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Do I need to get back on Facebook?

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First off, let's be clear. I left Facebook because, as far as I am concerned, they aren't really interested in us, only in our data and in selling us to advertisers. We really need an open source counterpart that isn't about keeping shareholders happy, just users. And Mark Zuckerberg may have started out as a entrepreneurial hero but at this point, he's as much a corporate boss and capitalist oligarch as any CEO, worse than some.

That said, I know a lot of writers, including some on here, use it to promote their work and help get eyeballs on it. And getting more eyeballs is something I would like to do. I do tweet stories but my list of Twitter followers isn't long so that only gets me so far. And I promote them on the web forums I inhabit but, again, those are mostly a limited audience. And then there's the usual crowd on here, but that is pretty small even accounting for visitors from related sites.

Thing is, how much would re-joining Facebook actually get me beyond what those get me? Many of the people I would be friending would be ones who already hear about my writing from other sources (Twitter, forums, me sharing them with friends and family by email). So I am not sure how much value FB would bring.

What is the experience of others on here? Is there value in having a presence on FB? Would a profile be enough or should I look at a "page" or public group or something?

TLDR is that I hate the place but might go there if it has value for promoting my writing.

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