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Maybe is a powerful word, coming from the right people.

Maybe when you're alone you think of me, because I was your wife-to-be. Maybe you tried but could not see, that I needed you in my life especially. Maybe time will tell if you were right, that I don't need you in the night. Maybe you don't need me in your...

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When I think of you and the way you speak, it makes me think that our love is unique. When I think of you and your perfect physique, my heart melts and my knees grow weak. The way you lay beside me in your sleep, I love our conversations because they're s...

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Did it really happen if nobody remembers it?

Do you remember our first night? When you hold me in your arms so tight, even though the moon wasn't bright, It was the only place where I felt right. Do you remember my scent? And I do miss your accent, I still remember the day you went. When you left, w...