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Oh, the pain, the pain . . .

Danger! Danger! Screams my brain Like Robot From "Lost in Space" Grit my teeth And steel my jaw Words: don't escape Stick in that craw My ears are open Neutral face I will myself Only to say Nothing, nothing Not a thing Just sniffle once And twist my ring...

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Sometimes what you wish for does come true...

Walking along an abandoned beach I feel the cool grains of white sand, They seem to melt beneath my feet. I watch the ice-cold, rippling water Slowly wash away the shore. Bits of shells roll back and forth As the tide rushes in and out again. From time to...

Darkess Everlasting

The weapon of choice

Darkness. Moments of peace, a cunning ploy. Respite. The weapon of choice, You're a toy. Light. Beyond your reach, yet you seek. Grasp. You can't hold it, darkness moulds it. Escape. You're always running, it's too cunning. Darkness everlasting.

Away from the carbon dioxide and the clatter of the city and the citizenry sleepwalking. Away from the mainstream and their need to know. Now breathing fresh air from the manifolds in the trees. No rabbit hole to hide in or Johnny B. Goode in Police unifo...

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Nightmares and the Hawk

In which Bear introduces Girl to one of his friends – and tells her about another.

Bear had settled onto the rag rug in the great room and was starting to drift off to sleep when he thought he heard something, so perked his ears up. There it was again. He lifted his head and turned it towards Girl's room, and this time heard it clearly....


Our indulgence

Sit beside me at the play Your fingers laced with mine Kiss me as the lights go down Willing captives for a time Join me in this curtained world Created and made real Scenes portrayed and taking form Like stars at dark revealed Tendrils reach and wrap aro...

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If She Only Knew

Angels come in many forms

She sat there with her laptop glowing Her stare was continuous, never knowing He watched her with eyes slowly going His heart was overflowing She had no idea he had feelings She could not tell it had reached higher than the ceilings They had only limited...

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Dip a wick In liquid wax Warm and clear Thin coatings stack Again again It builds and dries Again again Solidifies A candle soon Sits slim and long Tapered to a single prong A touch of flame now at its tip Drops along its sides do slip Single light Steady...

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I draw a circle with a stick, so big I have to walk a ways to join its ends. Dust rises as I drag: steam from a train, smoke from a pipe. Pa smoked a pipe and it smelled fine. My circle is a farm for my animals. Right now they live in my dress, in a pocke...

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It’s like we’re fixed in time. I suppose it’s always like that with a photograph but this seems more so. I’ve been rummaging, having a clear-out, sorting through drawers and boxes. I pick up a pile of papers it falls out, drops to the floor, looking up at...

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

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Love is life’s cruel mistress, And life’s crowning triumph. Love embitters the soul, yet conquers the heart. Love is never easy, And will die without toils. It is languor and sweat, the power and rejuvenation. Love brings this man to his knees, pushes his...

The Album

Love before and beyond death...

The first time I ever asked my Gran what my mum was like, she smiled at me and lifted me into her lap. I was still small then, so I nestled comfortably against her ample belly, waiting excitedly as she drew out a battered, red, leather covered book seemin...

Are We There Yet

The 'children' are fighting and we haven't even left.

"It’s not what it looks like," he said. "I’m not pushing. You’re the one pushing." "Am not." "Are too." "Leave me alone. This side is mine. Stay on your side." "I’m not on your side. Now I’m on your side. Now I’m not on your side." "Stop. I’m gonna’ tell....

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