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Over 90 days ago
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My Nursery Rhyme

A little rhyme, because I am striving for exposure.

SoDerick DimerLeft his timerwith his tiny horseSoWhen Dinah Dimpotimed her tempo,It ended in a divorce.NowDimer Dericklives in a barrackFor here he'll alway be fedButFor Dimpo Dinah,being a whinawill have her five-times dead.

The Nerd of Moe and the Sage of Copper

A playful poem precisely pointed around producing perseverance.

In the valley of Moethere's a town you never heardwhere it'd always snowtill a plague quite absurdtumbled from the downspokeand sliced off the headsof all the townsfolkwho dashed around like undeads.With the town disabled,a copper sage cameand overtook th...

The Foolish Apradore

A nonsense poem to settle myself into this account

The trees hated to think of wicked little babiesAs they wonder along the lonely harborsbut if they had some ice cold meats, then maybethey would rather ponder barbers."Listen to their mumbles, crawling through the air!"The tiny shrub did shout in pride,"W...