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On The Edge

"Tell me to stop, and I will," he breathed, praying she wouldn't. C’mon, just kiss me.

Jack Walker had to die. The two men in the faded blue sedan didn't know why. They don't care. They followed orders – and that meant they waited in front of his house. Ten minutes later, he came out into bright morning sunshine, hurrying down the front ste...

What Happens in Vegas

My first trip to Las Vegas was a learning experience.

So here I am on my first trip to Las Vegas. I chose to stay downtown because it was cheaper than the strip. Back then downtown was considered a rough side of town. It boasted some well known casinos but was still called a toilet by many, and bears little...

My worst flights

Some of my experiences when flying

It was my first trip to Vegas. I was single and decided it was finally time to visit the place that so many of my friends and relatives had raved about. There was no Internet to check room rates back them, but the travel section in the Sunday paper always...

The Fantastic Voyage of Bellingham Sam

Viewed through rose-colored glasses, it turned into the perfect family vacation...

Coffee. What Sam needed was coffee. He was a walking zombie, desperate for caffeine. It was a condition of his own making, he had to admit, since he was the one who'd wanted to drive on their family vacation instead of flying. And so they had spent more t...