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Fuel Season 2: Episode 22 – 12 Rounds of Fortune

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

After Mandla raises the stakes of their upcoming race, John Kloof responds

8th of March – Season 2 John Kloof had been hearing about it all week: Mandla's middle-stage speech. The one where he had accepted his challenge but also exposed his personal business to the world. Now, not a day went by without at least one client asking how business was. They all thought he was going broke. But that was better than the ones that  didn't  say something to him but...Read On


Short Stack

I remember when I was granny's little boy and the world was my spinning top. Stories came from the radio and my six-shooter was a toy. Roy and Dale were my heroes. Cracker Jacks were a nickel. A Band-Aid would make my boo-boo better. I would laugh until my belly ached. But that all ended when granny went to sleep and the angels put cotton into my ears, so she couldn't hear. Because daddy...Read On


Dead Man's Journal

Hubert Granise, pacing the length of his pleasant lamp-lit library, paused to compare his watch with the clock on the chimney-piece. They were both in perfect sync just as they were when last he compared them only two minutes earlier. ‘Damn,' he thought, ‘Where is that boy?' The boy Hubert was referring to is Aengus Brennan, a young man with an internship with the city newspaper whose...Read On


Though the Frost Was Cruel

Old Lucy wanders the streets of central Manhattan

Central Manhattan late afternoon, two weeks out from Christmas, was no place for a frail old lady, one whose entire possessions barely half-filled the rusted shopping trolley she trundled before her on the sidewalk. Not immediately obvious to the occasional on-looker, but her wheeled companion served its purpose as much for support these days, as for its meager storage capacity. Cataracts...Read On


Break For Madness

This was not what he expected.

He watched as the blood ran its small river, falling off her chin to cascade onto her chest as the gentle rise and fall of her bosom ceased. This was not what he expected. This was not how this day was supposed to end. Ben stepped into the bright sunshine of the day. Many of the other students were running past him as they left; some bumping into him, none of them apologized. They...Read On


Halloween at the Chateau Portal B&B

Sarah was ready to join the family business and for all the adventures in front of her.

It was Halloween and Sarah had a couple hours before her guests would arrive for the party she was hosting. Her parents had approved this one last party in the courtyard outside their residence. That included the common areas of the first floor of the Chateau with the half bath restroom and kitchen before the house opened officially as a Bed and Breakfast. There was a strict rule not to...Read On


Anchor Your Life

Strong foundation’s are essential

Anchor your life?  We have all had difficult situations to deal with in our lives. Our family and home are supposed to be the place we feel safest. But what if that’s the place that makes us feel uneasy and questions who we are.  Where do we learn and find the courage to hope and dream? How do find we find the faith to move on create a love-filled life? How do we build a solid foundation...Read On


The Office

In life we all have responsibilities; we all face hardships and deal with tragedy though for me with whatever comes my way I like to see the bright side, the positive side, the good side of life, even during times of difficulty. It is how we deal with adversity that makes us unique, makes us strong, right? Take my older brother for instance. He had been attacked and badly beaten a few...Read On


Cedar Boxes

Two dogs. A rabbit. Four cats. Two parakeets. Nine cedar boxes filled with the life’s ashes of our fur and feathered family for over the last 40+ years. We are down to just one now. Gimley the cat came to us some seven years ago. He was a feral cat who was surprisingly human-friendly. We fed and watered him but it was obvious he was the neighborhood cat that knew which families would give...Read On


The Long Road Home. Chapter 29.

The ruined buildings like jagged teeth in the mouth of a slain monster...

Berlin, February 14 th 1945   The convoy moved slowly through the oppressive darkness. The presence of the Allied bombers precluded that the vehicles could not use their lights. Since the bombers were protected by fighters, the line of trucks and cars would be an easy target if they were spotted from the skies above. Katarina pulled her collar tightly around her neck and tried...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 21 – Ahead of Steam

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

Mandla takes his beef with John Kloof to a new level when he literally raises the stakes...

1st of March – Season 2 As Mandla Xulu walked towards the middle-stage, he wondered how things had come to this between him and John Kloof. After all, Amandla's Rebellion was over and neither of them were competing for the Formula-X Crown. So why couldn't they bury the hatchet? But as Mandla took a microphone and prepared his address, he remembered why it had come to this. It was...Read On


The Man In The Blue Suit

I was just nine years old in June of 1983 where due to illness I had to spend some time in hospital, ensuring I would miss out on the last couple of weeks of school. I was back to my normal self by the time school started back up that September. The illness itself wasn’t all so strange though the circumstances surrounding it were just that… Strange. A lot of my friends who I hadn't seen...Read On


The Butcher

I hear it said it is darkest when you cannot recall the exact moment that change took you though we don't really know anything about darkness or being taken anywhere by it, now do we? When the light leaves us and we are only left with the dark, there is only one place that any of us will go. Speaking of which... In total darkness, you see nothing, nada, not a thing and all you can hear is...Read On


Abe's Diner

It's a wonder as to how a place like Abe's Diner sees any business at all but business it does see and all the rest too. Castletown is and always has been a rather large and continuously growing town though Abe's sits alone on the outskirts of town more than a fair distance away from everything and anything else noteworthy. Prosper it has and prosper it does for a good three decades now....Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 20 – Rise of the Third Gauntlet (Part II)

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

It's do-or-die time as the Gauntlet Runner is decided and his gauntleteers selected...

