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Terror In The Land Of Hope And Mystery

Contributing Authors: frogprince 

The Reece and Giorgia Adventures Part 1 - The Betrayal Of The Elves

Giorgia strolled through the meadow of wildflowers in the land of Mysteria. Mysteria was a land of rolling flower-filled meadows with birds and butterflies flitting about. Butterflies playfully followed Giorgia as she wandered the meadow.

Mummy and Auntie Ginger were sitting under a willow tree with Karen the Fairy Queen and Chrissy the Nymph Queen eating crumpets and sipping tea. All was well or so Giorgia thought because she couldn't hear the worried conversation that was taking place between the adults.

In a small pond not far from the willow tree, Prince Cal was watching over Giorgia perched on his lily pad doing a very good job. Giorgia thought he was adorable and she and Reece had started calling him Kermit that he huffed and puffed about saying it's a most undignified name for his Royal status. But she knew he secretly liked it because it always made him smile.

Kermit had pledged his sword, which was actually just a needle to Giorgia after he deemed she had saved his life from a Heron. The bird was hell bent on snatching him up for its dinner. She hit it with one of the water balloons auntie Ginger had given her. Her auntie wasn't going to argue with that. The truth was her aim had been slightly off. She had actually been aiming for Reece's head because he had been annoying her. Hence, why Auntie Ginger had given her the balloons and told her to have at him. The Heron just merely flew in the way, when she threw it and got hit on the head and doused in freezing cold water instead and flew off squawking thus saving Kermit's life.

Edward, Giorgia's flying horse, was eating grass nearby, also thinking all was well. But Kermit just had a feeling, he didn't understand it, but he always went with his gut instinct. For some reason today, screamed at him DANGER and he just couldn't shake the feeling nor stay away from Giorgia. He watched her closely, laughing and playing, clutching her favourite pink teddy bear called Poppet. She was so pure and innocent and so was Poppet.

The meadow Giorgia roamed was full of wild roses in many colours and all of their petals were tasteful delights. Pink petals tasted like strawberries, orange ones like peaches, white ones vanilla and the brown ones like chocolate. The roses in this meadow were like natural pieces of beautiful wispy candies.

No one living in this magical world could have known what was about to happen. In this world, an evil event was rare and had not happened for a very long time. As Giorgia strolled through the fields with Poppet munching on rose petals, she encountered a pack of elves. Elves were a common sight in Mysteria and traveled in packs. This pack of elves took up the path where Giorgia and Poppet strolled forcing them back into the meadow.

Now contrary to belief elves were rather short, as one would think as a dwarf was. But in Mysteria it was not the case, elves were short, really short, had really long noses and ears shaped like cauliflowers. The elves on Mysteria were friendly and lived among the people. Dwarves were relatively normal to look at just gigantically tall.

Being how life was on Mysteria and how peaceful and happy everyone always was, Giorgia had no clue nor did Poppet not to stop and meet the group of friendly elves. These elves, as it transpired were working for a red troll. Red trolls were not like green trolls who were good. Red trolls were evil and not born, but created. They needed to cast a spell to make more of them.

The Land of Mysteria had thought they were all gone. That's what the Fairy Queen Karen said. But, as it transpired, one still existed and he needed to make more of his kin. To do so he needed an innocent child and her teddy bear to make the spell work.

Giorgia strolled happily over to the elves with Poppet and waved hello. They smiled and waved back. Kermit hopped closer and watched in horror through a bunch of reeds from his lily pad. The elves surrounded Giorgia and Poppet in a circle. They threw a magical elf net over her, which silenced her cries for help and began dragging her off into the forest. Kermit drew his sword and charged forward to rescue her yelling a loud war croak. He leaped forward and was promptly kicked hard mid leap by an elf. He slammed straight into a tree breaking two of his toes and making his head fuzzy.

But that did not deter Kermit. He yelled for his squire Marvin who came leaping at his summons, bowed low and said, "Your Imperial Majesty, how may I be of service?" He looked up aghast seeing the large bump on his Prince's head and noticed his broken toes. "Your Majesty, what has happened, what happened to your head and your toes?" He asked voice full of concern.

"Enough of that worry not for me Marvin. You must make haste, make haste immediately to the racing track and get Reece. Giorgia has just been kidnapped," cried Kermit.

