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Into writing short stories, novellas and short novels. Tend towards realist fiction, with a slant on music and mod thinking.

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It’s like we’re fixed in time. I suppose it’s always like that with a photograph but this seems more so. I’ve been rummaging, having a clear-out, sorting through drawers and boxes. I pick up a pile of papers it falls out, drops to the floor, looking up at...

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I want to go on a road trip. That’s what I’m thinking as I lie on my bed and glance out at the suburban. A long one. I want to go to Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires and Bogota. I want to sit in a car for days and drive through the south of France, taking in th...

I’ve got my red trackie top on and I’m on my way into the station. There are ten minutes until the train leaves and it’s busy. I skipped a lecture to catch this train so it had better be worth it. There’s an autumn chill in the air, which I’m liking. It b...

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