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Time. A valuable commodity to some. Not so much to others. You, for example. Clock-watching your work day. Each hour creeping by as if in a time warp. Rushing home for dinner. Spend time with the kids. Must get to bed because tomorrow is another day. Hump day. Payday. Weekends. Vacations. Doctor appointments. Taxes. All controlling your life through time. Me? I’m a retired empty-nester....Read On



My dreams are such visual treats, it's almost as if time suspends itself when I am asleep. My heartbeat slows as every night I slumber and wish that I was in a sleep time warp—one that might never end. I've been to the stretches of my imagination, most of which are pleasant.  My favorite are of the futurisitic kind and the travel dreams. I've been to glitzy places and the town where I grew...Read On



This reminiscent story was inspired by the forum thread, “What kind of car did you drive in high school?”   When I was a young lad in Texas, my dad made me work weekends and summers for his construction company. He used to “pay” me a dollar a day to help my uncle clean up job sites in the hot Texas sun. At the end of the week, he would deduct all my lunches and drinks. There were times...Read On


Lonely Country Byways

Alone once more as before and again.

Let's take a ride, little one, you think. Get in the car. We need to get out with our reflections rippling across the terrain, the vistas of the musing mind today. Today it's time to think.  As those thoughts have lived inside you for a lifetime, making your life less lonely, learning the landscape, living it along your highway to inevitable dissolubility. You knew a lot of people....Read On



Something terrible lay slumped in the corner of the room.

In retrospect John blamed the incident on his own suggestibility, and on the scrapbook. The previous owner, Henry Stode, considered himself to be a bit of an amateur historian, at least when it came to the house. He had inherited an overstuffed scrapbook from the previous owner, who had inherited it from another previous owner. The book was not organized in any way; it had originally been...Read On


Manet and Monet: Mastery and Mystery

If your sweetheart robs you and leaves you, do you crack up or find someone finer?

In Tidewater Virginia in July, 2017, Max Stewart unloaded from his SUV a nine-foot inflatable dinghy, then pumped it up by foot. With him were his cousin Sally Angland and her university friend Simon Grant. “What's this crazy trip about?” Max asked.   “As you know,” Sally said, “I'm publishing my book on Impressionist painters. It highlights Richard Vlass, a university professor and...Read On


In which I transition

The transition is almost complete. I can feel it. Soon I'll be adjusted to my new age. It's been a difficult three years. I fought against it. A good fight; but I've run out of weapons. I'm adjusting quickly to the occupying forces. Of elderly forces. Of lesser capacity and capabilities. Of accepting the fact that there are more memories in my past than are possible for me to create in...Read On


Between My Tootsies

"Send in a bier. There should be wheels. Oh! Never's here."   Ruling the day as I was hand delivered. With a carnation in my lapel, and a gin and tonic wishing me "bon voyage." My bones connected by piano wire like a skeleton in a laboratory. They lowered me down. Deep six. From the Captain's Chair of a Chevrolet. Masquerading as a Cadillac Escalade. "Where is the pipe organ and...Read On


Kindred Spirits, Distant Hearts. Chapter 32.

“And you, Untersturmführer, had better be damn sure that you have got your facts right..."

Tripoli. October 24 th , 1942   Katarina and Major Ritter waited patiently whilst Corporal Müller disappeared hurriedly through the door behind him. “Sir,” Katarina began, more thinking aloud than speaking to her superior officer directly. “Do you think that the men who attacked me could be saying that I broke into their house? They are lying if they did.” The Major...Read On


Inka Dinka Doo

In memories of " Inka Dinka Doo." When I wore knickers and Buster Brown shoes. Learned about Ponce de Leon in school and pledged allegiance to the flag. "For which it stands."  And at night, I brushed my teeth. Folded my knickers and read Treasure Island. As mom brushed her hair with a blue brush. Then I talked to God as mom tucked me in bed. And I recited my ABC's. Then she kissed me...Read On


Of Compliments and Women

In an earlier life, a woman once remarked to me that it was good to meet a man who was proud enough of his name to write it so others could read it. I don’t know if she was flirting or not but, as you can see, I remember her telling me this. Last Friday while being introduced to a woman, she shook my hand more firmly than I anticipated. Then she held my hand with both of hers and said, "Oh,...Read On


Unmeasured Behaviour

When experience overshadows blind enthusiasm...

“Buddy, what’s the rush?” After gleefully claiming that he’s grown yet again, for the umpteenth time in the past two weeks, we once again checked his height against his previous measurement on the family growth chart next to the fridge. “Nope. Still the same,” I advised my almost eleven-year-old son. “But Dad, I must have grown,” he whined with disbelief, “I’m going through puberty.” ...Read On


The Sling

The sling of God sent a star falling through endless space and time As we the people held on to gravity losing God's shine    By killing our own kind with words and lies spreading ink  On tablets of the fading Commandments But who among us think as we spin on our axis out of control  When the world thinks we are clowns   With a cell glued to our heads and a star falling    ...Read On


Scamp's Adventure 2: A Day on the Farm

What will the animals do today?




