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Just a simple gal with simple tastes... a 'what you see is what you get' kinda person. I enjoy meeting new people, always up for a chat or a laugh, so feel free to inbox me anytime.

A lil bit of this and a pinch of that... just ask if you need to know more...

Favorite Books
Too many to mention here...

Favorite Authors
Where to begin...

Favorite Movies
I hardly ever watch movies lately, but if I did, it would be either fantasy, supernatural or animation.

Favorite TV Shows
Don't watch TV, but I do watch Korean dramas and Japanese anime.

Favorite Music
I love music, so my tastes are vast and varied. It depends on my mood. Basically anything that makes sense to listen to, either a catchy tune or lyrics that speak to me.
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“I’m sorry, I wish I had better news.” The doctor wears the face all doctors wear when delivering news no patient ever wanted to hear. “Do you have any questions?” I nod, then smile politely, unable to find the right words. How am I supposed to react? Wha...


Blurring the line between allegiance and subjugation

Her dark heart smiled Beckoning them forth Her name dancing On silenced tongues Hail ye! Hail ye! Row upon blue row they stood Far as the reach of an eagle’s eye Loaded carbines on their backs Allegiance to her their hearts’ tempo To war! To war! Their ch...

As covetous Death circles, knowing he has no dominion, the wraith smiles back smugly, wearing his bramble crown, sitting on his throne of dusted bones. Thought you could defeat me? Time to bow down to your tormentor, King of broken dreams in this realm of...

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