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With this My eyes lay in their funeral beds A slumber akin to death Breathe me in I drift softly As a sheet dances with the wind Barely there and nearly gone Further from the great beyond Than I've ever dreamed And yet so close With lips To kiss Is there...

Twenty Angels

This is a tribute to those who lost their lives in Newtown, CT.

Take away these tears that fallThis waste of life of those so small The hurt that I can't help but feelIn disbelief, it seems surrealTwenty angels up to heavenBarely knew a life they're living Happiness they'll never seeChristmas gifts under a tree His re...

Derive a sense of pleasure From such a frosty demeanorHow your words chill me to the boneFilled with false promisesAnd oft-dashed hopes I still remain, a sad refrain I wait in clouds overheadI caress the ground with my tearsI wonder why you love to humor...