be prosecutions. Do you want me to spell them out? 1. Wearing of non-biodegradable plastic. 2. Abuse of cocktail party products. 3. Oral gestures of a forbidden nature. ...Read On


Garbage Man Meets Garbage Bag Lady Continues...

It happened at Rump's Bar one Friday night...

Poor dame was a hot, sweaty mess, like she's trying to make weight. I’d rung her bell, but she’d already lost the fight. Nerves even spilled her drink. Glad she dressed in low-density polyethylene. Snort. Chortle. Fart. She leered, like a jet. I bellowed, “Barkeep! A mop, if you please!” realizing I’d slipped in her saintly puddle of sin. “Names are inconsequential,” I hushed then...Read On


Cocktail Umbrellas and Garbage Bags

Head throbbing I open my eyes. "Why am I still in the bar?" I remember ordering a few non-virgin Hannahs. The table in front of me is covered in cocktail umbrellas. I look down aware that I am wearing an "outfit" made entirely of cocktail umbrellas. It gets worse. I notice the "exercise" pole has several umbrellas stuck to it. "Oh god, what happened?" I risk a furtive look around the...Read On


Garbage Bag Lady Meets Garbage Man

garbage bag lady’s response...

He was hot. In a sweaty way. Not that I could talk, I’d out perspired a horse in this ensemble hours ago.  “Who said I was nice?” I smirked, pulling an extra long neon pink straw from my French plait. His muddy eyes widened, mouth flapping semi seductively, trying to formulate an answer.  I tipped the appletini onto my plastic covered lap, hooking my ankles together to avoid spillage in...Read On


Garbage Man Meets Garbage Bag Lady

It happened at Rump's Bar one Friday night...

Rump’s was packed. Libations for everybody. Sanitation engineer by trade. She's dressed by Glad. Green. I needed to know. I had barkeep Rump send over an appletini. She glanced my way. I sashayed over, rocking shoulders with exuberant jazz hands. Sexy. Irresistable. I know. “Expecting rain?” I snorted the obvious opener, and then wiped the chortle-propelled mucus from my upper lip. ...Read On


Inhuman Beings

And they began to develop a strange faculty. They flew and flew for years hungry for new sources and new challenges. They created a new world, with new laws that later also changed. They annihilated their young and returned to the inhospitable places of the forest. They also learned to break the hard bark of the giant trees, in which tiny talking beings were hiding. They managed to...Read On


No Knickers!

It didn't make sense.

My head felt as heavy as an iron wrecking ball. The pounding was so loud that I could hardly hear the voices... Voices? I kept my eyes closed and tried to make sense of the babble. There was something about trending, about 'Tats,' something about my son and, even worse, about 'no knickers'! It didn't make sense. I've no children; I don't have any tattoos and what exactly is 'trending'? ...Read On


Making Friends

When a hung over morning feels like an intervention gone terribly wrong...

“G’day, Madam,” the knickers salesman grinned while tipping his bowler hat. Beside him buzzed the shoeless, garbage bag-wearing, Neighborhood Watch lady from across the street. “How the f… “ “Back door, Ma'am,” the salesman cheerfully informed. “Your son… “ “You’re trending, Mom,” heckled the thirty-year-old, basement-dwelling virgin, while he handed her his Hello Kitty smart phone. Her...Read On


Home Late! - The Next Day - A Sidebar

The next day on the inbound bus...

The next day I'm on the bus. Stumbling and muttering an obscenity, a woman attempts to get on the bus. She flopped on the bench. She looks like something the cat dragged in. That's when I recalled her. Looking at me she spoke, “Do I know you?” “No, but I saw you last night.” “Oh Gawd! What happened?” “You sang show tunes.” Grimacing, “Anything else?” “You pirouetted around...Read On



Oh for Pity's sake, what now!

PING!   I took the coffee from the microwave but it was still cold, I had forgotten to press the button. I put the cup back inside and pressed it. Funny though, I definitely heard a really annoying 'Ping.' I sat down again and waited. There it was again, that really annoying 'Ping' and yet the microwave was still humming. Damn it; it must be the doorbell. Well, whoever it is...Read On


Home Late! - A sidebar

The bus trip home became very entertaining...

I had just sat down on the bus when I heard loud giggling from the upper deck. Followed by someone strangling a cat. No, it was a Rodgers and Hammerstein tune. A boisterous female came from the staircase. The singing cat made an appearance. She was totally arseholed and naked! She ran out and hooked a lamp pole and twirled round. Streaking up the sidewalk, she stopped, bent over...Read On


Knickerless And Amnesiatic

Being well-connected and oblivious to causing annoyance, one can brighten just about anyone's day...

I embraced the text. I rushed over first thing and now stood on her front stoop, with finger on the bell. Her singing was strong, said he. The bourbon, much stronger. They fell, my double decker bird-dogger observed, as she staggered from the bus. Being a highly successful traveling knickers salesman, experience bespoke of the lady’s distress. A tidy sum's been made from...Read On


At home early.

I knew something had happened last night, something bad but I couldn't remember.

I sat at the kitchen table with my head in my hands. The pain was unbearable, the throbbing in my temples and the hissing in my ears. I knew something had happened last night, something bad but I couldn't remember what. I remembered the party, I even remembered leaving and heading for the bus stop but after that... nothing. The sound I heard next echoed through my aching head like a stab...Read On


I Do Not Understand

Part of the Home Late series, begun by AnnaMayZing

Please, my friend. I do not understand. Is this not the proper thing one does, my friend? The lady, she was up here and one does not wish to be rude, my friend. Yes? This is my first time in your country. I do not wish to offend, oh no. Never, my friend. Is this not the proper thing to do? I wished to be proper, my friend.  Yes, that is why I took off the vestments, my friend. Please,...Read On