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Alright, I'm writing a dystopian fiction novel. I know the next big event and around when it'll happen but between now and then the main character is basically just recuperating and training. I want to share some of that with readers because it is a vital piece of the story in its own way, but I don't want it to drag on either and I've never really written a story where the character needed to heal prior to moving on with their goals. They may have needed to finish other smaller goals first, but it was never a big pause between point A and point B.

I'm currently dealing with a block related to writing that "pause" in a way that still keeps a reader engaged and allows them to learn more about each character as well.

Any tips?
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So one: I think it's very odd to see words that were "new" when I was younger and in school be added to the dictionary as actual words, haha.

Two, unless I had a character that they fit, I can't see myself using this in a story and even there only in dialogue.

That's not to say that they shouldn't or couldn't be used in the right genre or story "mood" I suppose, just that they wouldn't fit in my realistic or dystopian fiction preferences. Many of mine are set in alternate timelines or in the future, so do I come up with fictitious slang from time to time? Absolutely. But these wouldn't fit the mood or setting of any of my stories in particular.

I do, however, use awesomesauce on a regular basis myself even though I never used it when it was a popular word to use biggrin
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Quote by rolandlytle
Blue is the Warmest Colour

My favorite love story of this century!

Yes! Pleasantly surprised to see that you also enjoy this movie. Definitely one of my favorites as well.

As for my answer to the above question, I do believe I've watched Midnight Sun well over 5 times now.

It's sad (like, red eyes and an abundance of snot sad), but for those of us that like to know if the disease in the movie is real or not (me, I am one of those people) it helps bring awareness to one that I hadn't heard about before, abbreviated to XP - Xeroderma Pigmentosum... basically an extreme sensitivity to the sun. One's body, with XP, cannot repair their DNA after coming into contact with the UV rays in sunlight, resulting in an extremely high chance of developing skin cancer and various other issues. It's also a really cute love story. If anyone reading this also liked The Fault in our Stars or 5 Feet Apart, this one should probably also be on your list.
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Regretfully, I've not read much these last few years outside of research for writing or cosmetics, but there is a part from a recent Dua Lipa song that really stood out to me as soon as I heard it.

"Sick intuition that they taught us so we won't freak out
We hide our figures, doin' anythin' to shut their mouths
We smile away to ease the tension so it don't go south
But there's nothin' funny now.

~Boys Will Be Boys.
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Hey y'all. It's been a while since I was on here. I've recently started writing the sequel to my Tomorrow story. Philena is doing as well as can be expected in this sequel. I've written the first chapter which is quite a bit longer than I thought it would be and now am on to the second where I feel I must describe the legal process she is going through with her step father, but I've never written anything of the sort.

I was wondering if any of you may know, whether from experience of being in a court room in one role or another or just from writing a lot of crime stories, the order in which one may go. Who will speak first? Will they try him for her mother's murder and all the abuse she's suffered in the one go or no? What kind of questions will they ask, both the prosecution (her side) and the defense (his side)?

As always, if there are any tips or extra details/info you can offer me, I certainly welcome it.

Thank you smile

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I used to write to let all my emotions and thoughts out onto a page, figuring if they were here or on deviantART, they couldn't hurt me too bad.
Then I wrote strictly for awareness reasons on subjects such as eating disorders, depression, ptsd and various other disorders, not to mention diseases like the various cancers that are out there.
Now... I don't write often, but most of my writing pops out as a musing or a rant about something or other, though I am working on the sequel to Tomorrow right now. I have yet to decide whether to share it here. If ever I find it worthy of publishing, it should probably have never been publicly available, correct?
I still write for awareness occasionally and every once in a while I'll need to get out a few anxious thoughts, but most of my writing now is centered on a story I started previously.
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Very easy, yummy homemade hot cocoa.

About 2 cups of half n half to 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa to 1/2 cup sugar and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Mmmm
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OF COURSE. I found a costume, I found a costume. Heehee. Very flowy red dress + black cloak + boots + white foundation + red lips + black and red hair = sexy, dangerous vampiress. ^.^

Ummmm same.
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I think I would definitely collect interesting shaped bottles if I could as well as anything vintage/victorian and such. Like, I really want a skull bottle. Um, anything skull-shaped. Um, really anything Gothic too.

Currently, I do collect pins, lol. Like... on pinterest, haha: My Pinterest
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I don't believe I really have a collection.. I mean, maybe baking stuff. Like, the pans and such I have a lot of odd bits and pieces for the kitchen, but I'm working on starting up collecting stuff for my "darker" side. Little bats and adorable ghosts and such. Um, Gothic/Halloween themed scary stuff. Currently, I collect knowledge. smile So any tips and tricks you can give me is very much appreciated and loved. Stuff to do with sewing would be QUITE helpful right now.


Maybe books?