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Vampire Justice Part 12

"Carlo kills a brother. Connie and Leona deliver a message. Molly takes Steve back."
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Published 7 years ago
The weather in mid-October was cold and crisp. The moon was at its smallest. The streets were especially dark, as Connie and Leona scavenged for a new victim. A cloud of fog hung over the city from the rising mist of the day. A mist of fog hugged the ground where there was open grass. The streets were wet with the falling dew with streetlights covered in an orange haze. Not many cars drove through the fog and pedestrian traffic was almost non-existent. It was a great night for hunting.

Leona chose to hunt in the area near Molly's pub. There were always healthy men in the area. As Connie and Leona drew near the pub, Leona sensed a special treat. She sensed a strong viral young fey lurking in the shadows. She moved slowly, as she signaled Connie to hang back. Leona slid into the shadows carefully and came up behind the lone fey. As she put her hand on the fey, she tightened her hold. He was hers.

She signaled Connie to join her in the shadows. Connie quickly joined Leona and watched with surprise as the fey's appearance flickered from human to fairy. He was scared and lost control of his abilities. Leona dragged him into a black alley nearby. Connie followed as she watched for other beings. When in the black alley, Leona perceived the fey in his normal appearance. Leona felt the joy of victory. She glamoured the fey and he became her slave.

Leona twisted his head exposing the pulsing vein in his neck. She exposed her fangs and bit the fat pulsing vein. A loud sucking noise let Connie know it was time to feed. As Leona held her victim, Connie removed his pants and spread his thighs. She found the tender spot on his inner thigh and opened his vein there. The only sound heard, was the sucking noise made by both vampires. Within fifteen minutes, both vampires ended their feeding. The fey was still alive, but weak.

As they left the fey, Leona warned, "Be careful around here. Vampires do not like competition. Be sure to tell Molly that we are around and watching." The ailing fey nodded, as he crawled away and the vampires left.

As soon as they left, another fey wandered in the alley. Carlo looked at the fey and remarked, "You don't look badly. They must not have been very hungry. You will be fine in a few days. I heard their message and will pass it to Molly." Carlo thought, I could use this knowledge against Molly and take control of the fey. She could not protect them, but I can. Carlo helped the ailing fey back to the pub.

Connie followed Leona back to the car. She was curious about that blood-sucking incident. They did not need to feed, but Leona took off to go hunting tonight. They sat in the car relaxing from the feed and the excitement it stimulated in them. Connie sat there quietly as she looked at her mentor.

Connie spoke first, "Why did we go on a hunt tonight? We fed yesterday and did not need to feed so soon. I am not complaining, but you had a motive for this feed tonight. I felt good after feeding on fey blood. A real surge ran through my body as I fed."

Leona looked at her, "Molly kept a low profile. I wanted to draw her out. Feeding off her fey would get her angry. She would come out after us, but she would lose. I delivered a message, telling her we watched her and now we would aggressively pursue her."

"Does Slade know of this behavior?"

"It does not matter. Vampires rule the supernatural beings in the area. Gustaf wanted to deliver a message. If she does not obey, we will watch and capture her."

"Let's go back to headquarters and report."

While Leona started the car, several sets of eyes watched in the foggy darkness. Carlo signaled two fey to follow the car. The rest followed him back to Molly's pub. He thought that was a good thing for them to do. He now knew who the vampires were and knew that they watched them from afar. He would report that to Molly. The group entered the pub from the front and missed the death of their fellow fey at Carlo's hand in the rear of the pub.

Carlo rushed to the front of the pub and excitedly yelled, "Someone come help, one of our brothers is dead. It looks as if vampires attacked him. We need to get him away from here."

Several men helped Carlo put the dead fey in the pub's SUV. He drove to a fog-shrouded field with one lone tree. Carlo carried the body to the base of the tree. He positioned the body sitting on the ground propped against the tree as if he were asleep. He made sure that the vampire marks were visible. Before he left, Carlo kissed his friend goodbye on both cheeks and said a fey memorial over the body. He left unobserved in the dark fog shrouded October sky.

As Leona and Connie drove back to VJS headquarters, they noticed that a car followed them out of the fog covered business area by Molly's pub. The car had two untrained occupants in the art of tailing another car. Rather than try to lose the tail, Leona decided to capture, detain and interrogate them. She purposely let them get close and led the car into a trap.

The Vampire Justice System owned two city blocks of the warehouse district. A public street bisected the blocks, which allowed traffic to pass through. Occasionally however the street closed for vampire business. Leona called ahead and had security block off one end of the street and be ready to close the other end after they arrive. The closure setup happened at once.

Leona carefully maneuvered the surrounding area and led the following car into the capture area. She drove down the street and turned into the parking area. The car followed down the street unaware the VJS captured them. Security closed the street behind them and surrounded the car. The uniformed officers opened the car doors and dragged the surprised fey into security headquarters to two separate holding areas. It happened so fast that they could not contact Carlo for help. They disappeared quickly never to return to Molly's pub.

