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Theories about the clouds we breathe. It's a trailer of a novel I am still working on.

The Glitch Between Billions of Years

Chapter 1

    The Holocene epoch is where we are on today, and in no comparison to the size of all the other geological periods. The time when the landscape is Carboniferous. I think it’s always been a carbon planet. And it might return just the way it was. Back to the same era, where an amphibian sleeps in months within a humid, wet, foggy climate, perhaps even in years. Compared to us humans, seven hours is already a long sleep.

    Carboniferous, a great deal of mystery of the question of why we come across as heading just the way it was. Faster and faster, aware of it or unaware, the majority of the people has a whim to keep it in that manner. Was there someone else more intelligent than the dominant species of our current epoch that lived among these longer geological times. Was there something they solved that substitutes a shortcut to skip a harsh climate. Perhaps it was the glacial era. As far as the ice age, it happened before the recent one, and even so at a different time when there is an exact climate that we have today. And that’s millions of years ago.

    The Dinosaurs between the Mesozoic; the animals afterward, then the apes, and another ice age. From here, I think this is where the missing link should be. In my opinion, what resulted in the Holocene era. Modern humans. Are we living that now that these other dominant beings couldn’t without their infrastructure? Is this the era of that shortcut where for them is just a short wait. Being those the circumstances, where are we being destined for as humans then. We give the appearance of aiming the gun at the skies higher and higher. If it is the heavens, are they going to guide us to navigate the universe? Perhaps towards the galactic civilization, using the same old gasses that our carbon planet formed billions of years ago like iron from a blacksmith.

    Now imagine the planet during overcast for an extended period. In time-lapse, the cloud lessens and water rises, the lands grew green from volcanic rocks and then a glitch of spark. The grounds become dry and suddenly flooded with water. Slowly, back to that thick cloud again. But something flew out of it like a flea. Not just one, but many of them and some pops while on the fly. But the spin continues perhaps awaiting for another spark.

    Jacob just awakened, and he is in the sulks from awakening from his good sleep in three forty-five in the morning time.

    “Relax hon,” said his wife, Kelly. “There is no one around out there.”

    Jacob thought: I heard Junior fired some “Firecracker,” he whispered.

    “Go back to sleep,” she said with her face down to her pillow, then he looks at Jacob peaking out the window, and she grouch with a lazy shrug back to her side, facing the opposite way. “It did sound like a firecracker,” she said.

    “Damn gas just keeps walking me up lately,” he whispered again as he goes back to bed.

    Kelly laughs, and Jacob just excepted what just woke him. A glance at the clock and work won’t start until six. It’s a five-hour sleep from the husband and wife, but for them, their way of life made it long enough. Jacob can’t help it, but to endure contemplating what he’ll be doing for his son’s twentieth birthday this coming Sunday, on and off between his sleepless naps. And through realizing how much he will miss his longtime friend Marty, a withdrawing conception from their native town in Detroit to California. He imagines his face once again.

    Must be morning sickness he chortles. At least we know who to visit in, “California,” he said.

    “I’ll miss them too hon, now go back to sleep.”

    He tries, but the astonishing flatulence kept both of them awake, even in their naps. Kelly, thinking about the start of the day, and him the same thing about Junior and Marty.

    The alarm goes off at four forty-five, “Mind sounds better,” Jacob said with a grouchy giggle. And Kelly laugh. “Mind as well get up,” he added.

    “I go start breakfast,” she said.

    The two are husband and wife for twenty-three years, accompanied by the breakfast table are their two offspring. Junior and Karen. Along with their fifth diminutive family member named Lenny. Lenny is a light brown chihuahua dog they had for over five years now since he was a week old. They are the O’dwyers family, and this is their typical morning.

