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4 days ago


Cottagecore at heart and queer to the core. 

This is my space to try and filter feelings into words and images into something more concrete. Hope you take the time to enjoy some of my writing while you're here. 2fingers

Pronouns: Your Fluffiness and Betentacled

Please give me pets.


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The Wonderful World of Wally Weasel

Not everything is parmesan at the pizza party place...

We all make poor life choices. Mine just happens to be pizza. You’d think working at the nostalgia-laden Wally World would be a dream come true. Maybe for kid me, with all the arcade games that spat out tickets like confetti, ball pits, and colorful chara...


Thoughts from three in the morning.

The hurt washes over like the ocean. Calm sails capture the wind With their chests puffed out, Rulers of the great blue seas Until a storm arrives Of doubt and regret The spray stings my cloudy eyes. It seemed fun at the time Becoming Co-captain of my own...