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Unveiling the Past

Jess talk about her past

Chapter 4 As the evening unfolded, Jess and I found ourselves enveloped in an intimate and serene atmosphere. The soft glow of the flickering candlelight danced across the room, casting a warm and comforting aura. It created a perfect backdrop for the dee...


This is a true story

Anyone who knows me is aware of just how much I hated high school. I have only a few happy memories of the time I was forced to spend there until I quit, and one of them concerns the school wrestling team. This was an old school, and the wrestling team pr...

Mission Report From the Soul Sleuth

Slithering Heartbeats in the Sunrise Makes the soufflé of life begin to rise

Heaven repents from the cell I put you in My beautiful soul Does it hurt to trust me again? Is that why you keep me so afraid to begin…. …anything? Heaven Repents from the cell I put you in And Hell mourns the loss of your company The comforting swagger o...

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Mr. Raymond's Jingling Jangling Wagon

A lonely man searches for solace after his beloved wife dies.

Mr. Raymond's Jingling Jangling Wagon Mr. Raymond had so many pots and pans and other metal objects hanging from his pushcart he could not move it a couple of feet without the noise alerting the folks on Mulberry Lane that he was on his way. He was the Mu...

The Mohawk Cabin (Chapter 1)

Their lives crossed paths by unlikely accident in a time few now remember.

The wood-spoked wheels of the old Crow-Elkhart began sinking in the soft mud along the shoulder of Route 9W almost as soon as I stopped the car. I had just pulled off the macadam in a panic, at the sharp command of my father. Aunt Alma protested that she...


There was only silence when I came to. The television wasn’t on in the background, Whisper, my cat, wasn’t treading around the room, and the morning birds weren’t singing outside my window. For a moment there I thought I had gone deaf until I heard my sof...

The Album

Love before and beyond death...

The first time I ever asked my Gran what my mum was like, she smiled at me and lifted me into her lap. I was still small then, so I nestled comfortably against her ample belly, waiting excitedly as she drew out a battered, red, leather covered book seemin...