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A poem of my own

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A good friend and I had a conversation one day. A few days later, I woke up with a little poem in my head about our friendship. I wrote it up and sent it to her. She really loved it and I got to thinking about our conversation. She always insists she cant write, so I took her words from our original conversation and wrote this poem. It is what I imagine her reply would be to my poem if she wrote. The words are mostly hers, either almost exactly as she said them or paraphrased into poetry.

This Unlikely Pair

I sit here and look at your gift to me,
And I wonder just how we came to be.
Whenever I need you, you always are there
But feel when you need me, you have to ask where?

What plan did God have to make two a we?
So different, yet somehow, God truly blessed me.
You have been there for me when I needed to share.
Just how did this happen to such an odd pair?

Not sitting in judgment, but when I let go
You’re still my friend; I’ll just never know.
You comfort, advise me, open my mind with a dare
To think and to grow, our gift is so rare

Two people who could have just walked away,
Two ships in the night, then God had his say.
He put us together, made both of us care
Just drawn to each other, this unlikely pair!
We don't know how much we don't know.
Hey Adele nice words and a lovely thought about true friendship
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Thanks Elaine.
We don't know how much we don't know.
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A beautiful poem Adele. Inspiration, on waking, is the best.
Love colours our worlds in endless dimensions and unifies all aspects of our activities. Just as sunlight filters through clouds and causes the grasses to turn gold so everything is interlinked in our world.
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Very nice Adele

Friendship with real heart connections are so wonderful.

Loved your poem
"No one knows when the final grain of sand will plummet through their own personal Hourglass." ~ CKAcres
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