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She's Come Into Her Own

She found love, but also found her purpose in life!

She wiped a smudge off her porcelain cheek. Her husband clapped her shoulder. "You were supposed to stay out of it." "I would have if the witch hadn't sent that dragon!" The neighboring Queendom thought the death of her step-mother was an opening to invade, she thought ruefully. "The men are starting to get used to you leading from the front! Your small friends were a huge help." "The...Read On


The Finest Hand

I came the quickest way, across the glaur, when I was called, my heart almost clearing my body in my haste. Too soon, yet. The family is up-stairs, the ceiling weighted by them. I keep where they cannot tell my presence or its dread import. The Bible lies poised here, by guttering candle.  What cruelty: a month past the same Book lay joyous open on this same table. That day, heads canted...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 12 – Order of the Gauntlet

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

As Show-Down in Durban draws closer, JVZ attempts to gain advantage in the upcoming gauntlet race...

23rd of November – Season 2 The calm before the storm. This was a concept that Juan van Zonder was very familiar with as a man accustomed to the movements of the ocean. The ever-changing tides had actually taught him a lot about the world including how one needed to adapt to one's problems which come and go like waves. JVZ's latest problem wasn't one that he had alone: the gauntlet...Read On


Love Wins!

She enjoys a visit to the seaside

She sat on the beach watching her children playing in the surf.  She knew they were perfectly safe but also knew the dangers of the water all too well.  Her husband sat on the sand next to her, his arm around her shoulder comforting her and making her feel secure. "Do you ever miss it?" She looked a little wistfully as one of her sisters rose high in the water with her older daughter on...Read On


The Treasure Chest

It was a case of “love at second sight”.

Our “mamad” (a protected room in an apartment constructed with reinforced concrete to withstand anything but a direct impact from a conventional projectile) doubles as a TV room and contains bookshelves and a work niche. On the second shelf above the desk is a small chest reminiscent of a pirate’s treasure chest. It contains most of the coins I had in my pockets while traveling through...Read On


The Watered Down Version

Saying goodbye and moving on

In the watered down version of you, you are merely an acquaintance not the love from my youth. In this version, you are smaller with those thin hands that keep slipping through mine. And, yes, you still speak with a bit of a southern accent, but it’s not smooth or gentle. This voice does not grasp me at once wrapping me in the light that was you. Those sweetheart-baby doll-honey-sugar words...Read On


Checkin' In

Ya do what ya gotta do and thank the Lord for the time between

Leather clad knuckles rap the bar. Irish Jack grabs the whisky and pours a shot. "How ya be, Bill? Good week?" "Got those bastard Darcy boys, but they're thin shit for the miles rid. Need me some tender mercy tonight. Fanny free?" "Always for ya, Bill. Likes the way your Colt hangs, eh?" "Somethin' like that." Up the stairs, the door squeeks open. She's propped up on the bed, dressed in...Read On


Going to the Pictures Part one

Young delight brought to a wartime halt

At 1.00 am on the 6th May 1941 a German bomb made a direct hit on the Apollo Picture House, reducing it to rubble. On hearing the news, I, just turned seven, cried all that day. Not the Apollo, where my visions of life, truth, or fantasy, were just coming alive. It just couldn’t be. Not the Apollo, where ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’, had thrilled and delighted me, and I’d sung “Hi....Read On


Success Can Be Earned

He stopped to visit the old homestead.

He opened the door to his old hut. It had been years since he’d been here. He never could bring himself to sell it, even after his mother passed on. So much had happened since that one day. His name became famous throughout the land and opened so many opportunities. He made some mistakes, but he learned who he could trust and who he could not. He found himself successful beyond his dreams...Read On


Crossing Paths

Deep be her verdant green eyes. Wanderlust of dark withers. With a hymn of the silent night. In my dreams, dripping lust from the collarbone of the gothic moon. Beneath the willows crossing paths, like shadows of daffodils, blooming silence. Deep be her verdant green eyes of thimbles and stones. In rows of granite mahogany. As my dreams run backward. Listening to the crying.        ...Read On


The Canvas

Jacob calls me in the afternoons, around three to make sure I am out of bed. On this day, I am groggy, but I still answer. “Let’s go have a margarita at that Mexican place by the gallery tonight,” he says. “Not yet. OK?” “Oh, come now, Jane! They have great fajitas, killer salsa. Besides, margaritas are your fav!” “I’m not up for it. Not today,” “Have you been able to paint?” “No.” ...Read On


The Queen Mother

She planned well for the future.

The Queen Mother sat quietly as her daughter, the newly crowned monarch, presided over her first meeting of Parliament. She remembered her own first time, following the death of her husband the King. She knew her daughter was nervous, but also saw that she was doing well. She smiled to herself as she watched her daughter shut down one very conservative Lord with grace and tact, without...Read On


He Aches No More

The old man moved slowly but with surprising grace.

His joints ached, his vision wasn't great, and say nothing about his hearing because he won't hear you.  The stooped-over old man looked like a gnarled oak, but always had a smile for everyone.  Once there was a time he could have lived forever, barring an accident or a firewood shortage. He lived more within his memories than reality nowadays.  She re-appeared before him, as beautiful as...Read On


The Long Road Home. Chapter 26.

Katarina hugged her sister. “I'm sorry, Maria. I didn't mean to upset you. I...”

