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"As the saying goes, fate is always predestined"

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There once lived a small farm boy named Gary. He lived together with five brothers and sisters, he was the middle sibling. One day, he walked into the pasture, when he met a elderly man, his hair gray with age, in his left hand, an old crooked walking stick.

"Gary, be forewarned that one day you will change the world. You alone shall crush those that you hold dear. Never forget that," he said, and with those words, he passed the crutch to Gary. It was only after the old man left did he wondered how he knew his name.

Years passed by as he aged over the years, forgetting the old man's words. He studied hard, graduating from Harvard and when on to developing theories and inventions that revolutionised the world. Then, one day, he created a portal device, testing it when it a flare exploded around him. When he awoke, he found the world had changed. Had it advanced far? He wondered. As he looked around, he found the old walking stick and the portal device next to him. "Where am I? Where are my family?" he thought. Then, he turned, glancing into a nearby lake, flabbergasted.

"I'm old, I'm so old. Futhermore, I'm back in the past. Stupid device. It's not going back." He looked on at his old home as he slowly walked down the path which led to it. He walked down to his old house when he suddenly saw his younger self among the pasture. Then, he realised that the old man's word had come to pass. At that moment, he realised who the old man was that visited him. "I must change it. This must not happen," he muttered. He grabbed the portal device, trying to get it to work. "Blasted device. I need tools to fix it and I must prevent this from ever happening to me."

Soon after, he approached his younger self, and explained to him. " Gary, you must never create a portal device. Don't make anything or castastrophe shall struck you and those you hold dearest." Then, he left.

Just as he managed to enter the old tool shed in his childhood home, his body started flickering. His memories changed to ones of war and carnage. The peace and tranquil that he left behind, destroyed as nations warred against each other for land and resources. Horrified, he quickly finished the device, adding an added modification before dialing in the coordinates, activating it. He gingerly stepped into it, arriving to the time just after he left.

As he appeared in-front of young Gary, he sighed as he approached the boy, tired as he saw the never ending paradox meant to happen. He pressed the device and pressed it to his head. "I'm truly sorry, but you must never remember that conversation," He wiped the last hour of his memory, his face gaunt as he steeled himself for what was to come.

"Gary," he said,"be forewarned that one day you will change the world. You alone shall crush those that you hold dear. Never forget that". As he repeated the old statement that had lingered deep in his mind, he handed over the crutch. Finally, he left.

And so Gary stayed on in this time, over the years changing his face and identity, eventually working as an employee of his former self, continuing to guide and observe his younger self, up until that fated day.

"So it begins again........"

Written by NicholasDare
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