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Into writing short stories, novellas and short novels. Tend towards realist fiction, with a slant on music and mod thinking.

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There’s a Blondie record playing on the jukebox in the corner. It’s one you’ve heard many times before but it still pulls you in with its goodness. There’s optimism here, full-on powerpop positivity, to take hold of you in the moment as the night sky fall...

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I’m searching for the lost forty-five. Jack was talking about it last night in The Crown. It was when an old northern soul record came on the jukebox, one that they play regularly in there, and which can’t fail to make your feet tap and your body start to...

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The record’s an instrumental called Grow Your Own. It’s a Small Faces b-side from some time around ’65 I think. Back at the old alma mater, Miles used to play it to death. We used to sit in his room in hall, getting dragged into its brilliance, playing it...

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