Stories Space “Darkness and Light” Story Competition

Stories Space “Darkness and Light” Competition

Darkness and light... one cannot exist without the other.

Competition Theme

Two ageless companions that have been complementing each other since the dawn of time. Most of us yearn for a life filled with light, but often forget that without the dark we cannot gaze up at the stars, for only out of the darkness can light be born. Our imaginations are as limitless as darkness and light, so allow it to carry you to places you have never explored before; we would be delighted to take the journey with you. Stories must centre around the theme “Darkness and Light”. There is no limit to the amount of entries you may submit into the competition.


Congratulations to all our winners.

Competition Entries

Title Author
My Salty Grave LauraToepf
Dreams and Whims LauraToepf
Light is Brighter in the Dark ashjoy
A simple coconut jpablo
Another Place, Another Time aliera
My Wulf bookluva4eva
Drink of Death VeeGretz
ADD LauraToepf
Confession d_vaced
Set Free Fantastic15
To Be Forsaken.... ThorRedskinLight
Humanity Kachme
Window of the Soul DionisioManz
Battle of the Sky VeeGretz
Abel and Kane RobertHildenbrand
Flames of Emptiness ThorRedskinLight
A Glass Window Dmv1994
Life Without Shadows Jbrocker
A soldier's tale, as told by the wife RobertHildenbrand
The Legend Of Sunshine And Rain plumnearly2
Shades Of Light ThorRedskinLight
True Illumination Amber
The Boy with One Eye Anulal
Verbose dialogues of a Loser unfetter11
The Lightning Thunder Theory of Light Dark Matter ThorRedskinLight
A weekend in the Closet Vinster1968
Burden isaac
Fighting the Everdark rhibeard
Bath and Body Works MeganArndt
Light Envies Darkness And Darkness Envies Light BestAbsolutePerfect
Falling skatle
In the darkness djmaiden
The Rhapsody of the World AlexH
The chess match RobertHildenbrand
Anamnesis InkStained
Scale Model rmkolman
Suspicions bunz
Nightfall: The Greatest Loss Survivor
A Helping Hand MidnightAngel
Fifty Shades Of Gaye steffanie
The Fish, the Witch, and the Mermaid MidnightAngel
Demon Rum ACCooper
Into The Light ACCooper
The Succubus Song ACCooper
The Less Traveled Road rebmann
Blood Oath fuzzy1954
Lover's Leap CurtisJamesMcConnell
Carried Too Long CKAcres
Warmth of Light samanthafountain
The Hearing ptosh
Clarity Strongheart
Night Messengers taosnana1
Desperate Times mike
The Mail box gartalker
The Burden Mauve
Black and White CKAcres
The Gate fuzzy1954
Bringer of Light Survivor
Jealous Rage CKAcres
The Conqueror Falls annamariedarlingg
Balanced HK4167
billy sky eyes - darkness to light poetlou
Fall Softly Off The Face of Tomorrow LittleSister_
Youth is Shining, Age is Aglow Survivor
After the Revenge rantingsenior
Waiting CKAcres
Marital Bliss Rascal
Confession DianaShallard
Beezie, Angie, Swan Lake, and Me! rantingsenior
Savages steffanie
Lifeless Stencils Isadora
Broken Rampart Tattered Golden Banner fuzzy1954
From Darkness to Light poetlou
Sentence Passed CKAcres
Lynette's World Rascal
Pledge sea
Leaving the Darkness: Veronica’s Birthday Gift rantingsenior
The Eternal Twins Isabelle
December 26, 2012 alexfenris
Darkness fuzzy1954
A Fallen Warrior Circle_Something
The World Once Was Bright Survivor