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Over 90 days ago
United Kingdom


Guess I'm a little bit beyond the usual age of the folk on here, but it provides a window on the world around me. I'm a comparative newcomer to the world of computers, - I got my first one six years ago, just before my wife died, so I'm still struggling with the technical side, all the little faults and foibles it keeps coming up with, but it is a wonderful source of information and humour.

I left school at fourteen and started work as a telegram lad at the Post Office in 1940 and stayed there until I joined up at eighteen. I joined the RAF as an airframe mechanic, and was transferred into the Navy (Fleet Air Arm) after the war in Europe ended, - to go to the Far East to join the war against Japan. Luckily that ended before I got there. (I always like to say that when they heard I was coming, they surrendered!)

I returned to the Post Office after the war as a postman, then going on to the counter, then serving in various departments and ending up as a junior manager.

I'm not into building up a big friends list, just a few with whom I can chat and joke. I love the ladies, and no, I'm not a serial predator, I just like their company, so no gents, please.

I've always been interested in DIY. Indeed, I was a DIYer before DIY was invented. I've always loved woodwork, and from the early days of our marriage, I have done jobs around the home, starting with the odd shelf, developing into cupboards, cots and toys for the kids, desks and stools, later on fitting a complete kitchen. After I retired, I bought a woodlathe and taught myself wood turning, - Bowls, tubs, candlesticks, - anything round, from drumsticks to baseball bats!

Nowadays I'm a bit more sedentary. Reading, logic puzzles, TV. I like Sudoku, can fairly say I'm pretty good at it, but don't do crosswords, must admit I'm not too good at those!

Favorite Books
Almost anything and everything. Adventure, historical, sci-fi, fantasy. Particularly fond of 18th-19th century naval fiction, - Captain Hornblower and his contemporaries. Nelson's Navy.

One series of books I would recommend to anybody, - the 'Earth's Children' series. Six books set at the dawn of civilisation, starting with The Clan of the Cave Bear. Extensively researched and beautifully written

Favorite Authors
First, the author of the above mentioned series, Jean M Auel.
Naval fiction: C S Forrester, Alexander Kent, Patrick O'Brian, Dudley Pope.
Others: Too numerous to list.

Favorite Movies
Don't go to the pictures now, wait for them to come upon TV. Like the Bond movies.

Favorite TV Shows
These change all the time, so whatever comes up and takes my fancy. Have recorded some old ones, - Sharpe, Lovejoy, Cadfael, Jonathan Creek.

Favorite Music
Light/popular classics. Brass bands, - sit and listen to them in the park!
Not a lover of modern music.