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Escaping the Concrete Jungle

My monochrome life. Shrill beeps are always the first sounds my ears hear, followed by an illogical frenzy to get ready to meet another shades-of-grey day. Toes painfully cramped in their black shoe cages pound the cold, grey concrete. A darker grey building towers over me reminding me of my smallness. Once inside, banker clones brush past me in their dark suits, cramming into every...Read On



The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result so maybe I am insane for no matter how I protest my innocence I am still going on trial, and my trial begins today. Insanity is the state of being seriously mentally ill, it can be described as extreme foolishness or irrationality but no matter what description or definition can be given,...Read On



Tamika is about to be murdered

Tamika escaped into the night and collapsed down next to the aging tombstone. Her heart pounded painfully in her chest, and her labored breathing once again became audible. She knew that she was now living on borrowed time, and soon the machete at her mother’s hand would come back to finish the job. In the kitchen, before she had fled the house, the metal had slapped and stung her face, and...Read On


The Package

'I am finally gonna get to come out your way.' Paul smiled as the words appeared on his computer screen, still, even though he liked what he read, he didn't quite believe the words and it would take a moment or two for him to adapt to the statement as being something of fact and not an empty promise or a promise that may not come to be, but this was something which was actually going to...Read On


The Impossible Chess Game

An asylum patient wants to play chess with a master.

As the guard led me to the patient’s room, I had the odd sensation that the walls of the corridor were being sucked up into my brain through my eyeballs. I wondered if I moved close enough to the guard if my brain would swallow him up, too. The guard stopped. “This is his room. He is ready for you.” He unlocked the heavy metal door and pushed it open. I nodded and smiled to the guard,...Read On


Party Time

So Greg had gone. Finally.  Cindy had seen him off at the station that afternoon.  This had been coming so long it was almost a relief it was over. He looked happy as he leaned out of the window of the train as it pulled off, a smile on his face. He was clearly excited by it all, a huge tour around Europe, and who knew where else, with no end date. Lucky boy, thought Cindy, we'd all like...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 26 – The Black Tantrum

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

Stevie finds herself in the cross-hairs of the hot-headed newest racer in the series: Temper Kunene

19th of April – Season 2 Themba 'Temper' Kunene had never expected his life to turn out the way it had. As a forty-five-year-old man, the last thing he ever expected was to get a shot at living his dream as an open-wheel racer. But if his ex-wife could reclaim her career, then why couldn't he? It was just a cruel twist of fate that they'd do it at the same place. Currently, Temper...Read On


The Date

Chris can't wait to ditch the work outing and go on his hot date

I’m all peopled out. The mental staples holding up the corners of my mouth are losing their grip, and the disc spinning out my laugh, my positive affirmations and my platitudes, is now worn and splintered. I had somehow got swept up in this wave that pulsed around the office in the afternoon. A leaving get-together for Tanya in contracts. I knew Tanya, she was nice. No reason to not wish...Read On



Sunday evening, the lost, pale fragments of Saturday night.  This is the place where excitements go to die, last night’s adrenalin rush of a mirror ball cascading its light, the overplayed enthusiasm of a spontaneous, drunken moment in the middle of a high street, a vision of a momentary lover, who fell through the gaps of nowhere, sometime in the early hours.  You come here on a Sunday...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 25 – The Lady in Gold

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

With a big time title race coming up, the Duchess of Drag goes all out to outshine her opponents...

12th of April – Season 2 Penny Potgieter was not new to being the center of attention. As a teenager, she'd done some modeling with some mild success. In fact, her mother had high hopes that she could make good money from that even as a side job but Penny had passed. While she liked the idea of wearing an endless selection of clothes, she didn't like the objectification factor of...Read On


Goodbye To Greg

“Blonde but not forgotten. That sums her up in a way. Yes, I knew Cindy George. We all did. It was hard to miss her if you went in the bars round town in those days. It was like she saw it all as her playground, a stage on which she could dance and preen and strut her way through life. I need hardly say that this isn’t the story of her life. It’s the story of a short period in her life,...Read On



Greg and Sam had never met prior to the day they accidentally collided with each other. There had been no malice, intent, or even any real force in the collision but for something which had been so accidental, it had been enough to knock both men off their feet. Sam felt quite woozy, but he did, however, manage to get up quite quickly while quite oddly there was absolutely no movement at...Read On


The Little Pianist

There's more than one way to skin a dictator

  The rain outside only made her isolation more draconian.  She had been placed under house arrest by her country’s vicious dictator, Klaus Heinrich, after she had attempted to pass military secrets to the enemy.  Her homeland had been at war for four years with neighboring Mueslichstan.  She had watched as their leader had imprisoned and murdered thousands of her fellow citizens.  She had...Read On



The first time I saw her, she was crying while sitting on a wooden bench by the brick work entrance to the local town park. Being as large as it is, the park has five points of entry, the largest of which is that brick work entrance, also known as the Village entrance, as it is the closest the park comes to the town village. Ten feet to her left stood an old-fashioned streetlamp no taller...Read On


Grows Deeper

The dark grows deeper. Resembling black tea under the shadows of negativity. The water is stained life. Decaying with a bitter harvest. Standing on the brink of mortality. I don't have wings, listening to preachers cry. Drowning in life's symphony. Just add water and drink. Storing the rest in fatal black with faded-out tattoos.     ...Read On


Walking with Elephants

Can Anna find new meaning to life in the African savanna?

