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Divine Descent Ch 2

"I will know peace once I can blur the lines of the chapters in my life"
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Published 2 years ago



From under the illuminating halo of the street light, Dia lounged upon the top of a rather sleek matte black Camaro Zl1. Eyes closed with her face tilted towards the sky, she used this moment to peace to her advantage. The stillness of night made it easy to imagine being separate from existence, just someone looking through a window into reality. The rest of the world doesn't matter if something wasn't apart of it in the first place.

Her eyes flickered open, the light gleaming down blotted out the sky from above. The stars were the only thing worth seeing anymore and she stared intensely at the light until it started to flicker. A moment a spark killed the bulb and enveloped her in darkness. Dia cast her gaze upon the sky again, not too many stars shown through the pollution but enough to prove their relentless existence. Her brows furrowed with irritation, so far out of reach when she was used to brushing her fingers through the speckled light the view was the only thing she missed from before. "One day soon..." her voice trailed off and she came back into the shared known reality. "Those three have been gone for a while, they might have killed Jacob this time." 

She slid off the hood of her car and made her way casually to the park trail. It was nearing the time of night that no one would poke their nose into business they shouldn't. Dia didn't bother glancing around to make sure she wasn't seen. With the now broken street light no one would be able to see a shadow disappearing into the darkened woods anyways.  Her prowling steps lightly traced the paved path beneath; a black winding river of asphalt now that her eyes adjusted to the lack of light.

The trees in this park weren't the tallest she had seen as they would barely reach the bottom of a third floor window, but the canopy laced their branches together in an intertwined tunnel. Before long the was glimpses of light from a portion of the foliage accompanied by cursing and grunts as Tom and Jacob continued to fight. Dia rolled her eyes and continued her stroll in their direction, because of course, this is why it's taking so long. 

She made her way around the bend, no surprise at the sight of Tommy jumping upon Jacob taking him down to the ground while striking his elbow against the face. Neither of them had noticed her approaching until she grabbed Tom's hair and yanking him away from the other and forcing him onto the ground right next to Jacob. 

"Damn it, Dia I had him," Jacob sputtered from his bleeding face, as Tommy cackled next to him. They both fell silent instantly, because she slammed their heads together with a definitive crack.

"I don't have all night," she walked past them, "Where's Jake?"

"Uh, with some girl further along the path I think?" Tommy chirped giving a lazy grin while tending his head that started to swell. 

"Are you sure it was a girl? It could be a scrawny dude, they had barely a figure if anything," Jacob stood up wiping the blood and dirt from his eyes.

"And how would you know that," Dia mused, starting to head further into the darkness. "If I find out you've been feeling up strangers in the park in the middle of the night. It adds a new low to how perverted you actually are." 

Jacob grit his teeth into a snarling grin. "Forgive me for not seeing someone sprawled out on the ground and falling upon them. Hardly my fault, they could have been passed out drunk, and probably was, honestly it isn't worth looking into, Dia."

"We'll see," she sang in response. She stopped briefly to pick up the previously forgotten flashlight. It didn't help much to see the surrounding area, actually, it killed any possibility to see anything outside of where the beam shined upon, however she wanted to see this person the two idiots mentioned. 

It wasn't that much farther she came up to two other figures and beamed the light upon them. Her eyes briefly locked with Jake's before descending upon the short haired blonde he has seized with one hand upon her shoulder and the other pinning her wrists together. "She made a weak attempt the jab out my eyes," he muttered rather bored when she gave him a questioning stare. 

As for the girl herself, she wasn't much to behold as Jacob had put it, she was in fact rather small; but not in the way she was short, but she could easily hide behind a pole and not be seen. Dia could match her height had she been wearing heels, though eyeing the combat boots it appears she isn't that much taller anyways. Curious as her clothes were all black and looked slightly damp still from how it wrinkled and somewhat clung to her form. At this time of night, anyone wearing such a dark outfit is looking for trouble and stay hidden from view, but this girl didn't have that kind of look or feel about her. 

"You know a girl like you shouldn't risk walking alone at night from a bar, because of creeps like these guys are always lurking about," Dia said coolly noting the change of expression as the girl wasn't expecting to hear a female voice. Jake tsked at the remark but otherwise said nothing and the girl looked skeptical which was admittedly a better look than the petrified one she had moments ago. "Anyways, I'm sorry these idiots had tried to hurt you,"

"Dia, what are you doing?"

"Let me make it up to you, and get you home safely." She continued ignoring the now chorus of protest from all three guys. She shot a glaring back glance at Tommy and Jacob who approached from behind.

"Um, that really... Isn't necessary, I can make it from here just fine." Her voice was quiet, nervous or scared: perhaps just shy. Her shoulders scrunched in protest and partial hope of breaking out of Jake's grip. 

"Girl, you reek of alcohol that anyone with malicious intent would track you down and do a lot worse to you then we would." Though I am sure she already imagined the worst happening to her from these three. "You look like you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time." Dia came up to the girl and brushed Jake's hand off and taking her by the arm before she injected another refusal. 

"Listen, I'm not drunk or anything, I can make it home without help. I'm serious, I didn't see anything happening here, just minding my own business. Please let go of me." Her voice wasn't frantic but definitively urging as Dia yanked her towards the direction she came.

Jacob injected, "There we have it, Dia, she is set on not needing our assistance to get home, let's just leave her." 

"Shut up already, Jacob. What is your problem?" she demanded, her glare sending daggers through him.

"My P-problem?" He stammered, "You're the one acting out of character with this sudden stranger!"

She snorted in contempt, meeting the gaze of the confused blond who kept glancing back and forth to the two loud silhouettes arguing over her; all the while trying to get out of Dia's grip.

"Could you stop resisting before I make one of them carry you out." Dia opted to disregard Jacob's interjections as she had already decided and will see things through. "You're like what? 80-90lbs? You'd just be like a sack of potatoes to them." She was answered with a muted squeak. 

"Let's cut out the middle man otherwise we'll take too long," Tommy said now hoisting the girl over his shoulder. He gave his brother the one finger salute before he could round on him with protest and baseless accusations. The girl gripped his shoulder tightly hoisting herself up to break free.  "Oh she has to be lighter the 80lbs," He laughed adjusting to each shift. "And Miss," She froze hesitating at the sudden calm yet dark tone in his voice. "If you don't want to be dropped on your head, I'd stop squirming."




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