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I have posted three poems on Space and would be interested in discussing writing.
Sweet Tater
Clod Hopper
Wild Deuce
Sinister Spinster
Brewer Keg
Hi, Everyone! I'm new to 'Stories Space' and still getting used to the platform. I have a background in science writing: I'm a medical writer for a pharma company and a blogger for Psychology Today. I also write on my own site, Blame the Amygdala, typically about the darker side of life - love, psychopaths, crime, and human relationships. I have joined this site to share some fictional pieces and see if the intended impact is hitting the mark. I am drawn to characters that are somewhat lost in their own minds as it falls apart around them.

I struggle identifying with a particular genre, as I'm sure many of you do. I just like quirky and humorous, the darker the better.

I look forward to getting to know some of you and checking out your stories.
Now let the liquor flow!
Jack Daniels and Jim Beam
And squeeze the Coca Cola
In my shot glass.
And when it's done, the grass I'll mow!
Watching the molehills grow
Beneath hedgerows and sweet potatoes
Seasoned by the sow
Oh, it's great!

It would have taken me a little more time in your waiting novel about the change of time. I would like to fix my computer so that I can access my files!
Impression of Planet Proxima Centauri with New the stars, Centauri a and Centauri B - Information about Proxima Centauri .