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Updated 30 September 2022

An educated, married woman with a two-year-old and twin three-month old daughters together with an nine-year-old boxer-pit bull mix that we've had since he was six weeks old.  Spending time with my family is the most important thing in life to me.  BC (Before Children), loved to ride motorcycles with my husband; my current ride is a Harley Davidson 2018 Ultra Limited 115th Anniversary Special Edition.  We've ridden  as far west (so far) as Wyoming and states south and east.  Needless to say, the motorcycle riding is now in abeyance as I strive to be the best possible mom to our daughters and wife to my wonderfully supportive and fully engaged husband.  An avid jogger (again more BC), eight miles in 50-55 minutes being my average distance/time.  An environmentalist at heart; prefer being outside, communing with nature to being inside.  Camping is another pastime of my husband and I.

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Future Perfect

Motherhood changes your perspective forever.

Anxious minutes pass as I awaited the results of the tests. My mind flirting with all the possibilities. Am I or am I not? My heart starting beating again when the doctor confirmed what I already knew. I was pregnant. Again. Not the first time I had heard...

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