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Underneath my exterior that tries to convince the world that yeah, I’m tough as fucking nails, there lies that same frightened child, who still hears her screams and pleads for mercy, the same time, every night, begging for him to leave her alone. But eve...

Yule Fire (a White Christmas parody)

Wrote and sang this for Creative Writing class... perhaps I'll sing for y'all too.

I imagine a yule fire with all my loved ones gathered 'round All the children singing and lovers cuddling so near, happiness abounds. I imagine a yule fire with every candle that I buy You enjoy your Christmas and I, I'll enjoy my rituals and light. I ima...

Zombies and Nevers: Part One

It's set right before the dividing line of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic...

***Setting: Right before the dividing line of apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, meaning that the creatures that were killing during the apocalypse aren't quite dead yet and any other changes that happened haven't yet been fixed or undone, but the human race,...

I Love You

You know who you are <3

All of it was true-What I said in the letter-But you already know that,Don't you?There were some rough patches,Amidst all the randomness,And sweet words,But we talked about those-Your words had mine caught in my throat.You do that to me so often-leave me...

Call Me Beautiful

Inspired by a couple lines in Megan Nicole's B-e-a-utiful

I hear it all the time, the guys walking down the hall. All these vulgar sayings and words for the girls. We aren't called gorgeous or pretty or even cute. Half the sayings I won't even type, because it's insulting- granted, if I liked the guy, if we were...

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Back to Sleep

You aren't alone..

Lay down, Ignore the pain, Close your eyes, Imagine it again- You aren't alone, There's someone with you, Don't be lonely, I am here. Curl up close, Careful- it hurts, I'll hold you tight, but gentle enough that it won't hurt you. Tight hugs, tight enough...

Blissful.. Dreamless Sleep

Trying out some new, randomly thought of descriptors... I may have made up a couple words.

The drums beating at my brain like rain onto a window, soft yet stabbing into the silence of these 3 rooms. One, a mall filled with clown faces, false expressions of undying love and the bogus perkiness  to be compared with that of a young pup. Two, a roo...


And I'll sink so low, you won't see me.

“Every day is so wonderful, and suddenly, it’s hard to breathe, Now and then I get insecure from all the pain, feel so ashamed.” -Christina Aguilera, Beautiful. Imagine if you will, A paddleboat, In a vast, deep blue ocean. You can’t see land on either si...