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An Unexpected Attraction

A mature woman finds she is sexually attracterd to the wrong guy.

Ginny sat on the floor listening to her friend play the guitar at an impromptu party. It was the end of a weekend training for her company. Managers hob nobbing with lower ranks.

She pushed herself up from the floor intending to go to the ladies. As she stepped towards the door to the corridor she lost her balance.

“Whoa,” cried Henry, one of her colleagues, as he lunged forward pushed his hands between her jacket and her tight blouse looking at her breasts in delight and gripping her round the ribs.

Ginny caught her breath and a delicious dull ache spread from her pelvis like a flame, causing her bones to melt. She let out a low moan and sunk into his arms.

She opened her eyes again. Henry’s face was an inch away from hers and he was looking at her with an intimate curiosity.

“Shit!” she thought. “Did I actually black out for a moment.”

She pushed away from him and looked around at t few men lounging against the perimeter walls gossiping about the managing director. Surely they hadn’t seen what happened.

“Oh,” Henry said loudly, “You nearly fell.”

“I’m just on the way to the bathroom,” she quavered.

“Its just down the corridor a account executive told her pointing towards three doors.

She stumbled towards the first door.

“No,” the executive told her laughing, “It’s the next door down.”

Blushing furiously Ginny finally entered the bathroom and locked the door.

She sat on the edge of the bath and thought. “What just happened!

How did it happen? He must have been watching me before I got up.

Did I actually have an orgasm in the middle of the room in front of 20 people. Did they notice.?”

She splashed water on her face and calmed herself down.

She knew Henry as a colleague but she had never felt a sexual attraction to him before. She only had one glass of wine. How embarrassing!

“I can’t stay in here forever. I’ve e got to go through the room as if nothing happened and hope to God no one noticed.

She heard the sound of voices in the corridor outside the bathroom. “What happened just then with Ginny.” “Don’t ask me another voice replied.”

She took a few deep breaths to calm her pulse rate down and walked back through the room, looking down so that her eyes did not come into contact with the men who had possibly noticed her expose herself intimately in a crowded room, to where she had been sitting.

Henry was sitting there. He was resting a hand on an empty chair that he had obviously placed their for her to sit on.

He had the look of a contented camel on his face.

“He thinks he owns me now” she thought. “what am I going to do?”

She sat down next to him and tried to look life she was enjoying the music.

“Why did this have to happen now? I can’t upset my husband I wouldn’t do anything I wouldn’t want him to do.”

What would her 10 year old son say?

She was very angry. Her 50 year old body had let her down. Why after all these years do I have to suddenly find someone who can turn me on just with a touch?

Finally people started leaving to go to their own rooms. As Ginny got up to leave Henry rubbed her shoulder and gave her a meaningful look.

I’m going to put it all behind me she thought as she went to bed that night

The next day she went, as planned, to a local retreat, looking forward to twentyh four hours of silence and meditation.

Ginny sat in the sanctuary breathed deeply, and emptied her mind to be at one with the universe. She did not see the usual swirling purple patterns. She saw herself and Henry in bed, on a beach, in a car, on a bus, everywhere, having sex.

She saw his face coming close to hers as she passionately responded sweating and melting.

After an hour of trying to clear her mind she left the sanctuary and tried a walking meditation. Slowly placing each foot down on the grass, pushing off with her other foot slowly, changing the weight slowly from one foot to another as she became intimate with each blade of grass and……….she saw Henry naked again. Of all the men to fall for, why did it have to be him. He was totally irresponsible, was a known alcoholic, has one relationship after another. Of course she couldn’t get involved with him.

But he had left her feeling so attractive and wanted. She stoked her body and imagined his hand on her.

For the next hour she had an intense debate with herself. She wanted to risk an affair, No way should she let her husband down. It would be so wonderful to have him whispering her name in her ear. He was totally the wrong person for her and she would lose a wonderful secure life that she had build around herself. But it would be heavenly if she could be intimately, sexually, involved with all her nerve endings crying for the thrill of a lover who was so into sensuality.

By the end of the day she was emotionally exhausted.

How could she let her weekend at the sanctuary lead her into this downwardly spiralling loss of responsibility to her own marriage?

What about the trust she demanded from her husband and he needed from her.

That night she texted a poem to Henry, tears pouring down her face she told him how beautiful he was, how divine, how sensual, what amazing eyes, how she longed for him.

She clicked on send and fell asleep.

She woke up sweating in the morning. What had she done? I’m such a fool. Sending a love poem by text!

She phoned the office to make an appointment with Henry the next day.

She paced up and down in her office waiting to meet him in the restaurant next door. Then she was with him.

“What’s the matter?” he asked moodily, I’ve got work to do. The last thing I need right now is an argument.”

“Didn’t you get my text?”

“Text? No my mobile needs recharging.”

“Oh! Well you mustn’t take any notice of it. I said I love you and I don’t.”

His expression changed. “What do you want me to do?”

“Don’t come near me. Don’t touch me. I can’t let you change my life,” she sobbed.

“Well its going to be difficult he told her his eyes scanning her body, realising what power he had over her.”

“I’ll just have to work it out. Goodbye,” she told him and strode off ready to pick a fight with the first unfortunate colleague she came across. What a fool she was.

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