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Theories about the clouds we breathe. It's a trailer of a novel I am still working on.

The Interview

Chapter 3

    It is Sunday. July 17, 1983. At the Sinbad Restaurant and Marina; Jacob and Junior are waiting for the rest of the guys at the side of Jesse’s boat. It is six in the morning time, and this is their second visit at the same place this week. Yesterday, Junior and his family dined in for his twentieth birthday, and it was just all five of them. The fifth one is Caroline.

    Finally, after revealing to his friends who he always desired to date, “Words spread around here man, and I don’t see her with anyone either,” said his friend Deric. “The girls always yapping around, I had to get it out from my head you know.” He turned to Junior while they are sitting with Bob on a lake’s rail, “Why you like her or something?” he asks.

    And Junior told his friends that day who he likes. With no hesitations, his friends replied back it would be better to ask Caroline to also join the O’dwyers for his birthday. So Junior did, and she was also there. When they got home, Junior even walked Caroline home that night. They talk about her border collie, what makes a good teacher, and about the ice-cream, they had for dessert.

    Then she tells him, “I had a great time, Junior. Happy Birthday,” she lifts her hands up and pulls down his neck for a kiss on the cheek. And being way taller, Junior kissed back to the top of her forehead, not sure of kissing her on the lips. For Caroline, not sure what kind of a kiss that was either; blinding the reason of realizing Junior’s height, he waves at him, “Goodnight Junior,” she said, on her way to the front door from their home gate.

    “Goodnight Caroline,” Junior said

    The living room lights on and her mother opens the front door.

    “Mom, are you are spying,” Caroline whispered with a blush. “By the way,” she points towards her date and waves once more, “That’s Junior.”  

    “Hi, Misses Turner,” he said with a shortwave.

    “I know,” Misses Turner whispers back. “I don’t want the dog barking, your dad is already asleep so is mother,” and she just smiles at Junior, making sure it’s him. He's a lot heavier looking than the last time I saw him she thought. Then closes the door gently once Caroline made it inside the house. And Junior also walks to home. It was after eleven pm and almost midnight.

    It is six twenty am now, Will and Marty just showed up. Marty dressed as if it was another day at work, except for his white Adidas shorts, long ringer socks, and a pair of white leather boat shoes. Will, his Michigan Panthers swingster satin jacket, over his red tan top mesh shirt, white shorts, and a white bucket hat. He's also sporting his favorite British Knight brand sneaker today. All of them have sunglasses except for Marty.

    Jacob asked, “Did you forget your sunglasses?”

    “Today, I want to see everything clear man,” Marty said walking towards the father and son with Will in the Marina’s hallway, “Nice aviator sunglasses.”

    “Thanks,” Jacob replied. “I got them for five bucks at the gas station on our way here.”

    “Mine too,” said Junior, all dressed for the interview this morning to work on the same assembly line where his dad Jacob works. He got a light pink shirt with a thin black tie and bright gray pants that go with it. A white synthetic dressed shoes that are shiny that goes with his belt that is also shiny and white, but they are hiding from his belly. He has no time to buy a coat that fits him, and it’s cold in the morning time. So he wears his jacket he just had recently, which is a white ski bubble vest with light gray, blue, and orange stripe color.

    “Well I got that save for these beers, and the beef dogs my man,” Marty pointed at the cooler that Will and he are holding. “And what was that chicken marinade you brought?”

    “Jerk Chicken,” Will said. And he holds a small boombox on the other hand and fanny pack on his waste full of cassette tapes.

    “Well, you heard it right there man,” Marty said. “We’ll be having jerkies and everything.”

    “Thanks, uncle Marty,” Junior said, and he looks at Will. “Thanks for coming too Will.”

    “One more year mon,” Will replied. “Unless the boat police mon does not show up today,” he laughs while he gives a small hug to Junior.

    “You look great for a Ski Resort there,” said Jesse, and he is on his boat.

    Jacob to his surprised, “Shit! It’s Jesse…” and he takes his sunglasses down.

    “Neh put back your sunglasses, it’s me,” Jesse said. “I came early this morning to set everything up for the day, took a nap after, next thing you know knocked myself to sleep. Thanks for Will’s laugh there. Have any coffee yet?” He said, and he sips on his coffee mug. He has no sunglasses, but a white visor with dark green clear shade and a line of suntan lotion on his nose.

    Still astonished, “Damn I didn’t know you were here all along,” Jacob said, and he put back his sunglasses on his face.

    “Well, I am dressed to impress today sir,” said Junior. “Looks like you are going to play tennis today, huh uncle Jesse?”

