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Deep Fake

Not everything is as it seems.

“There’s something off about her,” Daniel said. Daniel was sitting at the bar surrounded by a disarray of empty glasses and a half-eaten bowl of popcorn. The long narrow barroom was illuminated by the gray gloom of a rainy afternoon seeping past the neon...

The Kiss

If you're drinking shots, take a taxi home!

Stepping into the chilly night air, the tequila shots went straight to my head! Last thing I remember was stroking your hair, pulling you in for a long goodnight kiss, before making my way home. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, I slipped off my shoes, p...

The Healer's Spirit

On a quest to free her mother’s spirit from a wicked pact, Tana faces a final confrontation with her past.

The Princess’ Grief Princess Artanna of Tan Kolar watched her mother sink to the ground and lie still. Litanus, the acolyte of her father who had done the deed, released the garotte from around the woman’s neck. He knelt and confirmed that she was dead. T...

Against shadows and hoards whispering minor chords listening to your breath of Frankincense and Myrrh rising to your Kismet touch by the light of the world, I cannot see for here I am and there you are rising to your Kismet

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Chapter 1. Peace For Our Time

“You see? Didn't I tell you? There isn't going to be another war,”

“The settlement of the Czechoslovakian problem, which has now been achieved is, in my view, only the prelude to a larger settlement in which all Europe may find peace. This morning I had another talk with the German Chancellor, Herr Hitler, and here is th...

A portrait of Autumn with golden crisp Autumn leaves and aging whiskey of wispy winds falling leaves of purple and gold from a barren branch holding its breath of cinnamon-scented mist and aging whiskey

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To think, I am a little bit quirky listening to the night winds blow a whimsical bellow of twilight prose from my maddening shrilling quill unacceptable kernels of succotash only because of the raven's chill entering my mind's dark sanctum listening to th...

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With a hullabaloo in my househiding it under my tongueby the oxen yokedark sprung, O Holy Frightlocked in the twilightwhere the cold moon hungon the tip of my nose exhaling the ghostin condensationof my quotesby the oxen yoke

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So, I heard the news. It's not the best one to know but maybe the hardest to digest. I knew this would happen, just not this soon. Not now. I have built an invisible wall between us. I made it thick and strong. I ensured nothing will ever break it, not ev...

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Open Your Eyes

Not everything is as it seems

It’s that moment when you know you’re being watched; when an invisible hand reaches into your dreams and drags you back to reality. The shock sends your heart racing, the panic intensifying when inner voices whisper, Don’t make a sound, something’s not ri...


Everyone has felt it, most are just too scared to admit to it.

“I really despise this couch. Everything about it. You need to get a new one, or I’ll stop coming to these little chats.” “Focus, Daniella,” the therapist’s voice is low and colorless, like a forced kind of calming. “You were going to tell me about that n...

The Mimic

She heard her mother scream...or did she?

Mom screams. Short and piercing like she’s just stumbled across something startling. Her shriek comes from downstairs. ‘Sounds like she’s in the kitchen but why is she awake and out of bed at this hour?’She screams again, calling my name. ‘She needs me.’...

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