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My story "His Christmas Wish" is out in a book on DWB Publishing...

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Rest in Peace
My story His Christmas Wish came out this month in a Christmas anthology on Dancing With Bear Publishing called "Klutzin' Around The Christmas Tree"...

Here's the press release, btw...,dancing-with-bear-oh-christmas-tree-oh-christmas-tree.html

Actually, another press release with the cover picture...

There was a radio show on BlogTalkRadio with the authors in the anthology...and who actually listens to these things, I have no clue...


Anyway, it's available at the "bookshelf" on DWB...

Clean Reads For Every Age!

Or, of course, retailers like Amazon...

Klutzin' Around the Christmas Tree [Paperback]

In case you're's the list of authors and stories in the book...

Good Morning DWBers,
Bobbie here wishing you Merry Christmas and happy Friday.
We have our Christmas Anthology out today and there is not one but two books to celebrate.
The first anthology is "Klutzin' Around the Christmas Tree" and the stories will warm your heart and put a smile on your face.
Here is the contents and authors to peak your interest.
1. Klutzin' Around The Christmas Tree by Debbie Roppolo
2. And Lo, The Star Went Before Them by Harriet Michaels
3. An Unforgettable Christmas Aeromedical Evacuation by Robert Robeson
4. His Christmas Wish by Alan Jankowski
5. A K-9 Town USA Christmas by Olyn Warfield
6. The First Snowflake by Godofredo Romero
7. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Down on The Farm by Ann Ingalls
8. The Two Births Of Jesus by Catherine A. MacKenzie
9. The Spirit of Enlightenment for Christmas by Naomi Bergner
10. The Baby (Jesus) by Catherine A. MacKenzie

And, of course, the cover...reminds me of some of my past Christmases...

I once knew a drinker who had a moderating problem...

Congrats, Mr. Martini. I am hearing only good things about the book. Well done.

“Many people hear voices when no one is there. Some of them are called mad and are shut up in rooms where they stare at the walls all day. Others are called writers and they do pretty much the same thing.”

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congratulations Alan! Good Year to you
Love colours our worlds in endless dimensions and unifies all aspects of our activities. Just as sunlight filters through clouds and causes the grasses to turn gold so everything is interlinked in our world.
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Btw, I actually saw the book's not a bad looking book overall, and you can get it at B & N for a mere $6.29 I might add...not bad for a print book...

Klutzin' Around the Christmas Tree

In my bio in the back of the book, I list my profile page here at Stories Space as my website since I don't actually have my own site or blog...a situation I don't expect to change anytime soon, btw...

So, this fine site gets a bit of free advertising as well...
I once knew a drinker who had a moderating problem...

Rest in Peace
The Dancing With Bear Book is now out of was a one year contract, and a number of authors, myself included, chose not to renew...

Just in case anyone is curious how much I got in royalties over the one year period, I just got paid...retirement party to follow soon...

From PayPal...

Dancing With Bear Publishing sent you $4.28 USD

Dec 17 (2 days ago)

to me

Dancing With Bear Publishing sent you $4.28 USD

Transaction ID: 592120169U7884946
Dear Alan Jankowski,

Just thought you'd like to know Dancing With Bear Publishing sent you $4.28 USD.

Note from Dancing With Bear Publishing:
Klutzin royalties, book now retired.

I once knew a drinker who had a moderating problem...

Rest in Peace
Alright, looks like this story is going into print again, and this will be the third time btw...the first being the DWB book, this story is in my own book, and I found out this morning it will be in a Christmas collection on Alfie Dog...we shall see how this works out, hopefully it will do better than the DWB book, though I think it will...I have a bit more faith in Rosemary and any event, I can't complain...getting paid anything for a story I wrote three years ago is a good thing...

Inclusion in the Christmas Collection

Rosemary Kind
8:32 AM (30 minutes ago)

to me
In the Christmas collection of stories aimed at adults, I would like to include His Christmas Wish if you are agreeable. Please can you confirm that you would be happy with this?

I am aiming for this to go on sale 18th November so the timescale is quite tight. Once I have all acceptances then I will send further details. The ebook will sell for £1.99 and the paperback should work out at £6.99 if all goes to plan. The royalties will be split, as all our books are, equally between the contributing authors.


Rosemary J. Kind

Managing Director

Alfie Dog Fiction

Tel: 00 44 (0)1347 827178
I once knew a drinker who had a moderating problem...

Rest in Peace
Alright, we now have a cover for the upcoming Alfie Dog beans my friends...

Oh, and looks like we have a list of the stories and authors as well...the number representing approximate word count btw...

Maggie Jones 1400 A Wish for Christmas
Jeanne E. Tepper 1500 The Christmas Tree Miracle
Margaret Pearce 1260 Peanut Butter Sandwiches
Pauline Wiles 1868 Travels with a Persian Rug
Georgie Foord 2240 Not Just For Christmas
Susan Howe 4933 The Seventh Christmas
Alan Jankowski 3300 His Christmas Wish
Pauline Lachman 1800 The Holiday Tree
Gill McKinlay 900 A Sheep for Christmas
Sarah England 1520 All that glitters
Camilla Kelly 8450 Secret Santas
Sandra Woolfendon 1000 Happy New Year
Linda Lewis 2,500 Wonderful Life
Peter Lingard 4521 Christmas Spirit
Tricia Maw 800 Santa Lives
Patsy Collins 1000 Granddad's Snowman
Linda Louisa Dell 2337 Christmas Decorations
Kate Blackadder 1100 Molly's Christmas Candle
Dorothy Davies 1000 A Christmas Story
Elizabeth Weiss Vollstadt 1150 The Blue Christmas Tree

I once knew a drinker who had a moderating problem...

Rest in Peace
Alright...A Wish For Christmas is now available on Amazon...

A Wish for Christmas Paperback

A Wish for Christmas [Kindle Edition]

And directly from Alfie Dog btw...

A Wish for Christmas – 20 stories for the holiday season (Commercial)

Just in time for holiday gift giving...check it out my friends...
I once knew a drinker who had a moderating problem...

Rest in Peace
Alright, we have some local press coverage for the Alfie Dog Christmas anthology...and I'm told there's more to come...I heard from Jacqueline Durett today...she's the reporter who did the article on me last year when my own book came out...she's doing an article which should be out this coming Thursday...

In the meantime...

The Amboy Guardian - Local Author in Global Christmas Short Story Collection

And check out page 25 here...similar, but with a picture of the cover...

South Amboy-Sayreville Times November 23, 2013

This is what Rosemary J. Kind sent out to the local press in my area btw...the two local papers above basically ran it as is...

I once knew a drinker who had a moderating problem...

Rest in Peace
Alright, Jacqueline Durett, who some may remember as being the journalist who wrote the article in the local paper last year when my own book came out...wrote this article about the Christmas anthology released by Alfie Dog Fiction...and I think she did a fine job here btw...

Writer gets ‘His Christmas Wish’ with inclusion in holiday book

Btw, the article says "What starts out like a good Samaritan task leads to the potential spark of a holiday romance with the boy’s mother."...which is sort of funny, as some here may know...the story in this book, and here on Stories Space, is actually the first 3300 words of a longer story called "Her Christmas Wish" which was written for an erotic story contest back in December, 2010 on a famous red site...

And yes...Gary and the boy's mother do indeed have a bit of a holiday romance...
I once knew a drinker who had a moderating problem...