    “Only if I am wearing shoes and long socks like Will and Marty there,” Jesse replied with his sandals on, and he was also wearing white shorts and a white polo, “Impressive with the date last night,” he added, and he sips some more coffee. “Yup words spread fast around kiddo. Specially from my daughter, Mellisa.”

    “Is that one of them cappuccino?” Marty ask.

    “Got the Expresso Machine inside my man,” Jesse replied, “Come’on hop on guys. Let's get some fish before the game starts.”

    Junior went in first, and gave Jesse a handshake, “When are you going to stop growing?” He smiles, strong ass grip and he looks at Jacob. “Jesus, what in the hell you’ve been feeding this guy,” he chuckles.

    I thought he would make it to the football league “I’m just trying to be supportive,” Jacob replied.

    “Looking good for the draft alright,” said Jesse while he pulls Jacob on the boat. “Great job my man.”

    “Thanks,” Jacob smirks.

    The group set sail to the Detroit’s river, then towards broader waters of the Lake Erie. It was getting sunny, and its about time for Junior to take his colorful ski vest off and his father did the same with his khaki jacket that goes along well with his aviator sunglasses. Jacob is looking more like an off-duty pilot today, wearing a white polo with an orange stripe on the chest. The GM blue mesh cap on his head added the impression. Then he smokes his first cigarette along with Marty and Will, chats some more about football. Jesse is up at the center console navigating the boat, all the way to the top several miles away to Ohio’s Catawba Islands. The last time Jesse seen Junior was when he was six years old, and it was his sixth birthday. Afterwards, Jesse became a manager. But he missed a lot of anniversaries, kids birthdays in particular. Just funerals and emergencies that he can afford attending.

    “I understand,” Junior said. His more concern about the job and the manager feel sad about that.

    “Still remember me though right?” Jesse ask.

    “I hear about you all the time sir, at dinner especially.”

    Jesse, feeling better, considering that Junior is the latest he knows, that his popularity asides missing occasions never faded. “Great!” he smiles. “It's about that time again, and I get a vacation, it's a good day indeed. Happy twentieth birthday Junior. Too bad you won’t be drinking with us just yet.”

    “One more year, sir.”

    It's supposed to be a three weeks vacation, but nothing is a plan. Jesse’s life is all work, and even more since he became the manager. After he and his wife tried the cruise ship in Florida with their kids from the last vacation, they promised each other to save it for retirement. Jesse is taking a week vacation instead, and among different reasons to keep his job rolling.

    Junior is walking around the boat and observing it, “Wait a second, I don’t remember this boat,” Junior said. “What model is this?”

    “Luhrs Sedan, 1974,” Jesse answered.

    “What happened to the other one?”

    “That old Pontoon Boat? Well, we traded it a long time ago somewhere after your sixth Birthday.”

    “Yeah, five years after. Your boat is 74.”

    “So that’s six years then, It was the year after.”

    “That old one was a cool boat.”

    “Everything is cool when it comes to a boat when you’re just a child Junior,” he chuckles, “It was my old man’s, and I grew up to it. He also traded that Pontoon boat from his dad. That one was a houseboat.”

    “Oh, it was? Maybe he thought the same way,” with little chuckle back, “What model was it?”

    “It was pretty much homemade locally. My grandfather bought it from a guy who made it, and I don’t know what it looks like. Not even a picture of it,” Jesse said.

    The group made it to their destination. Will placed his cassette tape in his little boombox, and played Desire by Augustus Pablo. The rest of his cassette tapes are by King Tubby, and Burning Spear. He only has one cassette tape from Bob Marley which is the Redemption Song. Jesse asks to play few of his tapes today, and he asked that about a week ago, and Will was excited about that. He then turns down the bass from the boombox, “I like that radio sound,” he said to Marty. “You know what I mean mon.”

    “I am digging it, brother,” Marty said. “I hope I won’t fall asleep,” he chuckles.

    While the music plays, Jesse gives a little tour of the boat before setting their fishing poles. He opened up a drawer inside the boat and showed off his collection of fishing reels and several baits. Especially the lure he used when he caught the White Marlin as a Taxidermy Trophy, a framed photo of him with the big fish hangs on the top of his boat’s window. But something odd at the vast blue waters, there was no other boats. Not single one as they were navigating.

    “And that one was from the Chesapeake Bay, right after our last cruise ship in Florida,” Jesse said. “I gotta tell yeah, that current over there is crazy man. Not like…” he pauses and looks out the window and to the surfaces of the wide lake. “I forgot to mention unless I missed it. Notice we didn’t see a single boat?” The guys looked at each other and said they didn’t see a single one either. I was expecting lots of boats today, “I guess we all missed it then,” he said, and the last thing he shows off is his silver three-fifty-seven magnum revolver. Already fully loaded, but with a trigger lock.

