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While singing a sonnet
She took off her bonnet
And then she slowly undressed
She showed me her skin
And thoughts of sweet sin
Made me feel that I truly was blessed
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Of course I would, heck, I'd hug a stranger if he needed it

Would you ever stop on a busy road to get a wounded animal off the road?
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Either on would be okay, but at gunpoint I'd say Ramsay.

Fish or meat?
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I'm lighting a candle for all the children whose lives were ruined or cut short by violence, neglect or abuse.
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Roses are red
Eating peaches and cream
With Ginger and Adi
That would be a dream
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I just wish this madness would end
This blaming each other without willing to mend
All the bonds that were broken over nothing at all
Just because we're too proud and we think we're too tall
To bend down and reach out to those that got hurt
To support them while getting back up from the dirt
Let's stop thinking we're better than all of the rest
If we let kindness win, then we all wil be blessed
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Roses are red
Purple ones I've seen too
And today I am giving
A green one to you
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Antic red ants battling with spiders
While closely observed by some crazy outsiders
Who claim to do science, but actually are
A mad group of aliens from some distant star
Believing they've found the intelligent life
That's ruling our planet, so they watch the strife
Between spiders and ants, just to see who will win
So they know who to beat when they want to move in


They would if they could but they couldn't!
Their mama told it was a sin
So they were convinced that they shouldn't
Play doctor with sweet Marylinn
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No wonder we greeted it with laughter
We never were treated on anything dafter
Than you running round without even your pants
You know not to sit on a nest of red ants
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Quote by Kiera
I am trying not to cry

I am so sad sad
I am sorry for you. Will a big hug help? Here's one from me.
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Unfortunately, the truth was nowhere to be found until I arrived
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Anna, what a nice image. Alas, it's no more than that. This spot at the end of this line us still mine!
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Quote by gillianleeza
Yes, I am. He is a Permanent Resident Alien (My Canadian hubby)

Do you think if aliens knew what our planet and people were like, they would still want to visit? Assuming they are a highly evolved intelligent life source.

They might, but that would largely depend on how they function and on whatvthey have and need. Do they have emotions and feelings or are their decisions purely based on logic. Do we have resources they need, is it worth the trouble, are they curious about us? They might look at us, like we look at gorillas. Conservate earth like we do the Serengeti. Or they might consider us vermin, that has to be exterminated to protect the valuable resources of earth
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Of course. If you truly love someone, it is for who she/he is, not for what, and it is unconditional.

Do you believe you're in love with an alien?
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Andy and Brian were both arrested when they were negotiating with the director of the Russian State Circus about the sale of a Dragon they had stolen from an internet friend.
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Fortunately, Anna's dragon lighted up the tunnel vy spitting some fire
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I have never watched X-files but aliens?

Just my humble opinion, of course they exist. That is, I am convinced earth is not the only planet where life developed. Whether there is intelligent life out there, and how intelligent that life is then, I don't know. Maybe some day mankind will find out, but the universe is so immense, that we may never know.

Do you believe we've already been visited by intelligent aliens?
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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

That’s the great thing about the outdoors, it’s one giant toilet.
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Andy was arrested because he built an elaborate gorilla trap to arrest colowriter and subsequently let him escape because he allowed himself to be distracted by Anna.
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Why aren't you in Soldier's Gulch, Volcano then? Guess I must kick you from here to claim MY spot back...
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I'm not just everyone, so I don't consider myself to be a subject of "everyone shove off". Hence, I'm staying, sorry Andrew.
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Quote by ginger86
Quote by paulus
You didn't expect me to stay away did you?

i think hoping would be a better word
That's not nice.
hi ginger
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Quote by AnnaMayZing
I think I'm going to just sit here and spell...

You can borrow my spellchecker if you like, I'll hold the end of this lind while you're at it....
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Only if I knew it and was sure, knowing her fate would improve her life.

Would you ever risk your reputation for a stranger?
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Quote by ginger86

That depends on how demanding you are...
Oh, and btw, I'll take back my spot now...

Hi Ginger
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Can't afford to go, but there are a few new movies I'd love to see on a big screen

Horror or romance?