"Kidnapped your Imperial Majesty, but who would do such a thing and why?" said Marvin.

"I DO NOT KNOW THE WHY OF IT," yelled Kermit. "But I do know the who of it. It was the elves, they took her and they kicked me into that tree, when I attempted rescue and broke my toes. Now make haste, fetch Reece immediately. We must save m'lady Giorgia from this peril. I will track them and leave a trail for you to follow."

"Begging your pardon your majesty," said Marvin, "but would it not be more prudent for me to track them and you fetch Reece? You are after all bearing a nasty bump on your head and 2 broken toes."

"Nonsense," said Kermit. "It's just a concussion and a few broken toes, I shall be fine. Besides, I am a far better tracker even if my injuries slowed me down a tad. I will leave a trail for you to follow. Besides, you are unarmed and I have my sword. You would stand no chance against those blasted elves should the need to attack arise."

"Very well, My Lord I shall do as you command," said Marvin mumbling under his breath, as he leaped off about how well His Majesty had fared in his first need to attack, but he was unfortunately unable not to follow a direct command from his Prince. Kermit however ignored the pain in his head and toes and began tracking, marking his trail with an X drawn by his sword every few hops so that Reece could follow in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile down at the Racetrack

Reece roaring around the track felt like faster than the speed of light. God he loved it here in Mysteria getting to drive every day. Fred his Centaur best friend, who owned the track, said he was an absolute natural and wanted to sign him for his team once he passed his tests. He practiced right now with his driving instructor Graham, he was a green troll, looked pretty scary and he was kind of huge but he wore a white crash helmet. Reece named him "The Stig" and now that was what they all called him. Nonetheless, he was an excellent instructor and apparently used to be a driving legend, before he retired and became a trainer.

As Reece took a fast hard turn at lightning speed around the final bend, he heard Stig yell "LOOK OUT FROG, HIT THE BRAKES!" Reece slammed on the brakes and only just missed running over Marvin, Kermit's Squire who panted for breath and shook at his near miss with sudden death.

Reece and Stig leapt out the car and Fred came cantering over, "MARVIN, what in the name of Mysteria, are you doing running on the track?" he yelled.

Marvin clutched his chest, desperately trying to catch his breath.

"Give him a moment," said Reece "I think he wants to tell us something."

Marvin nodded and his breathing eased somewhat, as did his panic. He took a bow, "Master Reece, you must make haste with me now to the edge of the meadow, His Imperial Majesty Prince Kermit (coughs) I mean Cal has commanded I summon you. It is Giorgia elves kidnapped her. His Imperial Majesty received a concussion and two broken toes but was in pursuit tracking them and leaving a trail for us to follow her. Please we must make haste time is of the essence."

Reece saw red, his sister might just be the most annoying girl in existence, but she was his and no one was going to take her away. Especially, not until he got her back for those water balloons, which earned her such eternal love and devotion from Kermit. Seriously didn't that frog even realise girls can't throw? That said though, she did recruit mum and auntie Ginger and maybe girls can't throw but mums and aunties can. He had ended up soaking wet and all because he flushed Poppet's head down the toilet. Nope, he was getting his sister back no matter what. Only to get his own back you know because yeah it's not like he loved her or anything. He just wanted his revenge. Or well that was what he told himself anyway.

"Fred, Stig, are you with me? We have to get Giorgia back. Mum will just blame me. If she goes missing and isn't home for dinner. She will think I trapped her in a cave here again, or something. Besides, I told her I didn't do that."

Fred coughed to hide his laugh and said, "But, Reece, you did do that."

"That's beside the point," said Reece. "I told her I didn't do it. I am her son. She should have believed me. What does Mum even mean, when she says she can tell when I am lying? She grounded me for a week. Besides, Giorgia was fine, and she asked for it by saying I drive slower than a snail."

Marvin bowed again and pleaded, "Master Reece, please, we must make haste, the last time his Imperial Majesty left us a trail to track, he left a trail of flies and they all flew off, we didn't find him for four weeks, we must go now"

Fred said, "Bloody hell I remember that, Marvin is right we have to hurry or we will never find that blasted frog. Reece, jump on my back. I don't want you grounded again. It interferes with your training with Stig, let's go."

The trio all dashed off in hot pursuit, hoping to God or whoever that Kermit hadn't once again left a trail of flies.
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