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The Dance

Sometimes, someone is just perfect

I hold her close against me. Not the soft touching of a casual dance, but instead the close pull with my hand in the small of her back and our hips pressed together. I admire the smooth curve of her neck and the feel of her chest against me. I breathe her in as her intoxicating scent sends my mind back to each moment of our relationship.

I recall the first time we met. It was a lovely, sophisticated chat. I did not recall any other time but grade school that I had discussed an 18th century author. She was delightful. The hours went by and I was dazzled by her wit and charm. I remember feeling I wanted more. Something stirred in me and I needed more. In fact, I have never been able to get enough.

We start to twirl. As the tempo picks up my blood starts to race. My hands guide her hips, and her appreciation of me fuels me further. We grin loudly and I can see the flush on her cheek as she remembers as well. Scales rise and fall while the melody stirs my passion.

The first time we kissed I nearly fell down. I could feel a quiver through my whole body. I had wanted her in my arms for what had seemed like years. We had had such an amazing friendship, and there was trepidation of what it could mean for us if it went any further. It went further. One kiss turned into many, many more.

The dance continues. I feel my heart beat as I appreciate her being in my arms. Each time a new experience and new memory to add to the treasure of emotion we continue to build. We share a knowing smile as we sway gently to the music we have listened to so many times before.

We built that special song list throughout the years. The tunes taught me her joys and her passions and would be added to the list. I would hear a rhyme explaining things I cannot put into words. Together we shared it and I added it to the list. Beats showed me how to make her heart faster, and it must go on the list. So many times we danced. There were so many hours together not saying goodbye until one last song that we had heard a million times before finished playing.

A new song brings a new rhythm. We have done this so many times it is instinctive. A jitter here or a whirl there as we delight in the excitement and the company. As I hold her in this embrace, she fills my heart with pleasure. It is her presence that consumes and drives me.

The years passed and she was my muse. I did so many little things; things I thought were of no consequence. Without fail, her smile would delight me. She encouraged and supported me. She told me how wonderful I was and so we looked for new adventures together. We found them. We shared small things like puzzles, and big things like places we’d never been before. We learned languages and practiced writing. We shared the highest of joys, and tears of heartbreak. Throughout it all we shared it with each other.

We dance the night away. Song after song fills the room. Her eyes sparkle with joy as each one brings back the memories. A nostalgic smile crosses my face, an expression that brings worry to her. Once again I descend into the past.

We had made a promise. We set a date many years out. It was sort of a joke, but it was not really; not for me. I knew I wanted her as a part of my life. I never could bear the thought of letting her go. There would be others; she is not mine to possess or control, but I knew I’d love her as best and as often as I could. So, we set a date.

My expression softens as I come back. “Let us do another twenty, my love.” She grins and holds me close understanding where we have been and where we want to go.

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