    Junior, looking more like the chubby version of Rocky Balboa, he is ready for few rounds around the block. At six feet two inches tall, he played football since he was in sophomore, then wrestled starting in his Junior year. He has several losses and several wins. After high school two years ago, Junior gained some weight. And he gained a great deal of weight; he didn’t survive an elimination for the navy. All his friends already made it in the Military, navy particularly. And he gets envious each time that they brag about the places they’ve been abroad, especially when he appears to know more about aircraft carriers and submarines, not just what the United States has but worldwide. His circle of friends is quite well informed about what they are signing to in the military. Russia mainly is Junior’s best interest. His motto is bound to knowing more of what weapons another country has and apparently he is proudly patriotic about it. Some friends he has tells stories of how exotic the girls abroad. But those he can take without little jealousy, and he even gives compliments of the kind of girls they meet. Junior already has a friend from high school that he finds no one in comparison. An average girl, who now attends a community school. She wants to become a Schoolteacher.

    “What class?” he asks.

    “I am not sure yet,” she said.

    Her name is Caroline. And Junior ask the same question, each time he passes her house from his jog. And Caroline with her dog, a Border Collie for the bathroom under a tree in front of their home. It’s her dad’s partner for duck hunting. Junior has wanted to date Caroline for a long while, and she becomes aware of that. She’s also heavyset, and Junior wonder if she would be willing to join him for a jog. But from his friend’s advice, they tell him not to ask her for a run.

    “Why not the lover’s lane,” his friend Deric said. “And be honest about what you want man, just take care of your pecks.” But for Caroline, “Nah, there are other girls. She is very sensitive about her weights,” he added.

    “All girls man,” his other friend Bob said. “She’s pretty though without that old ladies hat that she always wears. Does she go to church a lot o something?”

    “Maybe, I don’t know…” Junior replies. “I think it was her grandmas; she told me she passed away from another state.”

    “It makes her look old,” Deric said. "Even the way she wears her clothes."

    "You mean mature?" asked Junior. Hoping this question hits the mark of what he likes about her but not realizing.

    "Something like that."

    Caroline, just like the type of fashion of a particular era. Still young and still experimenting with the looks. Especially the characters from the book she reads. Few little posters she has on her wall done by Robert Henri, and they are all girls with hats. One of her favorites is The Beach Hat painted in 1914.

    Thinking his friends have already asked her. However his doubt of thinking all girls were just the same changes when he noticed she wasn’t their type of gal to hang around. The majority of his friends are more interested in the cheerleaders and the favorite girls. Caroline takes more interest in the libraries and after-school labs. And she runs off when she sees a guy inclining his steps towards her for the prom night. After that particular evening, Caroline just kept herself busy reading books to run away from being sad. After finding Junior didn’t just as well, she was less active reading books, and more comfortable listening to her audio cassette tapes she bought when she was only starting high school. One of them is You’re the One I Want, by The Grease. Over time, she is more self-aware of where she fits in, and their friendship went a different way. The music regardless brings back memories when she shared the same art class with Junior when they were both sophomores.

    “Stop kissing that dog, Karen. One of these days, he'll be out of patience and bite your face,” said Kelly, while the family is eating breakfast. And the twelve-year-old Karen kept kissing their light chestnut chihuahua. With Lennie’s cosmetic eyebrows raised upwards in the center, and with his black leather punk choker around his neck, Lenny looks more like a dash of punk begging around for some kisses. And Karen likes making Lenny growl with his teeth out by her small kisses. “Lenny loves me doncha...” giggling to the little dog of every snarl of each smooch. Junior couldn’t finish off his pancakes and just half the amount of bite of one of his own two breakfast sausages on his plate.

    “Gross, Karen,” said Junior. “You should listen to mom, and you don't even know what his been eating in the backyard,” he said. “Your gonna get rabbis.”

    Mocking her big brother Junior with a pout, repeating what he just said, “Soon you gonna get rabies,” and she rolls the eyes showing signs of discontent. Then she gazes upon Lenny again, smiles to him, and persists make Lenny snarl with her little smooch on the side of his cheek, “My handsome Prince,” she giggles and hugs him. Lenny even makes a spark of a fart by the squeeze.

    Jacob senior smirks as he pours some coffee into his coffee mug for work, “Sounds very familiar,” he said.

    “Your’s was more like a volcano,” Kelly laughed.

    “Alright guys, I am going for a run,” Junior said.

    “Later, fatso,” Karen said, and she laughs.

