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Theories about the clouds we breathe. It's a trailer of a novel I am still working on.

Bessie The Lake Monster

Chapter 4

    The GM workers continued fishing after what they just witnessed in the sky. The skies are now clear, only a few gulls and a few ducks passing by. The sun’s reflection on the calm, vast domain, rippled by the little invisible wind, and Jesse even gave a little present to Junior, that comes in a small package, “Happy Birthday kiddo,” he said. “Now this is a special present for you and your special friend,” Then he looks at Will, “Play that song, my man.”

    “Happy birthday Junior,” said Will, and he switches the tape and plays Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. Junior just turned back to his pole smiling.

    “I heard she is a pretty gal Junior,” Jesse said. “Make old man proud you hear?”

    “Thanks, Uncle Jesse,” Junior said. “Yes, she’s one of a kind.”

    Jacob just reaches his hand at the cooler for another can of beer, and the cassette tape kept rolling until both side end.

    It is now 5:00 pm. July 17, 1983. The game is about to start in an hour, and Jesse turned on the small television from the top left corner of the galley. The guys finish fishing, rewarded from the Lake Erie with several small Yellow Perch and two big Walleye Fish in the end. They gut and fillet one Walleye Fish and two Yellow Perch for a barbecue, where Marty also grill his hot-dogs. Will, his Jamaican Jerk Chicken Quarters on the same grill with Marty. A pot of Gumbo is also on the menu where Jesse is the cook, it’s a little soupy than usual, but he thought: it would be perfect after some beers in the stomach. The rest that they caught then goes to the freezer, and to take home. Including some shellfish from the two trap cages, they sink in early in the morning.

    Marty even brings out a birthday surprise present of his own from Jesse’s boat, and it’s the Twinkie. Surrounded by the food they just cooked on the table, Marty took out a small candle from his cigarette box, “From my twin girls last year man,” he giggles. “When they turned eleven,” he said, and he lights it up. They sang happy birthday, and after Junior blew the candle, the guys then ate. The guys complimented Will on his Jerk Chicken and Jesse wants to know the recipe.

    “Sounds like Indian food Will,” Jesse said. “Even taste like it.”

    “It’s African mon,” Will replied. “From Ghana.”

    While they ate, they also watch as Michigan Panthers is winning against the Philadelphia Stars for the first Football Championship. The guys are in tune with the small screen silently for a few seconds.

    Then, “That's it!” Jacob shouted, and he stood up from the table.

    Marty standing behind them with Will and he drops his beer can and hot dog, “Go baby…” he quickly said with eyes still. “Go, baby… run baby… number one… number one!” his both hands on a fists with a hunch.

    Junior feeling like he's back in high school, screaming for his teammate on the bench side, and he yells at the small screen as well to keep on running.

    “Touch down!” They shouted.

    “Oh my god! That was amazing!” Marty said with his hands on his both cheek with mustard.

    Michigan won the first USFL Championship of 1983, and Marty has an idea of his favorite shirt he bought early last year.

    “Still wanna leave Michigan Marty?” Jesse ask.

    “That reminds me to change this shirt before moving to California!” Marty answered, and he took a paper towel to wipe his face with the mustard as well as the floors.
    “Don’t worry about it Marty,” said Jesse.

    Marty stood up, “My bad man,” and he to throw the hotdog and the beer can to the trash bin anyway.

    Will passes Marty another beer, “Thanks, man. I am smoking weed in the little bit,” Marty said. “Michigan Panthers! We are the champs baby!” he cheered and gave all of the guys a high five. “That was a clean touch down too... I can’t believe it,” he added.

    “It's not my twenty-first birthday but first of everything right now man,” Junior said. “I can’t believe it either.”

    “That was Carter, right?” Marty said. “I be damn, number one it is. First Championship of the season too. And your first interview…” and he looks at Jesse, “What do you think boss you think he’ll make the team?”

    “Next week Monday,” Jesse said. “Show up earlier than your dad with your gym clothes.”
    “You heard him, welcome aboard man,” Marty said and gave Junior a handshake and a hug.

    “Thanks, guys… sir.” Junior said.

    “Nah, from now on, just call me Jesse.”

    “Time for the finale,” Will said, and he sat next to Jesse. “I almost forgot to roll this earlier mon,” and pulls out the bag of cannabis from his pouch once again.

    Then out of nowhere, and they didn't see it, except for Will. The same unknown flying object went straight down, like a falling star, and into the lake. Then a big explosion is heard. The same familiar threat they got earlier before the game reminds them.

    “What the fuck was that?!” Marty wonders.

    “I saw the same spaceship!” Will said, and this time his hands are shaking. “The same speed… I saw it!”

    They wait for a while and then check around if there is anything around them, “It’s damn too dark.” Jesse said. And he went up to the control center to turn on the boat’s flashlight. He pans the light around and around, but still, they see nothing, “It sounded like something blew up! I don’t see other boats or debris or anything,” then a big wave from several yards away is going towards them, “Hold on to something guys!” Jesse yells and the boat there on wobbles.

