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A Strange Alliance

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A Strange Alliance


It was such a thing as never happened to me; I am glad as well as depressed. Everything seemed ambiguous to me except for some traces, but I want to strive for it.

The next day, I wake up with a strong intention that “Yes! I have to do, and I’ll do compulsorily”. Then I begin to devise some master plans for my mission.

I took a camera as well as a dagger with me, in the case of emergency, I may need that. I took a tape recorder as well. I begin to think how I will go there because the way was quite bumpy and troubling. All was ready except the conveyance.I begin my journey on foot because none other than that was possible.

On my way, I met many kinds of people who protested against the Government for not establishing the roads, and some of them even went back, but I said nothing and I continued resolutely because my case was different than theirs. I found people who fell down because of their instability and I give them a hand to rise again.

I walked with extreme caution, and so unlike them, I didn’t fall. The way was more threatening than I thought it was. There were beasts on the way, and they even attacked me, but their attack wasn’t physical rather it was personal and verbal. Some even mocked me for adopting that way, but I didn’t pay heed to their words and continued progressing.

There I met wild beasts too, who tried to harm me physically, but I wasn’t afraid of them because they were distinct and had no veil. So, I killed them with my dagger quite conveniently, but the presence of verbal beasts was irking me as they could not be managed with a dagger. I even get diseased because of the stress they gave.

I find a solution; I hear their words from one ear and let them leave the other one. It worked a lot for my recovery, and I begin firmly again.

Soon, I came across a large building; it was a Church, Christian’s worship place. I was tired and wanted to observe Christianity and their religious practices, so I entered their holy place.

I entered the Church without my shoes. Everybody looked at me with such an expression as if I killed someone. It irritated me, and I asked one of the Christians about the reason, and he told me that my shoes were trouble. “What of my shoes, brother?” I ask him. 

He replies: “You’re supposed to wear your shoes while in the Church.”

I was shocked and hurried to wear my shoes, and I came back to the church. After the group worship, most of the people left, and only the confessors were left. I heard many of them confess their sins in front of the pardoner.

“Pardoner I committed a sin of murdering a wife in front of his husband, and I received money for that, I feel so ashamed of my sins, and I’m worried that her husband will find me and will kill me, please save me!!” One of the confessors admitted his sins in this way.

“O’ boy I can’t forgive you and even God can not because the murdered woman’s husband has witnessed that sin, and if he’s alive, you should find him and seek for absolution from him” the pardoner advised that confessor.

“Pardoner I got a contract by a businessman who sad that if I kill Mr. Bruce’s wife, he’ll pay me what I wished and I lost my humanitarian senses and accepted his proposal. One day, I found the couple outside a Hospital and shot Mr. Bruce’s wife on the spot and ran for my life. I regret that I brought such devastation to that couple just for wealth!!”

I stood up aggressively and went close to him and took out my dagger. “Are you insane? Don’t you fear the God before committing such ferocious sins? No one can forgive you now.”

“I know sir that nobody will forgive me now!”

I begin again: “Except me dear!”

He was shocked and amazed to hear this and said astonishingly: “You? How can you forgive me when I don’t even know you?”

I added: “Because you bring me nemesis!” 

“Say it clearly whatever you want because I don’t remember how many people did I brought the curses” the confessor cried.

“If you have destroyed many houses then why do you seek clemency for that one particular sin which brought devastation to my life only?”

I was stunned, and at my question, he replied: “Are you Mr. Bruce?” he felt happy.

“Yes! I’m the one whom you seek, but answer my question otherwise, I’m going to kill you right now!” I lost my temper.

“Because previously I killed the persons who did wrong to me, but neither your wife nor you did any damage to me. That’s why I repent because I murdered an innocent lady. Since I’m a murderer, I must die and please forgive me after killing me at least!!” He kept crying fiercely and closed his eyes as if he were ready to face death now.”

I cried out loudly: “Bella!!!!!!! Look I’ve found your murderer.” 

The whole church seemed to be trembling. “May your soul Rest in peace, ” I said and left for my home. I felt like a newly born child who has no ego. My mission was done, and I felt serenity.

After few days, I received a letter. The letter was from some unknown source. It read:

“My life has changed, and now I’m establishing homes for the people like me who have no home and no parents so that no one in the future tends to be a contract-killer like me. By forgiving me at the Church, you proved that you are my savior as well as my guide. I didn’t expect to be pardoned at that instance. When you said “May your soul rest in peace,” I thought you’re going to kill me, but after you had left, I realized that it was a disgrace for me to be forgiven for the deadly sin of your wife’s murder.

I decided to kill myself. Soon, I comprehended that it was useless to do so.

I decided to become the guide of the young generation so that no one else dares to commit deadly sins as I did. Now I’m satisfied with what I’m doing, but still, I seek forgiveness from you. Please do one favor of pardoning me. May your perished partner rest in peace!! I’m Mark, You and your wife’s culprit but now I continuously pray for your wife’s soul’s tranquility and your contented life as well.”

I smiled appreciatively and prayed for Mark as well as the serenity of Bella’s soul. I made Mark my friend, and now we live together. We often listen to the recordings which I made of Mark in the Church while he was confessing his sins as it was the cause of our bond. And he often seems apologetic to me, but I advise him in words:

“Mark! Please forget what happened and move forward in your life, I have absolved you, and now we’re best friends. I play these recordings not for you to feel ashamed but to make you realize that we’re friends because I forgave you at that time and later on it became the reason of our acquaintance, and you know what Bella has forgiven you? Because I know her.”

He always felt gratified after these comments.




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