Neither Maria nor Katarina had any time to react before the office phone began to ring. Immediately, Katarina lifted the receiver. “Matron Langsdorff.” “Ah, Matron Langsdorff. This is Herr Frank's secretary. Please evacuate the hospital immediately. All the physically able patients must return to their units. Those who are not must be taken to the ambulances. All patient documentation must...Read On


La Fin De L'Affaire



Fuel Season 2: Episode 11 – Shadow of the Showdown

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

Blackcat Mathunzi makes a challenge as the upcoming pay-per-view begins to loom...

16th of November – Season 2 Blackcat Mathunzi wasn't one to mince words. When he'd pressed "send" on the  Formulary  post, he'd meant every word of it. Already, the comments section was blowing up with the fandom expressing their thoughts: " Is this dude for real!?"  "Doesn't he already know that he has a race at Show-Down?"  "Is he messing with us?"  " So I guess occultist...Read On



Do we ever stop dreaming, will the sun melt,  where does night go when the moon sleeps,  are there rainbows, when the clouds cry, do we ever stop dreaming, if the felt-tip dries?    ...Read On


One Disaster After Another

What else could go wrong this year!

This year, amid multiple tragedies such as the Corona pandemic, record-breaking hurricanes and tropical storms, and an outrageous election — the entire airline industry was grounded. No, it wasn’t COVID-19, although that played a role in the many struggles by that industry. Even the grounding of Boeing’s 737 fleet didn’t have the reach of this latest disaster. This came from a...Read On


Dark Razors

Self-inflicted dark splatter with a handle of mahogany. Straight from the quill of my Gothic literature, of memories and laughter when we were but razors. Now withering with rage on a shadow's stage of bones. A gruesome couple filtering the harmony of life. Bleeding the veins beneath the cloistered moonlight. Now the crimson clot thickens bringing with it the pain of memories and laughter....Read On


La Vie En Rose

Rita sees them coming, moving carefully through the Friday crowd. She waits till they reach their spot, then kills the booming juke. "Clear the floor!" she commands, quelling the protests with a glare till the two are standing alone. She punches up their song and the room fills with ghosts. Eyes only for themselves, they embrace and slowly dance. They were girls then, lovers when the...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 10 – Running the Gauntlet

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

As Glen attempts to quell the tension amongst the racers, Solo learns of a challenging new race...

9th of November – Season 2 When Solo Magubane arrived at the Fuel Speedway it was chaos – albeit, an organized chaos. It started outside with the very loud and vocal protesters singing their praise songs and continued right into the paddock with multiple arguments going on between half of the racers. Solo wondered if there was something in the air.  When Solo had made his grand...Read On


End Of The Line

As he pokes his nose into other people's business, will he end up regretting it?

The book on speaking Italian was of no interest to him, despite looking at it with apparent interest. He was in fact, surreptitiously looking through the shelves of books in the library at the computers where he had a good view of what people were looking at on the internet or just in general. Michael Booth was 62 years of age, and looked quite a few years older. He had grey, wavy hair, and...Read On



There isn't much a target needs to know

Tony Marconi's driver took a different route each morning. Today, they'd hit the garment district first, then back along the boulevard. Cocooned in the rear seat he raked his brindled crew cut trying to locate the source of a slight, but persistent, headache. At barely fifty, he was one of the most successful beasts alive in this jungle of steel and glass; the booze and girls and junk...Read On


Covered In Dust

Now but memories covered in dust. The little red wagon of bygone years. That traveled many miles over concrete cracks. Now but memories covered in rust. But the hurt lingers, of shadows and broken wheels. As my baby sister smiles with her decay and empty eye sockets. Beyond the grave of stone and earth tones where angels fast until spring. Now but memories covered in dust. Just a moment away...Read On


Gonna Be Such Easy Money



They Call the Wind Maria

Swee' tea, sweetie?

"Swee' tea, sweetie?" Maria looked up, nodded, and smiled. Laurie refilled her glass from the pitcher, replaced it on the table, and sat down in the rocker beside her on the porch. There was a soft breeze rustling the turning foliage of the trees scattered across the landscape. "Is that one of your children playing in the leaves today, Maria?" referring to the zephyr moving about...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 9 – Mister Monday Night

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

Playing reserve once again, Styles decides to make the most of it while weighing in on the rebellion

2nd of November – Season 2 "What do you mean you support us both equally?" "What do you want me to say? I consider both you and the King friends. Why should I pick between you?" "Because we're in the middle of a motorsports cold war." Mandla Xulu certainly had a thing for the dramatic. But when you were the son of the Deputy Mayor and had been embroiled in politics since puberty, it...Read On


The Legend Of Arthur Abbott

How many of your legends are actually true?

“Your parents are crazy.  Did they really tell you that?”  Patricia said and laughed at her best friend. “Yes,” Amy said. She felt defensive at her friend’s mocking attitude.  “Come on. You expect me to believe that your parents made up a whole person to make you and your brother behave?”  Amy shook her head and thought, not for the first time, she wished she hadn’t told Patricia. They...Read On


“I think that’s enough for tonight, Nobuo.” The young boy’s father had stood in the doorway for thirty minutes, moved by his son’s unwavering focus and diligence. He knew he would have continued through the night if he was allowed. “Just one more, daddy,” he responded, his tone respectful but determined. Nobuo turned his head to give an almost pleading look; his father simply nodded.  ...Read On

As We Were

A long road is ten years

Ten years. Yes, almost exactly. Biking to school I, all big-mouthed and cocky, sped past her on my racing bike, grasping at her jet-black plait. Me, away laughing. At fifteen, a tinge of jealousy when she held hands with Norman? I would vehemently deny that. Then those birthday parties. All joking and kissing games. Our first kiss was at one of those parties. Just a game, wasn’t it?...Read On