    “Later rabbis,” Junior said. And the door closer pulled the door screen with a slam, making Lenny barks. Karen dropped Lenny at the floor, and he runs down to the door and barks some more.

    “See,” her mother Kelly said.

    “No bites,” Karen smiles, and she headed toward the television lounge.

    “Hey don't forget your interview this weekend,” said Jacob. “You have them poles ready yet? You should be getting paid instead of wasting all that energy,” Jacob has a friend at work who weighed two hundred twenty-five, and after a few months later, the weights is at one hundred fifty after working at their company. He thought it might also work for Junior.

    “What about your pancakes?” Kelly shouted.

    “I'll finish it later mom!” Junior shouted back, and he goes for a run, escaping what he already heard many times for the past week from Jacob.

    “Time is money kid,” he mumbles.

    “Just give him more time hon,” Said Kelly.

    “He got all that time, and Sunday is that final day.”

    It is Friday. July 15, 1983. Jacob gave his wife Kelly a kiss, whose already dressed for waitressing. She works with her sister Lisa at a nearby Diner. Lisa is Marty’s wife. Kelly went in her 1978 Volkswagen Brasilia, with Karen whose going to be dropped off at her sister’s house. Karen is then with her twin eleven-year-old cousins Grace and Marcy. In the home, the girls are with Lenny’s brother Manny. Having similar punk choker as Lenny, except his colored black and he wears a doll hair that is dyed blue as a wig. It looks more like a helmet with blue hairs. Under their grandparent’s guidance, until Summer School starts as a Seventh Grader aiming at Eight, Lisa will then be commuting with Kelly for work. Jacob just warmed up his 1972 GMC Short Bed truck for work and aborted the driveway from their one-story house.

    “Bye, dad!” Karen shouted. “See you later Lenny!” and Lenny hops of each bark behind the screen door. His cosmetic eyebrows make Kelly laugh each morning they leave the parking lot. They left the door open for Junior who is on the way home now from a jog just around the block.

    “I need to hide my make up from you girl…” Kelly said.

    Jacob made a stop at a stop sign. As people pass across, he recognizes few namely stepping across with a shopping trolley. As a kid, Jacob always wanted to become a local policeman and to help clean away what is plaguing his native town. That dream is far away now, and he can only sympathize. He gives a dollar or coins from his coffee holder whenever a beggar asks about some change from his driver side window. And without prejudice. There are but two kinds of people in his life; the ones he trusts, and the ones that he doesn’t.

    It could be his excellent instinct, but Jacob sees a man standing on the sidewalk. And he took some coins from his coffee holder, looks at the man in the eyes with a short but abiding thrust, and the man see’s Jacob’s window is rolling down. The strange man then goes to him, and before the coins are dropped on his hand, “Thanks,” the man said with a hoarse voice and took the six quarters from Jacob. “Have a safe day at work today man.”

    Then he sees Junior passing the man, “Don’t forget to set the poles for this Sunday,” Jacob said, and Junior nods yes, as he made across to the sidewalk.

    “Run fatso!” Karen shouted from the passenger’s seat while his brother is jogging on the sidewalk. And they are right behind Jacob. When both sides of the road are clear, Jacob then turned to the right with two quick pounds on the horn. And Kelly went to the left with two quick pounds on the horn in return. Jacob glances at the rearview mirror, and he chuckles over Karen’s comments on her big brother. Which reminds him so much of his old man, of whom passed away a long time ago with a heart attack. His mother, still alive, and she lives in the Nursery home. His Mother of two sons is a retired Music Teacher who teaches the violin. He's got a violin himself, but it has been years since he played it.

    His father always tells him, “Time is money Jacob, and money is what keeps us together. Unfortunately, for your brother, it wasn't enough for him. So I say screw that son of a bitch!” His name was Charlie. Charlie O’dwyer.

    The year is 1954. Jacob was seventeen then and still in High School. Today, Jacob has an interview where his father works at Fisher Body - Plant Twenty One. His father works on the assembly line, and he knows every part of every Cadillac model he works on, to the last model. Replacing his older brother, who used to work at the same place. His father Charlie thought Jacob is old enough to put money on the family’s table, after few years his brother left them. His name is James, who now lives in New York City. James keeps in touch with Jacob every Holiday, except Valentines. His the type of guy who always got different phone numbers.

