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I've been an avid reader since childhood and have dabbled in writing throughout my life. That interest in reading led me to a first career as a librarian before moving into corporate IT where I work today. My writing now consists of over twenty stories and poems on this site plus a few in other places. I lean to fantasy, magic realism, and horror fiction but also do the odd piece of dramatic fiction or poetry.

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The Spirits of Tan Maldrin

A priestess’ mission to an abandoned palace uncovers powerful spirits and dark sorcery

Lorn Elera stared up at Tan Maldrin. The ancient palace loomed above the priestess of the Denith Lorn, crowning the hill on the West side of the ruined town where she stood. A shadowy figure stood atop the central keep, silhouetted against the light of th...

The Goddess Dances

A goddess learns joy from a little girl

Talala looked down on the city square of Tantovar and smiled. Around her, people danced in a throng that filled the square. The rhythmic beat of hand drums and skirl of pipes filled the air with joyous sounds. “If only I could dance with them,” thought th...

Lonely Reverie

Alone in the woods seeking solace

I walk alone by crystal stream, Beneath a canopy of green, In hopes that I can find a place, To gaze up at the sky and dream. Can my heart find solace there Within the realm of Nature fair, Where Peace is found in such sweet space, So far from any human c...


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