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Elementals Chapter 8

Draco arrives at the magical academy and begins his studies of the elements magic.

Chapter Eight

When Draco arrived at the magical academy in Veleron he took one look around him and decided he didn’t like the place. But he kept to himself, as he and many other children all a year or two older than he was, toured around the school. A few of the children talked among themselves but most stayed quite through the whole tour.

This was the first school Draco ever attended and seemed nothing special to him. It had halls, it had lockers, other students, seemed no different than any other school in the world. The tour ended with the students in their designated dormitories, and two pairs of their school uniforms on their individual beds. The uniform was a dark blue straight robe with a white sun and three beams shining under the sun embroidered over the left of the chest. A pair of lighter blue pants and dark boots made the rest of the uniform.

Other clothes the students would need like underwear, or socks, were placed in the dresser beside the bed; each student had their own dresser as well. Draco changed into his new clothes and folded his old ones away placing them in the top drawer of his dresser alongside his second pair of the school uniform. He then lay in his bed until he received a paper with his class schedule written on it.

After breakfast his first class was the study of elementals. Next was History, followed by a lunch break. After lunch was magic training followed by a thirty minute social break and for his final class before dinner, the pillar of elements battles.

Draco starred down at his schedule feeling annoyed. His whole day was mapped out for him until the moment he graduated; if he decided to stay for that long. Another student soon came by with a friendly smile talking to Draco. He ignored the boy and closed the curtains around his bed and lay there until a bell rang, which given the time, it was the indication for lunch. Everyone except Draco rushed to the lunch hall which was massive and had long rows of tables seating hundreds of students.

He got his lunch on a tray walking through the rows of tables filled with children until he made it to the very end of the lunch hall where there were no other students and he sat down and ate. After lunch the other kids socialized more or toured around quietly, but Draco just lay on his bed thinking about his parents until dinner. After dinner there was an hour for students to do whatever then it was time for them to go to their dorms and go to sleep.

Draco was perhaps the only student there to sleep well that first night. The next day it was breakfast than his first class. He ignored everything the teacher had to say and instead poured over the archive book reading through as much of it as he could until class was over. In history he paid more attention to the teacher than his previous class but not giving it his full attention either.

Lunch came and Draco sat alone as he did every meal, he didn’t want company; or friendship. In magic training the students were tested to see what individual elements they were best suited at. Most of the students at this time struggled just finding one, but Draco was equal at all nine of them; an impressive and extraordinarily rare talent. From then on Draco suddenly became the center of attention for cold stares and whispers behind his back.

This problem worsened in his last class of his first day when he managed to gather energy from around him into the pillar faster than anyone else even the teacher. He was a prodigy but also an outcast. Later that very night, Draco could overhear the whispers of numerous other students in his dorm talking about him with disdain. He ignored it all though and went to sleep.

Over time Draco was passing his first two classes with the top scores on tests. And in magic training class he mastered the most basics of spells taught to the students within a day. He was let out of class early a lot and after a few weeks they promoted him to magical training class a year ahead of his time. For the pillar of elements battle class he was forced to go at the same pace as the other students for a while until they were summoning elementals. He easily summoned his first low class elemental and had perfect control over it within a matter of minutes.

For his entire first year Draco breezed through all his classes with no trouble but couldn’t stop thinking about his parents. Until the second year he was put into a practice battle in his final class. He found that fighting was a good distraction from his troubled thoughts and was always eager for his last class, though he didn’t seek out fights on purpose.

One day in his final class Draco was paired with the second best student who complained about it and asked why they are learning this stuff anyways. Draco was the strongest kid in that class and nobody wanted to fight him. The teacher answered the other student, telling him and the whole class how the pillar of elements battles were the world’s most popular sport hosted by Ragnarock where only talented magicians compete in it. And that the magical academy in Veleron they were attending was best known for its ability to produce powerful competitors in the sport.

When Draco heard that the sport was hosted by Ragnarock his curiosity and interested was peaked. After the fight he asked the teacher why Ragnarock hosted the sport in the first place. She said it was nothing more than a means of entertainment for others and that they held an annual grand tournament. The winner of this tournament won glory, riches, and an opportunity to become a Ragnarock guild member.

That day forever changed Draco, it was such a small event, but to him it was a defining moment in his life. That was the day he came to realize what his purpose was; to destroy the evil guild Ragnarock.