    “Sweet, uncle Jesse, are we shooting that today?” Junior ask Jesse.

    “If we spotted a pirate coming towards us, oh you bet. And that would be your first training,” and he winks at Jacob. Jacob just responds with a little a quick smile.

    The guys went back outside the galley and to the platform. Then their fishing pole’s baits to the big waters and begins to fish. All four has their pole rod holder, and they wait for a good vibration from their rods coming from the lines. Seated down on their beach chairs, they drink their beers and smoke cigarettes. Then few hours have passed, Junior’s stomach starts to growl.

    “I got some Twinkies in the galley’s underneath the seat Junior,” Jesse said with his shirt off, seated down tanning by the center console. “Help yourself.”

    “I’m good sir, I am on a diet,” he said, and he drinks a canteen of waters. “Thanks though.” I’ll just wait for the barbecue.
    “I think I have my calling in California man. It’s where the sound gets even faster, I’m telling ya. Don’t wanna miss this,” said Marty to Will. “It was fun though back in New York.”

    “A must repeat mon,” Will said.

    “Why not just do backstage work,” Jacob said.

    “I wish you told me that before I got kids, man,” he chuckles. “I already look into it, doing the same old thing is more promising. From my experience, they probably give me more. At least I can afford my flight to LA. Maybe tickets for the wife, and kids too. Then to Disneyland,” he cheers. “Next year man,” he hooted. Jacob is feeling a little envious. And Marty notice, “At least you don't have to pay for hotels if you come by then huh buddy,” he said. “Then we can all try Disneyland.

    “Sounds like a plan,” Jacob said with his smiles back, and he opened another can of beer. The fwish sound of the beer can opening, also made Marty reach out for another beer from the cooler, ice is already melting but it still cold enough to take on the sun.

    “Great! They are still cool,” Marty said.

    “I got your back guys, I got two bags of ice in my freezer box,” Jesse said.

    “The captain got everything,” Will said. “I will take the Twinkies later mon.”

    Jesse laughed, “Don’t forget to leave some for me man.”

    “Good plan right Will?”

    “Not without the captainship mon,” Will said and tossed the big plastic bait into the waters with his fishing pole.

    “Yeah of course,” Marty said and turned to Jesse up in the console center with a tanning sun reflection board down his neck. “Right Jess the man!” Marty shouted.

    “What!?” Jesse shouted back.

    “California, we are all gonna go fishing there!” Marty shouted.

    “Sounds like a plan,” Jesse said, and he put down the sun reflector board, and he too drinks his beer.

    “I heard the roller coaster rides there are pretty rock, uncle Marty,” said Junior.

    “You betcha, I hear that from my sister’s kids. I just can’t help the pouts on the kid’s faces man. We gotta live there. Hopefully, they’ll change their minds then, and replace Micky Mouse with my Nikki Mouse.”

    “You mean Nikki Six?” Said Junior.

    “That’s the man, formed my Baddest Motley Crue,” he looks at Junior. “I thought jocks don’t listen to my kind of things.”

    “The guys back at the gym would be blasting their boombox,” Junior answered. “Not bad, my sister watches that channel on MTV.”

    “Don’t you lie now Junior, your sister likes Cindy,” Jacob said. “And the other one lady that looks like her. Her mother doesn’t let her watch the other guys.”

    “Madonna?” says Marty.

    “Yeah, that lady.”

    “Sorry, pop. The rock videos ain’t bad too uncle, Marty.”

    “I still want Micky Mouse though,” Jacob smiles. “And what was the other one?” he asks, as he checks and repositions his fishing pole.

    “Goofy… I think his name is Goofy.”

    “Goofy, yeah him… shit, I think I got something.”

    “Woh! Look at that pole.” Jesse said, and Jacob pole is wildly bent. “Go on… pull it, and reel… pull it, and reel…” he said as he is coming down from the console center, and to the end of the platform. Jacob stood up from his seat and used all his power to a wrestler with his pole. In his mind is the Old Man and The Sea, by Ernest Hemingway. No sharks are going to eat my fish today is the expression on his face, and Marty is laughing. “Great! Looks like a Walleye,” Jesse said. “Hold on, let me get the net… I mean keep reeling.” The hard grunts from Jacob made a little windy noise from his buttocks, which made Junior laugh.

    Partly laughing, “Get that fish dad!” Junior cheers. And Jacob grunts even louder. Jesse then pulled the fish with a large net.

    “Man that's a lot bigger than my Perch,” Marty said, and so far Marty caught four Perch Fish, two by Junior including one Small Mouth Bass. And for Will, he found none so far.

