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Micro Fiction

As with our Flash Fiction category, the aim of micro fiction is to tell a complete story within a limited number of words. Where Flash Fiction generally ranges from 100 to 1000 words, Micro Fiction submissions should be under 100 words and can cover any of the fiction genres.



It's worth the wait



When Next the Goldenrod Blooms

Seasons come, seasons go


Ugly Monsters, Chapter Four

I was flipping through the channels today and stopped on the old black and white show about a family of unusual and most unattractive family of monsters. I'm not sure if I can name it or not.   What I didn't know was that my feet would feel stuck in cement and that I was as scared as a jackrabbit. The main character, in all of his glorious ugliness, had reminded me of my own stepfather.  ...Read On


Love is a Poem

Surrealistic poetry or poetic surrealism




  The drunken, rejected Romeo suddenly sitting alone at the karaoke bar croons to his departing, forever, girlfriend. “Well, I gave you everything I had But you left me sitting on my own Did you have to treat me oh so bad? All I do is hang my head and moan. Tell me why…" The 'just finally had enough’ Juliet pauses on her way out of the bar and his life to give him a last, wistful...Read On


Come Lie With Me

The lady or the tiger



The Doll

What the heart desires the most...

His last stop before the flight going home as he opens the door to the toy shop. "Miss, can you assist me?" asking a sales clerk he saw on the dolls section. "How old is your daughter, Sir?" The sales clerk replied "She is special and loves a huggable life size baby doll." He replied The clerk gave him what he needs, After he is satisfied, he hugged the toy and paid for it. At home ...Read On


Winning The Prize

To be the one



Bucket List

Keep filling the bucket



Life Blooms in the Desert

Rising up on particles of light

An arts and crafts coatrack got hung on the wall today. It's been waiting for months.  Waterproof covers for exterior electrical outlets were purchased and installed yesterday. One more thing done. The day before some grocery shopping was completed. He felt up to eating again. An endobronchial ultrasound was performed on Wednesday. The results should be good. Little by little, more and...Read On


Choice is Yours

Life is all about choices.



The Break Of Dawn

The dawn is coming ...

The moon is full tonight. Black clouds gathering above as the cold winds blowing outside. Chill runs through my body. Warm hand caressing my back, inviting me to curl up. Gathering me in his arms for a warm kiss on my head and hold me tight. His black wings enfold me.  "The dawn is coming; I have to leave soon." With regrets in his voice. Trying my best not to break down and cry, I wrap...Read On


Behind The Clouds

You shouldn't go out...

"Come with me, My Love." "Where to my lover in the mist?" "To a place where no one will bother us." The moon is full, covered by the black clouds. Darkness envelops the lovers as they walk hand in hand going to the center of the forest. Where they kissed amidst the chilling winds blowing, carrying the smell of roses.  When suddenly he howls in pain as if he is breaking, crushing bones...Read On


Wrong Choice

Make a wrong choice. But be discreet.







They knew it was coming. Duty called them.....



He is human



The girl on the train

He got more than a kiss on the train to Berlin.




This is for you my lovely Godchild Kisses...

She is happy with the nature around her. Blooming flowers make her smile. She always loves to play, dancing, laying on the bed of flowers, hands, and feet up. It calms her to be on them. "Why are you always lying on the grass?" They asked her "It's comforting to be lying on them. I can smell the earth." She would reply They wouldn't say a word about it aloud, but they would think of her...Read On



It's good to be back at the barre




I drifted to sleep and into a familiar dream. I saw you holding a glass of wine and smiling at a beautiful woman. She was dressed simply yet she was breathtaking. Her eyes were vibrant and honest; her smiles were pure and genuine. She laughed with so much glee, talked with little inhibitions. She looked content and free. She was me. I woke up with a start. I stared at the mirror, at...Read On


Order and Chaos

Order is the semblance of understanding, like a sturdy ship upon which we sail precariously above the oceans of suppressed concerns. The steady sway of the ocean can appear as an alluring expanse of conquered space until at once, the unexpected dangers of our subconscious appear, like a subaqueous predator, transforming our reality into an entirely unknown terrain of terror. The structure...Read On


The Afternoon Off

Several times a month, Pete the village tailor would take the afternoon off work to meander through the streets and along the refreshing country trails. Today was one such day. Exiting the front gate of his small cottage home, Pete breathed in the fresh dawn air. The smell of field flowers and morning dew filled the breeze, creating the atmosphere of elation to which Pete always looked...Read On


The Approaching Disaster

It was precisely that which had been implemented to prevent the disaster which ultimately ensured it. The great minds of old, abandoned to dusty shelves and the weathered ways of some, shone beyond the populace. War to end war. Theft to end theft. Slaves to their desire, their noble goal distorted. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  ...Read On



He took a swig of the whiskey, hoping to dull the ache inside. The illusion that he moved on shattered, demolishing all pretenses he built over time. Like an avalanche, her memories flooded his mind and senses with a vengeance that could destroy his sanity. He felt her alive once again, remembering even the taste of her kisses and the throbbing of old wounds she caused. She was his...Read On



When fear must conquer....

He is thinking ... "Jump high..." "Free falling..." The voice in his head said. "Trust me" "Close your eyes" "Spread your arms" "Now jump!" Taking a deep breath as he follows the voice talking in his head. Taking the flange. The winds hauling from where he is standing. He jumps off from the top of the rocky cliff to the ranging sea below. Waves smashing to the big rocks. Floating...Read On


Rose Tint

"What are you doing?" She asked as his eyes scanned over her face. "Examining your flaws," he said. "What do you mean?" "They weren't there before."...Read On


Message in A Bottle

Being a kid, no one minds him as he collects wine bottles around the neighborhood. Every night, he carefully takes out a piece of paper and scribbles anything that comes to his mind. Sometimes a rhyme he learned from school. Sometimes a drawing. Most of the time, little stories his mom reads to him at night. At dusk each day, he runs to the shore and places the bottle on the hollow of a...Read On



The leprechaun sat by the tree in complete dismay, chained and cursed by his people. In their coming of age, leprechauns prove their worth to their kind by transforming stone into gold through mere touch. Each one is capable of doing it,  but the degree of purity varies. Those with purer feelings make the purest of gold. “I felt your touch, but your feelings are too strong and pure for...Read On


The River

My grandma and I sat on the bench, watching the river. I was eight, and she was almost eighty. “You see how still the river is, love?” she asked as she drew me close to her. “The deeper the river, the stiller it becomes.” I nodded. “Be like this river as you grow up. So deep, they will wonder and be drawn towards you. So still, you reflect all the beauty around you. So strong, you can...Read On