As I walk through the front door, a cold, empty home greets me. I plop down on the couch and frown, realizing I never really liked this couch—just an uncomfortable reminder of yet another thing I did for him. My tears finally stream down my face. I am lost - unsure of my purpose now. No idea which direction to turn. All I know is I need a way to take my mind off him. But everything in this...Read On


Back In Time

What once was ... will again be ...

Baby… Oh, baby… My sweet baby… You’re the one… To understand the way forward, the road to the future, one must go back in time… It can be said that love can sometimes be strange as it can also be said that love is eternal though what can be stranger or more strange than anything ever associated with love is to be caught in a loop with a part to play to keep love in order, for one...Read On


The Long Road Home. Chapter 30

“Shut your mouth!” he snarled. “Open it again and it'll be the last thing you do!”

Chemnitz, February 14 th, 1945   Maria lay on her back, the weight of her assailant pushing her against the stack of rolled canvases. From the vicious slap he had delivered, her cheek stung. A small drop of blood dripped from his lip and splashed onto her face. Why was he doing this? She had done nothing to him, not encouraged him nor upset him. One by one, he released...Read On


In Tongue

Characters I have known in their borderline shady with an overcoat made of ink   covering insecurities with tattoos   and stale beer flat-lined overnight   with a rusted old Harley   and a stick of beef jerky   watching reruns of the Price Is Right   chasing shadows of I Love Lucy   speaking in the tongue of Ernst T. Bass "I don't chew my cabbage but twice..."    ...Read On



“Don’t wait up for me,” mom said, slamming the door behind her before she could finish her sentence, her voice muffled from the other side. I sighed and grabbed the bag of popcorn from the microwave, the corners hot on my fingers. Muttering under my breath, I tore open the bag and upended it into a bowl, a waft of popcorny, buttery steam hitting me in the face. The movie started as I sat...Read On


Uncanny Maiden

A reporter who goes a little too far really should turn around and run...

When he pulled up his Honda Civic in the village, he noticed that there seemed to be an air of trepidation, of suspicion. It would not have surprised him if the locals were watching him from behind their curtains. Especially with him being a total stranger, and the first time he had ever been there, or been so far out of his area. As a reporter for the Lincoln Chronicle, he had been sent here...Read On


Festival of the Fall [S2] – A Fuel Story

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

It looks like it's a time for harvest and the F-X racers are here to reap anything they can sow.

21st of March – Season 2 Ruben Rothschild was a typical seventeen-year-old boy: fascinated by pretty girls, liked action movies and absolutely loved fast cars. That’s why he was so happy to have a Dad who was a reporter in the F-X Series. It’s too bad he was the worst of them. “Ruben,” said Wikus. “What’s on your mind, son?” They were currently making their way to the Festival...Read On


Hilltop Abduction

Rick and Martha drove up to the hilltop that they frequently used to go to in the days from when they were courting. It had usually been quite dark and mild on nights when they would have gone up there all those years ago as it also is on this particular evening. Yeah, it has been some time since they last came here. Recent reminiscing has brought about this special trip to a special place...Read On


Good Times Are Killing Me the good times are killing me taking trips down memory lane but it's time to let go  setting me free  of a broken heart and birds perched weeping as the good times are killing me...    ...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 24 – Fallout of the Festival

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

After losing the night before, the Koeks deal with the feeling of falling from grace...

5th of April – Season 2 Brenda Koek still couldn't believe what happened last night. They'd lost. They'd lost not just the relay race but their chance at regaining their titles... to that duo of basket cases. Blackcat Mathunzi and Fiona were still the reigning two-time Relay Baron and Baroness. After all the mind games, they had failed to overcome the spell-castors. Brenda...Read On


When What To My Wondering Eyes Should Appear?

Old Jim learns the true meaning of Christmas.

                You think Christmas is only for children? That's what old Jim Hadfield thought too and as he was to discover, it is simply a matter of never losing sight of what Christmas intrinsically means and what magic exists still, in those remote places holed-up between fantasy and reality, hope and disillusionment.   Jim dreamed - just like everyone else. He dreamed of bygone...Read On


How Does Your Garden Grow?

I took up gardening somewhat recently. The first reason being, we get such glorious summers where I live on the East Coast, and I decided that I wanted to spend more time outside. Where I am, the summers are long, hot, and dry. So long, in fact, that we don't really get an autumn until it's closer to winter. It's the same with spring. Getting out in the garden seemed to be the easiest way for...Read On


An Everlasting Dream

There is a certain vagueness, a feeling of ‘not being there’ that is heavily associated with dreaming, whether that be daydreaming or night-time dreaming or even with nightmares; you know that feeling, you’ve experienced it yourself. It comes more so in the waking moment than in the dream itself. You know you have had a dream and that it was only that, just a dream and nothing more. I...Read On


A Scent of

With a scent of Cognac, I see the shadow in your eyes of an admirer. Close your eyes and touch me. Let your fingers explore. Play my desires like a cello whispering intoxicating riddles. Hidden in the image of the moon's golden doubloon. Across coastal waters as nightingales swoon in life's bounty.     ...Read On


Castle Island

'Hey, you're home early,' speaks Pedro as he greets his beautiful fiancée with a brief kiss on the lips as she returns home. 'Yeah, got a half-day I wasn't expecting,' speaks Monica with a smile. 'You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, now would you?' 'What? Who me? Nah ... not at all, c'mon, let's go?' 'Go? Where? ... I only just got in.' 'Don't worry about that. Bags are...Read On