    On his brother’s defense, Jacob replies, “He was a hard worker.”

    “Nah he was a shmuck that’s what he is,” and he then keeps on going about his brother that day until they succeeded in catching the interview. Well, Jacob got the job that morning, and the two celebrated at a local joint called Scotty Simpson Fish & Chips. Then he goes on saying, “Your brother is a good kid, I just can’t believe how easy he is to get influenced by bad reputations that son of a bitch… well, good job today son, we’ll make it good this year, and the year after that. Good chips heh?”

    “Good chips… thanks pop,” Jacob replied. The previous time he saw his older brother James was at a place called Woodstock in New York, at a concert. The year was 1969, and he too has a long hair just like his brother James. It was his three weeks vacation from work, along with them is Marty. Lucky for them their manager was also a good friend. After the concert, his brother hitchhiked his way across America and lived in San Francisco. Then he manages traveling all the way to Europe, even got lost to Costa Rica when he backpacked from Mexico to South America. Afterwards, he remains in New York City. Few years after the hippie days, the glam rock emerges, and Jacob’s wife Kelly fell in love one more time with Jacob’s smokey eyeshadow. Jacob’s father, on the other hand, wasn’t too happy with the evolution of good old American Pop Culture. When Junior made it too middle school, Jacob corrected his behavior and became as ordinary as the mass working-class man. From the new people that come in to know him, it is hard to believe he was a glam rock. But when they see his friend Marty with him, it is a little bit easier to consider that Jacob was. Jacob still does listen to Boy Jorge whenever he comes out on the radio or watches his videos whenever it comes out in Music Television Channel.

    “That’s what I wanna hear,” said his father, Charlie. His father has constantly been the kind of neat man who cares about his family, but after a discipline to his brother James for hanging and drinking boos at a local billiards, he meant it as a punishment when he kicked him out of the house. Vandalism is one from the list that comes complaining to his front door, and he was embarrassed about that. James on the flip-side took it as a liberation and never returned home since. “We’ll take some for your mother on our way out,” he said. “Just don’t be a pansy when you start the job heh?”

    Back to 1983, “It is Friday, I hope the tips gets even bigger this starting weekend,” Kelly said.

    “That means more Jelly Bracelets,” Karen smiles.

    “More Jelly Bracelets…”

    Jacob turned on the AM radio and the forecast tells the traffic and the weather. Then a brief news about the Michigan Panthers vs. the Philadelphia Stars, a USFL Football Championship that are taking place in Denver Colorado’s Mile High Stadium this coming Sunday, “I surely not going to miss that one…” he said. And Jacob turned the tune to FM station just in time Eurythmics; Sweet Dreams are Made of This plays on the radio. Jacob has been working at the same place since 1954, and then four years before Fisher Body’s - Plant Twenty One closed down in 1984, he moves to General Motor’s Detroit/Hamtramck Assembly Plant not far away. Jacob is a forty-six-year-old, polo wearing guy, split haired with a short mullet and mustache, has been doing the same type of job ever since. All assembly, and did many kinds of them. The situation just keeps getting more comfortable, the longer he stays at the company. From a slim man, his job evolves him with a stocky build with a little bit of a beer belly gut.

    He made it to parking areas of where he works, and he drinks the last draw from his coffee mug. He then places the coffee mug inside his white and blue cooler for more coffee later. His lunch food is always the same; peanut-butter and slices of turkey in between two wheat pieces of bread, an apple, and a purified water inside a steel canteen. His two friend Will and Marty are already at the corner of the parking lots, smoking cigarettes. Just ahead, is their Assembly Line Plant. It is six minutes before their briefing, and in one minute, someone just stopped at the parking lot which is wearing a bright vest. And it is Jesse, their manager, and a good friend.

    “Looks like the man is here…” said Marty and they dropped their cigarettes on the concrete floors and killed the burning ashes with the bottom of their shoes. Then all three got inside the entrance of where they work.


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