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The Goddess Dances

A goddess learns joy from a little girl

Talala looked down on the city square of Tantovar and smiled. Around her, people danced in a throng that filled the square. The rhythmic beat of hand drums and skirl of pipes filled the air with joyous sounds. “If only I could dance with them,” thought the goddess. But her body of carved stone was affixed to the temple dais. For deities could not enter the world of their own accord. They...Read On


Always dream

Dreams from the past How things were Of what could be What will be someday Promises to keep Always have and always will Nothing will change Dream and believe The magic Should and will be...Read On


The Therian-Chapter Seven

"Guns are not for little girls. Hand it over."

Being in the cabin with her father, after experiencing what she had felt like being locked in a room with a murderer. There was no proof and she wanted to believe the best in her father. She watched him as he watched TV, his face blank of any emotions.  Then again, what had he ever done to recommend him? He'd never really cared about her had he? Sure, he'd done his duty and taken care of...Read On

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The Party

He felt his stomach lurch, the contents rising...


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If you could see the future, would you really want to?

She wakes with a startle, groggy as if hungover from some overindulging celebration . Though, it isn’t liquor that has her brain so foggy.  Fumbling for her pen and pad—now kept diligently on the bedside table—she begins to scribble, no time to even compose herself.  For a moment, images flash in her head like broken fragments of a flip-book animation. They don’t last long and her pen...Read On

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“Ah, yes,” she says, taping the old photograph, “that’s my father’s shop. The awning was green and, look, you can see Bevan’s Greengrocery painted on the window. Those boxes outside were heavy but I used to stack them and arrange the display.” “When you were a child?” “I wasn’t afraid of hard work,” she says proudly.  “And do you remember the shops either side?” “I remember the...Read On


My Buddy Dr. Radio

A true story.

My longtime buddy called Dr. Radio has been gone for about twenty years, but the stories he related to me about his experiences will live on for as long as I do. He was a tall, well-built, good looking son-of-a-gun that was always well dressed and barbered. He had a promising career in radio, but it was cut short after a long battle with the program director. He was blackballed by that...Read On

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The Siren

Tales of smugglers and wrecks. Rescues, ships in distress and more...

Hartland Quay, North Devon. A place of absolute beauty. On a sunny summers day, with the tide gently splashing over the rocks, it is hard to imagine anything but a tranquil, restful scene. At low tide, however, there is much evidence of the destruction that can be wreaked by the ever-powerful ocean. It was on one such day that I found myself driving through the narrow streets of...Read On



Sitting cross-legged, with sustained focus, the unfamiliar sensation builds. A jolt at the base of her spine sends a leaping flame flickering over her core. A wave of warmth sweeps up from her belly to a sense of empowerment and gladness of heart. A growl escapes her throat then a sharp mental clarity floats into a deep, thrumming, universal peace. After an endless moment, opening her...Read On


The Therian-Chapter Six

"Very well. It was a test." "A test of what, my ability to handle a B and E?"

She walked towards the living room and paused next to the healer witch who'd helped them. The woman was watching Klaus and who she assumed was Damien as they visited with Natasha. The little girl was staring up at Damien adoringly. It was clear she loved him. Perhaps they were related.  "So, what's your name?" she murmured to the woman. The lady smiled at her.  "Amara. I provide healing to...Read On


Shadows Of

Raining down shadows of cypress leaves. The bog's clock, tick-tocks dark souls, I have known. Paled as heaven's tarnished pewter, walking through the wickets of Hades. As the cicada imps screech, from my mind's journal. The lights wink out as I sleep, a dreamer of dreams. Raining down shadows of cypress leaves. Reaching out to bury me, as the siren's of autumn gives me new life. Caressing...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 7 – Restoration

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

Touch Mkhize takes a journey inwards in an effort to bounce back from his funk...

19th of October – Season 2 Touch Mkhize's grandmother could see that something was troubling him. He couldn't keep still. It was still hours before Monday Night Fuel and she knew if he remained in this agitated state that he'd explode by the time he got to the Fuel Speedway. "What's wrong, mzukulu?" "I'm trying to figure out what to do, Gogo." Touch explained to his grandmother...Read On

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The Power of the Pen

You might think a pen is an ordinary object - nothing special. But, in a writer's fingers, oh my goodness, wondrous things can happen.   My pen draws out my feelings... the ones my shy side won't let me share in front of you. When you read my stories, you see me. A special connection is formed between you and me. Maybe you will leave a comment assuring me I am not alone in my musings. Maybe...Read On


Ready to Go

Built for Speed

I loved using her. I did her fast and rode her hard. The music was on and I had her going...geared up.  She was purring for me. The light went green and I drove away....Read On


Anarchy and Thumper

You're asking about Thumper's court case? He's a gladiator: battle scars, tats, muscles. Obviously, he’s a winner. You don’t find losers by the Olympic-sized estate pool with zinc oxide sunscreen slathered on a flattened nose. His white-belted red swim trunks yesterday reminded me of the ones he wears in the ring. He has a boxer's stance when he's on his feet. The announcers call him...Read On

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Thanks Pal

It's always nice to feel supported by your friends!


