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Lightening/Thundering. Nature is the best stress relief.

Bicycle or walking for exercise.

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Blessed with three beautiful, healthy daughters

Blessed with a loving, commited husband and father

Blessed with health

Blessed wit freedom from need and want

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Yes, with the proper equipment and preparation and planning. Not on the spur of the moment, i.e., spontaneously. Easy to be courageous with the proper planning and preparation.

Would you ever ride at speed with a NASCAR driver at the wheel?

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Quote by Cora

Would you ever deep sea dive to 120 feet?

Yes. Have, but only with a least one other diver and with a safety person on the boat. You have to be careful to decompress property. Definitely not for an inexperienced diver.

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Have swam in the ocean, over the Marianas Trench, some 36,000 feet deep. Freezing cold, in and out. Then lounging on the deck in the warm sunshine. Definitely wakes you up from the shock.

Would you climb a vertical rock face?

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Yes, although with three young daughters (3-1/2 and twins 1-1/2) as well as a 12 year old dog already might wait until my kids get older.