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What are coins?

Space Coins are a site-wide currency that can be used to put money into people's tip jars. You can then gift these coins again and again on the site or convert them into cash, site membership upgrades, or competition prizes.

They are a great way for members to be able to generate revenue from their work or site profiles. The site receives thousands of visitors every year, but your tip or story purchase can make a huge difference.

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How it works

Every time you buy a membership, you get some free coins to spend on the site. You can buy more at any time, it's easy, and you can spend them however you like.
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You can buy coins to tip your favourite authors on the site.
Get coins with upgrades
Whenever you upgrade your account you get coins to spend.
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So what are you waiting for, show your appreciation today.
What can you do with coins and who benefits from them?

You might just like someone's profile so decide to give them some Space Coins or perhaps give some to a friend. It's a flexible site currency so you decide.

Anyone can benefit from them, it is for anyone who wants to earn money from their work or members who want to tip authors.

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What else can I do with my coins?

You can tip authors on individual stories, or by purchasing exclusive content. If you have accumulated enough Space Coins, here are some ways that you can spend them or cash them in.
Upgrade your account
Convert your coins to a membership for yourself or a friend.
Withdraw as money
Cash out your hard-earned coins as money, and treat yourself.
Send Tips
Send tips to your favorite authors to help support their work.

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Our writers can now earn Space Coins from members as a reward for their hard work and creative talent. Coins can be converted into site benefits or cashed out to be spent however you see fit.

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