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What If

"Listening to What If by EmilieAutumn...the 1st song I ever listened to by her,introduced by a friend"
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What if I hadn't made it through 8th grade What if I hadn't joined Harry Potter club
What if I hadn't taken German
What if I hadn't sat next to you?

What if we hadn't spoken
What if we hadn't had anything in common
What if we hadn't become friends
What if I hadn't cared?

What if you'd never said anything
What if you never shared with me
What if we never passed that notebook, back and forth
What if I'd never known?

What if I never joined deviantART
What if I never heard What If by EA
What if we never laughed together
What if we never grew together?

Would we have ever become friends?

What if I never wrote these poems
What if I never questioned
What if I never tried to help
What if I never met him?

What if I never talked to her
What if I never talked about him
What if I never researched it
What if I never worried about you?

Would we still be friends?