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I've been an avid reader since childhood and have dabbled in writing throughout my life. That interest in reading led me to a first career as a librarian before moving into corporate IT where I work today. My writing now consists of over twenty stories and poems on this site plus a few in other places. I lean to fantasy, magic realism, and horror fiction but also do the odd piece of dramatic fiction or poetry.

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Last Challenge of Jadek Prynn

The mysterious woman presented the mighty Battle Lord with a unique challenge

The huge man strode down the main road of Varan. His dark eyes glared as he looked around, watching for defenders. Battle Lord Jadek Prynn was taller than any of the other warriors fighting in the street. His heavyset body was a mass of muscles, scars, an...

Us Survivors

A survivor of the streets takes a walk on a steamy, sleepless night

Tina felt the bedsheet peel away from her skin as she sat up. She was covered in a sheen of sweat from head to toe. Her hair was damp and matted. Even at midnight with all the windows open and no clothing but panties, Tina could not seem to beat the heat....

Voice of Ice

He sought the name of the angel of ice

The wind gave a piercing howl, rattling the windows of Professor Jack Lange’s apartment. Jack lowered his book at the sound and stared out at the blowing snow."Wow, what a storm!" announced the disc jockey on the radio as if he, too, had heard it, "If you...


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