Stories Space “Summer Vacation” Story Competition

Stories Space “Summer Vacation” Competition

Many of our members are currently enjoying the hottest season of the year, while those of us in the southern part of the world are shivering and dreaming of the warmer days ahead.

Competition Theme

The theme for this competition is summer getaways. Think along the lines of family vacations, romantic holidays, backpacking in unfamiliar destinations or travelling as a group to celebrate an important event.

All categories are eligible. The only requirement is that submissions must involve some kind of travel. Whether your story or poem occurs at the destination or during the travel is entirely up to you.

The minimum word count for stories is 1000 words and the maximum is 5,000. The minimum word count doesn't apply to poems or songs.


Congratulations to all our winners.

Competition Entries

Title Author
Blue Moon Summer lifedancer2
The Fantastic Voyage of Bellingham Sam magnificent1rascal
Grand Canyon Homecoming Douglas_Daleray
The Worst Summer Ever HLPauff
If Ignorance is Bliss... gypsy
Sachertorte bunz
Time with Gran and Da mazza
'Til Death us Do Part Theblankcanvas2012
Oasis Palms richard27royce
The Cat's Tale SKH38
Before My Eyes Iamahappylady
Memorable Devalsari chocolate_lover
The Swimming Hole ladysharon
Doughball Boy and The Bakeryboo Finding You Summer Holiday Daisy
Lullaby LauraLee_Sweetness
Summer to Remember CKAcres
A pleasant surprise anijummai
Once In A Lifetime steffanie
He Had Blue Eyes Tiula
The Summit andyscribe