22nd of February – Season 2 Styles Sithole tried to relax as Formula-X King, Solo Magubane sped down the freeway in his Shelby Mustang GT500. "Okay, why are you driving so fast? We're not even late." King Solo gave him a giddy smile. "Because, Jose, when you own a high performance car, it's your duty to let it loose, you know, allow it to prowl." Styles scoffed. "Oh yeah," he...Read On


Be Kind, Please Rewind

The world is forever changing, at times it changes too quickly and not all change is necessarily good change nor is it always a wanted change. What if someone or something does not want to accept change? What if that someone or something is so unhappy being left behind in the doldrums created by progress that a will is created, an energy with a will to fight back and rewind the strides made...Read On


The next chapter

Many changes take place  She smiles with the secret of yesterday and The promise of tomorrow Had a good life Many tears and smiles A simple life To sit on the porch  Early morning with first light  That touches the mountain top Listening to the rain and  Gentle breeze That speaks of lazy days of love That last well into the darkness Time passes far to fast A new moment in time ...Read On

Recommended Read

Grandma's House

“Em?” “Yes?” “Are you awake?” “Sorta. What’s wrong?” “I’m scared.” “Scared of what?” Silence. Em and El—full names Emma and Eloise—lay in the bedroom they shared at Grandma’s house, each of them in their own twin bed on opposite sides of the room. Between the beds sat a bedtable with a candle, an alarm clock, and a photograph in a frame. A necklace with a locket hung from the corner...Read On


Carrot Nose

I remember a nickel in my pocket—a shoeshine before church. I remember the radio with static. A prayer before I slept and granny kissing my brow. I remember grandpa playing his fiddle. The catfish dinners and hiccups. It was the years of my youth when snowmen had a carrot nose. Cars had hubcaps, and granny was tout de suite.              ...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 19 - Rise of the Third Gauntlet (Part I)

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

When Gauntlet III is announced for the next PPV, Stevie takes fate into her own hands...

15th of February - Season 2 Gauntlet III: No Holds Barred.  As soon as Darcy Stevens had read the title of the race on Moodswing's announcement on  Feeder , she knew she wanted in. That was the reason that she was sitting in front of Glenwood Jacobs in his office, lobbying to be involved. "So what do you say, Glen? Put me in the race." Glen smiled and they both knew why. This was...Read On


Devil's Descent

We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell. Oh, how dark a place the mind can truly become. Everyone has a dark side. Most of us don't go to, show, or even acknowledge this unilluminated place but it is there all the same, inside each and every one of us. It itches and claws. It scratches and delves. It pulls and pushes. It constantly asks questions of you and you hear...Read On


Hanging On

Through the eyetooth of an oyster in shadows of the hop-o'-my-thumb hanging on to my inkwell with an androgynous smile of who swallowed the canary on the end of my pen's thing-a-ma-bob    ...Read On


Heart-Break City – A Fuel Story

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

It's Valentines Day and while love is in the air, heart break is in the water. Who will drink it...?

12th of February – Season 2 By the time the sun started to rise and throw light through the curtains, Lorrain January had been up for hours already. She hadn’t been able to sleep a wink and she knew why. It was the guilt. It didn’t help at all that she was already suffering a very low sense of self-worth by getting back with him despite him digging around her personal...Read On


Home Alone

Seventeen-year-old Jenny Ford was home alone one evening early in the month of December. Her parents were out at a Christmas themed ball and Mary, Jenny's eleven-year-old sister, was having a sleepover at a neighbours house just down the street. The evening darkness had come quite some time ago and it had also been snowing for more than a little while. Jenny sat by the living room window with...Read On



I kinda like the flow of this. Maybe I'll do audio.

Hello? Hi? Ehhhugh, hum? Y'all? D'ye exist? I exist? Anyone? Anyone at all? But, no. Nobody did exist. But somebody must have. Existed, that is. Otherwise this wouldn't  exist. But what is existence without purpose? Is that just, sorta, being? Like a thing. Y'know, not really there, but not not there. An object, formless, but there, not really there, but uh, in time and space. I don't...Read On


Gus: Part two of two parts

3. It is early morning and Gus has just left his house to head out to that chemist of his. A couple of days have passed since the visit of and then the subsequent death of constable Pierce Rowan. Gus’s nearest neighbour is once again out in his garden. ‘Hello there, neighbour.’ ‘Hi, beautiful morning isn’t it?’ ‘It is indeed,’ Gus manages to say before his neighbour heads inside. ...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 18 – The Lure of Menace

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

When King Solo suggests his current girlfriend is cheating on him, Thawn takes action...

8th of February – Season 2 As Thawn Oberhauser sat confidently in his seat atop the stage in the Fuel Conference Centre, he looked over at the Formula-X King smugly. Solo Magubane, 'The Franchise' they called him. They'd come a long way the two of them, but not far enough for Thawn to even consider that King Solo could beat him this Sunday. "So Thawn," said one of the local...Read On


Gus: Part one of two parts

The universe, a giant unending night-time sky, an infinity of stars stretching out as far as the eye can see. Some stars are brighter and larger than others; this can be true of the sky above or of the land we live upon. The biggest star, the moon, is full and bright, it moves yet is unmoving. A disk of light leading the way, watching over a world in darkness bathing in light. Floating...Read On


But Why...

In my dream of bicycle spokes and Kool-Aid stands. When I was but a tad in my Buster Brown shoes. Acid reflux was called belching and a four-letter word un-heard.  Telephones had cords, granny wore an apron and butterflies gave hugs. Back then I could hear the green beans snap and the bacon fry. Now the microwave is the Ark of the Covenant and popcorn has lost its pop. Everything comes...Read On


The Long Road Home. Chapter 28

Men were shouting, others groaning and, beyond it all, the perpetual drone of the bombers.

Chemnitz, February 14 th 1945   Katarina was sitting in the cab of the third lorry of the convoy. A few minutes after the air raid sirens began, they tailed off into silence. She couldn't be sure whether it was because they had sounded the warning for long enough, or because the convoy was leaving the city behind. Either way, the only sounds she could hear, now, was the engine...Read On