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Rookie Scribe
Well, I've never finished a story, but I'd love to say that the message 'appearence can be discieving*' as that I may it a goal to give my characters a complexity about them. This often leads to the themes of transformations, of villians who are also victims, or heros, of conformity as being dependent and in need of growing up and being independently oneself, ect. Ultimately, When it comes to my stories, nothing is as it seems upon one's first impression (or at least that is what I try for).
Rookie Scribe
I did a script. Short thing though, and It was all in a notebook. First piece of work I ever finished and a testiment to my sucking ambiousness, at least I think so.

I had made a common werewolf story with a Christain twist and the unique narrative of being told at a meeting. I was vague on whether it tolk place in a court or sort of college (the head of the story was a professor who took interest in the victim tale after the event's of the story's retelling). The concept was that if the only way to cure a werewolf is for it to be dead, then why not have the baptismal symbol of being reborn become a loophole and cure him. Of course, I did not want the werewolf ability to be completely stripped from him. So the werewolf became a sort of symbol of the flesh being tamed and not demon possession or eternal damnation.

So it begins as the professor produces an introducting speech to the audience (the whole play is odd as the audience is a character that listens to the retelling of the witinesses and the theorical lectures of the professor.) about the limits to man's knowledge and the unlimits of there willing to believe that all they know is all to be known. With that said, he brings the witinesses:

The victim, James Dyer, whose curse is not mentioned the audience but is given in tiny clues throughout the thing (of course until one of the main character mention figuring it out,

James's now-married parents, who notice his strange behavior and are told by a psychologist that he is acting out toward the upcoming wedding,

His 5 year-old, the only family member to see him first hand during his untamed condition without being harmed (He also displays a peaking moment of humor in the play)

His football team, who notices the celebrated his enhanced preformance.

His Coach, who worries about his health when James begins to pant violently, and sets him out on the bench.

His former friends, Who leave him after being treated rudely.

Ron, the Chistain friend that stayed. they aggree to camp out to allow James to prove that he is a werewolf.

Basically James is a jock who prefers to stay away from meats. One day he wakes up naked in bed without remembering even leaving the shower. As time progesses, they Dyer family soon are shocked not only to see holes in there back yard with animal carcasses in them, but the body of an neighbor with a shotgun (During the drive to school, James notices nasty bruises all over his body). James meets Ron and Ron telles him about the Bible and praying. In the shower (he always takes a shower during the same time) He feels depressed and prays that he knew what was happening to him, and catches a glimpse of transforming (still vague) before awakening naked in his bed the next morning. That day, he tells Ron that he thinks that he is a monster. Ron suspicously aggrees to go camping to allow James to prove himself. James does transform in the first big reveal, and Ron survives with cuts in his back. Ron correctly suspectulates that if a prayer could keep him aware during the transformation then maybe the church could treat it. The Baptism the audience was told tamed the monster completely, allow him to take form whenever. And an actor in the audience asks in disbelieve for James to transform, which he does, enticing the professor final speech about a new frontier of science.