    Will, still staring straight ahead where he saw it, then something has moving risen from the bed below them, something big.

    “This can’t be a submarine, what the heck!” Jesse said. “I was never told of a military drill this week.”

    “I don’t think its from the military!” Junior said.

    “Don't tell me it's the Russians!” Jesse replies back.

    “I wish it was them!” Junior yelled back, and he turns to his dad, “I’m sorry Pop! I should have told you earlier. I am feeling a little seasick!” he said and he vomits in-front of Jacob.

    “It’s alright son,” Jacob said as he rubs Junior’s back. Then he looks at what they’re on, “It’s the USO.”

    “Shit… what now?” Jesse said, and he panicky pans his smaller flashlight around as the boat they are on also begins to arise, and waters flow down from the four separated walls of the unknown ship their on. Then it stops. The guys then ran back inside the boat, Jesse also unlocked his three-fifty-seven revolvers. But he didn’t go outside; he stayed hidden with the guys. Jesse just points his pistol, panning with the flashlight to the windows and towards the door. “Don’t go anywhere guys, just stay behind me,” he said, and they just stood inside the boat wondering what is going to happen next. For an hour, they stood, and when Jesse sat down, the rest sat down as well, and they waited some more until falling asleep until morning. The guys then woke up altogether; they peek out through the boat’s window and in between the big walls. And what they see, are few gulls passing by the clear blue sky, followed by duck quacks also upon the horizon.

    “Ready to train my son some duck hunting?” Jacob said.

    “Let's get off this boat,” Jesse said, feeling confident and they all hop out of the boat, and to the floors of the unknown submerge object. A solid clank sound from Junior’s dressed shoe hills, “Must be made with solid steel,” Jesse said as he looks down. And the floor is like small ripples of a lake but not moving, just breathing with little bright green glows in and out. All the way to the gapped walls that go up eighty yards away, and then the four walls connects with a sharp tip. “It must have closed us in like a crab cage when we were sleeping,” and he looks at Jacob, “You read anything about that?”

    Jacob just shook his head to Jesse and said, “No.”

    “It looks more like the cathedral of crabs,” said Marty. “It should be windy up here. I don’t feel anything.”

    “Let's get closer to the edge guys,” Jesse said, and the guys walk cautiously. Jesse’s hand is panning with his pistol drawn just above his waistline and the flashlight in his back pocket. His eyes are wide open as they get near to the wall of a fence that levels below their chest.

    Just standing there, Junior touched what’s above the fence wall that is a foot thick, “It feels like glass,” he said. And tiny ripples move from Junior’s hand shape as if the glass he mentioned is an electrical water.

    Will looked at his wristwatch, and the pins are spinning. The minutes are going the opposite ways, and so are the hours. But the seconds is not moving, “What is this with my watch! The time is speeding up backward!” he said.

    “Mine too!” said Junior.

    The digital watch from Marty is all eight in numbers, “Mine is not showing the time,” he said.

    Then they look back towards beyond the glass, and a small cloud is at their level. The GM workers see over below, and it is the massive lake. There is nothing else on the blue surface except one boat.

    “Can I check the binoculars?” ask Jacob and Jesse took out the binocular hanging down from his neck and handed to Jacob.

    He put it on against his two eyes, and as the lens focuses, he sees several guys on the boat, “Their waving at us,” he said.

    “Well, wave back,” says Junior.

    “Wait a sec,” that looks like my shirt Jacob thought.

    The guys at the boat also wave back at them.

    “What!” Marty asks as he also waves at the boat.

    “Shit, hold on to something guys!” Jacob shouted.

    “Hold on to what!?” Marty shouted back.

    Then the ship there on went skyrocketing straight up to the skies, after a sound similar to a suppressed gunfire that seems to follow in a fade and then into a long whistle. And the guys scream. No gravity effect is moving them, but they duck down regardless. All remains just the same, only the vessel their on breezing to the skies, and the green glow from the ground turned to white and bright purple. It just kept going straight up until it reaches the universe. Then suddenly, the strange ship they're on stop moving. Like birds caught inside a cage, the confused and scared group sat and leaned back at the thick fence. Not knowing what to expect, the guys just sat and watched the horizon across them. And there are the bright stars, and space clouds from a far distance.

    “We are in the outer space mon!” said Will and he didn’t smoke a single joint. And not a single cigarette from the guys. Then they begin to giggle, and Will made it alright to crack the first laugh. So, they did.

    “It looks beautiful right here huh guys?” asked Marty.

    “Not bad,” the guys agreed.