As the fey sat in separate areas, Slade and Eran turned on video cameras to record the interrogations. Leona and Connie took one fey, as Slade and Eran took the other. The fey sat at their respective tables, shaking with fear expecting the worst from their vampire captors. Fey feared them because of tales of torture and executions at the hands and teeth of old world vampires. It was a new era and VJS followed human rules of suspect treatment up to a point.

Andrei asked to join Slade and Eran to observe the interrogation. They walked into the room and the fey almost passed out at the sight of the old vampire Andrei. He took up a position behind the trembling fey. Slade and Eran sat at the table in front of the suspect. The suspect assumed he was under arrest and started to plead his innocence.

Slade started, "Why were you following our officers? Who ordered you to follow them?"

"Carlo told us to follow the women. We did not know they were police officers. He told us these women violated one of our brothers. Now you have us. I don't want to die as our brother did. Carlo told us that the women sucked all the blood from our brother."

Slade looked perplexed at the suspect as he spoke. He turned to Eran and nodded as he said, "Go check out his statement with Connie. I suspect someone intervened on this incident." Eran left the room to go next door to talk to Connie.

Eran talked to Connie, "Our suspect told us that Carlo informed them that the drained fey was dead, killed by vampires. Did you drain the fey?"

"No, we left him alive and walking. We suspect that Carlo killed the fey to make it look as if we drained him. His body should turn up soon in the morning. We made sure he went back to the pub. That was where we left him and picked up the tail Carlo assigned."

"The stories seem to be the same. We now have two evil people to watch, Molly and Carlo. This case created more twists and turns about the suspects involved. We better be careful."

Eran returned to Slade, "The stories of the suspects are identical. Connie said they left the drained fey walking into the back of the pub. Carlo was there and took him inside."

Slade shook his head, "We know from Steve that Carlo defies Molly, when he can. This looks like he did it again. We got the information we wanted. Let the VJS handle the suspects."

Somewhere in the city, as the morning sun burned away the fog, the dead fey's body appeared in the grassy field leaning against a tree. A quick call to the police dispatched the paramedics who called the coroner. The call eventually made its way to Slade and his squad. Leona and Connie retired earlier to their daytime chambers. Slade, Eran and Kevin handled the call. The fey they found had fang marks on his neck and inner thigh. Cause of death would wait until completion of an autopsy done at the VJS forensic laboratory.

Eran and Slade went to bed, when they returned from the call. Kevin took over the squad for the day shift. He waited for Maria to arrive. She was the forensic accountant who tracked Molly's assets and finances, since entering the country. Everything so far led to several dummy companies through which the money passed before Molly received it. As shady, as it all looked, all transactions appeared legal. Maria was good and worked as if she peeled an onion, one thin layer at a time.

Maria arrived at the squad room with Gwen in tow. Gwen wanted to talk with Eran, when she woke. Both women spent the night watching Steve. Molly still controlled part of Steve. His violent outbursts scared Maria and Gwen. The vampires drugged him using the power of suggestion, which worked so far. He slept during the day, as if he was a vampire. At night, his control turned over to a vampire handler. Molly left Steve alone most of the time.

Steve slept quietly locked in the guest room. Maria and Gwen checked him before they left. He slept restlessly, as if reliving a dream. His legs and arms shook, as if he ran from something. Suddenly, he bolted upright in the bed. He looked as if an external being possessed him. Molly found him and took over his body.

He looked at his surroundings, as Molly saw through his eyes. She saw the guest room. She commanded Steve to get up and leave the room. He got out of bed and went to the door. Molly found the door locked and cursed under her breath. She asked Steve if anyone was home. He replied, no. He gave her the address and waited for rescue. Molly dispatched Carlo to the address. Carlo rescued Steve and brought him to Molly's pub.

Molly took Steve upstairs to her apartment where she took some of his soul, as she fed from him. Steve felt relieved to be away from the vampire influence. He relaxed and fell asleep to recover. Molly stayed with him as he slept. Carlo kept watch outside the apartment. He hoped Molly would leave so that he could take what he needed from Steve. When Molly left, Carlo slipped into the room and gave Steve the date rape drugs, which made him, forget what happened.

Steve was his now. Carlo wanted to mete out punishment he felt Steve needed. Steve had no feelings. Carlo could beat him or abuse him, but Steve did not care. Molly controlled him and felt everything he felt. She knew Carlo drugged him. She felt every humiliation that Carlo performed. She saw everything through Steve's eyes. Slowly Molly went to her apartment and quietly entered. She was invisible, when she walked in on them. She found Carlo ready to sodomize Steve.

