Stories Space “New Beginnings” Story Competition

Stories Space “New Beginnings” Competition

It’s the time of year where many people are inspired to turn over new leaves, make resolutions or replace bad habits with good ones. A new year can open up a whole new range of possibilities. With that thought in mind, we’re excited to be launching our latest writing competition.

Competition Theme

Imagine moving to a new city, changing careers or welcoming a long-awaited baby into the world. Remember the freedom of owning your first car, the excitement of a new relationship or making the decision to start over. Stories can cover any of the categories, from Action/Adventure to Young Adult, and must be based on the “New Beginnings” theme.

As an additional challenge stories must also contain one (or both) of the following items:

A family heirloom and/or a set of keys.

Stories, poems and songs are all eligible to enter and you can submit as many entries as you like.


Congratulations to all our winners.

Competition Entries

Title Author
The End magnificent1rascal
The Emergency Department DogDays
Returning to a new beginning iPhonegirl
True Inheritance lifedancer2
The Way of Our Child Ishdy4596
How Lucky Am I? wombat
The Pinnacle ittakestime19
This Is Me Now wombat
Birthday Boy Jade87
Points ittakestime19
New Beginnings jill7190
Learning to Love vickie3338
Room 237 belletrist
A New Neighbourhood Glen
Wishful Thinking SophieJackson
New Beginning, New Me ladysharon
Each day CKAcres
A Cradle to a Casket Patrick
A Christmas Day apreus6
New Life By The Tracks. PrinzLucky
In The Night Bus kathyross
Of War and Peace and Mary Beth Rumple_deWriter
Larry’s Second Chance rantingsenior
The Master of the House buzz
December 20, 2011 christena
Two Brides For Count Dracula steffanie
Coyote Moon CKAcres
A New Beginning kandikiss51
A New Beginning, Her New Beginning mylie
The Yard tradford
Individuality Lost CKAcres
An Angel's Hand debroah
Endless Sky AutumnWriter
The Words You Read Isadora
The Suicide rantingsenior
A Little Space MissAdventure
A Fresh Start courage2bfree
Something Old, Something New wildrose_girl
The Rockers courage2bfree
The Neighbor's Wife tradford
New Beginnings courage2bfree
Treasures and Pleasures CKAcres
A Man’s Rebirth rantingsenior
Today! MileeBanerjeeOGN
The Washing Machine Man steffanie