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Are you okay?

I am okay. ~•°•~ I am okay to know that you're happy It's not because of me. ~•°•~ I am okay to watch you grow It's not with me. ~•°•~ I am okay to see you smile It's not for me. ~•°•~ I am okay to know you're in love It's no longer with me. ~•°•~ I am ok...

You could almost be mistaken for thinking that spring’s upon us. The sun’s out at last. It’s been a long, dark winter. We need the sunshine again to bring the good times back into our lives, let us understand what matters. I’m strolling through the park,...

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A Man awakes in a Cage.

K woke up to find himself in a small, cramped cage. He had no memory of how he had ended up there or how long he had been there. The cage was made of metal bars that were tightly spaced together, and he could feel the hard floor beneath him. He tried to p...

With gothic melodies, peat's dark hole listing to twilight's pale shade of the saplings chaffed wheat and pallid hours, soundless tweet a tempest within my ominous sagaciously winging your soul, cold blows the midnight songs lurking the beast, in my am in... death coming close, brushing the moon, my decaying corpse, to kissing my birth, laying down playing dead, with my fate touching my body, once the eyelids, in life wearing masks over my genitals, nothing to read, except for my obituary, dust drifting...

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Among the dead, we are curious. We are haunted. You scream for ice cream, and we scream out of loneliness. Walking the halls of death leaving no footprints or shadows. At times tossed out with the trash, once scented, now lost. As ghosts, we have no pedig...

The Humming Bird and the Squirrel Cage

Pregnant and homeless, Ivy naigates the backalleys of Skid Row, Los Angeles.

Morning stiff air flowing through a heap of dense trash, segregating the bygone needles with broken glass pipes. Coiling and cycling by the strong gusts, a garbage and substance whirlwind, revolving the matter of excesses rubbish. Consuming in the wake, a...

...with cello strings in nature's woods in the silence of an unspoken tree to the edge of forever, I see drinking deep the inevitable the aroma of coffee and only me and patience in living in nature incorporating life into prayer and myths listening to wi...

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An invisible thief stole from Mom. At first, we didn't notice. A small piece of her life here. Another there. So random were the thefts. Soon, bigger things disappeared. Memories of our friends. My son. Then at last… me. So I reintroduced myself. "I'm Kim...

One Last Time

The loss of loved ones

I wish I could remember every moment of growing up. The laughter. The tears. One last time. I want to see the glow of my wife’s face in the setting sun. One last time. I crave to feel the warmth of her body curled against mine. One last time. I wish I cou...

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Always a test Waiting for the unknown Time to pass Being alone is the worst part Memories come to visit Dreams take over Sadness and happiness mix Flooding my mind and heart Waiting for change But afraid it will happen A test I have taken many times And w...

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Leap Of Faith

Learning to trust again is a leap of faith.

I’ve been burned before My giving nature taken for granted My friendship chewed up and spit out My heart poked with holes So, I’ve treaded more lightly this time around Perhaps wiser than before? Cautious about how much to give Holding back some of myself...

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I Make Marmalade

Do you like marmalade?

'Tis Indeed a form of truth, I see Lodged betwixt thy blood and boon Departs thy heart unjustly soAn act of courage, Nay!Indeed a part of truth, I see.Sold in its weakest form to me.How shalt thou have me this word descry? Belike the frown, whom cockholds...

David's Day

The town's favorite son

David was a loner, but never alone. He always had his thoughts. He encountered Mrs. Scott as she left the grocery store. “Hello, David, how are you today?” Like you give a shit. “I'm just fine, it's such a beautiful morning. Here, let me help you with tho...


There was only silence when I came to. The television wasn’t on in the background, Whisper, my cat, wasn’t treading around the room, and the morning birds weren’t singing outside my window. For a moment there I thought I had gone deaf until I heard my sof...

Are We There Yet

The 'children' are fighting and we haven't even left.

"It’s not what it looks like," he said. "I’m not pushing. You’re the one pushing." "Am not." "Are too." "Leave me alone. This side is mine. Stay on your side." "I’m not on your side. Now I’m on your side. Now I’m not on your side." "Stop. I’m gonna’ tell....

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