Granny said, "Don't cross the tracks. Because if you do, you will be late getting back for your supper. There's ghost in those woods, that talk to little boys and they play strings." But being inquisitive and like other little boys. I and my red wagon set out to Finley Woods. Accompanied by my beagle, Omar Khayyam and a bag of Red Hots. And a beeper on my belt. When I crossed the tracks,...Read On


A Wistful Longing




silent but for my breath and the sound of my heart beating



Eye See Her Sarcasm

My children’s annual medical examinations are always insightful...

The good doctor bent over with an oft-practiced, child-welcoming smile. “Good to see you again,” he said to my young daughter, punny obviously intended for both of us. “It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year.” Her feigned smile was overshadowed by her rude silence, a nose twitch, and a half-step back. The optometrist immediately stood up fearing that he had incurred a...Read On


Handsome Stranger

Chapter Two

I sighed loudly as I petted my cat, Mr. Whiskers. He was and is my best confidante, silent supporter of my dreams, known and unknown.  I knew him so well that I always knew what he was telling me and what his precious heart always wanted.  I had went out for coffee the night before. I became slightly flustered with a beautiful man that intrigued my soul. The depth of his blue eyes was...Read On

Recommended Read

Don't Look

His tear was red, and spattered as it landed.

Dad was at work. Mom was at the grocery store. Her sister Em was at a friend’s house. El sat on her bed, playing with her kitten, Shadow. El had a feather on a string, and tossed it out like a fishing line for Shadow to chase. Something sounded from outside the room. Shadow jumped off the bed at once, his attention no longer on the feather. He bolted out of the room and took a sharp turn...Read On


Words from papa

I'm scared Shaking in my boots What if they don't like me Or I'm not good enough I'm short Ways are strange to some Papa looked and smiled Touching my heart  As he said once more Be yourself  Stand tall and proud No matter what you do Someone will find fault See with your eyes Feel with your heart Listen to your music Follow the beat of your drum Touch each life you meet ...Read On


The Life and Times of Shyloh Sinclair

A woman's life is remembered

The line at the funeral parlor led out the front door, around the side, and down the street for three blocks and was composed primarily of men who had come to pay their respects. The civilian men wore a white shirt, dark jacket, dark pants, and a white name tag that read either First or Last . The military and ex-military wore their uniforms; they honored Shyloh with the same white name...Read On



Chapter One

The sun was harsh as it filtered through tired eyes. Every part of me was aching for sleep, for rest, for a new day.  Recently, my life had taken a complete turn. I could  handle most things that came my way unexpectedly.   My hand caressed the wall as I made my way to the kitchen. The noise from outside was strangely quiet, plus, I had so many secrets inside of me.  Who was the...Read On


Kindred Spirits, Distant Hearts. Chapter 31

She could feel her consciousness ebbing away...

Tripoli. October 23 rd 1942   Maria waited patiently on the ward for her sister and Rania to return. Having no idea whatsoever about where the little girl lived she was not concerned about the time passing. Instead she assisted Anneliese and Hanna and as they worked they chatted about what had passed since their time after leaving Benghazi. Since they had returned from their...Read On


Out Of The Blue

Out of the Blue

Where does imagination take wing, and where does common sense and reality fit in there? Does common sense come in at all when you write a fantasy or a love novel, or even a delightful tale of the supernatural realm. It’s quite baffled me! So here in is my story! What you take for granted, right in front of you can change in a heart beat! As it did that day for me! There I was driving to...Read On


Just A Glimpse

What's the harm in a little happiness

His picture is among a lot of images I store here on this site. His happy, furry face 'smiling' at me. One ear flipped up the way it often was. He was my Sparky boy. Just a glimpse is enough to make my eyes moist. What is it about the simple things that bring us such joy. The unquestioning love that our life-companions bring to us. Whether they are creatures with four legs or the actual...Read On


The Furnace

The furnace is hot but my soul is cold. And the bones of my spoken words are buried in tomes. Yellowed by time and cigarette smoke. Never to be read or purchased on new's stands. But ain't life great, when one can watch Homer Simpson and belch Bud Lite? Dipping chicken wings in homemade sins.   Now the leaves on my stone have turned to mulch, and a robin has laid a nest egg. But I have an...Read On


Wander Around The World

The more we want, the more it will become a burden to us at the end of the day.

 A young monk was supposed to wander around the world but, he postponed the departure date again and again. The abbot waited impatiently, ‘You’d supposed to start off six months ago. What’s stopping you?’ The very perturbed monk sighed, ‘It is a trial of a very long journey. I can’t imagine how many thousands of mountains and rivers I will have to go through. The climates, the clothes,...Read On



In the stillness of my solitude, echoes rain down on my library of buttons and tomes, as I dictate to a stenographer with ectoplasm charms, in stiletto shoes. Punching my ticket on the river Styx and I swimming in a tankard of rye, with a Will-o'-the-wisp. As the red tail fly kissed my lips. As whispering hover over my sleeping shadow. Laying me down to sleep as weepers creep. Weepers of...Read On


To Cherish Life

Such a brilliant choice