As she entered the room, she mentally tossed Carlo against the wall and held him there. Steve collapsed, as Molly released him. She walked to Carlo unseen. She looked at him sternly, "Give me one good reason not to punish you permanently? You overstepped your bounds for the last time."

Carlo searched for the source of Molly's voice. Carlo looked down pleading, "You lost a fey today at the fangs of two vampires. I think they captured two more, sent to follow the vampires. They knew we were here. It is time. We either move or take the vampires head on in a fight."

Molly shed her invisibility, as she hovered over Carlo. "Why didn't you tell me this earlier? I could change things before this all happened. You still did wrong and need punishment. What should I do with you? Maybe a night with Sebastian would teach to a big lesson."

The thought of Sebastian made Carlo wistful, but he remembered the enormity of him. He shook with fright at the prospect of being a slave to Sebastian. As he thought of his last encounter with Sebastian, Carlo's shaking appeared visually to Molly. He did not want to meet Sebastian again. Carlo cowered under Molly's glaring stare.

Molly released Carlo and he scampered away on hands and feet as if he was a wounded child. He felt defeated yet again, but escaped the severe punishment from Molly. When he was away, He stood up shook and walked cheerfully into the pub. He went to his duty at the door, as if nothing happened.

Maria and Gwen sat hunched over a terminal, while it searched records in the city archives about Molly. Her finances appeared simple, but the sources were very complicated. The banks were commercial banks in the city with ties to New York City banks. The ties to out of state financial institutions were where the trail got murky. Some of the trails went through dummy corporations used to launder funds.

Maria traced the dummy corporations and found that there was one common thread. TMA Ltd. came up frequently, but not directly involved. Maria noted the TMA Ltd. influence, but pressed no further. Gwen looked at the notation, "Who is TMA Ltd?"

"It is the company, which owns 'The Main Artery' the vampire night club run by Gustaf. They own some other properties and invest in businesses run by supernatural beings." Maria explained.

"Shouldn't we inquire about the investments? Won't Gustaf tell us about them?" Gwen innocently asked.

"TMA Ltd. has some connection with the Vampire Justice System. They seem to pay for all this equipment and our living and work spaces. It is best not to raise too big a flag." Maria chided.

"OH, OK, I will remember that." Gwen whispered.

They worked until Slade and Eran came to see what the traces found. Slade looked at the work, but it confused him. Eran tried to explain, but gave up. Maria would take all the data and create the needed financial trails, which tracked the money. Maria turned back to the computer and gathered the files onto a USB stick. This stick stored all the data collected. It became part of the investigation.

As Maria handed the stick to Eran, one of the vampires who monitored and controlled Steve came swiftly to the group. He stood nervously waiting to break into the conversation. Eran looked at him and nodded for him to speak.

"Where is Steve? We can't find him. He disappeared and no trace of him can be found," the vampire blurted.

Maria stood up quickly. She shook with fear for the worst. "What do you mean he disappeared? He was at our house asleep when we left late this morning. Are you saying he is not there?"

"Yes, our mind probes failed to find him. When he slept, we could see his mind, as if he was awake. Now there is no trace. We sent a car to your apartment, but they are still in route. We will wait for them to report before doing anymore." The vampire said as he left the group.

Maria looked to Slade, "What can we do? Could Molly be involved again with him? Could she have him?"

Eran stepped in, "We can check the video from inside your house, which monitored Steve 24/7. That will give us clues to what happened. Let's get the video playback started."

Maria calmed at what Eran said. Eran sat, opened her laptop and set the display to be the big screen. Everyone moved their eyes to the screen. Eran skipped the video forward to the time Maria and Gwen left the apartment. Nothing appeared for another two hours. Eran sped up the playback and nothing appeared.

As they watched, Steve suddenly bolted upright on the bed. He looked around and appeared to talk to someone in the room with him. The camera showed nothing. He rose and went to the door, but found it locked. He stood in the middle of the room, as if he waited for someone. In less than thirty minutes, the door burst open and two fey entered. Carlo was one of the fey. He looked up at the camera and gave an obscene gesture, as he took Steve away.

Maria sobbed, as she watched Steve removed by Carlo. She felt lost and alone. She thought what happened. Can we do something? Are we powerless against this succubus? I want Steve back.

Eran walked to Maria. She sat beside her and spread her arms around Maria's shoulders. "We know who has him. We know where he might be. We need to confirm that he is indeed gone. We will get the needed warrants to search the pub and the estate. We will find him."

Maria looked at the determined face of Eran and stopped her sobs. "Let's get those kidnappers. I want Steve back tonight. I don't care what it takes."

Slade came over to the women, "We have to process the warrants and set up the search crews. It will take time. We can set up surveillance teams now and watch all the places."

Maria looked up with a teary smile, "You are the boss. I trust you to do things right. I just want Steve back and rid of Molly's influence."

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