Lord Of The Choo-choo.

"Assuaging a mea culpa a fortnight before the gibbons end my last rodeo."The dark art of my analysis is all BS unless London Bridge is falling. E-I-E-I-O."With conversations, with my friend Mad Hatter. It dawned on me that Alice wasn't coming back th…

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Phone Still Rings

Gone are the paper mâché shadows that hung by my window. Now dust motes in heavy coats of memories. So long time ago in my sleep. Where dreams are made, sewn with bows. And my old stuffed socks with buttons became my best friends. Now the circle has …

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Dark My Confessor

"Day today, with the darkness choking and soaking the sheets. Slitting the throat of the dark with indelible squid coating the tongue. Hats off to the moonlight living in the darkness of my mind with a sluice from the inkwell's cul-de-sac."Accused of…

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Gone Nappy

The psychologist was pumping me up for a series of tests. To see if I could compose without goggles at night and losing my bearings."How do you propose I solo with my pen if my muse is in between Knoxville and shock therapy?" My forty-five&…

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Children Of The Sod

The little apple lady gave me a wink as I entered the establishment.To my friend Sherlock Holmes, I was a bit eccentric. We had recently dined together at The Whitechapel Business Man's Club. He was a private detective hooked on crime and I was an un…

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Wood and Pine

Everything was as before with the sounds of the house. There was the same smell of wood and pine. There was chatter behind the walls. As an amateur writer of child fiction, I returned home. My soul was in limbo, but I heard the angels.    &…

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Hung The Moon

In her fingertipsto build a nest in a tree to rest hung the moon a carol ring rung tinged with blue of speckled eggs…

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The Darkest Light

In dreams of healing heartsof too many lies and alibieslost in a world of Omar Khayyamcounting stars of memory lightswhich shine in the darkest night…

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Bye Bye Birdie

Bring me no veil as I sleepwith slung trousers in roseate boxtouched by a shadow's corpse with the hem of its nudity lusting for its cold breath of a twilight's soliloquy with the ghost... "Bye Bye Birdie"…

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Selsun Blue

My bladder was full and I had to relieve my Jack-in-the-box. I had just returned from a long winter spinning tales of the macabre. But the webs wouldn't let go. Up a flight of stairs from the maw of the dark. There I had spent months sharpening my qu…

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