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Stop it!

Please, just stop! It's not funny you know!

“Oh no, Harriet, no! Come on now. Please don't. I've asked you nicely, so please, stop it! I really don't like it. It makes me feel kind of weird. Oh! Come on . Please , just stop! It's not funny, you know! If you don't stop I'll... Oh, Oh my gosh! No, no, don't stop! Oh, I... I like that. Oh yes, just there, yes. That's it, yes. A little higher, just a little... Ohh my goodness yes... Oh...Read On


Jayne at the Sea

The dull "pop" rings muffled in my ears as Thor's hammer sends my body flying through the air, landing in the dirt near my vehicle. I try to sit up, ears ringing, as Jonesy bends to shake me. "Ma'am! Ma'am", he says. I see his parched lips move but don't hear the words over the humming in my head. I realize someone has just turned my body inside out as I lean forward, half-slumped over,...Read On


The Therian-Chapter Five

Lily sighed and gave up. She didn't want to push the woman. After all, she was a witch.

She leaned against the doorframe and watched her father's truck disappear down the dirt road, throwing up dust behind it. Where was it he went all the time? She'd worked up the courage to ask him just yesterday and he'd told her he had a job with a local lumber company.  Even though she had no reason to disbelieve him, she couldn't help but feel he was lying to her. Perhaps it had...Read On

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The Legend of Lover's Lane

Ignore it, it's just the wind

They drove out after the Halloween drive-in movie. They didn't have dates. They just cruised by the lover's lane along the railroad tracks, slowly passing by a car or two to ogle and razz. Wilmer flashed the headlights of his convertible Mercury. Bored with that the boys stood beside his car looking down the railway line. The moon was in and out behind clouds. They discussed it. "It's so...Read On

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White Water

Three minutes on the Zambezi.

They had encouraging, cosy names, like The Gnashing Jaws of Death , Terminator,  and  Oblivion. “If you go in, don’t let go of your paddle! Swim left, away from the wall,” yelled the instructor as we approached. This one was called Morning Glory. Paddling furiously, we entered the rapid, launched into space, and... Bounce! I was in the water. Sucked down, and surrounded by...Read On



Each weekday, after her husband has left for his office, Claudia retires to her rooftop studio, where for three hours she covers canvas with solid colour. Mid-morning, she walks twice around the tree lined square, with a small dog. On Monday she meets a friend for lunch. Other days, weather permitting, she eats and smokes at a pavement cafe. On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons she sees a...Read On

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Some changes gladly never change.

Breezes usher in on an orchestrated serenade of autumn. It enters cool and sedated, as subtle as the high notes of a summer song. Where once the raucous of beach-laughter and jubilant screams blended with crashing surf, they now trail off, dissipating into the scent of cozy fireplace bellows. I sit, chin on knees, and watch as the leaves’ brilliant folly comes alive. Colors held and hidden...Read On

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My Girl the Petroleuse

Petroleuse was a term first used during the French Revolution

The fire burning within, as if a Molotov cocktail burned her soul.  Desire so focussed on her intent, to stand alone or with the security and camaraderie of a crowd, demanding to be heard. Was she rich, or famous? Did she wear the latest fashions? Did she speak the language of the politicians? No, but she was clear in her mind that she would stand and fight until the fight was won, or she...Read On


Losing Eddie

They called you King Edward. You were King of your ground.  Whether we were lonely, joyful, worn-down, or heartbroken, riding down the highway of life, with a switch of the radio, you could fill days with illusions to match any mood. There were colors spilling from the guitar, swirling into sounds that shook us, wrapped us, the eruption we didn’t expect. You molded our tiny, fragile...Read On

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I don't care about you, aka another First World problem


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The Last Train

A Halloween tale

Lydia placed a meagre collection of coins into the taxi driver’s outstretched hand. “I’m a bit short,” she said. “I’m terribly sorry.” He sighed but closed his hand around the money without counting it. “Thank you,” she said quietly and fumbled with the door handle, eager to escape before he changed his mind. Outside was freezing. The weather had taken a turn for the worse, a bitter...Read On

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What Is Life All About?

How I learned a new perspective on life.

Eons ago, when I was young, I lived in submarines. For someone who loves the mountains, it was a silly place to be. I was in an unhealthy space, and close to a nervous breakdown. I spent a lot of time wondering what life was all about. In the end, I decided it didn’t matter. I did, however, come to a conclusion. When I am near the end, and am asked, ‘ Have you done the things you wish...Read On

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I Wish You Well

You need to be free...

“You think it’s okay?” Abigail asked tentatively. Emma held up the phone and began to read aloud. “‘Dearest Troy’ – Dearest was a nice touch – ‘I’m so happy for you getting your dream job! That’s quite an achievement – you should have a big celebration. The thing is, Troy... I don’t want to hold you back. You need to be free, and deserve someone just as supportive of your aspirations as...Read On