    At this point, the little glowing green lights from the ground have been pretty much back, as if it’s alive and breathing again. They began to walk around. Jesse investigating what’s making the glow on the ground with Junior; Jacob and Marty to the walls similar to the field, and Will to the stars with tears in his eyes. And he is thinking about his relatives that have been long demise. The most recent one is his father Daniel who works for a rubber plant back in Jamaica.

    “Follow where the tires go William,” said his father, Daniel. “And you will make more than what I make.”

    Will was only ten then, and his already helping his father. When he got older, he left the rubber plant and made more income in Brooklyn, as a Taxi Cab for three years. He sent money to his parents and hoping to petition his little brother named Noah to also come to Brooklyn. His father then passes away while his away; and he misses him, his mother Imelda, and little brother Noah. He goes to a dance clubs to keep him from being sad, and cannabis itself tends to make it worse.

    Unfortunately, Will got into trouble as a runaway vehicle driver of a jewelry robbery, where he was not aware of the skim. He was a close friend of a man named Ottis, but he didn’t know how dangerous and desperate Ottis was. Will didn’t want any share of the stolen goods; instead, the young man wants to stay out of it for good. Will just seems to have no luck finding good ally’s around him, and so he moved to Detroit Michigan to hide five years ago. Ever since then, the former taxi cab driver discovered his comfort around the element under Jesse, working at General Motor’s Assembly Line. Will told Jesse everything, and Jesse being an open person as he is, he promised him protection. Jesse, on the other hand, thinks someone must be praying for Will and a lot because as stubborn as Will is, he also kept appearing in a local television network, where Jesse advised him not too. So far, nothing negative is happening to Will, just celebrity status from work, from The Scene.

    “This is the highest I ever got,” Will said, and even though he didn’t smoke any marijuana, “Me no have nothin’ feel complain about, my life irie.”

    For several hours they stayed up there, and Jesse even inspects his boat.

    “Everything alright?” Ask Jacob.

    “All good,” said Jesse. “If we can use this boat as a getaway, it’ll run.”

    The GM workers went back outside and to the ground of the unknown vessel. Back to their assembly line mode, the guys start searching for any docks or entries to the massive ship. Marty even took a flat head screwdriver from the boat, checking for a way in. But they find nothing.

    “Nothing,” A whisper is heard in many voices, and it repeats little by little.

    The ground then starts to get brighter as well as the walls.

    “Guys, were about to go down!” yells Jacob. And all five of them kneel down to the ground, and they look up. The ship then moves slowly, then it starting get its speed. The stars above them are like a warp jump from Star Trek, speeding through the galaxy backward, and the mass stars in long lines. And when the top is all bright, so bright they can’t see each other, they closed their eyes and faced down. They didn’t hear anything but whistles. The whistles then stop a few minutes later, and they open their eyes. They could see the floor again back to that same green breathing glow. They look around them, and it is waters all over. They could see clearly of fishes swimming all around. They walked to the edge of the ship they are on, gaze outside and it is the bottom of a deep lake. The junks, and skeletons; from animals like cattle, bucks, and human remains, fossilize against the rocks tells them it is Lake Erie.

    Then the ground they're on starts to grumble. The sound of significant metal bending, followed by another familiar sound of a monstrous growling, and it is loud they covered their ears. The middle cracks open in a four perfectly straight gapping edges, underneath gets brighter, as rays beam up open wider and wider. The fish around them flees away from the activities happening from the vessel, and bubbles are forming thicker from underneath outside of the alien glass. Their fishing boat in the center drops down first to the unknown domain, and they start to panic, and even more as the square gap kept going further apart from each other.

    “What's happening!” Marty shouted.

    “I think we found what we are looking for!” Jesse shouted.

    “And what is that boss!?” Ask Will

    “Right!” Marty shouted back scarily, “This must be the entrance!”

    “I love you pop,” said Junior and his also scared.

    “We’ll be okay,” Jacob replied back, as the gap reaches near their feet at the edge of the walls, “I love you too son,” he said with a small smile, and all five of them falls to the bright hollow square.

    Jacob can’t remember how, but he looks up, but nothing is up there where he could have fallen. Around him are thick fog and it feels humid, he got rid of his clothing except for his pants and shoes, although it’s still hot underneath his pants, he kept them on. The floor is the moist grass, and he could hear frogs of all kinds. Even geckos of all types and some are loud like a bull. One featherless turkey just ran across him disappearing into the fog.

    “Junior! He shouted. And he kept repeating where he stands.

    “Jacob!” Will shouted.

    “Will! I am right here!” he shouted back.

    And from the fog, he could see a silhouette running to him, and from the shape of his short afro and masculine but slim built he can tell it’s Will. And as Will get closer to him, Jacob also see that he doesn't have a shirt on, not even his shoes and long socks. Just his white shorts.

    “Will! I am glad to see you man,” and they hold each other's arms, “Did you see Junior?” he asked.

    And then something big raises up from the thick smoke that sounded coming from a swamp. With shock eyes, “Bessie!” Will whispers.

    To be continued…




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