From then on Draco seemed more determined to advance in school, in his elemental studies he was able to advance years ahead by reading through the archive books and passed whatever test was handed to him on the subject with a perfect score. In magic training he kept mastering whatever new spells the class was being taught, but now when they would try to let him out for the day since they had nothing for him to learn, he demanded more complex spells; and when the teachers claimed they couldn’t spare the time to teach him because they had to focus on the other students, he demanded to be advanced into a higher class level.

And even in the pillar of elements battle class he was undefeated in his level so he demanded to be placed into a higher one. At first the teachers and even the school dean refused to advance him but there soon came the point where his level of teachings was below his knowledge skills and so instead of giving him full days off until he was older they had little other choice but to bump him into higher classes.

After three full years of his time at the Academy everyone knew who Draco was as he was now nine years old but taking classes with students of the age fifteen and still getting top grades. Even in magic training he mastered spells before the other classmen. And in pillar battles even with Elementals he was undefeated. He was an infamous character though as his attitude was always cold towards other students and sometimes teachers. He ignored anyone who tried to befriend him and his reputation was his identity at the school.

One day though as he was walking back to his dorm a group of students around sixteen years old stopped him. The leader of these students was a handsome boy named Todd; Draco knew this because Todd spent two full minutes introducing himself to Draco. Todd had an offer for Draco, because his skills were so exceptional he offered Draco a chance to join his father’s guild after he graduated.

Draco declined and continued on to the dorms until Todd grabbed Draco by the shirt and slammed him against the wall. “You must think your all that huh? Some big shot too good for any guild?” Then he threw Draco to the floor and stepped back preparing for a fight.

Calmly Draco got back up, wiped himself off, and then gathered in energy and converted it into water and made it rain all over that part of the hall. Everyone around got wet besides Draco, in fact there was a small dry area around Draco’s feet where the water didn’t reach. The others laughed lightly and Todd asked, “Is that your big counter attack?”

Draco said nothing and only starred coldly at Todd. When Todd had enough of this he charged at Draco but in that instance Draco shot out a small bolt of lightning at the ground soaked with water. The electricity raced to everyone shocking them instantly as they fell to the ground paralyzed. With a strong leap Draco crossed over the small puddle of water in the hall and continued to his dorm.

Not an hour later Draco was called to the Dean’s office to account for the students that were, “assaulted” in the hall earlier. Draco simply said he didn’t do it and when they told the story of how he summoned rain in the hall and electrocuted everyone, Draco asked, “If I summoned rain than why am I not wet. And how did I not electrocute myself from that?”

The dean responded with, “You’re an exceptional young man. I cannot say I would be too surprised if you did manage to pull off something like that.”

“I thank you for the compliment sir, but as I said I did not do it. In fact if you notice I never caused any trouble at all since my time here at the academy. Sure some fuss over my lack of proper teachings, but never any fights. Now correct me if I’m wrong Todd here has in fact been in multiple fights around the halls and other places. Who’s to say this wasn’t one of them?”

The Dean sighed and after some more talking he had no real choice but to let Draco go. Given the facts that Todd has been in several fights outside of regulated areas and times and that Draco was almost half Todd’s age.

Draco was on close watch by a few teachers and even had an escort between classes for a few months but eventually the dean decided it was pointless and Draco was once again left to his own devices. No one else bothered him at all after hearing about the incident in the hall.

As the years went by at the academy Draco’s obsession with destroying Ragnarock only grew and pushed him to graduate faster. Normally students at the academy would graduate between the ages of eighteen to twenty. But Draco was so talented and smart he graduated late summer when he was twelve years of age.

After his graduation which was a short held ceremony, since it was only him graduating, he left with only his uniform and a bag with food, water, and his old clothes from when he first came to the academy. He could never find it in himself to throw them out; until today. Once outside he took his old clothes and burned them to ashes within seconds using a simple fire spell.

Then he flew to Luran; a two day trip with his great speed. He went to his aunt’s house and acquired the rest of his inheritance money from her. Legally he wouldn’t have a claim on it until he was 18 but his graduation from the academy proved he was mature enough to handle it properly. His Aunt gave him no trouble and helped him acquire the small fortune his parents left him behind as soon as she could.

She was a little emotional when he was leaving, she did love him and though the two were not close they were family. Draco promised he would visit sometime, if he didn’t die destroying Ragnarock before then.

After that he used his small wealth to buy himself new clothes, more food and water, a card belt, a larger bag he could fit his stuff in and then finally 16 blank cards. Then he flew to Cecilmore rested there for a day then went to the docks south of the capitol and bought a boat ticket to Aeon Toris. And his quest for revenge to destroy Ragnarock began.

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