Notes of Melody

When wishes do come true…

It was just another New Year’s Eve for Melody. Her thirteenth one to be exact and completely unremarkable. Her mother stuffed her into a dress two sizes too small, accompanied by the furrowed brows of disapproval and invasive pokes and prods over her…

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The Wonderful World of Wally Weasel

Not everything is parmesan at the pizza party place...…

We all make poor life choices. Mine just happens to be pizza.You’d think working at the nostalgia-laden Wally World would be a dream come true. Maybe for kid me, with all the arcade games that spat out tickets like confetti, ball pits, and colorful c…

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Red Tide

Sometimes before the red tideMy body is no longer mineWhen I stare down At those two fat burlap sacks

Curves like melted candle waxDried on the floor, a shapeless mass

I wonder if I’m just paying rent
Not recognizing my naked form

Now a tarp stret…

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Thoughts from three in the morning.…

The hurt washes over like the ocean.Calm sails capture the windWith their chests puffed out,Rulers of the great blue seasUntil a storm arrivesOf doubt and regretThe spray stings my cloudy eyes.It seemed fun at the timeBecoming Co-captain of my own sh…

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When the Cicada Sings

Love brings forth life.…

July’s midsummer heat stuck. It stuck to the blades of grass. It stuck to Sumire’s beige romper. It stuck to everything and anything like a sweltering bog. Sweat drenched her underarms as she set up her easel and foldable chair. Even at her elevated …

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