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I have begun writing and found this site.

photography, camping

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Eve Dallas series by J.D. Robb

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J.D. Robb

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The Best Years of Our Lives

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Journey to Andromeda

5 spaceships set out on a 20 year journey to colonize a dsitant planet

Humanity had decided that the time and technology had arrived to go out and populate other planets. 75 years earlier, when the trip took almost 40 years, scout ships had been sent out to survey other galaxies for a suitable planet, capable of sustaining h...

The Journey

How some very sad things that occurred turned into the adventure of a lifetime.

As I stand on the curb at the airport, awaiting my sister’s car to pull up and take me home, I reflect on the last 17 days and the adventure of a lifetime. And I thought about what had brought it all about. It all started about 18 months ago. In August of...

This is an absolute true story that happened on 3/17/2011. *(Names have been changed.) My soul mate. Don*, and partner of many years had passed away quite unexpectedly about a week earlier. Due to a number of circumstances, the funeral was not scheduled u...