    “If there is no Bessie around the lake mon, I will dive in there right now with a spear,” he said.

    “Did you place the bait?” Marty ask.

    “Yes, mon.”

    “The squid baits is right behind you Will,” Jesse said. “It’s alright buddy.”

    Will reel his line back, and sure enough, it has a bait. It was just a wrong one.

    “There’s no Marlin here my man,” Jesse laughed. “Let me change the bait for you there.”

    A few minutes later, Will too caught one perch, “Only if I knew that big fish inside is not here mon, I have more fish now,” he laughs and drinks his beer.

    And one more Walleye Fish later by Jacob again caught dramatically like an Ernest Hemingway epic story.

    “Got the stash Will,” ask Jesse while his back at the cockpit.

    “Yeah mon,” Will answered.

    “Roll me, one buddy,” Jesse asked.

    “Yeah, me too,” said Marty.

    “How about you Jacob.” Will ask.

    Jacob looks at Junior and then to Will, “I am good with these Philips for now man. Thanks though.”

    “Alright, you know smoking is bad for you right mon?” Will laugh and he went inside the boat’s galley. He pulled the plastic bag from his belt pouch and gave it a sniff. “The best place to smoke Ganja,” he giggles, and he pulls a handful from the bag then about to lay the weed on the table. But he sees something flashing from the side of his face from the window. So, he looks out the window. With his sunglasses down; eyes tilt down looking up, he squints his eyes to make sure of what he is seeing. Still not sure of what it is, he rushed the weed back in the bag and back inside the pouch, then ran back outside, “Look! What is that up there mon?” Will said surprisingly.  

    “What is that?” Marty wonders.

    “It’s probably a weather balloon,” Jesse said. “Just relax guys.”

    “Nah, that's not a weather balloon, it’s something else,” Jacob said.

    “Let me see your binocular real quick,” Marty ask Jesse. And Jesse took his binocular from the console center and handed it to Marty.

    Marty then pans the sky where the flashing lights at, “Looks like somebody is in there,” he said. “And he's looking at us.”

    “Let me see,” said Jacob, and Marty passed him his binocular. “Yeah, with a binocular,” he said.

    “Try waving at them,” Junior said, and Marty wave along with Jacob.

    Suddenly, the balloon looking thing from the sky made a sonic boom, and the guys went down for cover. Scared of not knowing what just went straight up disappearing in the skies, they looked at each other. And then back at the bright blue heavens again. For few minutes, they can’t make up of what to say and personally debating among themselves in mind if it's a cowardly thing to leave, so they stood for a while. There is also a game coming up, and it’s Junior’s twentieth birthday. It’s been a while since Jesse relaxed at the lake, and Will is well prepared to smoke his joints in the broad lake. Last time, he was also with Jesse, and he promised himself to bring more cannabis. He experienced it was pretty much laid back from being afraid by authorities to come checking their boat for narcotics, and him being deported back to Jamaica. Other than that, the guys hear of oddities through thick and thin from the lake, especially for Marty and Jacob. And for Jesse, stories from his CB radios but mostly jokes to pass on the times. One occasion, when it was Will hearing the very first time about Bessie, The Lake Erie Monster. Already high on Marijuana, Jesse thought it would make a hilarious prank to his cannabis smoking employee and a good friend. Back and forth from different CB stations, they played jokes as if Bessie is on the lookout attacking fishing boats. Paranoid as he was, Will, instead merged into one of the employees of the month, in lieu of being fired. There were three other employees that came clean to him that day in the boat, and one did not make it. He was a hardcore meth addict, and he wasn’t fired for the sake of his addiction, he was fired because of the criminal activity that accompanied his addiction. Jesse doesn’t tolerate supporting that, and he works hard enough to get him where he’s at and also sympathetic enough. Jesse was just acting to convinced their thrust, and that’s what the management likes about him.
    Marty is looking up, blocking the sun from his eyes and he said, “I saw that clear man. And I never saw a lift off in the sky like that.”

    “That was fast too,” Junior said.

    “UFO,” Jacob said.

    “A spaceship?” said Will.

    “Unknown Flying Object,” said Jesse, “…or a USO.”

    “Right, Unknown Submerge Object,” Jacob replies back.

    “Well, the game will start in two hours guys, we still got time to catch it at your place, Jacob,” said Jesse. “It is your call buddy.”

    Jacob looks at Junior and asks, “You’re not getting seasick yet?”

    “It’s a lake dad, no.” Junior replied. “Are you?”


    “It wasn’t Bessie,” said Will. “I be irie.”

    “Fuck it, let's watch the game,” said Marty. “Some show huh?” he added, making Will make the first laugh and then the rest of the guys followed.


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