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Are publishers a thing of the past? If it's up to Amazon, they will be...

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Here we go...this has been getting a lot of attention lately, and rightly so I far, they've been courting more "established" authors, so it probably doesn't affect anyone here on Stories Space at the moment...

But, I would have to think it's a sign of things to come...

Amazon Signs Up Authors, Writing Publishers Out of Deal
I once knew a drinker who had a moderating problem...

I like to think that authors are a little more particular / discerning, about which publisher they sign up with.

Who in their right mind (unless broke), would want to sign up with a company, everyone in the industry considers a homogenous McPublisher (Amazon)?

Publishers tend to be specialists in certain genres, to try and be all encompassing, has fail written all over it.

I seriously can't see it ever happening. Fun article all the same, the usual from the NY Times!
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Quote by nicola

I seriously can't see it ever happening.

Not sure everyone would agree with you on that, and I think ultimately their economy of scale can allow Amazon to offer things other publishing houses can't...

I believe as it stands now, authors typically get 10-15% of cover price on print books, they might get 50% if they self-published, but of course, no promotional help...

Let's say Amazon started to offer authors 30% of cover with some promotion, maybe not as much as some of the niche publishers can offer in certain genres, but still significant...all of a sudden it looks very attractive...

I think this arrangement is still in it's infancy, so it's still anyone's guess...but, what's that expression?

"Never say 'never'"...
I once knew a drinker who had a moderating problem...

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This was being discussed (elsewhere) and we had quite the debate going smile

An author there shopped their "book" around to dozens of publishers only to be turned down. In her words, "The novel is a thing of the past" mainly due to the fact that most of what is being published is either by established writers or newbies that are paid to play, so to speak. They are willing to write for a wide audience and do it well enough to sell books for the publisher.

Borders booksellers went under too. The generation of waste and excess is coming to a close, only the strongest companies will stay afloat and the weaker ones in a best case scenario will be bought or at worst, become nothing but a name that used to be synonymous with profitability.
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